Alice Manipulated Ch. 10

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In this chapter the senior high schoolgirl Sheena confronts tiny Alice’s hypnotherapist after the sassy ponytail cheer leader discovers a patch of her freshly shampooed hair matted with sticky sperm and she demands answers from him and meanwhile across town Alice, 21, is getting ready for a long coming hot threesome with bi Beverley, 30, and her 60 year-old but athletic and erotic lover Bernard.


Dr JG Dalliance is living dangerously for sexing up the good looking teenage blonde school cheer leader with the long tanned legs, tight backside and beautiful breasts while she was hypnotised as he treated her. He sneaked over the line with 18 year-old ‘cover girl’ office prick teaser Jenny (Manipulating Jenny Chapter 13) only because she pretended to ‘go under’ to see what happens and turned his dirty dalliance around for her own exhibitionist turn-on. However, the hot looking Sheena may be something entirely different. She’s angry and she’s on her way to have it out with him about how come there’s cum in her hair when she shampooed it just before seeing him.

Sheena arrives at his door wearing the same pale blue Reebok joggers but this time she’s not in her mini skirt, she’s wearing pale blue micro mini shorts made from the ‘second skin’ spandex lycra elasticised material that gave all the young women swimmers such good camel toe pussy appearances in their Beijing Olympic bids for notoriety, made better when the manufacturers of the superior slippery seal type skin fabric made it possible for every swimmer to have access to the stunning swimsuits that were so fragile they were only safe for up to five swims before being replaced at $500 a pop. Still, all the girls squeezed into them and vagina cracks became VIPs — Very Important Places – the way they advertised the curvy female form, especially when wet. But spoil sport TV cameras kept the focus slightly above the pubic swell or the sport might have become too sexy for early night viewing.

Naturally Dr Dalliance made up for what he missed watching the women swimmers at the Olympics as soon as he set eyes on Sheena’s cracking hot camel toe shiny shorts. Like the swimmers at the Olympics, you’d need to have a hairless pussy and nothing else under the material which loves to outline a girl’s gorgeous sweet spot — obviously another man-made fibre.

“I want to see you, I am not happy at all,” she almost screams at him as he ushers her inside quickly so nobody hears her. He knows why she’s angry but he tries to get her on side quickly by praising how pretty she looks in her size 10 shorts cut right to the tops of her shapely smooth thighs and promoting the big V curve sweeping down between her legs.

She’s wearing just a breast covering boob tube also in pale blue but it’s not spandex, its soft satin, with her navel sporting the gemstone piercing paid by her father for her recent 18th. After her previous epode with him and her revelations under hypnosis he wonders if she’s celebrating more than her Well, well, well he wonders, how often did her daddy go to her well.

“Please calm down a minute and take it easy and I’ll listen to what you have to say,” he suggests, as he plonks himself into his executive leather chair as she stands in front of him fuming. “Before you attack me for whatever reason I don’t know as I only tried to help you yesterday, I just want to say how lovely you look in that outfit; it really suits you and those shorts are simply stunning on you.”

“Thank you doctor but don’t try to suck up to me now there’s something going on here; I came in here after school yesterday my hair perfectly tidy because I just showered and shampooed it when I got out of my school clothes so how come, I mean how come, I find a man’s cum in my hair in the morning?”

“That’s a good question Sheena,” he says with fresh vigour in his voice just realising how he can get out of his dilemma as he looks straight into the crack of her vagina, such a nice wide and deep crevice that almost takes his mind off what he’s saying.”

“Well, how about it? What have you got to say for yourself doctor? How did your cum get into my hair?

“Why are you asking me? Perhaps you should ask your mother to ask your father about it,” he replies efficiently. “It’s not mine,” he lies. “Do you think for one minute I would risk my reputation doing something untoward like that? It’s quite preposterous to even suggest it. You should apologise to me.”

“Wait a minute doctor. What are you talking about, bringing my mother into it? I’m having a hard time enough as it is without you mentioning her.”

“More like you’re having a hard time with your father my dear girl but a hard time in another way.”

“Look doctor, I don’t know where you’re coming from I just want answers about this sticky mess you put in my hair when I was under hypnosis.”

“That my sweet young Sheena you should ask your father about, not me. Let me tell you something and I’ll make it clear, in my pre hypnosis conversations with you yesterday bursa escort bayan you admitted that your father comes to your room after your mother goes to bed supposedly to help you with your homework, and not only that he brings you alcohol your mother doesn’t know about.”

