A night with his friends…

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Dressed in tight jeans and a pretty blouse, Rao quickly cleaned the dishes. Her long black hair to the bottom of her back followed her as she swiftly moved around her large kitchen. She was an incredibly beautiful woman, standing at only 5″1′. Her hazel eyes were slightly pulled up in a minor cat eye. An opposite from her thick, dark hair, Rao’s skin was very fair, though her cheeks were usually flushed pink.
She was frustrated. Her boyfriend Dax had to go out of town for several nights, and Rao was so horny. She needed a man to go down on her and make her cum. The irresistible urge to touch herself… It made Rao pant just thinking about it. Her jeans were tight enough so that, when she moved, she could attain pleasure from the seam inside. But it wasn’t enough. Rao was tempted to discontinue her cleaning and jack herself off, but Dax’s friends wanted to come over to watch a football game on the enormous TV that she owned. They would be here in ten minuets, and Rao would want more time. She squirmed slightly, needing more pressure on her. When Rao had sex, she liked to have a man completely dominate her. She wanted their strong hands to push her around and show her what they wanted. Rao liked having them pin her down and fuck her hard, even though her Japanese bloodlines made her very tight. Rao found herself rubbing the crotch of her jeans hard. She forced herself to stop, knowing that if she possibly got any hornier, she might just fuck one of Dax’s friends. Quickly putting the thought aside, Rao finished cleaning up the kitchen just in time. The doorbell rang loudly, and she rushed to get it, nearly moaning when her jeans rubbed up against her. Opening the door to the threshold, she counted five men. They were all much taller then her, each one over six feet. And all were muscled. They could overpower her so easily…
“Hi, guys.” Rao greeted innocently. They grinned at her, all shooting back greetings. She stepped aside and let them come in. Her forbidden parts throbbed as she eyes all of their crotches, imagining what was under the jeans. She could tell they were all big, so perfect to fill her up.
Rao gathered a huge plate of sushi for the guys downstairs, treating them to it. Maybe if she was a good girl they would give her something as a reward. Rao went into the hallway and headed down a set a glass stairs, identical to the ones that tracked up. She opened a door a the bottom and stepped into the dark room A TV stretched across the entire, huge wall, bigger then a screen at the theater, with an array of expensive couches. They looked back at her arrival. Rao placed the sushi on a glass table in front of a couch and watched them begin to ravage it. She sat down on one of the couches, next to Mark. He had sandy blonde hair, not long but not a buzz cut. He was the most muscled of all of them, but not grossly ripped. Lean muscle, like Dax. His large hand rested on her thigh, arousing her more then he could imagine. He was eyeing her large breasts like he wanted to grab them. A commercial came on. “Hey Mark.” Rao smiled at him. He grinned back, blue eyes flickering from her body to her face.
“Hey Rao, could you get us something to drink?” One of them asked. Rao, aroused at her own obedience, shook her head. “Sure.” She got up. “I’ll help you, Rao.” Mark offered. Rao had to admit that she loved the attention she got when she was with all of these men. “Okay.” He followed her upstairs, nearly drooling over Rao’s ass. He wanted to grope it. Mark was more of a boobs man, loving to play with them and bounce them. Rao had a nice set that jiggled with each step. Rao gathered drinks in the kitchen, trying to ignore the tingling that his stares were creating. She finally decided that she couldn’t take it anymore. If he wanted her, she was his for the night. She was all of theirs. “What’s wrong, Mark?” Rao asked, staring at his lustfully and taking a step towards him. Rao had already boned all of the men downstairs without even trying. She looked at the giant bulge in his pants. “Uncomfortable? You can end that if you’d like.” She suggested and closed the distance between them. Mark held her sides and ran them up, nearly to her breasts. Rao’s mind screamed for him to touch her, but he hesitated.
