A Teachers Day at the Beach

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Sometimes you just need to take a break. It has been four weeks since school has gone back and when I woke up this morning to a glorious sunrise over Port Stephens I decided it was time to have a sickie. I called in at about 7.30 and faxed my lesson plans at 8.30. By then the sun was blasting into my lounge room window and I knew that it would be another hot day. I have numerous beaches to choose from and with the wind coming from the west I decided to go to Hardwood Bay surf Beach.

Hardwood Bay is also one of the more secluded beaches but has all of the amenities needed to enjoy the beach. The new surf club is only two years old and the carpark is shaded and close to the beach. The best part is that it is considered a ‘locals’ beach and the tourists don’t seem to come here. It’s not the peak season anymore and being a Wednesday I was surprised to see two cars in the car park. I grabbed my towel and beachbag and hopped out of the car. The other two cars had ‘P’ plates on them so I knew that some young local kids were at the beach.

I took great care to avoid the spider webs as I walked through the canopy of coastal Acacias and Banksias and walked onto the beach. The beach was empty except for a group of 4 lads out on their boards in the surf. Their gear was all piled up about 50 metres away. I threw my bag of spare clothes onto the sand and unwrapped my sarong from around my waist. Today I had chosen to wear my one piece swimmers because I like to get in amongst it in the surf and usually my bikini tops can’t handle the action on my 34D boobs and they fly off. Its not that I’m a prude, I just hate losing them.

At 36 years old I’m holding up fairly well. I’ve never had kids, mainly because my ex husband didn’t want any, so I’m still holding it together. I’m 5′ 8″ and I keep my hair shoulder length so that it is easier to maintain. I’m a brunette and because I swim often I don’t bother with colours etc, they simply don’t last. I sauntered down to the waters edge and then ran straight into the next wave. I don’t believe in checking the water before diving in and today was no different. The water was just right. I spent about 20 minutes in the water enjoying the waves and the relaxing movement of the water.

I noticed that the four boys were out of the water and playing a bit of beach cricket on the sand. I call them boys because they were all about 18 or 19. Boys to me. I swam into shore and wandered over to my towel and dried myself off. I took the time to examine the boys as they mucked about. When one of them waved to me I knew that I had seen them before. I couldn’t believe it but they were all students from last years Year 12. I gingerly waved back and they all made a point of waving to me.

That would be my luck. I take a day off work and a bunch of ex students come to the beach. I didn’t teach any of these boys but I recognised two of them. I knew them because I had known their elder brothers. Intimately.

Craig Fleming and Josh Lamberti were two boys from Myall Secondary College and when I first came here six years ago they were in Year 12. I started at the school four weeks before the end of last term and just before I left Sydney I’d broken up from my husband of seven years. I was not in a very good head space after the break up and with the stress of starting a new position I started drinking and partying a bit much.

When school had finished I’d heard about a party at one of the boys parents houses a few streets away. Being new to the area I didn’t know anyone so I invited myself along. The kids were very welcoming and I joined in the drinking games and played a bit of pool. We started on the Tequilla and after a few ‘Lick, sip, sucks’ I was wasted. I remember falling onto the lounge and Craig and Josh coming over to help me. I still can’t remember some parts of the night but I do remember the walk home with them and what happened when I got there.

The three of us stumbled into my house and I grabbed Craig and began to dance with him. Next thing I know I was kissing him and then Josh was dancing with us as well. So I kissed him as well. Then Josh began pawing at my arse as we danced and I always get frisky when I drink so I thought, why not? I rubbed their cocks through their pants and soon enough we were all naked and fucking on the lounge. They were the horniest two men I had ever met. Yes, now they were men. Josh had about nine inches of cock and I swear it never went down all night. Craig was the second man to ever fuck my arse and they were the first to DP me. It was an extreme night of fucking. I felt invigorated by the knowledge I could still attract young men after my marriage had collapsed and I was liberated by my new found sexual power.

