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I woke up still naked from the night before.

When I awoke, I found myself lying atop a queen size bed in a strange room, having forgotten for an instance that I fell asleep in Katie’s apartment, with her beside me.

As my befuddled mind started to stir, the events of last night slowly came back to me. Starting with the trauma of my having to service two guys cocks while kneeling naked before them till they finally spewed all over my face, to my having reached nirvana myself at the hands of my beloved Katie.

As I continued to lay sprawled naked on her bed I could not help but recall the intense pleasure my body underwent as I came over and over again in pure ecstasy, at Katie’s mere touch. This again caused a stirring in my loins, which drew an uncontrollable desire for my hands to caress myself.

However, just as I was about to play with myself, the sudden realization that I was on top of Katie’s bed made me stop short. I was afraid Katie would be offended if I try to get myself off on her bed, without permission.

Speaking of Katie though, there was no sign of her in the apartment as I sat up from bed trying to look for her. Thinking she may be in the bathroom, I got out of bed and padded naked towards it but she was not there either. It was then that I noticed a note and a shopping bag on top of Katie’s kitchen table.

It was from Katie. Without any word of greeting or pleasantries whatsoever, Katie wanted me to take the bag with me to the dorm when I left.

Having been given my orders, I set about looking for my soiled dress to wear. It was nowhere in sight. Good thing I looked in the bag and found it together with my shoes mixed with Katie’s laundry.

After putting on my dress and shoes, I immediately got on my way without breakfast nor a morning shower, since Katie never mentioned any of the sort in the note.

I met up with Katie at school later that morning, and we were able to talk about what happened last night.

From the start, Katie tried to convince me that it would be best to just forget the incident since no one really got hurt and there was no damage done.

When I told her that I really wanted to report it, She told me that it would be quite useless considering we really had nothing to show that we were even molested that night. Perhaps, had we saved the thong which she had used to wipe the semen from my face, we may have had the necessary proof. But without it, however, it would be just our words against theirs.

From the way our conversation was going I could sense that Katie didn’t want the matter to go on any further. Considering the undue publicity an inquiry may bring, she just wanted it to go away quietly. Thus, no matter how upset I still was, I agreed to completely let it go, to spare Katie’s name from being dragged in any investigation.

Katie and I became even closer after our double date from hell. In spite of our different course requirements as well as developing new friends, Katie and I still managed to stay in touch and bahis firmaları do things together.

Again during our freshman year, Katie and I both pledged a sorority together. However, whereas the sorority considered Katie for instant membership by reason of her beauty, wealth and having a mother who was one of its distinguished alumna; I on the other hand, had been marked for hard time, if not outright rejection, on account of my being “not the right kind of girl” for the sorority.

Accordingly while I and the other pledges were required to undergo a more difficult and demeaning initiation process, Katie was assigned infinitely easier tasks to accomplish.

There was one time Katie and I were ordered to serve at a tea party for the sisters. Unlike me, who was required to get nude the instant we got there, Katie was allowed to remain dressed for the party. As a result, I ended up being the only naked serving girl at the party, while Katie sat idly chatting with the sisters, fully clothed like them.

Finally, I could no longer take the humiliations and insults heaped on me that I decided to quit. To my surprise and utter consternation of the sorority, Katie quit too. We left the house hand in hand, amidst pleas from the sisters for her to reconsider. I later learned that Katie eventually did join the sorority and ended up as its President. She never asked me to pledge again, so I guess I really “was not the right kind of girl” for the sorority, even for her.

Another thing which brought us even closer was that we became lovers. Or at least that is how I would like to think our friendship has progressed to.

Following the night she first touched me, I was invited by Katie to stay over a lot.

However, rather than the both of us providing mutual satisfaction in the manner lovers are supposed to do, our affair took on the same pattern as our current relationship, that is totally one sided and in compliance with Katie’s terms. In other words, she calls the shots.

Accordingly, from the start, our love making generally mimicked the first time we did it, with me utterly nude and her masturbating me, while still fully clothed.

However, instead of this taking place in the middle of Katie’s queen size bed, we would be doing it on her new pull-out sofa bed, which was apparently purchased for occasions like this. This sofa bed was also where I was supposed to sleep with neither blanket nor pillow. Apparently Katie didn’t want anything to obstruct her view of my naked body, as she lay in bed all snuggled up under her covers, in her nightclothes.

It was only after our third time that I dared to ask Katie for permission to pleasure her. Though hesitant at first, Katie gladly gave in to my request, especially after I started to beg her for the opportunity to make her cum too.

Katie then went to her bathroom to disrobe and came out wearing this full white silk dressing gown so as to cover her own nakedness. She then proceeded to shut-off all the lights in the room before actually kaçak iddaa opening up her robe under the cover of darkness, to reveal her body for my adoration.

