A New Shopping Experience

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Shopping for clothes had never been her favourite pastime but was one of those unavoidable trials everyone had to go through. It wasn’t that Alice didn’t like fashion but at 24 and size 20 she would and could never wear the kind of outfits she dearly wished she could. Being overweight even at school had made her the target of the skinny girl’s jokes and bullying, forcing Alice to withdraw even further from the social scene every teenager got involved in at some point.
Now with her cousin getting married Alice was expected to wear something nice for the wedding, looking in the fashionable shop windows as she passed by she knew they would have nothing to fit her size, heading for the larger department stores Alice browsed the calf length dresses and outfits she could find in her size. Not finding anything she tries one of the smaller boutiques, loosing herself in her thoughts Alice jumps when she hears a man’s voice behind her, ‘See anything you like?’

Turning she’s confronted by one of the assistants, ‘Sorry, what did you say?’ she asks blushing. Smiling he replies ‘I asked if there was anything you liked, if you can’t find what you want I might be able to help you’. Thinking he was making a nasty comment about her size Alice snaps back ‘I’m well able to find something in my size, thank you’ The man looks nonplussed, after a second he answers, puzzled ‘what’s wrong with you size?’, turning to go back to the counter he says over his shoulder ‘Anyway if there’s anything I can do to help please ask.’

Feeling a little embarrassed about how she spoke to him Alice, carries on looking, finding a dress she likes she desperately looks through the rack to see if there’s one in her size, with disappointment she realises there isn’t and turns to leave, as she passes the counter the man asks her if she found anything she liked, stopping suddenly Alice looks at him for a second and stammers an apology for how she spoke to him earlier, then she says ‘there was a dress but it’s not in my size’. He smiles again and Alice blushes thinking he’s mentally scoffing at her, ‘which one was it?’ he asks again Alice berates herself for jumping to conclusions, ‘the long Blue and white one’ she answers. Nodding he starts to walk towards the back of the store, stopping he looks at her, ‘if you’d like to come with me I think we have a few more in the stock room’ then he continues on.

Without thinking Alice follows him through some doors and into a large stock room, turning he looks shocked, ‘sorry I didn’t mean in here’ he comments, as she turns to leave embarrassed at her stupidity. The man touches her arm, no need to go we’re very quiet today so no one else is here, he smiles again, ‘hang on one second’ he says and disappears back out into the store, returning a minute later he walks passed Alice and leads the way towards the back of the store room. ‘Aren’t you worried someone might come in the shop?’ she asks him ‘No, I’ve locked the door’ he tells her as he turns into an aisle.

Surprised at his answer Alice stops for a second and then has to hurry to catch up. Stopping beside the man she sees a large space with hangers along one wall and a low bench beside them. He finds the dress almost immediately, ‘what size would you like?’ he queries. ‘Err… 18 she stammers’, he looks at her for a second and blushing she tells him ’20, 22’ pulling off 2 dresses he smiles at her, ‘no need to be embarrassed miss, I think you have a wonderful figure’, Alice blushes even more. ‘Where can I change?’ she asks looking round, for somewhere private. ‘Well no one will see you here’ he replies, ‘but you will’ Alice gasps.

Looking quite shocked he replies ‘I’ve illegal bahis seen many women change before miss, please don’t be self-conscious, I’ll turn my back if you like’, nodding she would he turns away. Unsure if it’s a good idea Alice slowly slips out of her baggy top and trousers, standing in nothing but her bra and panties she selects the larger of the 2 dresses and pulls it on, ‘what do you think?’ she asks him, turning the man frowns, ‘it’s ok but doesn’t do your figure justice’, intrigued she asks what he means, stepping up to her the man, without thinking, runs his hands over her ample curves and down to her bottom, Alice jumps at his touch and he stops.
‘Sorry I wasn’t thinking’ he apologies, ‘its ok’ she almost whispers Alice is shocked to realise it’s been a long time since she’s had a man touch her in any way. Again he runs his hands over her body and Alice supresses a shiver of pleasure. ‘The dress doesn’t hang right’ he says ‘may I ask if you’re wearing a bra?’ blushing she nods she is, ‘this dress is meant to be worn without one’ he replies and Alice blushes redder, he starts to turn as he invites her to try it without her bra and Alice is shocked to hear herself tell him he doesn’t have to turn round.

