A Snow Bunny part 2 ( The Village Tart )

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A Snow Bunny Part 2 ( The Village Tart )

After our first amazingly intense night of fucking each other’s brains out, and then getting off in the ski tow top station the next day, Cathy asked me could she stay with me each time she came to the mountain. Of course I said “Yes that would be great”, she arrived the next Friday evening, looking excited, eyes sparkling. Her light brown curls, fair skin and freckles, were set off by a mid tone reddish brown lipstick and her favourite white jacket. My room mates stared at her in rapt admiration.

We went to the bar downstairs, had some drinks and danced for an hour or so to a Rhythm and Blues band. It was crowded with the apr?ski party goers. The band were very good or at least seemed so to our elevated senses. When the music was fast we jived and twisted, when it was slow we moved close, looking in each other’s eyes, touching knees, sliding bodies together anticipating the sex action to come. Cathy moved even closer rubbing against me. Her right leg between mine we swayed to the music. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I could feel her breasts through my shirt, I moved my shoulders so as to roll them gently back and forth. Cathy did a shimmy and made her tits jiggle against my chest, nipples just brushing me. I put my hands under her armpits and lifted her straight up, then let her body slide down slowly against mine with eye contact all the way. We couldn’t wait any longer and ran upstairs.

The room had a good sized shower, so there was plenty of room for us two. We kissed passionately while ripping clothes off and setting the water temperature. Cathy grabbed the soap, knelt down and soaped up my cock and balls. Then rubbed all the soap off using her hands and took my cock in her mouth. While she moved her lips and tongue up and down my cock I leaned down and rubbed both hands over her tits, her back and arms. Next I pulled her to her feet, kissed her deeply running my tongue through her lips and along her teeth. We both nibbled each other’s lips for a while then I slowly worked my way down her body, turning her as I went. First my face went to her back, while fondling those wonderful breasts by hand, my lips and tongue grazed over the slopes of her shoulders. Then around nuzzling and licking an armpit and to her tits again. Each nipple took it’s turn in my lips and mouth, my hands were guiding each breast in it’s travel around my face, or stroking the globes of her bum and probing the crevice there. Next I moved to the other armpit taking extra time there, really soaking up her essence, she was ticklish and squirmed but kept her arm up high. Now those glorious lady lumps called, my face moved down her side and my hands turned her to face away from me.

I’m a real arse man and revelled in those gorgeous globes, my hands, lips and tongue explored all over them. The water ran down her back and her bum glistened. My face and hands roamed the curves and slopes of her backside, feeling the firm/softness and gazing on the rounded shapes that I love so much. I’m especially attracted to how the luscious curves of a girls bum, with that crack in the middle, lead downward and guide my hand or mouth directly to her vagina. I knelt and gently pushed my face into the base of each buttock sliding right up to her lower back, she put her hands against the wall to brace herself but still wouldn’t let me lick her pussy. Her legs were slightly apart, I put my hand between her upper thighs and pushed my whole forearm right through, sliding my hand along her belly. I stroked her breasts for some time then pulled my arm back and pushed through again, she moaned “That feels so good.” The inside of my elbow was right in her bum crack. As I thrust slowly back and forth, I could feel her pussy lips opening against my arm. Cathy humped her pussy and arse on my arm for a while,I could feel the heat of her pussy lips sliding on my arm. Panting hard she pushed my arm away, turned around and straddled me as I knelt on the floor. She impaled herself on my cock and hit orgasm straight away. Cathy bucked and bucked and bucked on me, gasping and yelling. As her orgasm subsided I held her and she leaned against me with her arms around my neck. I told her to stand up and bend over, as she did so I shoved my cock into her cunt and pulled her bum tight against me. I fucked in and out of her for several minutes, then had her put her hands on the floor and wrap her legs around my waist so she was upside down. My cock was totally rigid and I fucked her hard and fast. With long hard strokes shoving myself in and out of her drenched pussy, the orgasmic tension built up in my body. Cathy gripped my back with her legs and squeezed them, matching my rhythm. This position put pressure on her clit, opened her bum crack and tilted her pussy up so I could watch my cock thrusting between those distended pussy lips. Her inner labia were a brilliant pink and kept their fullest shape clasping my cock shaft as I fucked back and forth in her. We both began to moan as I fucked her faster and faster. On each stroke I could feel my ball sack rubbing against her clit. We gripped each other tighter, fucking harder, moaning louder. As my cock exploded my juice into her belly, a full volume yell was forced out of me. I vaguely heard a scream from her as well and we collapsed on the floor. After recovering, we quickly dried each other with towels and giggles and decided to go to bed. Covering with towels we opened the door to discover several people staring at us and grinning. We froze for a moment then blushed and tumbled into bed as they burst into applause. My roomies had brought some friends home for a party, someone called us the champions, they laughed and joked about noise pollution and excess water use. Someone pulled my blanket screen aside and took a photo. The party took off quickly, they had heard the last several minutes of our fucking and were quite inspired. Cathy and I were too self conscious to start fucking again while they were there but we got dressed and joined the party.