Although I would have preferred to see Katie finally revealed to me under the glaring light, just like I had always been made to endure; I could not let this opportunity pass and kissed every part of her body above the waist, with long pent-up desire.

It was only when I started probing the lips of her pussy, that I discovered her hymen still intact and that Katie was still a virgin.

Not wanting to stop now that I had Katie thrashing about in throes of ecstasy, I did to Katie what neither she nor I had ever done before, and that was to place my lips on her nether lips and hungrily ate her out.

Although, as I said, I had never eaten another woman before, it seems that it came naturally to me as I masterfully brought Katie to orgasm, time and time again. In fact, Katie loved what I was doing to her, that she selfishly kept my head plastered down between her legs, even after I told her my jaws were simply too tired, begging me to get her off one more time. Which I did of course, as if I had any other choice on the matter.

With the discovery of her love for cunnilingus, Katie became most insatiable in her desire for it to be performed on her.

Accordingly, our sessions evolved into this certain pattern:

1. I must first strip nude every time I enter and remain Naked all through out my stay;

2. Followed by Katie getting to fuck me with the lights lights on using her hands or anything else she wants to use, but not all the time;

3. I will always get to eat Katie out in the dark.

We were fortunate enough to keep our relationship a secret although there may have been some close calls. On several occasions while I was there, Katie had to receive visitors. As it would be impossible to explain my nudity, I was forced to hide in the broom closet, all the while Katie was entertaining her guests.

Once, she even had one of her numerous suitors drop by. Because of this, I had to remain all curled up in the cramped confines of her broom closet for the next two hours, unable to avoid the sounds of their making out and drinking of wine. Katie tried to make it up to me later by giving me one of the best orgasms ever, and of course I had to give her the obligatory head.

Oh yes, I was caught nude in Katie’s apartment once. After a particularly satisfying but tiring night I was still fast asleep sprawled over Katie’s sofa bed, legs akimbo, when I began to notice the sound of voices in the room. Thinking it must only be the television, I was just about to drift back to sleep when I suddenly caught what sounded like Katie’s voice mention my name, which was then followed by girlish giggling coming from more than one source.

Finally curious, I opened my eyes to peek out and was totally shocked there were two other girls sitting with Katie at the kitchen table, eyeing my totally exposed body.

Absolutely mortified kaçak bahis by my naked state, I was just about to bolt for the bathroom, when Katie called out for me to join them. With trepidation in my heart, I shyly moved over to Katie and her guests and stood beside the table.

Katie introduced her guests as Chrissy and Lisa, childhood friends of hers from back home who were studying at another school and had come to visit. They seem to have been cut from the same mold as Katie, both equally tall, svelte and drop dead gorgeous, except that Chrissy was a blond like Katie while Lisa was a redhead.

I must admit I was totally discomfited by my having to stand before these three beauties without a stitch on, which was made even worse when I had to shake their hands, resulting in one of my boobs poking out.

Following our introductions, I was invited by Katie to sit with them. Though wishing to be anywhere else, I screwed up my courage to pull a chair and sat on the table with them. It really felt surreal, me sitting naked at a table with three fully dressed girls, but I started to relax a bit when I noticed that the other girls really tried to avoid staring and took my singular nudity in stride. (Katie told me that she told her friends my clothes were still in the washing machine since I accidentally spilled a bottle of wine on myself last night.)

As time passed, Katie and I started concentrating on our respective courses. Though we would continue to see each other at school as well as at her apartment by invitation, we nevertheless started going our separate ways, generally meeting new people and making new friends.

It is about this time that Katie and I were drifting apart that I met Steve. Ironically, it was Katie herself who introduced him to me. It turns out they came from the same town and that he had just transferred here from another school. Can’t say it was love at first sight, but we ended up together with Katie’s blessings, after going out on several dates.

Basically Katie and I stopped seeing each other after Steve came into the picture.

Katie and I did manage to graduate from college after four years. Katie with honors and a business degree; while I with just a degree and lucky to have been able to graduate on time at all.

Following our graduation I was able to meet up with Katie one last time. For the first time, I saw Katie break down as we tearfully hugged each other goodbye.

Just as we were about to separate Katie asked me what my plans where. When I told her that I still didn’t have one, she graciously invited me to try out her town, which she said had quite a number of opportunities open for me. Besides, it would give us a chance to get together again, she joked.

After I promised her that I would think about it, we said our final good byes and went our separate ways.

It took me exactly ten days at home to finally decide to try my luck out at Katie’s town. Aside from Katie and her friends I met earlier, Steve was likewise from there, which would mean I will not be a total stranger in a strange land.

Thus having made up my mind, I immediately called Katie and Steve to announce my arrival, and embark on a new chapter in my life, not sure what the future may hold.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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