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Madame Lambert looked like the pictures one saw in the fashion news but she looked more tired in person. She was nearing 80 years old and the fashion empire that she had built was thriving but she was still active, creating new products and new lines of clothing. The reason I met her was that she was looking for an older model (35-40) to be the face of a new cosmetic line she was introducing. My agent had submitted my portfolio and I had been chosen to be interviewed by Madame.

She was pleasant enough but a little impatient as she outlined her new line which she was going to call ‘Nefertiti’ after the ancient Egyptian queen who was occasionally called the most beautiful woman because of the famous bust that showed her beautiful features.

Apparently Madame Lambert felt that I had the right look for the campaign which was very good news until she told me that one of the requirements was that the model would have to be shaved bald, like Nefertiti had been.

I was shocked to hear this and my immediate reaction was to ask if I could wear a bald cap like they did in the movies. Madame said no.

I thought about it and considered what it would mean to have no hair. I had seen a couple of beautiful women who had cut their hair very short or even shaved it. When I discussed it with one of them, she said that she wore wigs and head scarves much of the time and the feeling was kind of liberating.

In the end, with a very generous salary and first class lodging if travel was required, I accepted the offer through my agent. A week later, I received further instructions.

My agent sent me to meet Monique who was to be my stylist for the time that I was Nefertiti.

Monique was very beautiful with dark flashing eyes, short black hair and chiseled cheekbones that made her appear a little bit cruel. To be candid, I found her very attractive.

Monique had a small atelier above a salon and when we met she was wearing a very tight black leather skirt and a white blouse that showed impressive cleavage. She took me to her office and sat down behind her desk to explain what was planned for me.

My agent had given me the general details and I was aware that there would be some partial nudity in the fashion magazine ads. Monique went over the details again and wanted to be certain that I was prepared for the extreme makeover that I was to be given.

“I am not really sure how I will feel losing my hair but I have been given my first check and it was pretty impressive. I am not involved with anyone and I have selected a couple of very expensive wigs to wear in public, so I guess that I am as ready as I ever will be.

After we settled everything she led be to a hairdresser’s chair in the next room and told me to take off my top so it would not be covered in hairs.

I was glad I was wearing my best bra and that my own cleavage was well presented, although not as well as Monique’s. Then I noticed the other woman in the room. She had a video recorder and a pair of cameras. When I looked at Monique with surprise, she explained.

“This is Giselle. She is the photographer and she will be recording this for your personal record. And for Madame Lambert, if she needs it.”

Odd, I thought but everything about the situation was odd as bahis firmaları I sat in the chair a cape was draped over me.

Giselle took a light meter reading and began to record the scene as Monique picked up her scissors and began to process of making me into the replica of ancient queen Nefertiti.

Monique worked quickly as cascades of my hair fell on the cape covering me and the floor. I should have been more upset but after years in the modelling business, I was used to others altering my appearance. This of course, was the most drastic alteration I had yet experienced.

The scissors continued clicking and my mane continued to disappear. In the mirror I saw my hair disappear until it amounted to little more than half an inch, all over my head. Next came the clippers which sheared me to the scalp, leaving nothing but stubble behind.

When Monique finished with the clippers, she ran her fingers over my head.

“You see, Cynthia. You are still beautiful without all that hair. When I am finished with you, you will be exquisite.”

In the mirror I could see Monique filling a shaving mug with hot water and using a brush to work up a lather. It was oddly exciting to think of this beautiful cruel looking woman shaving my head and when she began to spread the hot lather on my scalp the excitement increased and moved to my abdomen. There was no doubt. I was aroused by my submission to the razor.

Once my head was painted with white foam, Monique produced a straight razor which reflected the light.

“Don’t worry Cynthia. I know how to use this.”

And she began to carefully scrape the hairs away on the back of my head. It was surprisingly erotic to be undressed this way. Monique was skillful and as she shaved me, I closed my eyes and allowed myself to enjoy it.

Monique worked quickly shaving around both ears and on the crown of my head. I felt so nude as her fingers searched my scalp and the nape of my neck for any missed spots. She touched up a couple of places where I was not smooth enough and then wiped away the traces of lather with a hot towel.

This was followed by a soft massage using cocoa butter. When that was complete she showed me my shiny head in a hand mirror.

“How do you feel, Cynthia?”

“Very strange. i like how I look. I would never have dreamed of going bald but it seems to suit me. You are very skillful with the razor.”

“I have done it before,” she said with a smile. “Is there anywhere else you need to be shaved?”

I shook my head. The idea sounded exciting but I was waxed from the neck down.

“Too bad. I would have liked to show you how good I am with this razor.”

“I’m sure it would be fun.”

“It would be. Did you like being pampered?”

I nodded and smiled.

“I would like to pamper you some more,” she said.

Monique turned to Giselle and asked her to leave us. The camera woman left us.

Monique turned back to me and removed the cape that covered me.

“I want you to have the full experience,” she said as she slipped my bra straps down over my bare shoulders. I offered no resistance whatsoever as she undid my bra and removed it.

“You have very beautiful breasts. I wish to touch them.”

I opened my mouth but it was dry so kaçak iddaa I just nodded.

