Agent of Lilith: Chapter 5_(1)

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“Mmm, James. Yes! Right there, baby.”

Lilith lay on her throne, eyes closed as she savored her growing ecstasy. Between her spread legs, her agent James lapped ardently at her tender flower, drinking her sweet nectar.

“Oh fuck, James. Don’t stop,” the demoness cooed softly. She held a large breast with one hand; the other gripped her servant’s hair as she thrust her aching sex into his face.

James delighted in pleasing his mistress. He smiled inwardly as he drove his tongue deeper into Lilith’s hole. Her moans were music to his ears, and they only encouraged him as he worked to bring the demoness closer and closer to orgasm.

He sucked lightly on her clit, causing her to squirm beneath him. While James used his mouth to please his mistress, he used his fingers to explore. Two fingers sunk into her pussy, pressuring her most sensitive spots; meanwhile, another finger teased her asshole, rubbing little circles around her sphincter before delving into her ass.

Lilith could take no more, and she surrendered to the marvelous pleasure. Her breath caught in her throat as her whole body shook. A silent scream escaped her gaping mouth. If she had toes, they would have curled. The walls of her pussy and anus tightened around James’ intruding fingers, and she held his head tightly with her hands as she allowed the ecstasy to wash over her.

At last, her orgasm subsided, and she released her agent from her vice-like hold. As Lilith caught her breath, James rose from his position between her legs, licking his lips. They stared deeply into each other’s eyes. Lilith had never before felt so comfortably naked and vulnerable under another’s gaze.

James offered a hand to his mistress, who accepted and pulled herself up. She placed a quick kiss on his lips before interlocking her fingers with his and leading him away from the throne. The two walked hand in hand as they meandered through the temple.

Occasionally, James would see his mistress look up at the clouds and smile. He wondered what she was thinking about. As they walked in peaceful silence, enjoying the other’s company, James took the time to take in the realm around him as well. The pillars of solid gold that held up the sky seemed more lustrous with each passing day, and the air smelled sweeter and sweeter. The sunlight that peeked through the clouds was warm on his skin, and he let out a sigh, content to be with his mistress in the Temple of Venus.

A thought occurred to James at that moment. “Lilith?” he asked, “I have a question.”

The demoness turned to James with a soft smile, “Hmm?”

“Well,” he began, “you call this place the Temple of Venus. But, who built it? Surely not the Venus? Did Aphrodite, goddess of love, create this place and put you in it?”

Lilith’s smile dissolved slowly, and she directed her gaze to the floor as they walked. James waited patiently as his mistress considered his question silently.

“Not quite,” she answered at last. “I’m older than any Greek god. It’d be more accurate to say that legends of this place inspired myths about goddesses of love and lust.” Lilith turned back to James and offered a smile, more forced this time.

“But then… who did create the Temple of Venus?” James asked.

Lilith exhaled softly. She stopped walking and dropped her servant’s hand. “I’ll tell you everything about this place, and about me, in time. I promise.” James was unsatisfied, but he nodded in acceptance. His mistress rewarded him with a genuinely warm smile. “Now, let’s get down to business.” Without another word, she summoned her wooden army of toy soldiers.

James spent the rest of the night training under Lilith’s guidance. They worked more on conjuring the elements, controlling the weak-minded, and moving objects without touching them. By the time the sun rose in the real world, James had improved substantially in the command of his power. After a quick goodbye kiss, he returned to the waking world.

As with the day before, James awoke feeling drained due to his training – though it was not as bad this time. “Still though,” he thought to himself, “Between providing sexual essence for Lilith and fueling my training, I’m burning through energy.” Fortunately, thanks to his charm and aura of lust, James had an endless supply of sexual energy at his disposal whenever he desired. With that in mind, he set off for class.

Morning classes were a bore as usual; he didn’t really care about Sociology, only taking it because it was required. And while History was interesting at times, there were no students in the class that provided James a sexual outlet. Besides, his older sister had gotten her degree in History; did he really want to be anything like her?