The next day Cathy had clients to look after most of the day. Later we met up and went into the staff bar for a drink. There were the same group from my room the night before. They cheered us again, the story went around the room and several girls flirted with me while the guys chatted Cathy. Later some of us went out in the village to another bar. The conversation was very sexy, I put my hand flat on the bench seat and Cathy sat on it, openly grinding her pussy back and forth on my palm and fingers. Our friends laughed, people at other tables looked on open mouthed. Our friends became inspired and gradually split off into couples and left. Cathy and I danced for a while then walked back to my room, pausing for a kiss here and there. In bed naked we kissed and stroked each other slowly. My cock rose as her pussy got wet and she drew me over her and into her body. We made love slowly and gently with lots of kissing and touching. Long very slow cock strokes, sometimes barely moving. Building towards orgasm slowly, slowly. I put her legs around my waist and my knees outside her hips, taking my weight on my knees and elbows. I nuzzled and kissed over her breasts and upper chest. Her nipples were taut, and her pussy lips gripped my cock firmly. I began grinding my pubic mound in circles against hers, to put pressure on her clit, she let me know this was a welcome change. We both began breathing faster, and pushed against each other grinding slowly increasing the tension. The room around us seemed to disappear, we changed the action back to long strokes. Faster now, and pushing hard each time, then more grinding, both panting now. Approaching climax we were thrusting long hard and fast, pounding her on the bed I felt her nails on my back and then on my arse as she reached orgasm and clenched me tightly, her body as stiff as a board. I wasn’t quite there, and kept fucking her as hard as I could she wailed and pulled me tighter still, then my body stiffened as my cock spurted deep into her belly. We calmed down slowly enjoying the afterglow, another couple were fucking in one of the other bunks. Cathy lay her head on my shoulder, we held each other and drifted off to sleep.

Over the next few weekends I found out just how keen she was to have sex as often as possible. One day we arranged to meet at my room at lunchtime. We were on my bed, me on my side Cathy on her back with her legs over me, I got her wet with my fingers and was just sliding my cock into her when the door opened and someone came in to use the toilet. In the top box of the ski tow we did everything except get naked. Cathy visited me there several times, for hand jobs or she would suck my cock. One day we were almost sprung by my supervisor, it was only by chance that I saw him coming and we zipped up just in time. We would fuck before dinner, after dinner, in the shower, before going out, after coming back, in the morning, lunchtime, after work any time we could manage some privacy. Once while out skiing we made our way into a clump of trees, felt each other up, loosened clothing and fucked doggy style in the snow. She told me she liked anal, but I hadn’t tried that and it seemed an odd thing to do. We pussy fucked so much that I was almost glad she wasn’t there during the week, and I could rest. Another woman I knew teased me about my “young” friend, she was nineteen, I was thirty four. It was great, an amazing and unforgettable time for me.

One day we had arranged to meet and go skiing for the afternoon, I found Cathy talking to one of my team-mates Jorge, outside the top station. She was sitting on a snowbank, I laid her down and kissed her, some guy skiing past made a comment and Cathy blushed. A few days later a married guy on the team Mike, told me he had fucked her the first weekend she was there. When I asked Cathy, she openly let me know she was still fucking Mike most weekends. I was a bit surprised but decided well I was getting plenty, she had to run her own life to suit herself. I was giving her free accommodation and getting lots of rooting. I wasn’t falling in love with her, just enjoying the sex.

My room-mates were more disturbed than me, I said of course I’d prefer that Cathy only wanted me but I didn’t own her, she had to make her own decisions. The arrangement suited us both, I hadn’t had much (any) sex for some time and really enjoyed the practice.

The following weekend Cathy and I fucked each other senseless on Friday night as usual. On Saturday afternoon she asked would I mind if she fucked Jorge that evening. I said OK, Jorge said You’re so generous. My roomies were shocked. illegal bahis As Cathy was leaving to go with Jorge one of them said to her “If you don’t come back here tonight, you shouldn’t come back at all.”