Stopping he faces her as she slips the straps off her shoulders and nervously undoes her bra slipping it off, she stops for a second, unconsciously letting him look at her large breasts, her nipples sticking out almost half an inch and pointing slightly up towards him. Then quickly she pulls the dress back up and lets the straps fall to her shoulders, all the time Alice is asking herself why she paused so long before covering her breasts up again. Looking at him she sees he hasn’t taken his eyes off her breasts, licking his lips quickly he coughs, Alice feels a shudder run through her, was is nervousness or pleasure she isn’t sure. ‘That looks so much better’ he says, his voice strangely quiet. ‘It feels a bit uncomfortable and tight across my chest’ Alice tells him, he steps closer ‘May I?’ he replies, all Alice can do is nod. Reaching out the he pulls the straps out a little and runs his fingers up to her shoulders, letting them fall back ‘how’s that?’ feeling a little disappointed and not knowing why Alice tells him it’s a little better.

This time he looks at her and before he says anything Alice nods her consent, this time he pulls the neckline out and slowly slips his hand down, all the time looking at Alice in case she stops him, when she says nothing he slowly cups her breast and moves it into a better position, his hand pressed against her nipple.
Alice feels it harden slightly and supresses a moan. Removing his hand he lets his fingertips linger as they reach her nipple, it slips between them and he gives it a light squeeze as he moves them away. This time Alice shudders and she knows it’s not nervousness, a gasp escapes her lips. Moving his hand across he does the same, repositioning her breast, this time as he removes his hand he strokes the other nipple and gently pinches it rolling it round in his fingertips before letting go and dropping the material back in place, Alice’s gasp is louder this time and she feels both her nipples hardening against the smooth thin material.

Alice hesitates for a second before replying ‘the dress feels good… but what you did felt wonderful’ she almost whispers the second comment, raising his hands he cups her breasts through the dress and lightly massages them as Alice stands there not stopping him, her eyes half closed enjoying the touch of this man and feeling her nipples hardening even more. Slowly as if he’s worried he might scare her he slips the straps off illegal bahis siteleri her shoulders once again releasing her breasts, Alice opens her eyes as he bends forward and looking up at her kisses one of her nipples. She gasps louder and feels her legs start to shake, he kisses the other nipple and again she gasps.

He leans in again thinking he’s going to kiss her nipples again she moans low but instead he take one in his mouth and lightly sucks it, a low moaning sound, almost a purr, escapes Alice’s throat as she feels her nipple held in his mouth pulled slightly and he sucks and lets go, a sudden warmth and wetness tells Alice that her pussy is responding to things without her control. Opening her eyes again she sees him looking at her, ‘I shouldn’t have done that’ he says, and Alice scared that he might stop replies ‘I loved it, please don’t stop’ she gasps.

Seeing his eyes widen she realises he was being honest and not trying to let her down gently, looking down a little embarrassed her eyes come to rest on his trousers, or more to the point the large bulge in them, again Alice feels her pussy dampen and her breath comes in small gasps. Slowly she slips the dress down further letting drop to the floor once she slipped it passed her large stomach, standing still Alice feels a tremor or nervousness as he sees her for the 1st time in nothing but her panties.

Stepping towards her he kisses her gently on the lips, slipping his tongue into her mouth and teasing hers in the process, his hands again massaging her ample breasts pulling on her nipples in unison, he moves and kisses her neck down her chest and again sucks a nipple into his mouth, Alice start moaning low her hands grasping his head holding it there so he can suck more of her nipple and breast into his mouth. His free hand strokes down her stomach making her jump slightly, as it reaches the top of her panties it stops for a second stroking back and forth before moving down over the material. His fingers start to explore between her thighs, massaging as it goes. His fingers stop when they encounter the damp patch slowly they start to circle bringing a louder moan from Alice’s lips, stopping suddenly he straightens up taking her hand he leads her over to the bench and pushes her gently back against it.