“I’ll do whatever you want, I know Jenny likes to be in control. Surly every man wants a chance to make a girl do what he wants.” Jenny was Mark’s girlfriend, but Rao was much sexier. Mark knew that. He seemed to have decided. “Oh, really. Whatever I want.” Rao jerked her head up and down. Her crotch was pressed against his hardness, teasing her. “Uh huh. Or you could just turn me down…” Mark moved his hand up to Rao’s scalp and gripped her hair, forcing her head to turn upwards. He kissed her roughly on the lips and slid his hand up Rao’s shirt, squeezing her chest. “Yes,” Rao moaned into his mouth as he stroked his thumb across a sensitive part. “You like that? You’re a little slut, aren’t you?” He grabbed her chest harder, making Rao squirm. His hand slowly trailed down to the inside of her pants and began to rub her inner thighs. “Higher,” She moaned. Mark shook his head. “No. Meet me downstairs. I’ll decide what to do with you there.” He left Rao and disappeared down the stairs, most likely to tell his friends about how Rao had given herself to him for the night. She grabbed the drinks, putting them on a platter, and carried them back downstairs. She pushed open the door and stepped inside. It was dark, but commercials were still running. They all stared at her, grinning. Rao placed the sodas on the table and sat back down next to Mark, staring at him confused. “Lay on the table,” Mark ordered, motioning next to the drinks. Rao cocked her head to the side. “Just do it.” He gave her back a shove. Rao stood back up and began to sit on the table, but one of his friends—Cody—grabbed her and pinned her to his chest. His dark, shaggy hair barely covered one eye. He unbuttoned Rao’s blouse and tore it off, showing her sexy black lace bra. Rao struggled in his firm grip, but he just pushed her face harder into his chest. Another set of hands began to unbutton and unzip her pants. Rao kicked for a moment, unsure what to do. “Ooh, you’re sexy baby. You wet under those pants?” He whispered into her ear. Rao looked up into his dark blue eyes. “Let me go, you brute.” She cried. Cody laughed and kissed the top of her head. “No. You gave yourself to Mark, and he gave you to himself and us. You’re mine.” Rao thrashed once against his strong hand. She knew that Cody was very dominant, second in command of their group next to Dax. Cody would be the one to control her first. The other set of hands—Rao looked back to see Talen, the tallest man here. He was even slightly taller then Dax, being 6’6”. He had hair nearly as black as Rao’s. He yanked off her tight skinny jeans and exposed her silky and very skimpy underwear. Talen ran his hand over Rao’s arse, lightly squeezing it. “No,” Rao moaned and pressed her face into Cody’s chest. Cody lifted her face by her chin and lightly traced her lips with his tongue. Rao gasped and tried to pull away, but Cody held her still and began to deeply French kiss her, tasting Rao’s sweet mouth. Rao tried to push back the wetness that was spreading in her panties at their controlling attitudes, but it just got wetter. Cody stopped kissing her and put a firm hand on the back of her head. “I want your head on my shoulder; don’t you dare move it.” He growled. Rao obeyed and kept her face pressed against his broad shoulders. He quickly undid her bra band and dropped it. Rao tried to cover herself with her hands, but Cody caught them and rose them above her head. Rao whimpered and finally subdued to Cody. “You gonna give up that easily?” He asked. Rao, horny as hell, looked up at him.
“Cody, don’t be a hog.” Mark laughed at Cody’s unwillingness to give her to another man. Cody almost growled at him. “One minuet.” He lifted Rao so that she was straddling him, pressed against his hardness. Her breasts were completely exposed to Cody. He released her arms and cupped her large bust in his hands. Rao moaned and hung her head. He stroked his thumb over her nipples and watched her squirm with pleasure. Cody grinned. Someone’s hands were suddenly on Rao’s waist and yanked her off of Cody’s lap.
“Hah, I got her.” He laughed and held Rao like a child to his chest. Rao looked up; it was Talon. Rao tried to cover her indecency again, but his mouth beat her to it. He sucked one pink mound into his mouth and gently rolled it around. Rao gasped. “Y-Yes…” She moaned and threw her head back. She knew she looked like a slut; one guy on her, nearly naked and in front of a bunch of guys, but she didn’t care. Rao reached around to her back and dug her nails into his back in enjoyment. “Hey, easy there.” Talon stopped sucking on her and pulled her hair firmly, a small punishment for displeasing him. She dropped her hand. “Ah-!” She gasped when he pulled harder. “Oh, that hurts…” She moaned and tried to dislodge his grasp. It became tighter. Talon rose an eyebrow at her as he twisted her hair. Someone grabbed her ankles and held her upside down, taking her out of Talon’s grasp. The guys laughed at her bewildered expression. Rao struggled for a moment, looking up at the man holding her like that. Ashton. He grinned down at her and flipped his dirty blonde hair. He had been named after his gray eyes, like ashes. Rao was honestly slightly afraid of Ashton; she knew he could be more then pleasurably rough, to the point of real pain. “Hi, baby.”