Physics class offered the relief James needed, and he and Jess used their hands to pleasure each other under the table. He reveled in the release of sexual energy from the petite blonde, and her craving for his cum was as impressive as always. Another student had seen the two during class, but James silenced any thought of alerting the professor by applying Lilith’s teachings and forcing the student to forget what he had seen. It was all too easy.

Normally James would spend his break between classes at the cafeteria, or plowing Jess in the back of his car, but today he had something else on his mind. So, he said goodbye to his friend and made his way to the campus library. His curiosity had gotten the better of him; even if Lilith had promised to tell him more, James wanted answers about the demoness and the Temple of Venus.

Searching the library, James collected several books on various topics. After an hour’s search, he had books about the planet Venus, a book about gods and goddesses associated with Venus, a book about ancient deities, and several books that mentioned the name “Lilith.” Vowing to look through them later, James put the books in his backpack and headed off to his last class.

He arrived a little early to Composition, finding himself alone in the classroom with Professor Sharp. She was showing off her beautiful figure as usual, wearing a form-fitting blouse, a short skirt, and tall stockings complete with garters. Feeling his lust rise within him and knowing he had very little time before the other students showed up, James made his way over to his sexy professor, a perverted idea forming in his head.

Katherine greeted him, her cheeks already growing red in anticipation, “Hi, James… I-“

“Shh, Kat,” James spoke quickly, “Give me your underwear.”

Eyes widening for a moment, Katherine bit her lip before scanning the classroom, confirming that she was alone with the handsome youth. “You are a naughty one, Mr. Marshall.” she whispered as her hands crept under her skirt. She hooked her thumbs through her panties and quickly stepped out of them before handing them to her student. “But, anything for you… Master.” She winked as she said the last word, sending a chill down James’ spine and through his cock. He stuffed his professor’s frilly thong into his pocket right as the door opened and students began to file into the classroom. He returned to his seat.

James kept a close eye on his professor throughout the lecture. To his surprise, going commando seemed to have little outward effect on Katherine. James could sense her lust, but she kept her composure well. Considering this, James decided to raise the stakes. Utilizing his magic and what he’d learned the night before with Lilith, James reached out with his mind and knocked the whiteboard marker Kat was using out of her hand. She froze as it hit the ground, and James grinned, ready for a show.

Professor Sharp bent down, sticking out her shapely ass as she reached for the marker. Her skirt was just long enough to hide her lower lips from the class’ view, though she blushed all the same. With another thought, James sent the marker rolling out of reach right as Katherine touched it. She blushed slightly, and her eyes darted over to meet James’. Dropping to all fours, she crawled forward and grabbed the marker. There was no hiding anything this time, and a small handful of students in the front row were treated to the view of a lifetime.

James was unsatisfied though, and it wasn’t long before he took things up another notch. illegal bahis His next trick required a bit more concentration, so he closed his eyes and focused on his own energy. He envisioned his magic as a spiraling storm, gale-force winds that threatened to blow away all in their path. But they were his to control, and so he tapped into this power, summoning forth a small gust of wind that blew through the classroom toward his voluptuous teacher.

“Ah!” Several students exclaimed as the gust blew away papers and messed with girls’ hair. James directed the breeze down the aisle of desks and up Professor Sharp’s skirt. Katherine did her best Marilyn Monroe impression, but couldn’t stop half the class from seeing her hairless pussy and spectacular ass. Her face went red and her eyes went wide, seemingly embarrassed by the display. But her nipples were hard as diamonds, and her pussy grew wet, thrilled by the knowledge that she had been seen in such a compromising position.

James could smell Kat’s growing desire, and he knew how much she had enjoyed that. She tried to regain control of the situation, “Must be that damn AC unit; I told the dean to get that looked at! Alright, settle down, class. Now, back to in-text citations-“

Professor Sharp succeeded in controlling her classroom, but James didn’t miss the looks passed between many of the boys and some of the girl students. Their eyes were on their work, but their minds lingered on their beautiful professor’s sexy display. Katherine herself was only going through the motions; she couldn’t keep desire from dominating her thoughts, and James couldn’t wait to take advantage of that.