Monique cupped my average sized but perky breasts in her hands. I moaned as she bent over me and kissed my mouth. Then she kissed my throat while her hands moved up to my shoulders. She held my bare head between her palms and stroked my scalp as she kissed my breasts. Each nipple was gently tongued and kissed while she caressed my head.

By now I was wild with desire. This was not what I had expected but from the first moment I had seen Monique I had been attracted to her. I held her as she devoured me and was hoping for my own turn with her. I managed to undo her blouse and slide my hands inside her bra. Her breasts were very big and she held them up so I could taste her very erect nipples.

I felt the chair move into the reclining position and I went with it.

“Lift your hands and feel how smooth you are,” she said as the chair slid all the way back.

I felt so bare as I touched my shaven head. But it excited me. Oh how it excited me!

As I felt my scalp, Monique caressed my breasts and she kissed my left one from the bottom curve around the outside and allowed her tongue to trail along my rib cage to my underarm. I had never realized how erotic it was to have my smooth pits kissed.

But she was only beginning/ While I held my head and she used her mouth on my upper torso, she began to slide my thong down.

“I see that you don’t need the razor there so I will test how smooth you are with my tongue.”

While I was stretched out Monique spread my legs and began by placing her tongue in my navel. That was a wonderful starting point as her mouth covered the whole area to my hairless mound. Slowly she spread my labia and tasted my engorged clit. She was a very skilled lover and she kept kissing and touching me there until I could no longer stand it. I exploded in a chair shaking orgasm to left me breathless.

When my rapid breathing returned to normal and Monique and draped a small sheet over my nude body, I looked at her in utter amazement. I had never had sex as wonderful as that and I did not know if it was Monique’s wondrous lovemaking or the fact that I was completely hairless for the first time.

“It is going to be my great pleasure to please you my queen,” said Monique as she helped me to my feet.


After dressing and donning one of the expensive wigs provided for me, I want out to the street and walked the two blocks to the hotel suite which had been provided for me.

I was exhausted by the events of the afternoon. My hair was gone and while most women would be traumatized by having their head shaved, I found it both stressful and liberating. The haircutting and shaving, I had been strangely arousing especially at the hands of the incredibly sexy Monique. When my hairlessness was complete, I surrendered to her and experienced the most satisfying sex that I could remember.

As I lay down on the bed, it was slightly odd feeling the touch of the pillow on my bare head. I dreamed about Monique and looked forward to the intimacy that was to come.

In the morning, as I stood in the shower, i thought about Monique and how she was going to transform me once more to Queen Nefertiti in a couple of days.


We kaçak bahis were at the studio where the shoot was going to take place. Monique looked wonderful and I felt a brief remembrance of how exquisite a lover she was. Giselle was there with her cameras and video recorder but this time she was busy arranging backdrops and settings to present the newest version of the Egyptian queen.

Madame Lambert was there and she smiled briefly before returning her attention to the papers in a folder.

Monique took me to a make-up chair in the next room and asked me how I was feeling.

“Very satisfied,” I responded.

“Excellent. I hope to keep you satisfied while we work together. I want you to feel sexy. You certainly look sexy.”

I ran my hand over my scalp and felt a trace of fuzz which would soon be removed. No more gels, hairspray or conditioner for the next few months!

“I never thought I would say it but I think being bald makes me feel sexier than I ever thought it would.”

Monique smiled. “Good. Let’s get started.”

The second shave was less stressful. I had good cheekbones and the lack of hair emphasized them. I watched in the mirror as Monique lathered my head and skillfully shaved it smooth. It felt great and I was somewhat sexually aroused by this new type of nudity.

Next, she did my make-up, applying foundation to my smooth head and powdering it lightly with a soft puff. This felt very pleasant.

Her touch with the brushes and other tools was as gentle as the shave had been. I knew that I could easily get used to such pampering.

When she was finished, she held up a mirror and I looked at a beautiful, exotic me.

She pulled back the cape and I sat bare breasted as she powdered my torso and rouged my nipples which quickly hardened to her light touch.

“You will be photographed nude from the waist up,” she explained as she dusted my torso lightly with glitter.


I saw the photographs of Queen Nefertiti and could hardly recognize the fashion model I had been. She was sexy without hair and some of the poses were mildly racy. They began to appear in various media and I had to make a few public appearances to promote the products.

When they were published in the fashion magazines there was considerable comment about the campaign and the sales of Madame Lambert’s newest product line were spectacular, Journalists and photographers wanted to meet me but as the newly crowned queen, I only dealt with those who amused me.

After a month together, Monique had become my lover and we spent many erotic moments at work and in private. She had turned my regular head shaves into such sexy scenes, that it was not unusual for me to climax in the chair.

And then I was no longer needed. Madame Lambert had enough material to continue the campaign and I had completed the contract, We all got together for cocktails and a celebration.

Madame Lambert thanked me and raised a champagne toast.

“We all must thank the beautiful Queen Nefertiti for making our new line a marvelous success. I know that she will be in demand for other modeling assignments. After her hair grows back.”

We all drank a little too much and Monique kissed me passionately while the others watched. She whispered that she would be busy for a couple of weeks and would call me soon.

I left the party a little crestfallen but at least I knew my hair would grow back and I could go back to my regular work.

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