“Put me down!” Rao tried to writhe out of his grasp. He laid her down on the table, like Mark had wanted her in the beginning. Ashton had the most muscle bulk out of all of them, but Rao knew it didn’t mean he was the strongest. He leaned over her on the table and pushed her down with his hands on her chest. He kissed her, angrily almost, biting her lip and neck. Ashton moved to her side and kissed and squeezed her breasts like that. A hand began to rub on Rao’s crotch, making her gasp and moan. She looked down, recognizing Justin. He was the only one with brown hair here. He smiled and looked at Rao with dangerous blue eyes. Rao wished that he would get her underwear out of the way. Mark came around and sat on the table next to Rao’s head, stroking her cheek. He was by far the gentlest one here. Rao, unable to talk since Ashton occupied her lips, touched illegal bahis his arm to thank him. He kissed her on the forehead. Cody came over and shoved Ashton off on one of Rao’s breasts. Ashton shoved back. Cody grabbed Ashton’s hair and threw him off of her. Rao rose her head to look at Cody. “Come here, sweetheart.” He grabbed the back of her head and pressed his lips to hers. Rao felt the difference of their lips against hers. Ashton, who grinned in triumph when Cody fell to the floor, threw Cody off of her. Rao gasped hard as Justin barely increased his steady pace. She felt so close, yet so far from cumming. Mark huffed angrily. “Neither of you know how to make a woman happy.” He spat at Cody and Ashton. Justin moved over to Rao’s breasts and licked over them. Rao moaned. Mark kneeled by Rao’s crotch and easily lifted her hips up, sliding her underwear off. Rao blushed when he revealed her shaved—actually, waxed—pussy. He firmly held onto her thighs and kept Rao still when he licked once up her slit. Rao gasped and tried to move in pleasure, but Justin kept her still. She opened her eyes and grabbed the back of his head, pressing her lips to his mouth. Justin smugly kissed her, showing off to Ashton and Cody that she wanted him more then them. Talon rubbed Rao’s chest and increased her moans that Mark was provoking. Rao got so close to cumming with Mark’s consistent and talented tongue. Justin kept her head from thrashing and kissed her more deeply. Rao moaned into his mouth, breath becoming ragged. She pressed her hips into Mark’s face, pleasure nearly reaching peak.
Hands grabbed Rao’s waist and ripped her away from the three men. She was pressed to a wide chest, and knew it was Cody. “I told you,” He growled into her ear. Rao submissively pressed her cheek onto his shoulder, hoping to please the alpha male. “You’re mine.” He jumped over the couch and ran up the glass stairs, to the hallway, and sprinted up the ones that led to Rao and Dax’s room. “I’ll listen to you, Cody, I promise.” Rao whimpered into his neck. Cody grinned, reaching the top of the stairs and raced into her room, locking the door behind him. Throwing Rao onto the circular and very large bed, he only took off his shirt and leaned on top of her. He ran his tongue down the middle of her chest, running down to her stomach. Rao jumped and pressed against him. “On your side.” He ordered. Rao rolled onto her side, barely able to move under his weight. Cody positioned his face between her legs and began to eat her out, pausing at her tight hole and thrusting in it with his tongue. Rao screamed in pleasure and pressed herself closer to him. “Oh you like that, babe?” His breath tickled her pussy. “Yes, Cody, please more…” She moaned. His tongue moved to her clit and flicked it several times. Cody laughed. “You taste like vanilla, hun.” Rao saw white behind her eyelids as she nearly reached orgasm. Cody rose his hand to her hole and pushed a finger inside the tight walls. He thrust it once and gave her clit a hard suck. Rao screamed and tightened her legs around Cody’s head. Her clit pulsed and sent warm waves of pleasure through her. Cody thrust his finger again, this time continuing and licking firmly over her clit with a flat tongue. Rao made ragged moans and screamed again, pleasure finally reaching peak. “Yes, Cody, yes!!” His finger hooked inside of her, putting pressure on her g-spot. Rao almost passed out her orgasm was so intense. She curled over, bucking against Cody as he continued to lick her.
“Tell me how good it feels, baby.” He curled his finger in her hole and rubbed against her g-spot, not stopping. “Uh—C-Cody…Mmhmm-!” She grabbed his hair and knotted her fingers In it, pleasure clouding her mind as she came again, harder this time.
“You be a good girl,” Cody growled, but Rao couldn’t let go. “I’ll stop,” He threatened. Rao loosened her grip and squeezed her legs tighter around his head. “I-I’ll be g-good,” Gasps broke up her sentence. “Who are you being good for?” He growled at her and gave her clit a good, hard lick. “Oh-! Daddy… Oohh, I’ll be a good girl for you, daddy…” She moaned. Cody smacked her ass and got her pussy closer to his mouth. Using his finger to do the ‘come here’ motion, he rose Rao to another orgasm. “Ahh! Oh god, that feels so good!” She couldn’t believe that Cody was nearly as good at making her cum as Dax, but Dax still knew her body better. Cody began to wedge a second finger inside, preparing her for his cock. Rao moaned and squirmed. “You think that’s big, you little slut? Wait ‘till I slam my cock in you!” Rao doubted he was as big as Dax, but she hadn’t had anything in her hole for nearly two days, so she was even tighter then usual. Cody calling her a slut made her hornier. Cody moved his fingers in and out of Rao, making her scream. “Damnit, you’re tight!” He pulled his fingers out and climbed on top of Rao. He quickly undid his pants and slid them off with his boxers, letting his eight inch cock spring out. It looked to be about 6 inches around, too. Rao got onto her knees and began to lick it without him asking. He pet the top of her head, a small praise. She took the thick head into her mouth and began to suck on it, hard. She slowly worked her way down to the base, licking up and down along with a firm suck. His hand moved to Rao’s hair and yanked her off of his cock. She thought he was angry with her, but instead he stroked her nipple and fondled her chest for a moment. It brought the already sensitive Rao to another orgasm. He pushed Rao down onto the bed again and wrapped his muscled arms around her back, pinning her in place. She felt his cock prodding at her hole. “Yes,” She moaned. “Please fuck me.” Cody kissed her roughly and began to push into her. His mouth muffled Rao’s screams and moans. Rao nearly opened her eyes, but he slammed into her at that moment and her eyes snapped shut. Cody covered her mouth and began to fuck her harder, thrusting in faster and deeper. Rao’s need for a fat cock in her was finally satisfied. His hand reached up her back and to her neck, lightly choking her. A loud knock at the door interrupted Rao’s moans for a brief moment, but she couldn’t hold them back as Cody fucked her harder. A noise exploded from the door, Ashton standing in the dust. He collided with Cody and threw him off Rao, taking her satisfaction away. Cody laughed and threw a punch at him, squarely hitting him in the jaw. Ashton ignored him and grabbed Rao, forcing her to turn over. His large hands grabbed the back of her shoulders and pinned her down to the bed. One of his fingers stroked the crack of her arse. “Oh, please not there.” Rao struggled to look up at him. Ashton pinned her head down to the bed. Rao couldn’t do anything to stop him as he took wetness from her dripping pussy and spread it in the crack, using it as lube.