Later just as I was falling asleep the sound of the door opening woke me, I knew it was Cathy and to my surprise, my cock sprang up fully erect and ready. She undressed and got into bed, my cock wilted as I asked did she and Jorge have sex or just play, she said they had sex but now her pussy lips were sore because he didn’t turn her on properly. We settled down for sleep, spoon fashion in that narrow bed. Then my cock rose up again. What to do? Cathy didn’t want to have sex with sore pussy lips. I remembered her liking anal and knew she had hand cream in her bag. So I rubbed my hardon against her bum and asked her to get the cream. Cathy hesitated briefly then leaned out of the bed to her bag. While she was finding the cream I probed my cock into her bum cleft, she pushed back and squeezed me with her cheeks. Pulling away Cathy rubbed the cream into her bum then along my cock wanking it harder, then she presented her arse to me. Never having done anal before I couldn’t find the hole till she grabbed my cock and showed me where. I slid into her arsehole easily.

It felt sooooo strange!! not smooth like a vagina, textured but not rough. I fucked her slowly exploring this new sensation. Cathy whispered that she liked it because “it feels so different”. This was such a new experience for me that I didn’t think of how to please Cathy, just slowly increased the speed and power of thrusting, exciting myself more and more. Shoving my cock hard into her arse, feeling this new and amazing sensation. Cathy asked me to go easy “I’ve only got a little bum”. So I didn’t push quite so hard into her, but kept speeding up, speeding up until suddenly I was cumming deep in her arsehole. The orgasm was really intense and seemed to continue for ages.

Afterwards we lay together and both had fits of the giggles. We tried to stifle the laughter so as not to disturb my room-mates too much. We went under the blankets, that became too stuffy but calmed us down and we put our heads out and started talking in whispers. Cathy told me she loved sex of all kinds and wanted to fuck as many guys as she could. Her score in my work team was three but she hoped for more. I found myself lying still and gently stroking her belly and breasts. I wasn’t trying to arouse Cathy, just slowly stroking and fondling the luscious curves, however it turned me on again. Cathy turned her back to me, my cock was still lubricated and this time I found her bum-hole easily. Her hole was still lubed as well, I thrust in and she pushed back at the same time. I held my cock tight in her and she twisted her upper body around to kiss me. We kissed passionately with tongues thrusting and jousting together. I had an idea, told her to lay on her back, pulled out and got between her legs. Cathy guided my cock to her arsehole and we thrust together again. We found a position that allowed grinding pressure on her clitoris and used it to the full. Cathy’s feet were on the bed and she tilted her pelvis down to increase clitoral pressure, I guessed she had done it this way before. I began kissing her face, neck and chest. Cathy really liked kissing and nuzzling on her upper chest, she could get really turned on just from that. Along with grinding against her clit, she really got going. Juices oozed out of her pussy, wet my pubes and flowed down her arsecrack to provide more lubricant there. She gripped me with her knees and humped her pelvis up and down, my cock went in further but she liked it and grabbed my arse pulling me tighter. I stayed with short strokes and grinding against her, pushing hard. Having cum not long before my orgasm was delayed and Cathy ascended the heights of passionate release. Her arsehole clenched on my cock as she was cumming and this sent me over the edge. I changed to long strokes, fucking in and out of her arsehole as fast as I could and very soon my cock spilled it’s load into her.

My work team were called The Village Crew because we operated the “Village” ski tow. At the next team drinks night, it became apparent that everyone on the team knew who else Cathy had fucked before I knew. Jim owned up as well making four, and we christened her The Village Tart. There were seven on the team including the supervisor Gary, I don’t think Cathy scored with anyone else. Gary was married and really straight. The team leader Roger, said he didn’t want to and Max had a girlfriend who kept a close eye on him. He wasn’t one for team activities anyway.

Cathy laughed when I told her she was The Village Tart. She kept fucking Mike and told me she liked his cock head and my shaft. When fully erect my shaft is wider than the head. Cathy told me Jorge was a weird guy, he would fondle himself while talking to her and she didn’t fancy him anymore. We kept our arrangement going for the rest of that season. Our fucking stayed very active, but not being allowed to lick her pussy was disappointing and she wouldn’t say why. There were two more memorable events that I’ll relate.

