2 for 1 Special

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I’m not normally the type of girl who picks up a guy in a bar for a one-nighter. I know all girls say that, but I’m really not. Plus, haven’t we all done some crazy things at one time or another? On this one night, it seemed like a few things happened all at the same time that made me do what I never would have done. The first thing was, I had just dumped the guy I had been dating (a whiner, a Debbie Downer with a dick) and I felt like getting out there and letting my hair down. So I banged on my neighbor Lissa’s door and talked her into going out. A few drinks, a few dances, a few hot guys to flirt with? Lissa’s always game for that, and I hadn’t been going out much because of dating Negative Ned. We were ready to make some noise.

So I dressed in tight jeans and a low-cut top and we went out. The bar was our old hangout, so I knew a lot of the people by sight. After one quick drink, Lissa and I hit the dance floor. I love to really let loose when I hear a song I like, shaking my ass and shimmying and tossing my hair around. Lissa, aerobics-class addict that she is, was no different. The guys were asking us to dance one after the other, so fast it made my head spin. I was almost out of breath when I grabbed Lissa’s arm and dragged her to the bar.

We’d just gotten our beers and were toasting the death of my relationship, when a guy I didn’t know came up to us.

“I heard you say congratulations–what are we celebrating tonight? He clinked his beer mug into mine, then Lissa’s.

Lissa spoke up. “My friend here just lost 180 pounds!”

“No way. No way!” He was a big beefy guy whose thick dark hair kept getting in his eyes. He looked me up and down.

“No,” I laughed, “She means I just dumped my loser boyfriend.”

“Whew! Always a relief to drop the dead weight, isn’t it? I’m Mike, by the way.” He shook both of our hands. I felt like he held on to mine just a second longer than he had to.

“An occasion like this calls for something stronger than beer–let me buy you ladies some shots.” He called to the bartender, “Tequila!”

I picked up the slice of lime, licked my hand, and put a pinch of salt there on the web of skin between my thumb and forefinger. The three of us looked at one another, and all together licked up the salt, downed the shot, and bit the lime. I felt the liquor burn its way down and then rise in great big bubbles right to my head. We banged the little glasses onto the bar with abandon.

“Wow,” Lissa said. “That hits the spot.”

Just then a curly-haired dude walked by and said, “Lissa? Do you remember me?” In a moment they were off to the dance floor.

Mike and I made some small talk. He had a big goofy smile, and kept pushing his hair out of his eyes with a gesture like a little kid’s. When a slow song came on, he just held out his hand and led me to the dance floor.

We were doing great–dancing, having fun, laughing about nothing, until Lissa came up and tapped me on the shoulder like she was trying to cut in. Turns out the curly- haired guy was someone she met on Match.com and had a few coffee dates with. She gave me her car keys and said she was leaving with him! That was the second thing that happened.

I didn’t really want gaziantep escortlar to be in the bar on my own. That’s kind of slutty, right? But Mike took me back to my barstool and we did another tequila shooter. I liked the way his big body made me feel small and delicate. I stopped thinking about whether I should go home, since Lissa was gone.

Mike started to tell me dirty jokes, whispering them in my ear. I have to admit that he knew a lot of good dirty jokes. Every time a slow song would come on, he looked in my eyes and asked me to dance. You know how some guys, even if they take you out to someplace nice, keep looking at other girls all night long? Mike didn’t do that. It was like all the other girls in the bar disappeared. He was aware of the guys, though. I’d been dancing with a few different guys, and anytime one of them would come by, he’d put his arm around me or start kissing me. He wanted them to think we were a couple. It worked on me. I wanted to pretend we were a couple too.

Every time he got me out on the dance floor, Mike whispered in my ear. He told me how hot I was, how my low-cut top was driving him crazy. He pressed me against his body firmly, with his hands moving down my back and up my sides. He let his fingers graze the sides of my breasts, as if by accident, but I knew he was doing it on purpose. Honestly between the physical contact and the way he was making me laugh, he was getting me pretty hot. All a guy has to do is make me laugh, and I’m his. As the evening wore on, when Mike pressed himself against me, I could feel the long hard ridge of his erection. He pushed it into my belly, letting me know it was there. I’d had one drink over my limit (that was the third thing), and I was ready to roll with everything that was going on. I even turned my back to him while we were dancing and pushed my ass into his hard-on. I shifted my weight from foot to foot, rubbing my ass in those tight jeans against his axe handle of a cock, as he kissed the back of my neck. People say “she’s feeling no pain” about someone who’s drunk, but I wasn’t that drunk. I think a hot guy who wants you and is all over you can be like a drug too. I was definitely feeling no pain.

After that dance, Mike just said, “Let’s go,” and I went.

His apartment was less than a mile from the bar, so it wasn’t long before Mike was unlocking his door and steering me into his dim living room. The only light came from a streetlight outside, and I could sense, rather than see, the large pieces of furniture.

We sat on a big sofa, and Mike turned on a lamp beside it. He offered me something to drink, and I declined. We both knew why we were there. We laughed together nervously. Everything we’d had to talk about in the bar had evaporated, and it was like we both didn’t know what to say. In a moment, he reached for me.

Our kiss was a distraction from what our hands were doing. Mike pulled my shirt out from the top of my jeans and slid his hands inside, against my skin. His cool hands gave me a chill that hardened my nipples and spread all over my body. His hands were busy at my back, and I felt my bra come unhooked. He pushed it away so his hands could cup and then rub my tits.

