A Boy and His dungeon IX

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‘What the morrow will bring’

Sunday morning, Jennifer made us breakfast. Over coffee, She told me how unhappy she was with her school. Apparently, they didn’t believe girls should aspire to careers in technology, but should, instead, become good supportive wives of the men who did. What courses they offered beyond liberal arts were, in some cases, less challenging that what she had taken in high school. All her school had going for it was a long record of turning out refined ladies. I suggested that she might transfer here and she agreed to talk to her ‘Mum’ about the idea.

Conner and the girls arrived at about 10:00 and we all repaired to the shed. Conner wanted to show off our new toys. Taking turns, we soon had detailed three dimensional images of ourselves. Conner loaded those images, stiff and still, into another program where he ‘boned’ them. We all laughed a the term, but he assured us that was the term for articulating the images. In a surprisingly short time. We had pose-able versions that could be made to bend in most ways a live body might. He added some clothing and, suddenly the images might almost pass for poor photographs of ourselves. In yet another program he added in movement routines and shortly presented us with short movies of Jill walking, Jennifer and I dancing, and Conner and Lisa doing some sort of gymnastics.

“Those were all ‘canned’ routines,” Conner explained, “I could have done the same thing piecemeal, but that would take hours or days and the backgrounds were just pictures.”

“So, with enough time we could make movies.” I said.

“Absolutely,” said Conner, “that’s how some of the newer animations are done.”

“By the Way, what were you and Lisa doing Friday when we came in?” I asked.

“We were optimizing the network OS.” replied Lisa, “I think you’ll find it will be quicker and smoother from now on.”

Of course, I had to see what they’d done. Lisa walked me through the changes while Jennifer looked over our shoulders. Most of what they’d done made sense, and the confusing parts were soon cleared up. For a test, I had Conner and Lisa get on the lounger. I told them to do whatever they wanted, it was only a test. Conner started by running his hands all over her body. Lisa soon was doing the same to him. Even for a test, this would give us some good data.

Jennifer sat on my lap while Jill hung on the back of the chair over us. I could feel Jennifer’s breathing change as Conner and Lisa continued caressing each other, getting more intimate by the moment. The chair shook a little, I glanced around for the cause, Jill was clutching the chair in a death grip with one hand out of sight. A small rhythmic movement of her shoulder told me was playing with herself, aroused by Conner and Lisa’s activity. I kissed Jennifer and jerked my head toward Jill. Jennifer looked up at her for a moment, puzzled, then her eyes opened wide, and she broke into illegal bahis a smile. She hopped off my lap and moved behind Jill. There was a quiet gasp, a bit of whispered conversation, and they both stepped around in front of me. Jennifer put a finger to her lips to indicate I should remain silent. They took my hands and led me out of the shed and back to the house, leaving Conner and Lisa alone to pursue their own passion.

In the house, they pulled me into the bedroom and began to undress me. They laid me on the bed, then quickly stripped down and joined me. They both began to bath me in kisses, pausing every few seconds, to kiss each other. I reached out and started to caress tits and nipples. As they worked down my chest, I felt hands on my cock and balls, very gently squeezing and caressing. They worked themselves around a bit and I found I could reach their pussies. After a bit of preliminary stroking, I slipped a finger into each of them. They hummed and started to move against my fingers. They worked their way down to my cock, licking and kissing it, occasionally kissing each other and taking my cock into their mouths, taking turns in a consistent pattern. I shifted my hands on their pussies, inserting my thumbs and freeing my fingers to stroke their clits. They began to gasp and moan as they worked their pussies against my hands. They were fondling each other’s tits and pinching nipples. I varied the the stimulation trying to bring them along together.

One of then started to work a finger into my ass, surprising me and instantly overstimulated me! I blew my load into someone’s mouth and clamped down on their clits in an almost involuntary reaction. Both girls screamed simultaneously around my cock as they bucked against my hands. I raised my head to see them kiss sharing the cum that Jennifer seemed to have her mouth full of. They licked stray drops off each other’s faces and bent back down to thoroughly clean my cock. The finger, Jill’s, was removed and she ran into the bath for a moment, I assume to wash. Jennifer twisted around to lay alongside of me and Jill soon joined us.

“Remember,” I gasped out, “If you fuck me to death, you wont have a ride back.”

“We wont kill you,” said Jill, “just cripple you a little.”

I hugged them both, tightly

Conner and Lisa were standing in the door, somewhat disheveled, wearing big grins.

“I want to try you in my ass.” Jennifer whispered in my ear, “and if it’s okay with you, I want Conner to fuck me at the same time.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked.

She looked me in the eyes and nodded solemnly. I nodded back and turned to Jill

“Is this your doing?” I asked her.

“Well, I might have mentioned your getting Lisa’s ass cherry.” she replied trying to sound innocent.”

“I’m going to die! They’ll find my shriveled, dry corpse hidden in the tall grass come spring.” I announced dramatically.