We went out for a late dinner to an intimate restaurant in the village, the middle of the room had tables but around the sides were booths with high partitions. Seeing those we made eye contact and both realised the possibilities. Cathy was wearing sexy black satin slacks and under her white jacket a slinky blue silk shirt that flowed across her body, showing off her breasts, she looked sensational. I knew she had no knickers on. We chose a booth in the corner and sat so we could see anyone approaching. The waitress who showed us to the booth was beautiful. Shoulder length blond hair, a little black and white uniform, her name tag said Marnie. She was about twenty five, tall and slender with small breasts . We fell into conversation with her and introduced ourselves. Marnie laughed and commented on all the males in the room ogling Cathy when she took her jacket off. I looked into her eyes and smiled. We ordered shrimp cocktails for the appetiser, a savoury risotto and side salads for the main course and white wine. We sat close together, took our time eating and drinking, and feeding each other. After putting a shrimp into Cathy’s mouth I watched her chew it and swallow then began kissing her. Marnie arrived to refill our glasses, saw us kissing and we all laughed. I noticed eye contact between Marnie and Cathy. I could tell that Marnie liked us and the wine glasses were quite small so she had plenty of reason to visit. Cathy and I would kiss and touch each other, at every opportunity although we kept buttons and zips done up. When not eating I stroked her thighs or breasts, Cathy groped my cock and balls, it was a huge turn on. By the time the main was finished we were deliberately letting Marnie see us fondling. Marnie was smiling and said she was getting turned on watching us. For dessert we ordered chocolate fudge and ice cream to share. While Marnie was delivering the ice cream, under the tablecloth Cathy put one leg over my thigh and drew my hand between her legs, she looked at Marnie then asked me to stroke her pussy and try to make her cum, while she fed us both the dessert. Marnie said “Oh my god” as she walked away to serve the few remaining customers. Cathy’s satin slacks gave her a wide cameltoe, I could feel both inner and outer pussy lips and stroked gently up and down them. The slacks were already damp with her juices, I softly traced the edges of her inner labia and began to smell her as she became more aroused. Cathy spooned up the fudge and ice cream, eating it kept us distracted, and my fingering went on and on. When the dessert was nearly finished, Cathy was squirming on the seat and pushing her pussy onto my fingers. She put her free arm around my neck and shook her hair back. I began to focus my fingers around her clit, pressing in just above it and moving side to side. Cathy put her head on my shoulder, held me tight and gave herself to the sensations. Marnie arrived and saw what was happening. She stayed there watching, slowly filled our glasses and pressed her pussy against the edge of the table. I stared at her pussy then into her eyes as Cathy gasped in orgasm and bumped the table, nearly tipping things over. Marnie straightened everything while I asked her would she like to come with us after work. She said “Oh, yes pleeease!!”.

We met outside, Cathy and I shared a bunk in a four bunk room, Marnie had small bed and a room-mate but Cathy knew someone on night shift at a hotel. That guy found us a room with a double bed. In the room Cathy and I both began kissing Marnie and combined to pull her clothes off. Marnie had wonderful smooth creamy skin, a tight toned body and big taut nipples. The two girls began frenching while I got behind Cathy and reached between them to undo her shirt. I could feel Marnie’s tits while working Cathy’s buttons, when the shirt was open I pushed my face in between them to feast on four gorgeous tits. It was a sm?sbord of boobs, nipples, breasts, nipples, tits and nipples. The girls kept on kissing but turned those tits to me, I licked and nuzzled and caught one of Cathy’s and one of Marnie’s nipples in my mouth together, tonguing then both at once. Cathy pulled her shirt the rest of the way off then they both undid mine pulled it off and rubbed breasts and nipples all over my chest, face and back. Cathy began kissing me while Marnie took the black satin slacks off and put her face up into Cathy’s crotch, licking and slurping on her pussy. I pulled the bed-covers down then led Cathy to the bed and lay her down on her back, Marnie kept her tongue and nose right in Cathy’s pussy and knelt on the floor while Cathy spread her legs wide apart. I took my pants and jocks off, Marnie was licking all around Cathy’s pussy as only a girl really knows how. My cock was stiff, I stroked Marnie’s back, legs and backside, she spread her knees and I knelt behind her, gazing at her pussy. Blond hair didn’t hide much at all, she was wet wet wet, and puffed right up. I stroked the outer lips with my fingers, Marnie arched her back to push her pussy back towards me. I stroked two fingers between the inner lips and she moaned. Her left hand reached back past her leg so I moved to that side and she grabbed my cock. With my right hand I slid a finger into her cunt then two fingers, I pushed then in as far as I could reach then pulled them out to the labia and stroked around outside the inner lips and over the top of her clitoral hood. Her clit was a firm little ridge, as I rubbed my fingers illegal bahis siteleri up and down each side of it the clit grew bigger and came a little way past the hood. Marnie let go my cock and said “FUCK ME!” I asked about contraception she said “ON THE PILL”. I stood up went behind her, bent my knees and pushed my cock straight into her. Marnie groaned into Cathy’s pussy and Cathy shuddered in orgasm. I pulled my cock out and rubbed the end over her clit. The clit was sticking out hard, I rubbed my cock around it a few times and fucked into her again. Three or four strokes in her pussy then out and rubbing around her clit again, Marnie was moaning loud obviously nearly ready to cum. I fucked her some more then pulled out again and rubbed my cock head over her clit. The clit was so stiff I could feel it rubbing my cock head, Marnie reached down and pulled her pussy lips away making the clit stick out even more, she was writhing and crying out. I knelt down, grabbed her hips with one hand steadied my cock and found her clit with my pee hole. Her clit went inside my pee hole, I made tiny little strokes on it, Marnie froze still, then screamed out loud and blasted a huge orgasm. I shoved my cock back in her again to feel the convulsions in her pussy.

