A Birthday Wish

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Well as it does every year my birthday had once again rolled around and Janet asked me what I wanted for my birthday wish and this story is what I told her I wanted.

It’s been a long boring morning and as usual I’m sitting here surfing through porn site after porn site looking for something interesting. I’m only half interested jerking my cock and more interested in finding something new. In some ways it’s been more frustrating than satisfying but with nothing else to do I keep on keeping on and here I sit cock in hand.

Finally after a long and tedious search I find a site I had not viewed in a very long time and rediscovered a few of my favorites on that site. Here there were lots of amateur BBW servicing their men and pleasuring themselves as well, finally something interesting to watch.

As I’m watching the videos my cock slowly grows and I slowly stroke away I’m starting to get close but I always think that and I always end up edging for at least a half an hour I’ve been known to edge as much as two or three hours.

I found a video that showed a beautiful BBW with incredible cleavage jerking her man off and encouraging him to come on her tits, a favorite theme of mine. I settled into a nice rhythm and matched the woman in the video stroke for stroke it was as if it was my cock she was stroking. If she went slowly, I went slowly, if she went quickly, I went quickly, all I could think about was shooting my hot load all over her tits.

About halfway through the video I got a phone call and me being me I muted the sound well I turned it down anyway it wasn’t quite muted and I answered the phone. Janet’s voice came into my ear. Getting a phone call from Janet was somewhat rare, oh I talked to Janet all the time but I call her so having her call me is a very pleasant thing indeed.

“Hello” I said

“Hey sweetie it’s me” came the sound of Janet’s voice through the phone, “what are you up to?” She asked.

“Well I’m awake, my computers in my lap and I’m naked that should give you some idea of what I’m doing.” I joked back at her.

“So just another day at home then…” She said and giggled slightly Just then the girl on the screen squealed and giggled as her man started Cumming like a fountain all over her soft creamy tits.

Janet apparently having heard the giggling and squealing commented “What you can’t even stop when I call?”

“Sorry about that…” I said “I thought I had the volume down farther I didn’t think you’d hear anything. I’m sorry let me shut it off.”

I reached for the mouse and paused the video, Janet is a very dear friend of mine and while she and I know way too much about each other’s sex lives we have never crossed that line together.

Yes I flashed her once or twice on the WebCam and I even once while under the influence of medication sent her a compilation video of my favorite orgasms that I had videotaped.

Janet was never mad at me for my indiscretions and actually said she was impressed by the amount of one of the cum shots in my video.

Janet said “don’t worry about it sweetie I know you jerk your cock most of the time when you’re talking to me. I don’t mind…I find it kind of flattering that you still find me attractive.”

“I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again” I said “I find you wildly sexy and would do anything to see you naked and be allowed to perform for you.”

“I know and I just don’t understand why” Janet said “but that’s a discussion for another time. I need to borrow some of your meds again. I twisted my knee and it’s killing me any chance I could borrow a few till it stops hurting?”

“Of course you can” I said “but you’ll have to come to me for them because I am out of gas and no money to put any in the tank.”

“No problem… I’m out running some errands anyway do you mind bursa escort if I stop by in a bit and pick them up from you?” She asked.

“Sure come on over, it would be great to see you again, it’s been a few weeks. I will go unlock the door just let yourself and when you get here.” I said.

“Sounds good… I’ll see you in a bit.” Janet said

“And I’ll do my best to finish what I’m doing before you get here.” I quipped.

She giggled slightly and said “you do that” and with that she hung up.

So I set down the computer got up and went and unlocked the front door. I wanted her to be able to just walk in. It also put a slight thrill into me knowing that there was a slight chance that she could catch me. I wasn’t sure how long I had before she would get here I didn’t know if she was running to the post office to mail a letter and then coming here or if she was going grocery shopping so I didn’t know if I had five minutes 15 minutes or 50 minutes.

I sat back down and pulled the computer back into my lap and found some more good videos and went back to getting my cock nice and hard once again.

I was making good time and was getting closer than I was before I was at that stage where you know you’re going to cum but you know it’s going to be a few minutes before that load shoots from

your cock.