The illegal bahis siteleri girls took charge. They pulled me off the bed Lisa pealed Conner out of his clothes, and positioned him on the bed. Then ran into the bath, returning with the lube. Jill had Jennifer straddle Conner. Lisa applied the lube liberally to Conner’s stiffening cock and Jennifer’s pussy. Jill and Lisa guided Jennifer down on to Conner’s cock and helped support her weight as she worker herself slowly down gasping , grunting, and moaning, until she was fully impaled. She held still for a moment getting used to the size, somewhat larger than mine. She made a few small experimental movements and broke into a smile.

Jill pressed Jennifer down on Conner’s chest and began to gently lube and stretch her ass. Jennifer gasped and wiggled and moaned under Jill’s fingers. Lisa slowly stoked my cock and lubed my cock while Jill did her work. Conner held Jennifer still as I pressed the head of my cock into her ass. Jennifer moaned as it went in. I stopped and waited for a moment for her to acclimate and pushed in a little deeper. Jennifer moaned again, a little softer this time. Conner held as still as he could, holding Jennifer tightly and giving her a kiss, after a moment I pushed in another inch or so.

Jennifer moaned softly as she started to press back against me, letting Conner’s cock move in her pussy I pulled back a little and slowly pressed into her a little deeper than before. I let her set the pace, pushing in a little deeper each time she pushed her ass back against me. She gasped and moaned and shook, apparently enjoying what she felt. I kept my movements slow, but soon was as deep in ass as I could go. She started to move on Conner’s cock pumping her hips up and down with short strokes and I began making long slow strokes, pulling back till only the head was in and slowly driving my cock to full depth. Her movements on Conner’s cock made her ass move back and forth half an inch or so as I continued my slow strokes. The combination was incredibly arousing. Her ass was beginning to relax a little bit as she continued to moan and gasp out her obvious arousal. I picked up the pace a little more and Conner began making small thrusts into her pussy.

Jennifer began a series of short moans in a rising scale, she drove herself down on Conner and I made one last deep thrust, holding my self deep in her ass as Conner held down on his cock. Jennifer went stiff, letting out a long wordless cry while Conner and I blasted loads of cum deep into her. She seemed to be trying to draw a breath when she collapsed onto Conner’s chest. We were all breathing heavily. I gave Conner a questioning look.

“I think,” he gasped, “that she . . . gasp . . . passed out.”

I laid a hand on her back, she was breathing, not quite gasping, but she was breathing.

“She was trying to scream with no air in her lungs.” canlı bahis siteleri Conner told me.

I looked around for Lisa and Jill. They were on the floor frantically sucking and licking each other’s pussies. And both stiffened and screamed into each others pussies at practically the same time. My softening cock slid out of Jennifer’s ass and I moved to where I could see her face. Other than being unconscious, she seemed alright.

I sat stroking her face gently, waiting for her. After a minute or so, her eyes fluttered open, and a few seconds later focused on me. She started trying to get up, but didn’t seem to have the strength. By now, Lisa and Jill joined us. We rolled her off of Conner and settled her into the bed while Conner rolled off the bed and to his feet. Jennifer struggled, trying to sit up. I put an arm under her shoulders to help her. Jill handed me a glass of water for her while Lisa propped pillows behind her. While I held the glass, she took small sips water, finally pushing my hand away.

“That was . . .” she began, “I don’t know the words . . .” she trailed off.

“Just rest a moment,” I said, “there’s no great hurry.”

She nodded and lay back against the pillows. We sat around her waiting for her to recover

“I mean,” she began again, “Conner was so big, and that hurt a little at first, but it felt so good too . . . and, you felt big too, but were so gentle and that didn’t hurt at all . . . and it all felt so good and it got better and better . . . and it felt so good that I couldn’t stand it and it all got even better . . .”

“I’ve been close to that a couple of times,” Jill offered, “most women never feel that way in their entire lives.”

Lisa Nodded and we all sat quietly for a while. Finally, Lisa took Conner’s hand and let him to the bath.

“You scared me,” said Jill, “I mean I’ve never seen anyone go down that hard. Most of the time a gal comes back in a matter of seconds.”

“Some how,” Jennifer said, “I knew you were all here and loving me so much.”

“The real questions are,” said Jill, “did you like it? and would you do it a again?”

“Yes, I liked it, I’ve never cum so hard,” She answered, “but I don’t think I’ll do it quite that way anytime soon.”

“What do you mean?” I asked,

“Up till this,” Jennifer said, “ the very best was what we did when we got in on Friday. That was almost too much for me. This was like twice that.”

Jill and I nodded, understanding that, even with sex, there was such a thing as too much.

Lisa and Conner came out and started to dress. Jill helped Jennifer, still a little unsteady, into the bath to clean up Conner and Lisa headed back out to the shed. When the girls came out I went to clean up. Jill and Jennifer, and their clothes, were missing when I came out, I got a drink of water and joined everyone in the shed.

We worked on the scan of Lisa and Conner until about 9:00 then, knowing we needed an early start on Monday, Lisa and Conner left and Jill, Jennifer and I went to bed.

Sandwiched between them, and exhausted, I slept like the proverbial log.

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