I kept my cock still now not wanting to cum yet. Marnie slowly came down, trembling then climbed up on the bed and collapsed beside Cathy. Cathy turned to face her wide eyed, Marnie stammered out what had happened. Cathy said “I didn’t know you could do that with your clit! I want to try it!!!” I said “I read about it once, and remembered when your clit was sticking out.” Marnie and Cathy began cuddling and I slid my cock into Cathy from behind. She pushed her bum back and we began a slow and steady fucking. Marnie said “Is he fucking you?” Cathy said “ Mmmm it feels good too.” Marnie switched around into the 69 position, I drew Cathy’s upper leg back over mine to open her up for Marnie. She moved in and opened her legs for Cathy, they both began gently licking and sucking. I kept steady strokes going in Cathy’s cunt. Now and then Marnie would pull my cock out and put it in her mouth then guide it to rub Cathy’s clit for a while then put me back into her pussy again. We went on this way for some time slow and steady. Me controlling my arousal and the girls stirring each other up. Cathy’s clit began to stand up, not as big as Marnie’s but just as stiff. When Cathy was ready to cum, Marnie kept hold of my cock I changed position a little and Marnie pulled Cathy’s pussy lips away. Cathy was moaning and trembling, Marnie put my pee hole over Cathy’s clit, I pushed gently and Marnie moved my cock up and down a little. Cathy peaked and screamed out loud, Marnie pushed my cock back to her cunt and I fucked her hard while the orgasm raged through her body. I knew where I wanted to cum so kept myself under control still.

When Cathy had calmed down I slipped my cock into her arse, Marnie was still in position to see this and she said she had always wanted to try arsehole fucking. Cathy said “You should it’s really nice and so different.” Marnie watched up close for a while, Cathy said “Do her now”. I pulled out, Cathy pushed Marnie onto her back pushed her fingers into her wet pussy then rubbed her arsehole getting it wet, I started kissing Marnie and feeling her nipples, Cathy got more pussy juice and pushed a finger into Marnie’s bum, opening her up. She said “Marnie you have to relax your bum-hole. It feels weird, but you do that so it doesn’t hurt.” Marnie said “What if there’s shit in there?” Cathy said “There isn’t, I could feel it if there was.” Cathy had two fingers in her then three. I could see she was working Marnie’s arsehole to help her relax. I asked “How’s it feel babe.” Marnie said “God, it’s so weird. Nice though, do me now!” I got juice from Cathy’s cunt and wet my cock then got more from Marnie’s cunt and wet my cock more. Marnie stayed on her back with her legs up. I sat on my heels and put my cock at her arsehole, she tensed up, I smiled at her and probed gently. “Just pretend your doing a shit.” She giggled then concentrated, I felt her arsehole relax and pushed the head in, her hole tightened then after a moment, relaxed again. I pushed my cock half way in and paused, Marnie had her eyes wide open. I pulled part way out then in again, her rectum was tight on my cock. “You all right Honey?” “Yes, I’ll get used to it!” She relaxed again and I pushed all the way in, Marnie tensed up again. “Try relaxing then tightening up then relaxing again.” Cathy said. I kept still while Marnie did as suggested several times. Then I pulled out a bit while her arsehole was tight, and pushed in while it was loose, “That’s it!” She said. She squeezed her arse and I pulled out till just the head was in her, she relaxed and I thrust all the way in. Marnie’s eyes closed as we practised this rhythm, “Oooh I like it now!” Cathy began kissing Marnie, then fingering her pussy, my strokes were slow and easy, Marnie was squeezing and relaxing her arse in perfect time. I was gradually speeding up, Marnie was keeping time. Cathy left off kissing and moved her head down to Marnie’s pussy, I leaned back to make room and Cathy began licking her lips and clit. Marnie started humping, I fucked faster, she stopped squeezing, just humped as hard as she could and pushed Cathy’s face into her pussy. We hit orgasm at the same time, I shoved hard into her and spurted into her bum. Marnie’s arsehole clenched on me so tight as she cum it felt like I was knotted with her, she made a guttural groaning sound and my cock stayed hard. Marnie’s arsehole was still squeezing me, I said “Cathy you want some?” Cathy just grabbed two pillows lay down with them under her belly and opened her legs. I pulled out of Marnie and mounted Cathy, the last bit of cum shot out against her brown ring and I thrust right into her to the hilt. I pounded her hard for a while then slowed down so we could both enjoy it. I love the feel of a girls arse globes against my belly and Cathy had a magnificent arse. I fucked it long and slow, Cathy did the squeeze and relax technique, it seemed to make my cock bigger and harder. Marnie put her hand between my legs from behind, held my balls for a while, felt my cock sliding in and out, then moved on to Cathy’s pussy. Cathy started moaning “That’s soo goood!!” Just having cum right up Marnie’s arse I wasn’t going to blow again any time soon. Cathy was pushing her bum up and down meeting my thrusts as I fucked her hard and fast and suddenly she was cumming on Marnie’s fingers. Marnie said “Geoff, I’m getting some of your cum from my arsehole, can I finger you?” “Go for it.” I said, she rubbed a slippery finger around my hole then pushed it in. I could feel her finger slipping in and out as I fucked Cathy, it felt good, an extra sensation as well as that of my cock in a girls arsehole. I fucked her arse with long hard strokes. I groaned as I felt orgasm approaching, I rammed my cock in hard and exploded in Cathy’s bum. Marnie fucked my arsehole fast with her finger, my orgasm peaked and I yelled out loud. We relaxed for a time, I put my arms around both girls and we all kissed and nuzzled each other. After showering we got into bed in a wonderful pile of legs, boobs, bottoms and hands. We played for a while and slowly drifted off to sleep.