“So what!” she retorts. “Lots of fathers go to their daughters bedrooms. It’s been going on through the ages and I read somewhere that nearly half of all girls have sexual experience by someone before they reach 12 but my daddy doesn’t do that sort of thing. Can’t a man be close to his daughter without finger pointing? He’s a good man like I told you, he was a former champion gymnast and he taught me lots of movements and that helped me get the role as our school team’s cheer leader.”

He’s enjoying this, painting her into a corner and the more they argue it out the more delicious she’s looking in her sexy lack of clothing. “Ah yes Sheena, I do recall you saying that, like you learnt to do handstands in your early tweeny years and you can lift your leg right up vertically above your head and stand on the other leg while you do it and…”

“Yes I can do that but I never told you that, where did you hear that because daddy helped me perfect that and I never told you that.”

“But you did, and lots of other nice things when you were under hypnosis.”

“This is getting us nowhere,” she accuses. “Are you going to admit to doing something when I was in a trance?” He stares at the big V between her thighs and can tell there’s nothing on under her tight lycra shorts.

“Of course I’m not. Do you sleep well?”

“Yes but what’s that got to do with why I’m here? What about this cum in my hair. If you admit you did it I’ll consider not reporting it.”

“Whoa there Sheena,” he says with a touch of agitation. “That’s very nice of you and I won’t report my findings to your mother. Don’t forget she sent you to me and she’s paying my bill and she wants to know if there’s been anything going on in your bedroom at night. What am I going to tell her?”

“There’s nothing to tell so leave her out of this. I don’t want her cranking up another argument with daddy, he’s done nothing wrong but she’ll make something out of nothing given the chance.”

“The reason I asked do you sleep well is that when I asked you before I put you under yesterday do you masturbate and you said you did often twice a day — when you wake up to feel good and when you go to bed to sleep well. And you added the very important words ‘I need the extra orgasm to sleep better’ so that tells me something.”

“So what if I did? There’s nothing wrong with touching yourself. I can see you staring at my tight shorts so maybe my pussy will make you want to masturbate when you go to bed thinking of me. You haven’t taken your eyes off it have you?”

“Actually you’re right, I haven’t because you have a beautiful pussy judging by the way it’s fighting to get out of those thin skin shorts. Oh yes and thank you for making it possible for me to enjoy looking at you, I can see the whole shape of your pussy from where I sit. Yes very neat indeed.”

“Do you mind? I mean, do you mind! Stop looking at my shorts and make sense.”

“Okay Sheena, you needed the extra orgasm going to bed, so when did you have the previous one? It must have been very close to the time you went to bed otherwise you would not have said it that way. Oh, but you don’t have to tell me, I’ve worked it out. Daddy was there.

“Sheena your father and you are very close. It became apparent in our talk yesterday and much more so when you were under hypnosis. I suggest to you that your father either put that in your hair when you were awake or he came to your room after you went to sleep and jerked off looking at you because you sleep with no clothes and he only has to pull the bed sheet back and admire your beauty. In fact, I think he’s been doing that for a very long time and your cosy games have been going on since heaven knows when, maybe since that fine body of yours first started taking a pristine pussy firm sexy shape.”

“You’re mad. You weren’t there, how would you know! I should definitely report you for professional misconduct.”

“Go ahead, where’s the proof. Don’t forget I can advise your mother what has been going on behind her back and daddy would get into big trouble.”

“You wouldn’t dare. You’re just guessing.”

“By the way, you are a very good dancer. I gather your gymnastic skills rubbed off from your father being a champion in those indoor contests.”

“Well so what? It’s got nothing to do with this in my hair besides daddy taught me lots of floor routines back when I was in my last year at primary and getting ready for junior high because I wanted to follow in his footsteps and become a rhythmic gymnast. Big deal Mr Hypnotiser.”

“The point I’m making here Sheena is that your assertions about improper conduct are quite damaging to my fine reputation but I think we can arrive at gorukle escort a sensible solution here. What I have to deal with is how I explain to your mother about your secret thrills with her husband.”

“There you go again!” she shouts. “You’re making things up just to get yourself out of hot water.”

“No I’m not and I’ll demonstrate why in a minute. You both have been, well to put it nicely, very affectionate with each other right through and….”

“I’m not putting up with this doctor, I’m…I’m…”

“Going to sit down and listen,” he finishes for her. “My brief from your mother was to ascertain if you were doing things behind her back she wouldn’t approve of, perhaps in fear you could be maybe having sex with him of some kind as she says he’s not as much interested in her that way since you became a teen. She says and I quote her exact words ‘it’s been going on for years’ but she could not specify anything and I suggested she’s probably worrying over nothing, but she’s expecting me to report back to her sometime today.