As soon as class ended, James stood and walked over to Katherine’s desk. “James,” she whispered, watching her students file out of the classroom, “may I please have back my-“

“Not so fast, Professor…” James said, smiling lecherously, “You may ask for one thing, and one thing only. Choose wisely.” Her eyes went wide again, and she licked her lips while she impatiently waited for the class to empty. James watched the last of his classmates out of the corner of his eye. As soon as they were out the door, he closed it behind them and turned the lock, employing his magic once again.

“Now,” James turned his full attention back to his teacher, “You were saying, Kat?” Her eyes said it all, but he wanted to hear it from her lips.

“Please, James,” the horny professor begged, “Please fuck me.”

James smiled, “As you wish.” He closed the gap between them in an instant, pressing his lips to hers as his hand went straight to her pussy. He could feel how slick she was. “Well, Katherine. It seems you enjoyed your little show as much as your students.” He rubbed her wet folds while he kissed her neck and stroked her hair.

“No…” she tried to deny, “No, I didn’t. I-“

“Be honest, Katherine.” James ordered, teasing her clit with his thumb.

“Mmm… Fuck,” she threw her head back as James’ kisses trailed down to her collar bone. “Yes! Yes, I fucking loved it! I loved being watched!” She closed her eyes and moaned as James inserted a single finger into her.

“That’s more like it. It’s important that we be honest with ourselves, Kat.” he said, quoting Lilith. James removed his hand from her eager sex, eliciting a quiet groan from the auburn-haired beauty. He quickly spun her around and pushed her forward, bending her over her desk. She cried in surprise at the forceful move and caught herself on her hands.

James hiked up her skirt around her waist and dropped to his knees behind her. His hands gripped her tight ass and spread her cheeks to allow better access to her pink flower. Spreading her legs to accommodate him, Kat dropped her head and closed her eyes. She felt James’ breath on her ass, then his tongue on her pussy.

“Mmm… please, Master,” she moaned, gripping her desk as James expertly navigated her wet folds, “Please don’t stop…”

James ran his tongue up and down Kat’s slit, triggering a shiver and a moan from the woman with each pass. After repeating this for a short time, he stopped and stood up. Kat cast a look of disappointment over her shoulder, but she was pleased to see James pulling his shirt over his head, revealing his sculpted abs. He then dropped his jeans to the floor, releasing his formidable member.

Kat eyed his cock with open desire, her breathing heavy with lust. Standing behind her, James rested his penis in the crack of her ass. She rubbed against him desperately, as if pleading with him to stop teasing her. But James wasn’t done with his fun yet. He held his cock against her aching pussy, rubbing his length along her slit, torturing Kat with potential pleasure. When he finally placed the head at her entrance, she pushed back impatiently. James pulled away at the same time, stopping her from sinking onto his length.

“Please, James,” she begged, “I need you… Fuck me, please.” Her green eyes watched him longingly as he placed a hand on the small of her back to steady her as he lined himself up again.

Katherine quivered in anticipation, and James didn’t make her wait any longer. In one fluid thrust, he buried his cock all the way inside his professor’s waiting pussy. She immediately began to shudder under the throes of her first orgasm. James savored her sexual energy, but gave her no chance to rest. Holding onto her narrow waist, he began thrusting in and out of her sensitive womanhood; at the same time, he pressured her clit mentally.

“OHHH, FUUUUCK,” Kat nearly screamed, overwhelmed with pleasure and forced over the threshold of a second climax.

Enjoying the rush of sexual energy, but not wanting to go too far, he pulled out momentarily and let his beautiful professor rest. Her breathing evened out and her body relaxed, but James could still feel her desire, he could still taste her passion. His own lust had only grown, and his hard cock longed to be deep inside her again.