I was trying to open his fly, but didn’t notice that Mike had a belt on. I was too distracted by the feel of his fingers gently twisting my nipples like you’d wind a watch. I’ve always loved that, and told my past boyfriends to do it, but somehow he hit on what felt good on the first try. He pulled my shirt off over my head, but left my unfastened bra dangling. Then he unbuckled his belt and opened his pants for me. The big beefy guy had a big beefy cock.

Mike wanted my pants off. He unbuttoned and unzipped them, but they were too tight to just push down. I stood up in front of him, tits bare and loose in the lamplight, and wiggled out of those jeans, letting my panties go with them. Mike watched as I tossed my bra into a chair. He leaned back in his corner of the sofa, and put a pillow on the floor at his feet. He smiled at me, making a joke of his demand for a blowjob. You slutty, slutty, slut, I said to myself, and smiled back. His cock stood at attention, and his balls were just peeking out of the jeans he still wore. I liked it that I was totally naked in front of him, but he was mostly dressed. I knelt on the pillow, pushing a narrow coffee table out of the way.

I took just the head of his cock between my lips. I kissed it and rolled my tongue over it. He had a very prominent ridge where the head met the shaft. I slid my mouth down just past the ridge and tightened my lips behind it. Mike turned out the light beside him and leaned back. I heard him sigh. My mouth sank further down on his cock, and I started the slow rhythmic movements of head, tongue, and lips that make me feel like my mouth is my pussy, and like I can fuck a guy with my mouth just as well as I can with my pussy. Mike put a hand on each side of my head, keeping me there, sometimes pushing my head down, getting me to take him a little deeper.

A man’s voice behind me said, “Hey Mike.”

I wanted to turn to see who was there, when there had been no one there before. Mike’s hands held my head so I could not turn, and I could not speak since my mouth was full of Mike’s cock.

Mike said, “How are you doing?”

I could hear the man moving close behind me, and suddenly he was right there. One of his arms wrapped around my hips and lifted my hind end up, and at the same time he pushed the coffee table underneath my belly. He let me down so my belly was supported by the coffee table, but my knees couldn’t reach the floor. He was right there behind me. My heart was pounding in a delirious mix of excitement and fear. Mike held my head so I couldn’t turn to see the man’s face, and he kept up the pressure on my head, making sure I continued to move my mouth up and down on his cock. My ass and my pussy were completely bare, and I felt the man behind me grasp my thighs and push them apart. One of his hands snaked between my legs and found the wetness there. I was so turned on from the flirting and teasing in the bar, and from everything Mike and I had been doing, that I was beyond caution. All I could think was, two guys at once? Hell yeah! I lifted my ass as much as I could to get more of those fingers, to get my clit closer to them. I didn’t care who he was, just that he gave me what I needed. He found my clit and rubbed it hard. I’d known I was leaving the bar to get laid, but this was more, much more, than I’d expected.

Mike was lifting his hips to fuck my mouth. He still held my head, but not as hard now, as if he knew he didn’t have to. I wasn’t going anywhere.

I almost cried out when the other man’s fingers left my clit, but in the next moment I felt what could only be a cock, sliding over my wetness. It started to press the closed door of my ass, but then slid down to my smoother, juicier opening. It felt thick. My pussy was stretching to take it in. The man drove it deep into me, until it would go no further, and still he pushed his hips against my ass. He drew it all the way out then plunged all the way back in one fast, rough thrust. Again and again he shoved his cock into me as deep as it would go, and then pushed deeper. His hands gripped my hips and pulled me towards him with each stroke. One hand slid down my thigh, reached around me, and found my clit from the front.

I groaned deep in my throat, which made Mike throw his head back and fuck my mouth faster, harder. Mike and the man behind me began to push their cocks into me at the same time. From the front, I had Mike’s cock finding its way to my throat, and from the back, another cock pistoned hard into me. Those fingers kept tickling and rubbing my clit. Both cocks drove so deep, I thought they might meet somewhere in the middle. Both men’s movements were becoming more frantic, more desperate for release. I felt my pussy tighten around the stranger’s cock, and now I jolted, shuddering, into orgasm. I felt myself crying deep in my throat like an animal. The vibrations sent Mike over the edge, and I tasted his salty cum. He held onto my head as the spurts filled my mouth. The fingers on my clit kept moving, and I felt my pussy squeeze and release, squeeze and release the cock inside me. Still I was coming, and the man fucking my pussy drove deep one final time, and held me against him as his balls emptied. Pushing into me almost to the point of pain, he stayed inside me as the waves of my orgasm receded.

Mike’s cock was beginning to go limp, but still he held my head. I couldn’t see the face of the man who was pulling his cock out of me. He stood up, and in a second I heard a door close and lock somewhere in another part of the apartment. Mike let me go and leaned back on the sofa. He looked totally relaxed, wet limp cock hanging out of his jeans. I stood up, peeling myself from the smooth surface of the coffee table. The cum of a man I’d never seen leaked out of me.

I pulled my jeans back on as Mike watched. I hooked my bra. I asked, “Who was that guy?”

Mike just laughed and shook his head. He wasn’t going to tell me. He didn’t ask for my number and I didn’t offer. I’d gotten everything I came for, and more. I had felt wild and exhilarated, excited by what had happened. Not like my usual self at all. As I drove Lissa’s car home, I wondered about the stranger. Was he a stranger? Or was he the guy in the next cubicle at work? The guy who sat beside me in spinning class? I had no way of ever knowing.

I know it was a stupid thing to do, going home with someone I didn’t know. Anything could have happened, even bad things like you hear on the news. Like I said, I don’t normally go in for one-night stands. I’m just not that kind of girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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