Leaning against the bench Alice watches as he kneels and leans towards her pantie clad mound, invitingly Alice parts her thighs and slightly lifts her large stomach so he can reach her more easily. He breathes in deeply sniffing her damp panties and savouring her smell, slower still he leans in and lightly lick them, Alice almost orgasms immediately but manages to stop herself, again he lick and she feels her pussy flood their juices soaking her panties darkening the stain. Leaning in now he covers the spreading stain with his mouth and sucks harder making Alice’s pussy flood again. Waves of pleasure ripple through Alice’s pussy as he keeps sucking, suddenly she feels his tongue press against her panties and start moving round and round against them.

Unable to stop herself this time Alice orgasms with along low grunt and moan, her legs visibly shaking as she cums hard against his tongue. Stopping he looks up at her his face covered in her juices and he slowly hooks his fingers into her panties and peels them from her body revealing her shaved soaking pussy lips. Naked now Alice stands in front of this man she doesn’t even know as he takes in her ample body he stands and slowly strips naked, gasping she sees his hard long cock for the 1st time, her pussy twitches at the sight and she desperately wants to feel it buried deep inside her.

Before canlı bahis siteleri she could move he places his hands on her shoulders and gently pushes her down to her knees, as she drops down she blushes hard feeling a fool for doing so as she is naked before him, as she kneels Alice looks up at him and without a word he thrusts his swollen cock towards her, feeling helpless Alice slowly opens her mouth and envelopes the cock tip with her lips her tongue darting up and circling the end, looking up she see his eyes half close as a moan escapes him, again Alice circles his cock with her tongue and again he moans louder this time.

Taking more of his cock into her mouth she start to bob her head back and forth as her tongue works on his shaft, Alice feels it twitch and throb as she lick round and round sucking it deeper, pulling back so her mouth covers the tip she slips her tongue under his foreskin and slowly circles the head, hearing him gasp as she does it. Reaching up her hand starts to massage his balls as Alice takes the whole length of his cock into her mouth almost gagging as it hits the back of her throat.

Sucking harder and licking faster Alice feels her pussy flood again and without warning he starts to cum filling her mouth and making her swallow or choke, he keeps cumming and unable to swallow it all Alice lets some of his cum leak out of her mouth falling to her breasts. As he finally stops Alice pulls away and licks the remnants from his cock and her lips, he quickly pulls her to her feet and turning her guides Alice to the bench again making her bend and lean against it. She feels him pull on her hips and willingly pushes her arse out towards him, feeling his hands push between her legs she spreads them wide and drops her arms to her elbows allowing him easier access to her waiting pussy.

Alice feels his fingers probe her wet lips and tease her throbbing clit, she gasps and groans…’Please… yes’ is all she can say. Feeling his fingers withdraw he grabs Alice’s hips and with one hard thrust buries his still hard cock deep inside her soaking pussy, Alice cries out amazed at how deep he is with one thrust. Feeling him pull out she moans low and gasps again as he thrusts back into her, each time pulling almost all the way out before ramming back in he quickly brings Alice to her second orgasm. Shaking and moaning louder and louder Alice can’t stop herself cumming again and again as he uses her tight wet pussy.
Shaking and almost crying with the pleasure Alice suddenly feels him stiffen and a hot gush fills her abused and tortured pussy as he cums again and again deep inside her, this time Alice’s orgasm is so strong her legs give way only to be held up but the man’s hands on her hips and his cock buried deep inside her still pumping his cum into her, Alice feels it leak round his cock and flow out and down her thighs. Without warning he pulls out and she feels the last of his cum splash over her arse as he lets her collapse to the floor shaking and still orgasming.

Slowly they both recover, helping her up he smiles and tells her to dress as he cleans himself up and dresses, still slightly shaking he leads Alice back into the shop area and turning hands her a bag, looking inside she sees the dress and gasps, without a word he opens the door and winks as he ushers her out he whispers ‘If you need more dresses don’t hesitate to come see me’

Returning to the shop 2 weeks later Alice wants to thank the man as the dress was a great hit, entering she sees a woman behind the counter, as she asks the woman where he is, the woman looks at Alice strangely ‘My husband only works here occasionally can I help?’ shocked Alice stammers that she just wanted to thank him for his help with the dress and quickly leaves. Alice hopes next time she goes back he will be there so she can thank him properly…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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