“Ashton, don’t hurt her.” Mark ordered. “Mark,” Rao cried. Grinning, he walked over to the naked girl and kneeled in front of her. Rao still wanted to screw him; after all, he had been her first choice. He leaned down and French kissed her, forcing her head up to meet his. Her clit was throbbing again, but Ashton was pinning her down to tightly to the bed for her to reach it. “Ashton,” Mark growled. The brute like guy looked up at his name. Mark grinned. “Let me under her.” Ashton returned the smile and lifted Rao up slightly, allowing Mark to crawl under her. Ashton pushed her back down and Rao was sandwiched between two quite huge men. She moaned and placed her dainty hands on Mark’s shoulders. She felt his thick shaft pressing against her, making her grip him tighter as he slowly began to push into her. Mark stifled groans as he felt the tight walls clenching around his cock. Rao made short, ragged moans and tried to move in pleasure, but Ashton pushed her down onto Mark’s chest. Ashton’s strong fingers ran down her slit and firmly began to massage her clit. Rao jumped and nearly screamed with the pleasure. She felt another orgasm building inside of her. Ashton placed his cock back at Rao’s ass and watched her squirm for a moment. He gripped her small shoulders roughly, and pushed into her ass, faster then Mark had. Rao screamed and buried her face in Marks chest. “Oh—A-Ashton please slower—OH!” She writhed. Rao felt so full it made her want to explode. Another hand began to flick at Rao’s clit, and someone began to grope her breasts and tease her. Talon, smirking, fingered Rao’s clit and rolled it between his fingers while Justin fondled her chest and sucked on her nipples. Rao’s orgasm was so ready to explode. Ashton crushed Rao against Mark by laying on her and began to fuck her ass roughly, but incredibly pleasurably. The two cocks thrusting in her was to much and Rao came again, body jolting with the earth shattering orgasm. Ashton and Mark gained speed until they were both fucking her hard. Talon began to just rub her clit instead of rolling it. Rao looked up at Justin, who was still massaging her large breasts. “You like all that? You’re a horny little bitch, aren’t you?” He smirked and squeezed them harder. Justin looked up at someone Rao couldn’t see and scooted over a bit. A hand lifted Rao’s chin and strained her to look up. Cody looked down at her, one eyebrow raised. Rao gritted her teeth, pleasure and pain mingling together. Cody grinned and traced her lips with his fingers, slightly pulling the lower one down. “A-ah—n-not so hard, Ash—Ashton,” Rao moaned, effort audible in her tone. Cody’s large hand gripped her jaw and held his thick cock up to her mouth. Rao didn’t want to bite him, and it would be hard with Ashton fucking her ass like that and Mark underneath her. “Suck it baby, come on.” He urged. Rao opened her mouth and took his big cock in, rubbing her tongue on it. He made her do deep throat, smiling when she gagged on his meat. Ashton grabbed her hair and fucked her tight ass like a rabbit, Rao moaning on Cody’s cock. Cody leaned down and whispered in her ear. “You don’t cum until I say.” He growled. Obeying him, Rao desperately tried to push back another orgasm building. She struggled to push it down, but Talons’ had been so firm on her clit, she couldn’t help herself. Rao cummed hard, nearly biting Cody’s cock. Cody leaned down again to her ear. “I’ll make sure you’re punished when they leave.” Rao tried to pull back from his cock to plead with him, but he didn’t let her. A hand grabbed Rao’s hair and pulled her head back further, and illegal bahis siteleri another pushed her down harder onto Mark.