The next morning the two of them fucked me one more time and came over my face before leaving and never returning. It wasn’t the last time I’d be reminded of it though. When school returned six weeks later I got hauled into the principals office and he very calmly asked me if anything had happened after the party as word had got around that the two boys had fucked me. I looked him straight in the eyes and said “Yes. But I’d rather you didn’t say anything.” You could have scraped his jaw off the floor. We discussed it a bit longer and his attitude changed as soon as he realised that, technically, they were no longer students. What really saved me is that one night at 11pm he turned up at my house as pissed as a newt and luckily for him I was wearing a nightie and he wasn’t too drunk to fuck me for a few hours. He was a married man and for three years he would come over after his monthly Rotary dinner and we’d shag happily away.

He moved to a bigger school three years ago and apart from a chance encounter at a conference two years ago we haven’t seen each other since. I don’t usually have the energy to go out looking for sex during the school term but come the holidays and illegal bahis all those strangers in town…well, look out. Last year I went to a nudist colony up near Byron Bay. That was good. I never got to have an orgy but boy did those men fuck me hard for 10 days. One day I had four different men at different times. My pussy and arse were well fucked by the end of it. By the end of it the management asked me never to come back as my behaviour was unacceptable! Ah well we’ll see to that.

The boys hit the ball and it landed about 4 metres in front of me. I left it lying there and Kurt, Josh’s brother, came running over.

“Hi Miss.” He said as he picked up the ball. “D’ya have a good swim?”

“Lovely thanks.” He was as good looking as his brother and I couldn’t help but wonder if he was as virile. “You boys taking it easy hey.”

“Yeah.” He said looking at his mates who were now all grouped together looking over at us. “No point in working until you have to.”

“That’s right.” I said. “May as well take it easy.”

The other three came walking over and I saw that Mick Fleming was more muscly than his brother and the other two who I recognised as James Ferguson and Jono Reid both had wiry surfy bodies.

“Hi Miss.” They all said as they came up to me.

I felt both excited and intimidated by the fact that I had four attractive young men in front of me and no one else about for miles. I stood up and wrapped my sarong around my waist. We chatted for a while about school and what was happening and I noticed that they were staring at my tits a fair bit as we talked.

It was getting a bit hot in the sun so I decided to make good my departure.

“Ah well guys it’s been good to have a chat but I’d best be off.”

“Ah Miss don’t go just yet.” Jono said. “Come and have a surf.”

“No really I have to go.” I said as I gathered up my towel and bag.

“Yeah no worries Miss.” He said.

“Please,” I said to them, “call me Gemmah.”

“Nah.” Said Mick. “You’ll always be Miss.”

I laughed and we all walked back towards the clubhouse. I hate getting into the car with salt water all over my body and in my hair so I was going to have a quick shower in the new shower rooms.

I waved goodbye to them as they wandered back towards their clothes. As they walked they began nudging each other and looking back at me. By the time I had walked into the shower room the boys were all back at their clothes. The shower room had six shower cubicles on the left and six toilets on the right. In the middle was a large slat timber table with seating around it. The cubicles don’t have a little shelf to put your clothes on so I put my bag on the floor and hung my towel up on the hook.

I kicked my thongs* off and slipped out of my swim suit. The water was cool and as I slipped into the stream my nipples hardened. As I washed my hair I thought I heard scuffling out in the change room. When I turned back facing the shower I heard it again and when I turned back I saw a mans hand reach in under the door and pull all my gear, except my towel, out of the cubicle.

“Oi” I shouted as I made a futile grab for the bag.

That was when I heard the boys laughing.

I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around myself. I was anxious about walking out into the room but I had little choice. I put on my best teachers voice and stern look and walked out into the room.

“Alright you lot give it back.” They had emptied my bag onto the table and my clothes were piled up in a heap.

“Bugger.” Said James. “She has her towel.”

“Yeah tough luck James.” I said. “Come on and give me my gear back.”

“Come and get it.” Mick said standing in front of it.

“Mick and I think it’s only fair that we get to have a look at what our brothers had.” Kurt said as he looked me up and down.