In the morning I woke to find Cathy dressed and blowing in my ear, Marnie was still in bed but stirring. Cathy said she had to work, kissed me and kissed Marnie then left saying, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t enjoy doing you two.” cheeky bitch. Marnie sat up and sleepily looked around, it was only seven am. She lay down again, I put my arms around her, she put her head on my shoulder and we went back to sleep.

Later I woke with a hardon, we were spoon fashion and my cock was pushed into that mysterious crevice between Marnie’s legs and her bum. I started stroking her back and pushed my fingers gently into her hair, she woke up and stretched “I was having this nice dream… Ohh it’s not a dream!” Marnie pushed her arse back on my cock, “In my dream a pirate was just about to fuck me from behind.” Marnie pulled her legs up, I pushed my cock and it went right into her wet, slippery pussy. “Good morning Captain Hook” “Wendy you’re such a naughty little girl” “Oooh Captain your hook makes me feel so goood”. We fucked slowly and gently, I held her breasts with one hand and grabbed her hair with the other. She put one leg over mine and the other between my legs. This allowed deeper penetration, we fucked and ground against each other. I put my fingers down to her pussy lips, gathered some juice and rubbed slowly around between the inner and outer labia. When that area was slippery, I stroked up and down the fold outside the clitoral hood. One side then the other slowly and gently, then both sides with two fingers. Marnie was panting and pushing harder. I put my fingers in her mouth and she sucked them. I went back to her pussy pushing both fingers inside the pussy lips and around my cock making them really wet, I sucked the juice off myself. Then back to stimulating her pussy outside the inner lips. One side then the other back and forth or both sides at once. As we both got more turned on the fucking and stroking got faster. Marnie cried out and grabbed my leg that was between hers, pulling it up towards her chest. I stroked her tits and tweaked her nipples, she held tight to my leg putting intense pressure on her cunt while bucking her pelvis back and forth. I held onto her shoulder with my other hand, pulling her down onto my cock and fucked into her as hard and fast as I could, we both burst into orgasm, struggling, writhing and bucking together. When we had calmed down, we had a tender shower got dressed, kissed deeply for goodbye and left.

On our last weekend together, in bed on the Saturday night, I asked Cathy please tell me, why she didn’t let me go down on her. She was reluctant, but after some hesitation and encouragement told me her story:

Cathy’s Father died when she was about six, when she was ten her Mother married again. At first the stepfather treated Cathy and her older sister well, nice presents, outings, cuddles when they wanted. They had a happy time for about three years, then Cathy’s Mother became sickly, spending lots of time in hospital. The older sister Jane who was fifteen then, had to drop out of school and take on the household chores. The stepfather became distracted and stressed. When Jane was sixteen and Cathy fourteen Jane began to rebel, fighting with their stepfather, and then she left.