Mark wrapped his arms tighter around her back. All three guys fucked her hard, while the other two brought Rao to three more orgasms. Hot cum filled her ass, sending tingles through Rao’s spine, soon followed by her cunt being stuffed with it. Rao’s mouth closed tighter, and Cody shoved his entire shaft in her mouth, cum streaming down her throat and loaded her mouth with it. “Swallow.” Cody ordered. Rao gulped and let the spunk slide down her throat. Rao, unable to help herself, cummed, mixing her juice and Marks in her pussy. Cody took his thick cock out of her mouth and let her breathe. She slowly began to relax on Marks’ chest.
After Justin and Talon had fucked her, Rao was finally able to lay down. They all kissed her goodbye on her lips and left, smiling. Rao went downstairs to get a glass of water, the taste of cum still in her mouth. A crack sounded behind her. She jumped slightly and turned, the water nearly spilling. Cody sat on her counter, holding a large whip in his big hands. “Cody,” She gasped. “Oh, you scared me.” She relaxed and turned back around to put ice in the water. “You got dressed? Mind telling me why?” He asked, running his hand down the whip. Rao smiled and took a sip of the water. “Because I’m going to bed.” She laughed and went to sit next to him. Cody leaned down to her and kissed her jaw, tracing the bone back and forth. Rao gently grabbed his dark brown hair and moved him away, yawning. Before he could question her, she laid down on his lap, pushing her face in his crotch. “Rao, how long is it until Dax comes back, honey?” Rao looked up at him. “Four days.” He nodded and seemed to be in deep thought. Then a smirk suddenly spread on his face. “What?” Rao questioned him. Cody slipped one of his hands under her short silk nightdress and into her panties. “Cody,” Rao scolded, but he smiled wider. He thrust a finger up in her, making Rao gasp. “Damnit, you’re still tight as ever.” He exclaimed in disbelief. Rao stifled a moan and tried to remove his hand.
“No, Rao.” He shook his head and pushed his finger up deeper. Rao, despite being tired, began to feel horny again. Cody began to move his finger in and out of her. “Oh-C-Cody, Ohhhhh…” She moaned and held onto his arm. Cody lifted her up and onto his lap so that he could hold onto her. He took his finger out of her and moved it to her asshole. Rao stiffened. He jammed his finger inside and waited for a moment. “Aah! Ohhh, not there, please.” She squirmed, but Cody held her still. Rao began to get wet by his dominance. He slowly thrust his finger in her ass and rocked her back and forth onto it. “Mmmm, baby I wanna fuck you here; I never got a chance.” He wiggled his finger in her and made Rao squirm. “M-maybe if you come back tomorrow…” Rao pushed her head against his chest as he penetrated her ass deeper and groaned. “Come back? Oh, I’m not leaving for a while.” He seemed to just be able to decide this without asking her. Cody moved a second finger onto her asshole and pushed. Rao gasped. “Oh? And who said you could?” She asked, trying to push the breathiness in her voice away. Cody took the second finger away and just used one finger to fuck her ass. “Why would I ask you? You’re mine for the next few days.”
“Ha, good luck with—.” Cody shoved both fingers into her ass and plunged both in her. “OH! Y-YOUR FINGERS–!” She broke off and began to moan loudly with his thrusts. Cody grinned. “You like them in your ass? Mmmm,” He rocked Rao back and forth on his fingers. Rao tried to reach for her clit so that she could get herself to cum faster, but Cody grabbed them in one hand and took her hands behind her. “Who do you ask before you jack yourself off?” He asked. Rao’s clit screamed for attention. “You?” She asked. “What do you address my by?” Rao thought for a moment. “D-Daddy?” She moved on his fingers. “Good girl.” He removed his fingers and lifted Rao from his lap. Rao’s hand was instantly on her clit, rubbing firmly. A warm lick of pain and a crack landed on her hands. “I never said you could.” He growled. Rao held her hand that he had whipped to her chest. Cody quickly washed his hands and beckoned for Rao to follow him out of the kitchen. She followed him over to a large chest that was in the middle of her living room. She looked at it, curious. Cody suddenly grabbed her shoulders from behind and pushed Rao onto the ground. “Stay on your knees; I’m going to punish you for cumming earlier.” He ordered. Cody took her dress off of her and threw it on the couch, then slid her panties down to the floor. Rao knelt on her hands and knees like an animal, pussy throbbing. She decided to obey him. “Yes Daddy.” Cody opened the chest and began to take toys out of it. He went over to Rao and put handcuffs on her wrists and tied her legs together so she couldn’t move. “Now, don’t you dare cum until I tell you to.” He growled.
