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Anne knelt on the floor of the bedroom, listening to Katrin’s footsteps echo around the house. She’d told Anne to take her bags upstairs but not open them, then to kneel and wait for her. She could hear Katrin moving about the house, examining all the parts of the life Michelle and John had, a life that now seemed so distant and separate from the experience she was undergoing now. Even though this was where she had dressed and prepared herself that morning and the study with the computer where she’d given herself to Katrin was next door, it felt like she was in a stranger’s house, not her own. Katrin’s energy filled it now, and she was subservient to that, desperate to please her however she wished.

The big black suitcase and leather bag sat in a corner of the room, and she couldn’t help but look at them, wondering what they contained. She remembered Katrin’s words in the car about buying new toys for her, remembered the discussions they’d had online, her eyes widening as Katrin had showed her some of the devices and implements she favoured, her sex getting wetter as she imagined them being used on her.

She didn’t move from her position, her back straight and her hands resting in her lap as she heard the heavy footsteps begin to ascend the stairs and then walk around the landing, opening the doors to the other rooms and looking inside. Finally, the steps came closer and she heard the bedroom door swing open as Katrin walked in and stood in front of her.

“What a very dull house Michelle has.” Katrin said. “Very respectable. I bet this is the only room she’s fucked her husband in, isn’t it?”

“Yes Miss.” Anne replied. “Only here.”

“That will change. Tomorrow, I’m going to fuck you in every room of the house, and if the weather’s nice, maybe even in the garden as well. You’ll enjoy that, won’t you?”

A panicked little piece of Michelle rose in her then, fearing what might happen if someone saw her in the garden, but Anne’s lust for the beautiful woman standing in front of her quelled it. “Yes Miss, I will.” She said.

“Of course you will. Now stand for me.” Anne pushed herself up onto her feet, standing straight, hands at her side and head bowed. “Look at me.” She raised her head, looking deep into those rich blue eyes. Katrin moved closer to her, her hands reaching to Anne’s hips, pulling up the soft material of the top. Instinctively, she raised her arms up to help her remove it, then toss it to one side. She smiled, slowly walking around Anne until she stood behind her.

“I remember when you first showed me your body. It looked so tired and flabby, but I knew you could be so much more. You showed such dedication in making yourself like this for me, all those hours in the gym and all that dieting. Did you enjoy doing it for me?”

“Yes Miss, I did. It was hard sometimes, but thinking of you helped me so much.”

She felt Katrin’s finger touch at the base of her spine, slowly trailing up her back. “I’m glad. It was not just about making you look good, it was to make sure that you would be able to fully appreciate everything I will do to you this week.” The finger reached the thin bra strap and Anne felt it pinch, then the bra came loose, Katrin’s deft hands quickly slipping it off her shoulders and along her arms, dropping it to bahis firmaları the floor beside the top. Katrin stepped in close behind her, her hands reaching around to stroke and massage Anne’s breasts.

“Your body belongs to me, doesn’t it Anne?”

“Yes Miss, it does.”

Her fingers and thumbs pinched Anne’s nipples, twisting them one way and then the other. Anne let out a gasp of combined shock and arousal, feeling them swell, sharp darts of pleasure shooting through her body as they grew. She stood there, letting Katrin’s hands explore and feel her.

“You’re very wet now, aren’t you. Undo your jeans, touch yourself and tell me how it feels.”

Fumbling and shaking, she unbuttoned the tight jeans, sliding the zip down, feeling the coolness of the air as it breezed over her. She slid her hand down through her thick bush and into the tiny panties she wore, finding her lips slick to the touch, the thin material of her underwear soaked with her arousal.

“Very wet, Miss. Feels good to touch it.”

Katrin’s fingers were teasing her nipples again, flicking them with her fingertips. “Taste yourself.”

Anne raised the two fingers from her groin to her lips, wrapping her tongue round them as she sucked them into her mouth, her taste mixing with the lingering remnants of Katrin’s.

“Does it taste as good as I did?”

“No, Miss.” It reminded her of Katrin, but only as a poor substitute, triggering the memories of the gorgeously rich juices her tongue had coaxed from the other woman downstairs.

“Good.” Katrin said, squeezing her breasts. “My pussy is the one you crave to taste, the one you’ll do anything for.”

“Yes it is, Miss. I want to taste you and please you.”

There was a chuckle from behind her. “You will, you will. Pleasing me will be your reward for doing as you’re told. Now, get naked and onto the bed for me.”

Katrin released her grip and stepped back, watching as Anne stepped out of her heels and began peeling down the tight jeans. As she undressed, Katrin walked around her, watching as the jeans and the panties came off, leaving her wearing nothing but the collar wrapped around her neck.

“Good girl, you kept your bush like I told you to. Now sit up at the top of the bed, legs apart and arms out while I get what I need.”

Anne climbed onto the bed, sitting as she had been commanded, feeling no shame in displaying her aroused sex, her lips puffy and glistening, her nipples hard from Katrin’s attention. Katrin leant over her bag, sorting through it and pulling out a number of things, placing them on the floor by the bed where Anne couldn’t see them.

“First, we make sure you can’t move.” Katrin said, picking up two leather wrist cuffs, each with long, thin leather straps hanging from them. Anne didn’t resist as each one was clamped firmly around her wrists and then tied to the metal frame of the bed with the leather, leaving her with her arms splayed out on either side, her body helpless and on display. She felt no fear as Katrin stood at the foot of the bed watching her, her eyes coldly assessing Anne’s naked body.