“So that is what all this is about?” I asked them. “You want to look at what your brothers had?”

“Well personally I want more than a look.” Kurt said rubbing his crotch. The others laughed.

“Well that would depend on if you are up to his level.” I said turning the table somewhat.

“Of course I am.” He said indignantly.

“Prove it.” I said. “Come on, get it out.”

He looked as his mates and pulled his board shorts down and I must say he was at least as big as his brother. His cock was still half soft and as he grabbed hold of it he shook it at me. “Good enough for you miss?”

“And you Mick?” I said looking at him. “I doubt if you could match Craig for size.” Men love a dick size challenge.

“Bullshit!” He said taking the bait. He whipped his shorts down and grabbed his cock. “How about this then.”

“Hard to say from here.” I said. My pussy was tingling as I watched him stroke his cock.

“And what about you two.” I said to James and Jono. “You won’t be seeing anything until I’ve seen it all.”

My nipples were firming against my towel and my pussy juice was almost running down my leg. Like the good students they were they dutifully dropped their boardies and finally I had four naked young men in front of me all with hard ons. My breath quickened as the boys moved closer and I could feel the adrenaline pulsing through my body. I turned and took a few steps over to the seats around the table. I knew I was about to be gang banged and it certainly wasn’t against my will. I haven’t had more than one cock to play with for years and now that I did I was going to make it happen my way.

I stood near the table and turned to the boys and said. “I suppose I should show you what your brothers saw.” I pulled the towel open and revealed my naked body to the boys.

“Yep.” said Luke. “My brother was right. You are hot.”

I folded the towel and put it on the seat and then sat down. The boys were now about six foot away from me and I was incredibly horny as I watched them stroking their illegal bahis siteleri cocks. I placed a hand on each knee and slowly opened my legs exposing my wet pink slit to them.

“Oh yeah that is fantastic.” James said as he walked quickly forward. I ran my hands up my thighs and gently rubbed my clit and after about three flicks I had a minor orgasm. I dipped two fingers into my pussy and rubbed the thick coating over my cunt lips. I looked up at James and I reached out to grab his cock. It was rock hard and about seven inches long. I pulled him closer and leant forward and as I looked up at him I licked the underside of his helmet. The look of ecstacy on his face was priceless. I sucked his cock into my mouth and gently pulled on his pole. I could taste the precum leaking from his slit and I gathered a bit of it on my tongue and as I pulled my tongue away a thin string of spunk bridged the gap.

I reached out to my left and took hold of Jono’s hard cock and pulled him closer as well. I leant over and sucked his knob into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. I spread my legs wide and looked up at Mick.

“Lick me.” I said to him firstly and then to all of them I said. “You’ll all have to eat me.”

Mick got down on his knees and crawled forward towards my glistening cunt. I released the cocks and pulled my pussy lips gently apart. I could feel another orgasm rising as I felt Mick’s hot breath on my pussy. I took Mick by the back of the head and guided him towards my snatch. One flick of my clit and I was over the top again. My nipples hardened and Kurt moved forward and rubbed my boobs as James rubbed his cock against my face. I instinctively sucked his cock into my mouth and began pumping his shaft. Jono stood up on the bench and whacked his cock against my face so I reached up and grabbed it as well. James, as far as I could tell, was not far off cumming so I swapped over to Jono for a while and serviced his long thin cock for a while.

It was time to give Mick a break and I pushed his head away from my snatch. “James, it’s your turn.” I said to him. “Lick me.” Mick stood up and grabbed his cock in his right hand. James moved into position and Mick took his place. James dived straight onto my clit and sucked and tongued it which bought me screaming to yet another orgasm. Actually from then on I can’t remember how many times I came. It seemed to be one rolling orgasm from this point on. I really did lose control as these four young men shoved their cocks into me. I rotated the licking duty as directed and Kurt was definitely the best. He licked my arsehole as well as my pussy and that is worth something special.