“Yes Daddy.” She said obediently. Cody knelt behind her and rubbed her round ass, licking over it several times. Rao wished she could see what he was doing with that chest behind her. Cody used one finger to fuck her tight pussy for a minuet, then stopped and took it out. Rao moaned. “More,”
“You want more bitch?” He asked and ran his fingers down her slit. She felt a strong orgasm building and tried to push it back. “Ohhh, Daddy, yes, please…” She moaned. Cody took a long, very thick dildo and smeared some lube on it. “Okay little girl, you’ll get more.” He slammed the thick dildo into her ass and roughly fucked her like that. Rao screamed and writhed, but she couldn’t move due to the bondage. He fucked her with the fake cock hard and fast, watching her body try and reject it by squeezing tighter around it. “Still want more? Okay,” He took an even bigger dildo and prodded her hole. Cody pushed it in a little bit. “Ohhh, yes, punish me harder.” Rao groaned. Cody pushed it into her tight hole, Rao moaning and screaming as he did. “OH IM SO FULL, PLEASE LET ME CUM!” Rao screamed. “No, don’t you come yet.” He said firmly. Rao’s breathing became heavy and ragged. Cody began to thrust both dildos in her, one after the other nice and hard. “PLEASE IM GOING TO CUM.” She screamed and began to arch her back. “Don’t you dare! I’ll make you sorry!” He snarled. Rao didn’t know how, but she somehow managed to push the orgasm back a bit. Cody slammed the dildo in her ass up as far as It could go and let go. He leaned in and ran his tongue around her asshole. “D-DADDY, I—!” Rao broke off screaming in an orgasm, body shaking and bucking. “Ohhhhh! Yes, oh it feels so—O-OH! MMMMM, COOODDY OHHHH,” She moaned. Once she had calmed down, Cody took both dildos out of her and set them aside. “You’re a bad girl Rao. What do bad girls need?” He asked her. Rao whimpered. “Bad girls like me need to be punished. Please punish me Daddy, I was naughty.” Cody smacked her ass hard, leaving a red mark. It was met by a small scream from Rao. He took out a thin tube from the chest that was connected to what looked like a pump. Rao’s heart beat faster. “I’ll be right back.” He said sternly. Cody was back from the kitchen holding a gallon of milk. He poured about half of it in the pump and rose the handle. “Do you know what I’m going to do with this?” He asked Rao. “No Daddy.” She replied. Cody smirked and began to push the tube into Rao’s ass. She gasped. “No please not this!” He just pushed it higher until Rao thought she couldn’t take it. He stopped and took something that jingled out of the trunk. Rao, still on her hands and knees, couldn’t see what it was. Then she felt two hard clamps around her nipples. He set them to the tightest setting and watched Rao scream and beg. Cody grabbed a ball gag from the trunk and shoved it in Rao’s mouth. She moaned loudly and gagged on the ball as he buckled it around the back of her head. Cody grinned and lightly slapped her face. Rao couldn’t do anything about it. He went back behind her and slowly pushed the handle of the pump down. Rao moaned loudly, but her gag muffled it. “Oh yeah, baby, you like that milk in you? Does it hurt?” Rao nodded and moaned again. Cody took the whip and struck her ass with it over and over until her pale skin was beat red. He pushed the handle on the pump further down and watched Rao writhe and squirm as more milk filled her asshole. Cody got on his knees and took his cock out of his pants, jamming it into Rao’s tight cunt. He leaned over her and unbuckled the gag, letting it slide off of her. She immediately began to moan again. “Dadddyyy,” She moaned. “Yes little girl?”