I decided to slow down a bit so I stopped the porn and made a quick check of my email just to take my mind off my cock. I was edging after all and that just made it better. After about 10 or 15 minutes of fooling around with the email, I decided I had better finish jerking my cock before Janet got here.

As much as I wanted Janet to catch me and see me jerking my cock and with a little bit of luck shooting a nice thick load of cum, I didn’t want to risk hurting our friendship as that was a line I was scared to cross.

I fired off my favorite porn video again grabbed my hard cock and was busily stroking away.

When the door opened…

I should explain here where my recliner sits can be seen directly from the front door so when I’m sitting here cock in hand and someone walks in the front door it’s really quite the show.

I hear the door open and I call out, “Janet is that you?” Because the laptop is in my lap I can’t actually see the front door but I know whoever it is can see me jerking my cock and I am too close and I don’t want to stop.

“Yes it’s me… Okay to come in?” She asked.

“Of course come on in, sorry let me stop doing what I’m doing.” I said

“Sorry to interrupt… I thought you would’ve been done by now, you must have been edging again.” Said Janet.

“Yeah sorry about that…” I said as I set my computer tray out of the way. I leaned back in my chair and shifted to face her as best I could. She didn’t mind seeing me naked but me jerking my cock while she was there was a little too much.

Janet and I sat and chatted for about 20 or 30 minutes talking about nothing at all just the goings-on in our life as of lately.

Now I have a bad habit of resting my hand in my crotch and holding my cock. I’m not actually jerking off just holding my cock. So every once in a while she would look at me stop talking and wait until I realized what I was doing and I would take my hand off my cock. Then she would smile tell me “thank you” and then she would go back to talking about whatever it was she was talking about before she realized I had my hand on my cock again.

Eventually I got her the meds she called about in the first place put them in a little container and handed them to her. She thanked me and then looked at me and asked “Isn’t today your birthday?”

I said “Well technically it’s tomorrow but yes I’m having another birthday.”

Janet then looked at me with an odd grin and said “since it’s bursa üniversiteli escort your birthday tomorrow and you were good about not playing with yourself while we talked even though I interrupted you I guess I’ll give you your present now since I won’t see you tomorrow.”

And with that she sat down in a chair directly across from me.

And then she said the words I had dreamed of for ages “Perform for me…”

“That’s right” she said “I want to see you wrap your hand around that cock and jerk it for me.”

Me not wanting to risk a friendship for a little fun paused and asked her “Are you sure? It’s okay if you want to change your mind now but if I start I won’t be able to stop.”

She smiled wickedly at me and said “You better not ask me again or I’ll change my mind now grab your cock and jerk it for me I want to see you cum.”

“If it be your pleasure M’Lady…then it is my command.” I said to her…see I know that one of her weaknesses is being called M’Lady by her sub. She smiled and said to me “it is now Jerk…That…Cock!”

I took my instruction from her and wrapped my hand around my cock and began to jerk my cock for all it was worth. I ran my hand up and down the shaft rubbing the head and just behind the head.

Faster and faster I stroked my cock. Praying to myself that this wasn’t just a tease and at any moment she would get up and walk out before I could finish. I wanted to cum fast to make sure she saw me cum.

Janet saw that I was trying to cum fast and reached forward and put her hand on my knee, I nearly came when she touched me, and then she told me “slow down and take your time…this is my gift to you and I want you to enjoy it. So don’t rush it. But put on a good show for me.”

Breathlessly I replied “As you wish M’Lady. “

I slowed down my pace and started to really enjoy the feeling of my hand running up and down my cock knowing that she was sitting there watching me.

Janet smiled and said “That’s better… I wish I was wearing that blue halter top that I know you fantasize about. I will never forget the look on your face when I slipped out of that halter top right in front of you and you never got to see anything.”

I moaned slightly as she talked about that day and remembered the feeling of nearly coming in my pants without anyone touching me as she changed tops right in front of me and yet I never actually saw anything.

Janet had once shown me pictures, boudoir pictures which she had taken, to see what I thought of them. So I had seen her beautiful breasts before but never in person.

