A Rude Crude Mood

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Walking in after a hard day at work you see me chatting on the computer and walk up behind me grabbing my hair pulling me back and kissing me very hard. Maybe you are thinking I’m talking to another man, as I’m hoping to get you to show a little jealousy along the way. No, I am just in a down and dirty mood you tell me.

That makes me smile because I love you that way. I love it when you’re just ravenous of me. So you’re feeling like you want to spank me when you see what I’m wearing and it’s getting you hotter than hell. Show me your bad boy side. You’ve been thinking of what I have been doing all day.

You are dropping your jeans telling me to be nice and you will be nice to me too. OH baby I’ll be so nice, I promise. You go over and sit on the couch pants around your ankles cock at full mast waiting for me. I approach you quickly because I want you so badly.

As I do you give me a swat on my bare ass underneath my gown blowing in the breeze of the open window on this windy spring day. I give you a hot wet kiss on the lips and kneel down in front of you telling you, Wow baby do it again I’m feeling froggy. SWAT what are you going do? As I’m softly telling you and whispering I WANT YOUR HARD COCK. “Then you have to earn it”, you tell me.

So I start by kissing casino oyna your balls giving them a little tug each time you shudder a little more. As I do you see that I have one of my toys out on the desk and I ask you what I have been doing with that? Laughing I say, “caught me huh”?

I’m nibbling your nipples a little too along the way to your throbbing cock. What were you doing with that? Thinking of you baby what else. You move back so that I can’t get to you and say, “show me” with an evil grin on your face.

I was wishing you were home with me and not at work so long so “BOB” my battery operated boyfriend came out to play while I waited for you. “Ok then show me you don’t like him better than me”, I hear you say.

Even though that could never be the case because I love you so much and enjoy making love to you in every way I still like to tease you a bit because our lovemaking gets a little hotter each time. So I obey and begin to show you.

I start rubbing BOB’S head on my clit as I do you start stroking your cock slowly. He doesn’t compare to you baby, giving you a wink. He just keeps me happy while you’re away and I’m sitting here all day thinking of you.

Slowly you start smiling as you see my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I’m moving BOB faster and you slot oyna start stroking faster. And I want you more with each stroke. Then when you can’t control yourself any more you go down and engulf my sweet lips and hot pussy. My clit is teasing you to come closer to bury your face inside. As my muscles start to contract you pull me off the couch, and bend me over the couch. Mmmm, have I earned your cock baby?

You run your hard wet cock deep in to me OH YES. With a hard slap on my ass OUCH! You grab it and go in deeper and deeper. I grind myself backwards feeling all your manhood inside me. Fill me baby I WANT ALL OF YOU.

You drive your cock harder into me as you explode deep within me. I’ll take your explosion and raise you a load baby, want to double down? You pull out and are still hard very hard, guess so. What are you going do now I hear you mutter through a clenched jaw? I grab your hand and put it in my wet spot as I do you start to finger me. Then I grab your other one and put it on my ass. You ask do you I like that? I want you to take both of my hot spots baby. Yes I do, and you know it.

You slide a finger into my tight ass. Are you getting me ready for your hard cock I hope? Maybe you say with a grin on your face. Just maybe baby? My ass needs your love today. canlı casino siteleri You say, tell me how bad you want it? Sugar, I’ve thought about you so much today I couldn’t wait for you to have me. It drives me crazy being without you.

Then with out a word you pull your fingers out of me and bend me back over the couch. Mmmm with my sweet ass high in the air, wanting you, you lick my ass deeply. Oh baby I’m so hot you ignite my burning desires, TAKE ME.

You spread my cheeks and set the tip of your cock right at my opening. I feel your cock pulsing wanting me. Ah, then slowly you go into me, and I want you there so badly. You slide into me deeply pounding deeper and harder holding my hair clenched between your fingers. “Do you like that”, you ask? As you’re ramming in and out of me kissing me rough and softly at the same time. Oh yes baby I do. “Then tell me again”, you say.

You’re driving me crazier with each trust of your cock, deeper baby deeper. I want to feel you baby, I want to feel you’re hot cum running out my ass when you cum for me baby. Just then you grind deeper into me as you let loose your load deep into me and collapse on top of me. Awwwww baby how sweet that feels. I’m so glad you’re in one of your rude crude moods today.

This vision came to be because my man was in one of his rude crude moods, which gave me the idea and inspiration for this story! Vern keep them cumming and you’ll keep me cumming.

I’m forever yours,



Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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