“Ohhh, the milk, it hurts…” She gasped. “Don’t whine, or I’ll put eggs in your pussy.” He threatened. Rao squirmed in her ropes. Cody began to thrust in and out of her with his thick cock, pumping more milk in her ass as he did so. Rao’s breathing became heavy very quickly. “Daddy could I please cum, I can’t take it!” She gasped and pushed back against him as he thrust into her. “No. And if you cum this time, I’ll tie you to a chair and spank you with a paddle until you bleed.” This time he actually scared Rao. She desperately pushed her orgasm back, as overpowering as it was. Cody leaned over her and grabbed her big chest, bouncing them. Rao groaned in pain from the clamps. Her entire body was tingling and shaking from being unable to cum. Cody continued to pump the milk in her until half the container was gone. He finally took out the tube and just slowly fucked her. Cody was satisfied that the milk had gotten far enough in her that it wasn’t coming out. He looked at her ass, thinking about how tight it was in there; even tighter then her pussy squeezing his cock right now. Cody forced himself to come out of her pussy for a moment to keep from cumming. He lightly rubbed her back for a moment, stroking the line of her spine. Cody undid the ropes on her legs and unlocked her handcuffs, then held Rao’s jaw in his hand. “Get back up and put your panties on.” He ordered. Rao climbed back up to her feet and pulled her underwear back up. Cody pressed her to his chest and removed her nipple clamps. Rao moaned with the pleasure of having them off. He made sure she couldn’t get away from his chest with an arm on her back, and began to rub her inner thighs with his large hands. Rao felt her panties begin to be soaked at his firm touch. “Ohhhhh, yes…” She moaned into his chest. canlı bahis siteleri Cody chuckled and moved his hand to her hips and waist. He rubbed her ass, sore from the whipping he had given her. Cody stroked his thumb across her asshole and watched her jump and make ragged moans. He finally began to rub her pussy, massaging her clit through her panties. Rao pressed herself against him and moaned loudly. Rao slid her hands up his chest, holding onto his shoulders. “Please let me take my panties off,” She moaned, bordering on a scream. “No, you can cum in your panties.” He said simply. He rubbed her clit more firmly until she screamed with pleasure, finally reaching release. Rao gripped herself to him, eyes slightly rolling back in her head. She casually tried to take her lace thong off, but Cody caught her. “You like your own cum against you? Go sit on the couch,” He growled and shoved Rao over to the couch, taking something else from the trunk as he did so. Rao uncomfortably sat on the sofa, not wanting to sit on her cum. Cody came over to her holding a roll of black tape. Rao bit her lip. He forced her to lean forward and tied both hands together, then pushed her back again. Cody leaned over her and stared her down for a moment, grinning. Rao whimpered and struggled in her bondage, mainly for his pleasure. He brought her forward and made her suck his cock, pushing his length down her throat. Rao looked up at him while he fucked her face, helpless. Cody pulled out of her mouth just before he came and shoved his dick into Rao’s panties, unloading his spunk there. Rao made a noise of surprise and squirmed. Cody placed his hand on her crotch and began to rub the cum into her, even finger fucking her through the underwear. He wanted to make sure it got into her nice and good. Rao groaned and hung her head in embarrassment. “Cody,” She whimpered to him. He grinned and took off her underwear, turning them inside out so Rao could see the dripping white juices. Before she could close it, Cody shoved them inside of her mouth and rubbed them against her tongue. Rao jerked back and tried to get away, but he kept them there. Cody took them out after several minuets. “How was that little girl? You liked that?” Rao shook her head. “No, please don’t make me…” She moaned and yanked against her bondage. Cody adoringly pet her head. “You’ll make a great little slave.” Rao’s body jolted in shock. “Slave? Cody, no!” She tried to get up, but he pushed her back down. Cody reached over to the chest and pulled out a collection of straps and buckles. He quickly fastened them onto Rao, who was realizing that it was a harness. Once she was buckled into it, he clipped one side of a lease to her back. Cody grabbed another thing from the trunk and shoved it into Rao’s mouth. A gag that buckled to the harness completely subdued her to Cody. He clipped the other end of the leash to the back of her gag, then held two things dangling from the harness. Rao moaned from the gag, but couldn’t make any noise through this one. This gag had a metal ring that was in her mouth, thick enough that it filled her whole mouth and let her bite it. Cody clipped two nipple clamps on Rao and watched her try and buck with pain. He added ankle cuffs to her and stood up. “Come, Rao.” He ordered. Rao had no choice but to obey him if she didn’t want to be punished any more. He walked her like a dog over to her front door and opened it. Rao squealed and tried to get away. “No, we’re going for a walk. I have something to punish you with if you misbehave.” Rao, naked and humiliated, followed him out onto her porch, down the stairs and across the street. Cody walked her for a while until they reached a town. There seemed to be people still on the streets. Rao whimpered and pulled against her double leash. “Do I need to ad this leash to you Rao?” He asked and thrust the leash at her nipple clamps. “I think I do.” He clipped the leash ends to the clamps, then gave them a slight tug. Rao screamed al little and hurried to follow him. Her ankle shackles slowed her down. Cody painfully led her down to the town, grinning. Rao was incredibly self conscious as they walked through the streets. Cody finally stopped at a hidden store and pulled Rao inside the bright building. Rao moaned in shame and tugged at the tape on her wrists to try and get free.
“Excuse me,” Cody called into the store. Rao looked around. Inside, there were endless supplies of BDMS supplies. A brute like man walked out from a separate room and stared at Rao. She nearly cried from humiliation. The man smiled. “Well, well, well; it looks like someone was naughty.” He teased. Rao made a noise of anger, but it sounded like a plead. Cody grinned at her. “What do you think would be appropriate for her?” He asked the man. The man walked up and lifted Rao’s chin, eyeing her gag. “What’s she like?” He gently tugged on the clamps on Rao’s very large breasts. She tried to pull away from the man whose nametag read ‘Nick.’