He dipped back into her wet folds, teasing her entrance again. Katherine shook her ass against him in delight. James continued to rub along her slit, his cock becoming slick with her juices. He pulled away before lining his cock up again, though not with her pussy. He placed the head of his cock against her asshole. Immediately, Kat looked over her shoulder at her handsome student. Her look was not one of fear or worry, but one of desirous apprehension. She chewed her lip and met James’ gaze with sultry eyes.

James took the hint and started to push into her tight sphincter, Kat’s own cum providing the lubricant. She groaned in ecstasy at the feeling of fullness as James sank his entire length into her ass. Her tight channel gripped him firmly and the two moaned together as he began to move inside her. It was slow going at first, as Katherine adjusted to James’ size and James adjusted to Katherine’s tightness. Soon though, James was building up an even pace as he moved in and out of her, sometimes pulling almost all the way out before burying himself again in her warm tunnel, his balls slapping against her pussy.

James leaned forward, reaching under Kat’s blouse and taking one of her breasts in his hand. His left hand massaged her tits and tweaked her hard nipples while his right hand grabbed a handful of her long hair and pulled her head back. She moaned in pleasure at being man-handled, and James could feel her passion building.

Whenever James would thrust into her, Kat would push back into him. The pleasure was so intense that James allowed his control over his sexual aura to slip momentarily. The influx of sexual energy pushed Kat over the edge once again, and this time she took James with her. She clamped down hard on her lover as her orgasm claimed her. James gasped at the sensation. As Katherine shook in euphoric joy, James felt a tightening in his balls. He held onto the woman for dear life as his own orgasm overtook him and he came hard in her ass, pumping load after load of semen into her. The release of sexual energy generated by their orgasms sent a rush of power flowing through James. The feeling was addicting, but he couldn’t enjoy it forever.

Pulling out, James collapsed against the desk. He turned around and let himself slide down the side of it until he sat on the floor, breathing hard. Kat joined illegal bahis siteleri him a moment later, crumpling unceremoniously into his lap. She grinned up at him with a look of contentment, which he returned. The two sat for a while as they caught their breath.

After some time, James climbed to his feet and dressed slowly. Remembering how this had all started, he fished his professor’s thong out of his pocket and offered it to her. She smiled, “Keep it. In case you get horny and I’m not around.” She stood up then and leaned over her desk, grabbing paper and a pen. James couldn’t help but stare at her round ass, and Katherine gave a little shake, knowing he was watching. “And,” she began, “in case you really can’t wait to see me…” She turned to him and handed him a note with her phone number and her home address.

After a parting kiss, James left his professor to clean up. After grabbing a bite to eat, he made his way to work. His shift was slow and boring, the work monotonous. The shop wasn’t very busy, so James occupied himself with busy work, organizing the storeroom and restocking supplies. Eventually he ran out of things to do, so he just leaned against the counter, waiting for customers.

It was during this slow shift that a familiar face appeared in the coffee shop. James looked up from his phone when he heard the door open, ready to greet the customer. When he did, he met the gaze of a beautiful Asian business woman. The same business woman who had flirted with James and given him her number a few days before.

She looked to be in her mid-thirties, maybe a little older. If that was the case, then she had aged gracefully. Her body was fit, and her slim and shapely figure was accentuated by her tight pants and fashionable blazer. Her low-cut blouse showed the top of her modest cleavage. Her black hair was tied up in a bun, and her pretty face bore a playful smile as she approached James.

James himself was silent as the woman strode toward the counter. “What?” she spoke when they were finally face to face, “Not going to offer me extra cream?” James raised an eyebrow and a lewd grin tugged at the corner of his mouth.

“Sam!” James called back to his manager, “Run the register for me; I’m taking a break.” The effeminate man emerged quickly from the office, happy to follow James’ orders.