“You can fuck me first.” I said to Kurt as I pulled his face away from my cunt. He smiled a big wide grin and knelt up. I pulled on Mick and James’s cocks as Kurt rested his knob against my sopping pussy.

“Fuck me nice and hard Kurt.” I said as sluttily as possible. “Fuck my pussy.”

“Fuck her man.” Jono said as he stood behind Kurt waiting his turn. He didn’t have to wait overly long either.

Kurt held my legs wide as his cock slid into my spit filled quim. All that licking had left me dripping with juice and his cock pushed itself against my G spot bringing me to another peak. I sucked Micks cock into my mouth again and I felt James sucking on my tits. I reached down with my left hand and grabbed Kurt’s balls and tugged gently on them. This was too much for him.

“Oh fuck I’m going to cum.” He said as he quickened his pace.

“Cum over me.” I said and he quickly pulled his cock out of my pussy and with a few pumps of his hand he shot an immense load of hot cum all over my stomach and up onto my tits.

“Oh fuck yeah baby.” he said as he shook with delight.

“This is too much.” Mick said as he surprised me by spinning my head around to him and shooting a load of jism onto my face. It blew all over my mouth and dripped off my chin onto my boobs. I licked at the salty goodness and sucked his cock back into my mouth. I had cum all over me and I still had another two cocks to empty.

Kurt had stood up and I was not in the least surprised to see that he was still hard. Ahh young men. I decided it was time for a change of position so I stood up and picked up the towel to wipe myself off. I folded it and put it back on the bench and thought about the best way to do this.

“Take a seat James.” I said to him as he readily sat down where I pointed. I knelt on the towel and bent over onto my hands and took his cock into my mouth. I felt Jono’s hands on my arse cheeks and his knob press against my labia as he readied himself to slip into my pussy. Mick and Kurt stood back stroking their cocks as they watched Jono plunge his cock into my pussy.

“Now that’s nice pussy.” He said as he quickened his pace. He slapped my arse as he pushed his sword in to the hilt. I could feel his balls slapping up against my cunt as he drove me home to another peak in my continuing orgasmic experience. James’s cock was slippery with spit and I pumped it hard as I could seeing as Jono was pumping hard into my pussy from behind. James reached under me and rubbed my belly and boobs and when he stretched down and rubbed my clit I groaned in delight and swallowed his cock whole.

I felt a hand on the back of my head and Mick was standing next to me offering his cock to me again. I simply smiled at him and said. “Fuck me first.”

“Not yet you’re not.” Jono said as he quickened his pace.

“Cum in my mouth.” I said to James as he sat there smiling with his eyes closed. I rested my head on his stomach and licked up and down the length of his cock and squeezed his tightening balls. With my other hand I reached under and grabbed Jono’s balls and sure enough after a few squeezes and tugs he shot a load of cum into my pussy.

“Fill my cunt.” I said to him as he pushed hard into me. James had canlı bahis siteleri grabbed his cock and was pulling on it as I knelt there being filled with sperm. He grabbed my head and forced his cock into my mouth and then ‘Blam’ a load of cum hit the back of my throat. I couldn’t possibly hold it all so I took his cock out and let a wad hit me across the cheek. I swallowed what was in my mouth and looked around to see Jono standing holding his cock as Mick took his place.

“Now I’m going to have what my brother had.” He said as he spat on his cock. “A nice piece of arse.” He firstly slipped it into my pussy and coated it with my juice and Jono’s cream. Then when he pulled out I felt his cock rest against my arsehole.

“Yeah fuck my arse.” I said as he gently pushed into my chute.

I’d been fucked many times in the arse so this was just another bonus. James’s cock was now lying on his stomach and his cum was all over the side of my face. Jono and Kurt were both hard so I decided to really get my fill.

After a few minutes of Mick fucking my arse I reached around and gently pushed him away from me. “Let’s change positions big boy.” I said to him as I held his cock in my hand.

With a mild twinge of pain I spun around and sat on the bench. I looked at Kurt and said. “Put some towels on the floor.” He quickly grabbed the towels and formed a soft bed on the floor. “Now lie down.” I said.

