A Surprising Massage

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Dr. Marcus

Cassandra had hardly slept the night before her surgery. Her mind was whirring and clicking like an old-time pocket watch, and she was unable to fall asleep for longer than a few hours at a time. While she was very excited for her metamorphosis and the body she would soon inhabit, it was the getting from here to there that had her especially nervous.

A nurse had prepped her and she was sitting on the examining table when a man in a white coat walked in.

“Good morning,” He said. “I’m Dr. Marcus, your anesthesiologist.”

Dr. Marcus was not tall, but not short. He had sandy colored hair and deep blue eyes. She felt immediately at ease in his presence. He asked her a few questions about her allergies and her prior reactions to anesthesia.

“What procedure are you having done today?” he asked.

“A breast lift and some lipo,” she answered, looking down.

“Ahhh, I see.” he said. “Well, I hope you are not offended by me saying this, but you are beautiful, I usually see women in here for those procedures you really need it. But not you.”

Cassandra lifted her head up and smiled. “Thank you.”

“Do you have any questions?”

“Well, it sounds silly, but I am very nervous about being put under.”

“It is not silly at all,” Dr. Marcus answered. “A lot of people are very nervous about it.”

“I just don’t want to feel anything,” she said.

“Don’t worry. I will use a cocktail of several medications and you won’t feel a thing.”

“My friends tell me I’m crazy for thinking about this, but what are the chances that I’ll be awake through it all, and feel everything?”

Dr. Marcus gave a slight chuckle. “Very slim. You won’t be awake at all. We will be monitoring you and we will know by your heart rate if you feel any pain.”

“Can I ask you, at what point would a person die from the pain?”

Dr. Marcus’ eyes got softer and he could tell that she was, indeed, very nervous.

“Ms. Waters,” he said. “Believe me. A human can withstand a lot of pain. But you don’t need to worry about that. The chances that you will feel anything are very, very slim.”

“That’s what everyone says, I’m just very nervous.”

“I can tell. I can maybe do something that casino siteleri will ease your nerves just a bit. Take the edge off?” he said.

Cassandra let out a sigh of relief. “That would be great.”

“I’ve been told that I give a good backrub. Let me rub your shoulders a bit.”

He walked over to the head of her bed and put his hands gently on her shoulders. He circled his hands around her neck and rubbed her shoulders very gently, yet with firm pressure. He pushed his thumbs close to where her neck and shoulders met, his long fingers resting on the front of her chest. Cassandra closed her eyes and rested her head back.

“How does that feel,” he asked?

“Oooh, very good,” Cassandra said. She couldn’t remember the last time that she had felt such an electric touch. Her husband had not touched her in a very long time. And it certainly hadn’t felt so good when he did.

Cassandra hadn’t noticed it immediately, but it felt like Dr. Marcus was moving his fingers down her chest. He was. His thumbs were no longer on her neck. His long fingers were kneading the flesh at the tops of her breasts. It felt very good.

“I can actually get a better result if I can touch your skin,” Dr. Marcus said very softly. He gently put his hands inside the front-closing hospital gown.

The feel of his skin on her skin was like what she imagined the first tingle of lightning would feel like. His hands were warm and felt so firm as they were rubbing her flesh. His fingers were long and his fingertips were on her breasts. He moved his hands lower until his fingers were just above her areolas.

Cassandra arched her back into him a bit. She was silently willing him to move his fingers down to her nipples. She felt moisture between her legs and realized that she was really getting turned on. Her nipples were pink and erect.

Dr. Marcus lifted his hands up. Her eyes flew open. Why was he stopping?

“Do you mind if I open your gown? I can get a better angle that way.” He said, as he walked around to the front of the bed. He was standing at the side of her bed, looking at her. “Please, go ahead,” Cassandra said.

His hand deftly untied the strings at the top of her gown and he opened it up. Cassandra was naked underneath. slot oyna She felt vulnerable at being exposed that way to him, but felt like every fiber inside her was alive. She was very glad she had just gone in for a Brazilian wax the day before.

“Oh, I was right,” he said. “You are gorgeous.” He looked her entire body up and down. And then he smiled.

He took each of her breasts in each of his hands and gently massaged them. He put his fingers underneath and rubbed her erect nipples with his thumbs. Cassandra arched her neck and leaned her head back into the hospital bed. He circled his nipples so very lightly that it was hard to tell that he was touching her at all. Her nipples were so erect. Her body was completely under his power. He circled his thumbs around her erect nipples. She felt a shiver go through her body.

He reached for something is his lab coat, “I think it might help you relax if I used some oil, I can more fully massage you that way.”

Cassandra moaned her acceptance.

He squirted some oil on his hands and rubbed them together. When he put his hands back on her body they felt warm and slick. He rubbed the area underneath her breasts, on her stomach. She wanted his touch back on her breasts, but held her breath in anticipation of how far he might take the massage.

He took his left hand and gently moved her right leg so that her lips were exposed to him. He then took his opposite hand and moved her other leg. She was completely open to him. Her vulnerability made her even more excited.

“You have such a pretty pussy,” he said.

Cassandra shivered. No one had ever said that to her before.

“I know that is it extra sensitive when you have removed all of the hair,” he said. “Your beautiful pussy will love being rubbed.”

He ran the index finger of his right hand down the fold where her lips met her thigh. His touch felt so sensual and light. Cassandra shivered again. It had been so long since a touch had lit such a fire in her.

He ran his thumbs up and down her outer lips. Cassandra could feel her clitoris becoming engorged and her pussy beginning to get wet. He used his right hand to gently squeeze her lips together just behind her clit. Cassandra let out a small canlı casino siteleri moan. As he put pressure on her lips and her clit with his right hand, he used his left hand to trace the outline of her lips just below. Cassandra was mentally begging him to enter her, just as she had mentally begged him to touch her nipples. The pressure of his touch on her pussy was magical.

Dr. Marcus used his thumbs to run up and down between her inner and outer lips. He gently opened her lips up.

“Your pussy is so pink. So beautiful,” he said.

Cassandra was melting. She spread her legs even further apart. She was so turned on by the idea of him looking at her. At her delicate pussy.

He touched her clit with his finger, in very light and delicate circles. His touch felt absolutely heavenly. He took the back side of the index finger of his other hand and rubbed it up and down her lips. Then he took that finger and gently nudged the tip of it into her pussy.

“Ahhhhh.” Cassandra moaned.

He slowly pushed his finger deeper into her, while still circling her clit very lightly with the other hand.

Cassandra felt like her clit was going to explode.

Dr. Marcus inserted his entire finger and then slowly moved it all the way out. He joined his middle finger with his index finger and slowly inserted both into her wet pussy. He pressed gently downward while circling her clit with the thumb of his other hand. The downward pressure felt so good.

He continued to thrust his fingers in and out of her pussy. It had been so long since anyone had touched her there. He fingers were long and slim and he expertly found her g-spot and began to rub it. She opened her legs up wide so that he could have full access. He responded by crooking his fingers up and continuing the pressure on her g-spot. Cassandra could barely stand the pleasure – it was building up from her pussy to the inner core of her being.

Cassandra balled her hands up into fists and involuntarily clenched her pussy and ass. She came in an amazing orgasm. She felt the orgasm pulsing through her pussy in waves. It felt warm, and hot, and wet, and so good. She dug her head back into the table and completely let go. She moaned loudly and her whole body began to tremble. She clenched her pussy around his beautiful fingers. After her body stopped shuddering, she opened her eyes and looked at Dr. Marcus.

“Are you relaxed now?” Dr. Marcus asked, with a smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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