James came around the other side of the counter and gestured for the woman to follow him. As he led her to the storeroom, he began to focus his aura of lust on her. This wasn’t really necessary however; the woman hadn’t come to the shop because she wanted coffee. She was already filled with desire for the college student. James held the storeroom door open for her. “My,” she said, “such a gentleman…” James slapped her ass as she walked past him, eliciting a quiet “Ooh!” and a horny smile from the woman. Following behind her, he closed the door. The two were alone in the small, dark room.

Immediately, James felt a hand on his crotch and the woman began rubbing him through his pants. A second hand grabbed his collar and pulled him down slightly. “Get down here,” a sultry voice whispered close to his face before he felt the woman’s lips thrust onto his own. James allowed his own hands to roam as the two made out, squeezing her tight ass and feeling up her breasts through her shirt. The two fumbled in the dark for a couple minutes, kissing passionately and tearing at the other’s clothes blindly.

Letting out an exasperated laugh, the woman spoke, “Fuck it. Turn the light on.” James felt behind him for the switch and flicked it on. Suddenly bathed in light, James stared as the Asian beauty before him undid her bun and shook out her long black hair before peeling off her jacket and blouse, exposing more of her porcelain skin. Stepping out of her black heels, she looked up at the man expectantly, “You gonna make me wait, big guy? Let’s see the goods.”

James quickly tore off his apron, kicked away his shoes, and took off his shirt. In that time, the woman had discarded her pants and now stood before James in only her bra and panties. He was struck by her incredible beauty, her pale skin seemed flawless. Her B-cup breasts were perfectly proportioned to her small frame. She purred in appreciation at James’ body as well, admiring his chiseled abs, “Mm… lookin’ good, big guy.” As James peeled off his slacks and tossed them to the side, the woman’s eyes went straight to the prominent bulge in his boxer-briefs.

She licked her lips in anticipation and closed distance between her and her prey, her delicate hand going straight for the kill. Closing her fingers around James’ large cock, she fished him out of his boxers and dropped to her knees before him, dragging his last article of clothing down the rest of the way as she did. While he kicked his boxers to the side, the petite woman engulfed James’ cock head in her mouth. He sighed with pleasure at the wet embrace. Beneath him, the woman began to bob her head while she reached behind her with one hand and undid her bra, exposing her perky breasts.

She brought her hands back to James’ dick. He was too thick for her to be able to wrap her fingers around him completely. She began stroking his shaft with both hands, licking and sucking the head all the while.

“Fuck…” James groaned. The sensation was incredible, and James had to steady himself by holding onto the woman’s hair. She moaned at his touch, looking up into his eyes as she continued to work his cock with her mouth. She dropped one hand to his large balls, fondling and squeezing lightly.

James moaned aloud at the sensory overload and felt raw ecstasy coursing through him as the woman brought him to orgasm. He closed his eyes and savored the rush of sexual energy. She massaged his balls and stroked him as he came, not letting up on the pleasure until he was done cumming. She caught the first rope of semen on her tongue, letting the rest fall on her tits. She reached over and grabbed James’ work apron, using it to wipe the cum off her body.

James’ orgasm began to subside at last, and he opened his eyes and looked down at the black-haired beauty. She smiled seductively as she ran a delicate finger along the sensitive underside of his still-twitching erection. She kissed the tip of his cock and rose to her feet.

Despite the earth-shattering pleasure he was recovering from, James was still rock hard. And his lust had not abated. He grabbed the small woman and pulled her to him, leaning down and kissing her hard on the mouth. “Mmm,” she moaned once they’d separated, “not satisfied?” In answer, he reached down and literally tore her panties off her. “Ooh!” she squealed in aroused surprise.

James grasped her slender waist with both hands before lifting her up and holding her at eye level. She quickly threw her arms over his shoulders, holding onto his strong neck while her legs wrapped around his torso. James shifted his grip so that he was supporting her by holding her shapely ass. She met his gaze with a look of unabashed desire, a wide smile on her beautiful face, her heart beating in anticipation.