“No gag this time.” Katrin said, bending down again. “I want to hear how it feels for you.” Anne saw two small metal devices in Katrin’s hands, and realised what they were kaçak iddaa as she knelt on the bed next to her, reaching to her nipples, fixing the two clamps onto the engorged flesh. Anne winced as she felt them digging into her, gripping the sensitive flesh, but then the pain was followed by a rush of warm pleasure, the two sensations mingling within her.

“You like those?” Katrin asked.

“Yes Miss.”

“They’re very light ones, but there’s no need to rush when you’re so new to all this. You remember what I taught you, right back when we first met.”

“Yes Miss. There can be no true pleasure without pain.”

“Good. When you first repeated that to me, I knew you would be mine eventually. You accepted everything I told you, followed all my commands and became someone entirely new. A new body, a new name, a new life, all thanks to me.”

“Yes, Miss, I owe it all to you.”

“Of course you do. And this week you will learn so much from me, it may be hard for you to repay the debt. But that is a thought for later. For now, we shall continue exploring you. You are already very aroused, so it will be hard for you, but I want you to resist your climax for as long as possible. Hold it in, hold it back, train your body to take even more pleasure. You understand?”

“Yes Miss, I do.” Anne said. They’d done this online, Katrin telling her when she could or could not climax, but it had been easier to control when it had just been her hands touching her and she could control it more. Now, she was helpless and so aroused she felt that just a single touch from Katrin could be enough to send her over the edge. She concentrated on her breathing, keeping it steady and rhythmic as she watched Katrin pick up a couple of things from the floor. She said nothing as she moved around the bed until she was standing by Anne’s feet.

Katrin held her hands up to show Anne what was in them. One held a long and slim vibrator, shiny and pink, the other a small silver bullet vibrator, the light glinting off it as those dark red lips kissed it. She climbed up onto the bed, her dress riding up a little and showing off more of her slender black-clad thighs. She put the toys down between Anne’s outstretched legs and gently caressed her hands along her thighs, pushing them a little further apart, smiling as Anne’s eager sex was exposed more to her, then picked up the pink vibrator.

Anne felt it slide into her, feeling it eagerly accepted by her wet sex, feeling the mass of it inside her, then moaning as Katrin turned it on at the lowest setting. The soft vibrations reverberated through her body, adding to the flood of sensations going through her. She heard another noise, a lighter buzzing and saw that Katrin had turned on the bullet vibrator. Her moans became louder as she began to gently run the tip of it over her mound, drawing little paths and curves through her bush.

Her breathing was becoming more ragged now, the two movements mixing and merging together, adding to what she was feeling from the clamps digging in to her nipples. She leant her head back, closing her eyes as she tried to control herself, the siren call of pleasure strong in her mind. Katrin had told her to resist and hold back, and Anne wanted to please her as much as she could. Since she’d seen Katrin kaçak bahis at the airport that morning, all she’d felt was an overwhelming lust and desire for her as she realised that everything she’d thought was merely a dream or a fantasy was on the verge of coming true.

She felt the vibrator move in her, Katrin’s free hand gently pushing it in and out of her as the bullet traced a slow downward spiral. Anne could sense her clitoris growing with the sensation, showing itself to Katrin and she moaned louder, her arms pulling at the cuffs and straps as her body reacted to the pleasure.

Forcing herself to breathe hard, she kept control for a moment, but then she felt a different movement from Katrin and instantly felt what she had done. The vibrator had been turned up, the light trembling inside her now a hard and heavy movement, just as the bullet was pressed harder against her clit. She could hold herself no more, her moans becoming howls and cries, body twisting and thrashing in her bonds as Katrin drew a wave of climaxes from her. She didn’t stop as Anne came, instead she intensified what she was doing, making each of the devices go harder and faster, until Anne could feel nothing but joy and pleasure, crying out Katrin’s name again and again.

Slowly, she came back to herself, regaining control of her body and feeling the after-effects of her pleasure. Her muscles felt tired and loose, and she was aware that she was covered in a sheen of sweat, the light breeze in the room causing chills as it evaporated. She could feel it especially between her legs and knew her mound and her thighs were soaked from what Katrin had done. She had slid the vibrator out of her and taken the bullet away while she was in the throes of her orgasms, and Anne could remember the feeling of them going, but that had only mildly subdued the waves of pleasure that had swept through her, which had continued for what seemed an eternity after.

Anne lifted her head gingerly, feeling her arms still bound to the bed, the collar still wrapped around her neck and the clamps digging into her nipples. Katrin had moved to sit at the lower corner of the bed, her face impassive as she looked over Anne’s body.

“You will need to control yourself better in future.” She said. “I’d merely begun to use you before you lost yourself.”

“I’m sorry, Miss, I tried to.” Anne said, scrabbling for the right words to say. She felt hurt that she’d not pleased Katrin, even while her body still rejoiced in the afterglow of the pleasure she’d given Anne. “I just couldn’t stop myself.”

“You will improve, and I know how aroused you have been today. This is all a new experience for you and I’m sure you’ve never come like that before, have you?”

Anne paused before replying, but she could think of nothing that had ever made her body feel like Katrin did. “No Miss, I haven’t.” Even the little part deep within her that was still Michelle was quiet, knowing that even the heady early days of her relationship with John hadn’t ever felt like that.

“Good, because that was the start of what you’ll experience with me.” She stood and walked to the top of the bed, quickly untying the straps, letting Anne’s arms fall to the bed. She undid the cuffs, then reached over and took off the nipple clamps, making Anne shiver as they slid off. “Now I want you to go clean yourself and then wait for me in the bathroom. Understand?”

“Yes Miss.” Anne slowly lifted herself off the bed and walked through to the bathroom on shaking legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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