A fericous girl

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I woke up that morning with not a thought in my mind. My brother’s friend was coming over that night and I could only think of his amazing hot sister. The reason my brother’s friend was coming over was because his parents were in toronto that night. So his friend finally got here and I managed to sneak in and ask where his sister was staying that night, he replied that she was staying with a friend. Of course this got me all bummed out with the thought that she might be staying at our house. So that day I masturbated like a horny school boy that I was about the thought of pummeling her sweet ass.

Later that night I feel asleep watching austin power’s and then in the middle of the night I heard the doorbell ring. I was the only one that seemed to hear this and got up and went downstairs. I opened the door and to my surprise it was my brother’s friend’s sister Liv. Liv was this sexy 14 year old with a tight ass and frim little tits. Her face was like and angel and I wanted to fuck her right there. I asked her what she was doing here and she replied that the girl illegal bahis she was staying with had a fight. She seemed really upset and I told her to come inside. Being in her pyjamas I could see her sweet ass and tight firm titties. I asked ” What did you guys fight about” Liv said “we’ll it’s kinda of embarrasing but I made a move on her and sliped my hands down her pants and she got all upset about me. I said that was sooo hot and she just giggled. I told her no one else was up but she could stay in my room.

I set her up on the floor with a sleeping bag and a pillow. I could her her rolling around and asked her if she was ok and she said it was a bit uncomfortable, I tol her she could sleep in the bed and I could sleep in the floor. She said that was awesome, but when I got up to get out of the bed she asked were I was going. At this point I was laying next to the half naked sexiest girl in world. I immediately poped one and started to masturbate and hid it from her. she said ” What are you doing” I said “nothing”, next out of no where I felt a cold hand illegal bahis siteleri on my rock hard cock and then I heard a giggle, She immediately went down on me and started sucking with the ferioucity of a tiger. She bobed up and down and sucked hard and I came hard into her mouth and she moaned as I dropped my loads of cum in her mouth.

She said with a smile “Now for me”. She got into a sixiy nine position with me and I started sucking at her sweet pussy and she started rocking back and fourth into my mouth and then I heard a dull moan and the flow of her sweet juices into my mouth. Her cum tasted so good. She cuddled up beside me and started to make out with me. I started to get rock hard and she could feel this and got out of the bed, I asked where she was going and she just giggled. She stood up and started stripping her clothes and giving me a sweet lap dance. She stood against the wall and started to shake her sweet ass. I got up and lent up beside her and opened her ass and slid my rock hard cock into her. She moaned and started to sway with me. I canlı bahis siteleri felt up her body and onto her tits and gave then a nice little rub. She pushed her hand into her soaking wet pussy and started fingering away. She moaned and I moaned. She yelled ” oh god fuck me harder” I sped up my motions and pumping back and forth in her ass. I could feel her cuming and I was about to explode as well. As soon as she came I came and blew my hot load into her sweaty ass. We both fell to the floor.

I started to feel up her body and and grab her sweet little ass. I mounted her onto me and started to get ready to slide into her. I pulled her up steadied my cock and let her down on it. She moaned so loud. She started to pump and moaned ” oh god I love your hard cock inside me”. We began a rythm and both horny started to grab at each other. As we continually fucked our bodies entwined in a sexual motion. She rocked back and swayed. I could feel myself cumming I pulled out of her so hard and she came all over my awesome cock and I blew my load all in her face.

After that we dried up and went back to bed.

At breakfast the next morning I told my mom what happened of course leaving out the whole sex thing, as she left she gave me a little wink.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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