James lowered her slightly, so that the head of his cock nestled in the woman’s wet folds. She bit her lip and moved her hips slowly, rubbing her slit over the tip of his manhood. Her hard nipples rubbed against James’ chest, and she let out a quiet moan.

With controlled strength, James let the petite woman drop slowly onto his member. The woman was unbelievably tight, and she groaned in pleasure as she slid down on his cock, eventually taking his entire length. “Ohhh my godddd…” she moaned once James had bottomed out inside her, the head of his cock pressing against her cervix.

Not interested in giving her time to adjust, James began thrusting in and out of her tight pussy. With each push into her, he rubbed against her most tender spots, causing her to moan uncontrollably. She rested her head against James’ shoulder as he continued to push up into her. Still holding the slender woman, James walked to the far wall of the room and pinned her against it. This freed up one of his hands, allowing him to tease her clit and play with her nipples as he fucked her.

This pushed her over the edge and sent her spiraling into the depths of a powerful orgasm. “Yess! canlı bahis siteleri Ohhh fuuuck, yesss!” she screamed into James’ neck as she came. Wracked with overwhelming pleasure, she shook in James’ arms and squeezed his cock mercilessly. Basking in her euphoria, James felt the woman’s orgasm almost as intensely as she did. His body flooded with sexual energy; he felt raw power surge through him.

Pulling out of the gorgeous Asian, he lowered her softly to the floor before taking up position again between her legs. Having finally come down from her orgasm, she spread her legs for James and accepted him into her. Her warm embrace welcomed him back and he resumed thrusting forcefully into her, gripping her hips as he did. The two moaned together as their pleasure built again. And when she came a second time, James kept up his pace before erupting inside her.

As the beautiful woman milked his cock with her tight pussy, James experienced another rush of sheer bliss. He could feel his body absorbing the woman’s very essence, draining her of sexual energy and empowering him further. When he at last stopped cumming, he extracted himself from between her legs and fell back panting. It took considerable willpower for James to suppress his power after such a feast, but he managed to reign in his emotions and his lust. He watched the petite woman’s heaving chest as she regained control of her body as well.

Eventually the two sat up and stared at each other. She was the first to break the silence, smiling as she stood and spoke, “You better call me this time; I don’t know how long I can wait to do that again.” She offered him a seductive wink as she gathered her clothes and began to dress.

James laughed as he stood and did the same, “I don’t even know your name.”

“Tina.” She answered with a smile as she slipped into her heels.

James returned the smile, “Nice to meet you, Tina. I’m James.”

“I know,” Tina responded, “It’s on your name tag, big guy.”

“Oh, right,” said James, looking down at his apron, damp with cum, “Right…”

The two laughed and shared a quick kiss before Tina opened the storeroom door. As she left, she looked over her shoulder and said, “I’ll see you around, James… Don’t be a stranger.” Then, with a wink, she was gone.

James let out a deep breath. Tina had taken a lot out of him; he could tell she was going to be a handful. He finished getting dressed, balled up his mess of an apron and headed back to the front of the shop. Sam was still standing at the counter, smiling and waiting. The place was still dead, and it was nearly closing time. James decided he’d just bail, leaving the rest to his manager. Sam didn’t seem to mind, as usual, thanks to a little power of suggestion from James’ magic.

When James got home, he threw his apron in the laundry and took a quick shower before returning to the living room. His roommates were both out, so James took a seat at the kitchen table and unloaded the stack of books he had borrowed from the library. He pored over them one by one, trying to learn all he could about myths and legends involving the Temple of Venus and Lilith.

Over the next few hours, James learned a great deal about Aphrodite, or Venus as she was known in Roman mythology. While it was interesting, it didn’t seem to relate at all to the Temple or to Lilith. None of the texts made any mention at all of the Temple of Venus. Though there were numerous allusions to temples dedicated to the goddess of love, none matched the deion of the golden realm James had come to think of as a second home.