“It’s a good thing it’s your birthday” Janet said “and that I’m in a fun mood I’m going to do something for you that I know you have dreamed of for as long as we have known each other.”

And then…

Janet reached into her V-neck top and pulled out not just one but both of her beautiful breasts complete with nipple rings! “There you go boy you always say you want some inspiration so here it is!” And she reached up and tugged on both nipple rings and then played with her nipples for a few moments as my jaw fell open and my hand stroked my cock tighter and tighter.

“Come on Matt… Cum for me!” Said Janet

“I want to see you come for me Matt!” Said Janet and then she continued “come on give it to me… Give me that cum!”

“Come on Matt… Cum for me!” Said Janet again.

I moaned long and loud when she said that!

I have dreamed of hearing her voice telling me to come for as long as I have known her. To be sitting in front of her jerking my cock with her permission and being told to come for her was almost more than I could handle.

I wish I had thought to turn on a voice recorder so I could hear Janet say that to me any karacabey escort time I wanted I knew she would never allow me to set up the camera so I never even thought about it.

My hand was flying up and down my cock it was dripping with pre-cum and I was on the verge of coming! I was so close I could taste it and I knew I would be in a few moments.

I kept stroking more and more, faster and faster squeezing more and more savoring every sensation as it happened, because I knew it would probably never happen again.

Janet looked at me and knew that I was on the verge of coming that soon my cock would erupt and would spew cum, far and wide.

“If you get any on me, you know I’m going to make you lick it off and clean me up is that clear?” Said Janet and then she scooted closer to me as if she wanted me to come on her tits.

I moaned and trembled as she moved closer never touching me but still close to me. I could feel the heat from her body wash over my body as I lay there and trembled as I felt my balls begin to contract as I started to cum!

I pointed the head of my cock at Janet’s gorgeous cleavage and jerked my cock for all it was worth!

Harder and faster squeezing it tighter and tighter and suddenly from somewhere below my feet rose an orgasm the likes of which I had never had until that day.

All I could do was close my eyes and moan like a man possessed…


I felt my cock erupt with spurt after glorious spurt of thick hot cum! It was all I could do to not fall out of my recliner as this orgasm wracked my body with spasms the likes of which I doubt I will ever experience again.

Four, Five then six shots and I still wasn’t done cumming. My body shook and trembled with another three good spurts and a few little ones that ran down my hand.

My hand covered in cum instinctively rose to my mouth as I licked the come from my own hand. When my hand was clear of cum I let it rest on my sticky cum covered cock.

Janet looked at me and said “You’re not done… Get over here and lick me clean.”

Janet sat back in her chair and I leaned over her and I took my time licking my copious load from her glorious breasts because I knew this would be the one time I would ever get such a treat.

Slowly, gently I licked her breasts lapping my come into my mouth.

Once I had most of the come off of her breast I then concentrated on each nipple. I knew Janet’s nipple rings had made her nipples extremely sensitive and she had told me before that she had come just from them being stimulated under her blouse as she walked.

I knew that this would be the only pleasure I would ever get to give Janet.

So I carefully, tenderly and vigorously sucked on her nipples cleaning them diligently of my cum.

I heard her gasp as I latched onto one nipple and then gasped again as I released it.

I swirled my tongue gently around the outside of the nipple continuing to lick all of my cum from her breast.

Then I switched breasts and as I took her nipple into my mouth I let my teeth graze ever so slightly.

Janet once again gasped at what I was doing to her breasts. I locked on to her nipple and drew it into my mouth with all of the force I could hoping against hope that I could make her cum from the sensation. I licked and I sucked that nipple for all it was worth and when I finally released Janet gasped once more and moaned.

I set back a little bit to ensure that I had not missed any cum. Of course I made sure find a spot or two that appeared to still have some cum that needed removal.

After a few moments of this Janet set me back and said “Thank you for a job well done… Both on the performance and on the cleanup. I have not been cleaned that well in some time and I enjoyed it.”

“Your wish… My command M’Lady” I said “Thank you for the best birthday gift I have ever and will ever receive!”

And with that Janet tucked her breasts back into her blouse stood up thanked me for the meds I had given her and again for performing for her and then she left me to cherish the memory.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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