“Noisy, struggles, she’s a smart ass, a fighter.” Cody pet her head as if she was an animal. Nick nodded. “Well, if she’s noisy, you could use a heavier duty gag, maybe a more restrains harness. You need discipline equipment?” Rao wildly shook her head. “Mph uh!” She pulled herself backwards and slightly thrashed. Cody began to pull on her, but the man stopped him. “Hold on, I just need to take this out…” He unclipped the gag from the back of her head. And took it from her mouth. Rao exhaled sharply. “God Damnit, I can barely breathe through that.” She glared at Cody. Nick laughed. “It looks like you do. You look at things, I’ll go punish her for you.” He offered. Cody nodded and walked away. Nick reminded Rao of Mark, but with black hair. He led Rao to the back of the store, being very confident of himself. “This is unnecessary; I’m not just a dog, you know.” Rao spat at him. He chuckled and stopped her at the back of the hall. “You’re a sexy little bitch,” He mussed and held one of her breasts in both hands. He still couldn’t’ completely cover or hold them. Rao noticed a prominent bulge in his pants. He opened the back door and led Rao into a room with a metal table in the middle. Nick bent her over it and grasped something that Rao couldn’t see. She pressed her face on the cold metal. “Please, I’m so tiered, cant you just say you punished me?” She panted. Nick made a laughing noise behind her and pressed hard wood against her ass. Rao, frustrated, exhaled sharply. Nick swung the paddle backwards, then smacked it against Rao. She cried in pain at the contact of it. Nick paddled her a painful fifteen times before he paused for a moment. She felt the end of the paddle against her asshole a moment before he shoved it in. Rao screamed as he fucked her ass with the end of the paddle. Her voice was broken up by his thrusts. “O-oh ple—please sto-p I’ll be g-goo-o-d!” Nick just thrust harder until he felt like her ass was punished enough. “You’d better be good. He looks like a tough guy, and I’m sure he’ll make you hurt a lot more.” Rao nodded and tried to stand back up. He narrowed his eyes at her as she did. Rao looked down and tried to adjust her body so that she was submissive. Nick nodded, satisfied. “You stay like that. Let’s go.” He tugged on the leash that was still attached to her clamps. She nearly screamed with pain again and hurried after him, back out of the room. Cody was in the room with harnesses and leashes, eyeing all of them. Nick laughed. “She does have a smart mouth. I’ll show you the gags.” He handed the leash back to Cody. Rao walked over to him and looked up, eyes pleading. Cody ignored her sad eyes and held the side of her face, looking at Nick. “Alright, but first, what collars do you have?” Nick pointed to the next room. They’re in there, and I’ll let you try them on her.” Cody nodded approvingly. “Alright.” He walked Rao into the next room, following Nick. “C-Cody…?” She whispered. Cody looked down at her. “Yes?” Rao opened her mouth several times, unsure of asking. Cody waited, his eyebrows rising. “Do you think that, when we’re done, you-you could, um…” She swallowed and bit her lip, afraid to be punished again. “Yes Rao?” Rao gathered her voice again. “…Could you, um, just, ah…”
“Spit it out!” He snarled. Rao’s voice was breathy and panicked. “I just was wondering if I could sleep when we’re done and you could carry me home?” Rao hunched her shoulders, afraid. Cody’s lips tugged into a smile and he pet her hair. “Maybe if you’re quiet and good I will. You’re getting circles under your eyes.” He mussed. Rao wanted to lean against him, but didn’t know if he would approve. The next room was filled with different styles of gags and collars with boxes stacked underneath them that contained the ones that could be bought. Nick motioned to a o ring gag that had what looked like metal spider legs coming out of it that would secure it to her head. “Do you like ring gags?” He asked. Cody placed his hand on her back and led her further forward, playing with her long hair. “Only for punishment; I prefer ball and bit gags for her.” Nick nodded at Cody’s response. “Well anyways, here are the collars.” Nick said, motioning to a wall with leather, latex, fur, and severe looking metal collars. Rao was sat in a chair and told to wait while the two men picked out several collars, harnesses, leashes, gags, paddles and whips for her. By the time they were finally done, Rao was nearly asleep. Cody chuckled and leaned down to grasp her chin. Rao’s eyes slightly fluttered open. Since Nick wasn’t with him, Rao figured he was checking things out. Rao shifted slightly and met his eyes. He stroked her cheek with his thumb for a moment, then moved his hand to release he clamps pinching her nipples. Rao nearly moaned at the feeling of their release. She relaxed her head against his hand again. “You’ve been very bad tonight, Rao. I’ll spoil you with this, but I think you’ve learned your lesson.” He sighed and picked her up from the chair, holding Rao like a child. “Can I please sleep, Sir?” She added the ‘sir’ at the end nearly automatically. “Yes.” He replied as he carried her to the next room where Nick was checking the items out. The storeowner rose his eyebrows at how Cody was babying Rao.
“Does she deserve that?” He asked incredulously. Cody sighed again. “No, but I cant help it.” He said quietly. Rao drifted further, until she felt disconnected from her body.


Story 2? Leave comments telling if i should publish a continuation to this story, or just give a high rating, thanks 🙂

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