He narrowed his search to any mention of Lilith, in an attempt to learn something… anything about his mistress.

The name Lilith popped up in various myths and stories, in Jewish and Christian ure, in Mesopotamian legends, in classical literature. The woman known as Lilith was different in each story: she was a demoness, she was a vampire, she stole babies in the night, she was the serpent that brought sin to the Garden of Eden. The only common theme between the different accounts was that Lilith was a beautiful temptress, the incarnation of sin and lust, and she was wholly evil.

James shut the last book and leaned back. “None of them have it right…” he whispered to himself. He felt like he had still learned nothing about the woman he pledged his life to, and now he felt ashamed for seeking answers to a question Lilith had already promised to answer herself. James decided he would be patient. His mistress would tell him more when she was ready. With a yawn, he packed up the books and went to his room, ready to forget all the lies and myths about Lilith and spend time with the real deal.

After crawling into bed and falling asleep on Earth, James awoke in the Temple of Venus, face to face with his mistress. The gorgeous demoness watched her agent with sparkling blue eyes and tucked a loose strand of long black hair behind her ear. “Miss me?” she asked with a smile.

James answered her with a sensuous kiss. Their tongues danced together as the two moved to their usual resting place, the pile of opulent cushions that Lilith had summoned.

Mistress and servant rolled together on their comfortable bed, their hands and tongues exploring one another as if it was their first time. James slowly caressed her soft bronze skin, running his hands along her graceful curves and massaging her large breasts. Without a word, Lilith wrapped her tail around James’ hard cock and guided it to her waiting pussy. They needed no words to express how they felt, what they wanted, or what they needed. Their connection was beyond that.

They made love slowly and passionately, savoring every thrust, every kiss, and every warm touch. James tried to memorize every inch of the demoness’ flawless form; he never wanted to forget the feeling of being in her arms. Their bodies seemed to fit together perfectly, like lock and key, made for each other.

As their breathing deepened and their pleasure grew, their lovemaking became more frantic, more animalistic. With their hands locked overhead, their lips unwilling to part, and their bodies joined at their sex, the two moved as one. Lilith’s wings wrapped around them both, holding them close together. They writhed and moaned, thrusting together sporadically in an attempt to drive the other to orgasm.

Finally, they felt that sweet release of pressure, that full body explosion of pleasure. They froze, James’ cock engulfed completely in Lilith’s warm pussy. They stared into each other’s eyes as they fed off their shared ecstasy. Minutes passed, but they were unwilling to separate. Neither had the will to pull away from the other, and so they lay together, joined physically and spiritually. After what felt like an eternity, James pulled out of his mistress. The two lay next to one another, eyes closed and still holding onto each other.

Eventually, Lilith spoke up, whispering softly as she snuggled deeper into James’ embrace, “What was that about?”

James offered a nearly-imperceptible shrug, “You asked if I missed you. You got your answer.”

Lilith smiled and kissed James’ cheek. “How about we skip training, just for tonight?”

“Works for me,” answered James, before wrapping his arms tight around his mistress and drifting off to sleep alongside her.

For the next week, things continued in this way. James spent his nights with Lilith in the Temple of Venus, training to control his ever-growing power and sharing his lust, and love, with his mistress. During the day, James went to school, he went to work, he behaved like a regular college student. But at every opportunity, he was gathering sexual energy for Lilith, he was siphoning essence from his sexual conquests.

He fucked Jess in the janitor’s closet between classes, he went down on Kat in her classroom, he banged Lindsay in the back of his car. He got closer to Tina as well. He found out that she was recently divorced and seriously horny. She became a regular at the shop during James’ shifts, and he even visited her at her law office down the street on one occasion.

Magic quickly became second nature to James. He continued to impress Lilith with his growth and with his potential. He no longer had any issues with controlling his sexual energy; he now had complete command over his power. James had confidence like never before, and when he was with his mistress, he was truly happy.

Life was good… until it wasn’t.

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