I stood up on my shaky legs and as he lay on his back with his cock standing high and firm I straddled his hips and knelt down. I pulled my pussy lips apart and I could feel some of Jono’s jism leaking out. I grabbed his cock and slid onto its length. I came again as his cock rubbed against my G spot. I looked at Mick and smiled and he knew exactly what to do. He spat in his hand and greased up his cock and then I felt him move himself into position. Jono and James moved over to either side of my face and began jerking off as Mick entered my arse.

I came with a howl and after a few moments of poor timing the two of them got it together and began a nice rhythm between thrusts into my pussy and arse. I was in heaven and when James knelt down and I could suck his cock it was even better. All holes filled for the first time in my life. Jono’s cock was firming more as he stroked it and soon he was also on his knees and I was sucking his cock. I slipped into a bit of a zone at that time. I’m not sure how long they pumped me for but I was certainly on a high like I’ve never been before. What snapped me out of it was that Mick had pulled his cock out of my arse and Kurt was lifting me off his cock.

“Jono and Jimmy’s turn.” Mick said as he wiped his cock on someone’s pants.

“I’ll go her arse.” Jono said.

“Lie down then James.” I said to him. “Let’s vary the position.”

James lay down and I knelt over his cock with my back to him. I’d tried this with Craig and Josh and I’d loved it. I took his cock and leaning back onto his chest I slid his cock into my arse. I looked at Jono through watery eyes and he moved into position and easily slid his dick into my slit.

To say I came again is an understatement. With two cocks rubbing against each other through a thin layer of flesh I felt as though I had one huge cock in me. Mick and Kurt were now kneeling next to me and I began sucking Kurt’s cock. I had to use my arms to keep myself up so I couldn’t grab their cocks but they obliged by taking turns shoving their cocks into my face. Jono and James were like a pair of seasoned professionals and really worked a treat on my pussy and arse.

I looked at Jono and I could tell he wasn’t far from cumming.

“Cum in my pussy.” I said to him.

He scrunched his face as he tried to stop himself.

“Cum in my cunt.” I yelled and that was all it took. I could feel his hot load fill my cunt and he pushed in hard as he did so.

He pulled his cock out and I felt his spunk fall out of my gaping pussy and down onto James’s cock as it ploughed into my arse. The lubricating effect seemed to do the trick on him as well and his cock twitched and filled me with his hot seed.

As James screamed in joy as he came in my arse Kurt quickly grabbed my head and spun it around to face his cock which immediately shot a huge wad of cum onto my face. Some hit my eye and went up my nose and the rest went in my open mouth. Mick was still pumping his cock in his hand so I eased myself up off James and with him still in my arse I grabbed Mick’s cock and pulled it into my mouth.

“Cum all over teacher.” I said to him. “Shoot your load over your slut teacher.”

That did the trick and with bended knees he pumped another load all over my face and boobs. I had cum on my face and it was dripping down onto my tits. I had cum oozing out of my pussy and when I stood up, and James’s cock stopped acting like a plug, I could feel his cum run down my leg.

The boys all stood around holding onto their cocks as if I would give them more. I wanted to but the location was not the best.

“Thanks boys.” I said. “That was brilliant but I think I need to finish my shower.”

“Sure Miss.” James said. “I think we all need a swim? Hey boys?”

They all nodded as they went to pick up their gear. I grabbed my towel and went over to the cubicle to have a quick shower. I washed all the cum off my face and washed my hair. My pussy and arse were still tingling from the battering they had just encountered. The lads were all laughing and carrying on and I wrapped the towel around me and walked out to them.

Mick was on his mobile phone and when I appeared he said “Hang on.”

He held the phone to his chest and nudging Kurt he said. “Our brothers are in town for the next few days Miss. They were wondering what you were up to?”

I smiled.

“I’ll be at home.” I said dropping the towel and picking up my bag of clothes. “Being fucked by you four.”

Six young hard cocks. I can’t think of a better way to have a sickie.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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