Their Mother was terminal by this time, one evening canlı bahis siteleri the stepfather was very emotional. Cathy tried to comfort him but he took advantage of this to grope her body. Cathy tried to push him away but he overpowered her, pushed her down on her bed and tore her nightie off. He pushed her legs up to her chest so she couldn’t get away and began licking her pussy, her body responded to this and she got aroused, he licked and licked her till she had an orgasm, then he fucked her. Then two or three times per week he would come into her room or catch her somewhere and do the same, hold her legs so she couldn’t get away, lick her pussy then fuck her. Each time Cathy would get turned on and stop resisting but it always made her feel bad, as if she was a cheap fuck toy for him. So later whenever a guy wanted to lick her pussy, it would remind her of him and she could not allow anyone to go down on her.

The Mother died in hospital and Cathy went to live with her sister in a women’s refuge. After telling me this Cathy, cried herself to sleep in my arms.

It was the end of the skiing season, which in Australia lasts about four months. The next day was very busy but Cathy had no clients and I had the day off. It was sunny and we decided to get away from the crowds. We hired cross country ski gear, bought a map and food for a picnic, we looked smiling into each other’s eyes and bought a whole packet of paper napkins, then we set off across the top of the mountains.

It was a beautiful day, bright sunshine with wisps of high cloud drifting across the turquoise blue sky. The cross country skis were hilarious, extra long with curved up tips. Only attached to our shoes at the toes. We both fell over heaps at first. We slowly got used to the skis and were able to make progress, aiming for Rocky Valley alpine lake and Mount Mckay. The lake was about two hours walking from the downhill ski area. Set in a wide valley, the slopes on the sunny side across from us, had patches of snow and bare rocks. On our side there was more shadow and more snow. The lake was a white sheet of melting ice, with blue water around the edges. There was a low dam across the valley, forming the lake and providing water storage for the ski village, Falls Creek. The peak of Mt McKay was a few hundred feet above the lake and there was a long slope of snow with no ski tracks at all. Cathy and I left our packs at the bottom, climbed up and admired the 360° view of the Bogong High Plains, a vast panorama of rolling mountain tops. We turned to the pristine slope below us and set off down. Neither of us could really do the weird looking Telemann turn that you do with cross country skis but we tried. We fell and got up, fell and got up and laughed at each other. At the bottom we grinned and climbed up again. On the third try, we got all the way down without falling.

Time for lunch, we found a clearing screened by low trees, spread a plastic sheet and blankets in a sunny spot on the snow and set out our feast, I was starving. While eating we talked over our winter experiences. Mike’s wife had gotten suspicious so they had stopped fucking, Jorge still fondled himself when Cathy could see. He had tried to talk her into fucking him again but she said no. I told her about running into Marnie out skiing one weekday, how Marnie asked me for another arse fucking and that we went into the trees and did it there.

We decided to end our picnic with a quickie. Quickly loosening clothing we got Cathy’s tits and my cock out and quickly fondled each other. We quickly pulled our ski pants down to our knees and I quickly felt up her pussy. Well, not that quickly, we took care to both get properly aroused. But when her cunt was dripping wet and my cock was hard and throbbing, we quickly put both her legs over mine while I lay on my side and I shoved my cock quickly into her to keep it warm. We fucked slowly at first
and I fondled her erect nipples and all over her tits. I bent her body sideways to me and kissed her passionately, before too long we were fucking quickly. I pushed legs up and rolled my hips over her so that I was fucking downwards into her cunt as fast (quickly) as I could go. I fucked and fucked her till we cum together grunting and groaning. We relaxed together kissing and calming down. I got a handful of snow and held it up till she saw it then slapped it between her breasts. Cathy squealed and rolled away to brush it off, I quickly got some more, slapped it into her arse and rubbed it into her pussy and legs. Cathy squealed again and started hitting me, we collapsed in giggles and I grabbed those napkins and wiped her off. We kissed again then suddenly there was freezing snow in my pants being pushed around my cock and balls. As I pushed her away there was more snow in my face then down my back, fair’s fair. Lucky we had a whole packet of napkins, we were dry enough for walking back. But then a small bit of ice fell down my bum crack.

In bed that night, our last night, we were slowly turning each other on by hand and mouth. Cathy told me to lay on my back, she turned around and took my cock in her mouth then straddled my face and put her pussy on my mouth. I moaned in thanks and put my arms around her waist stroking her back and bottom. I moved my mouth and lips gently all over her pussy and inner thighs, breathing her womanly scent, feeling the velvety smoothness of her skin. Pursing my lips I softly blew my warm breath over her pussy and arse hole, she quivered and swallowed my cock into her throat. I gently licked over her inner thighs and over her outer pussylips exploring those shapes and feeling the soft hair. Cathy was sliding her open lips along the side of my cock over the head and down the other side. I kept my hips still letting her do what she wanted. I began rubbing my mouth sideways across her pussy, spreading her pussy and licking across the inner lips, then my tongue went along her slit and probed into her vagina tasting the delicious juices . Cathy thrust down onto my tongue and I pushed it in as far as it could reach. There’s nothing more heavenly, than the taste of a girls pussy juice. I swirled my tongue around in her then moved up to the smooth cleft between the inner labia above her opening, licking up and down avoiding her clit for now. Next between the inner and outer labia, licking with firm pressure along the fold each side and across the top to the other side. Slowly licking all the way around in that channel of her pussy lips. Cathy was squirming and humping on top of me now, slowly grinding her pussy against my face. I licked into her hole again then up the middle channel and very gently, very slowly, moved my tongue tip inside the inner lips around her clitoris pushing the labia away and just brushing, hardly even touching her rigid clit. Cathy held my cock against her cheek and made high pitched whining sounds. My nose was in her hole, filled with the scent of her. Her cunt was flowing juice onto my face, I licked up some more juice from her hole then passed my tongue up the outside channel and jiggled back and forth over the top of her clitoral hood, my nose in her pussy lips again. Cathy was panting and groaning. I kept on jiggling my tongue tip across the clitoral hood, you can use firm pressure there, I could feel the stiff little nubbin inside the protective hood. Cathy made little cries as she reached orgasm, I took the whole clit and inner lips into my mouth and sucked on the whole structure. I sucked it all rhythmically in and out of my lips as she peaked then put my tongue back into her vagina and swished around up the middle channel and around the outer lips, through the honey pot then back to sucking on her clit and labia again. Cathy hit another peak and screamed, then pulled herself off me and lay writhing on the bed. Luckily my roomies were all out. Cathy lay on me and said she’d never had such an orgasm. After kissing and cuddling Cathy said “Well, I’ve got three holes which one would you like to cum in?” I said “Your pussy this time, but how about some more licking first?” she squirmed with pleasure and got back on top, her pussy hit my lips and her mouth engulfed my cock. We licked and sucked each other then Cathy knelt up moved down to my cock and slipped her pussy onto it facing my feet. I sat up and stroked her bum, and back as she humped on me, I found her breasts, worked the nipples and held her tits in my hands while she fucked me hard. The fucking made her tits jiggle against my hands, the nipples were between my fingers and got a different more focused treatment. Holding her breasts gently, I could squeeze the nipples while her tits wriggled back and forth. Approaching orgasm I fell back arched my body and fucked up into her cunt, she was super wet and her juices were flowing down over my balls. Cathy leaned down to my feet pushing her clit onto the bottom of my cock and bending my cock downward. Her legs came up under my arms, I held her thighs and pushed her hips down onto mine, my hands went onto her arse then my thumb into her arsehole, I wrapped my legs around her and fucked her as hard as I could till we both cum moaning and gasping.

The door opened, the light went on and two of my room-mates, Jim and Frank came in. I had a blanket fixed along the side of the upper bunk for a screen but the foot end was open. They saw Cathy’s head and my feet on her back. “What are you two up to??” said Frank “What do you think they’re up to you dickhead!!” said Jim, they lifted the blanket to check us out, we yelled at them. They were goggle eyed at the position we were in, Cathy face down straddling my hips, me face up, my legs around her, my feet on her back, my hands on her bum and my cock still in her pussy. They dropped the blanket and babbled incoherently ‘What, How, Why etc’ and left again. Cathy sat up, my cock slipped out, she turned around and lay down again laughing. A couple of minutes later the door opened again and people piled in led by Jim and Frank. All talking at once, Jim and Frank tried to describe what they had seen but others were interrupting and it all got confused. They pulled the blanket screen off and threw it in the corner, Cathy squealed, I yelled at them. It was very funny for a while but the visitors were over excited “All right!” I said “That’s enough!!! All of you PISS OFF!!”. They did leave, Cathy and I got dressed and went out to another part of the village. We had a drink and a talk, when we came back all was quiet. We went to bed and slept. Next morning we said our goodbyes and she went home.

I did feel some attachment to her because of all that we shared. But I didn’t really want to try and start anything longer term. We spoke once more but she had a new boyfriend and it had been a snowfields fling after all. So as the saying goes, all’s well that ends well.

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