“Now when you were under hypnosis you I suggested to you that it was late in the evening and your father had just come into your room to have a talk with you. I had to be sure you were fully hypnotised, by that I mean appearing quite awake but perfectly receptive as if in real time.

“I started by asking who’s your daddy and you answered, ‘you are daddy, that’s a silly question’ so I attempted to enact a possible scenario.”

You’re just fantasising aren’t you,” she fires back. “I’ve heard that men do it a lot about younger women. You’re just trying to trick me with mumbo jumbo.”

“I’ll ignore your silly assertion and continue, thank you. I asked you, but you thought it was your father actually asking, what would you like to do to make him happy and you said you’d dance for him with no clothes on because you didn’t have a costume to put on. Now the dance you did for him Sheena, I witnessed it on this very floor, was very exotic and very erotic.

“You were wearing clothes of course,” he lies so he can’t be blamed for taking advantage of her actually taking everything off in his consultation. (hot Chapter 9) “But in your mind you were dancing naked for him. You were doing things like a cross between an Arabian belly dancer and an adult club pole dancer then you went into a series of floor exercises, very graceful I must say, but somewhat explicit if you were in fact nude, but of course you only thought you were. By explicit I mean sitting back on your bottom with both legs stretched flat on the floor in opposite directions and in a straight line that you been naked would have made that sweet little pussy open nice and wide for the audience to applause. Definitely a 10 out of 10 from the rhythmic floor routine judges for muscular manipulation as these judges do like to see what you’re made of inside, although the one had stoked me the most was how you squatted back on your ankles knees wide apart and had your head right back on the floor behind you. Mind you, had you been naked it would have been very revealing for your pussy, or should I call you kitten?”

She looks stunned and scowls. “This is crap doctor, so big deal I learnt all that in primary school like lots of kids learn to dance and do gym stuff. So big deal you think I did it in my clothes or without clothes but it wasn’t real was it?”

“That’s the whole point Sheena, it was real to you. In your hypnotic state you were acting out something you’d actually done before, in this case the mixture of floor routines and dancing it was a connection to your memories.

“Well my father wasn’t in my room last night because he had a meeting that went late and I’d gone to bed even before he got home so ha ha! It’s just you making me imagine something.”

“Sheena, you’re missing the point. Certainly he was not in your room when we had this hypnosis session, but you were enacting something that did occur in your room maybe years ago like we all call up things from the past in our dreams. Those memories seem quite raunchy to me being a normal adult man.”

“Look, I’m a schoolgirl don’t forget, and you were the only man I saw from late yesterday and I didn’t go out anywhere after dark and I wake up in the morning and wonder why my soft hair is tangled up and there it is, someone’s left his mark in my lovely blonde hair. It had to be you,” she insists.

“Dear Sheena, I can understand your confusion and you are terribly confused. It wasn’t me because even if I was just slightly inclined that way I would have undressed you and had intercourse while I had the chance, not wank off in your hair.(Just as well she didn’t wake up)

“Your father did it.”

“What! You accuse my father of pulling his dick and coming in my hair, how utterly ridiculous!”

He switches track suddenly to catch her off guard knowing she wouldn’t have a clue what she actually said under hypnosis. “What’s kitten mean to you?”

She bursa merkez escort bayan frowns at him with a puzzled look in her eyes as though searching for something to say. “Now you are getting right off the track about what I’m here for, you’re the guilty party not me so stop trying to change the subject.”

“Well if you’ve got nothing to hide just tell me what it means, it’s quite harmless really.”

“All right but it’s got no bearing whatsoever on this problem you’ve got yourself into.”

“Kitten was daddy’s nickname for me in my tweeny days but that’s going back a long time ago so I can’t see what you’re getting at. Get back to what I’m here for and stop trying to change the subject.”

“Okay then Sheena, let me play this bit of tape back I recorded when you were in your hypnotic trance. You will recognise your own voice I’m sure. That’s me asking questions making out I’m your daddy.” He goes to a cabinet and puts the recorder on his desk as she stands there looking even more delicious in her skimpy clothes. His mouth is watering. She’s got the kind of body to make any man’s mouth water. He switches the recorder on.

“Daddy’s kitten wants to play,” a giggling voice says as she makes purring noises with her tongue. Sheena looks startled.

“You like my titty buds now they’re growing bigger don’t you daddy? You know they are so don’t tell me.”

Dr Dalliance is delighted at the way Sheena stares frozen in shock hearing her own voice played back. It’s back to the future but no time for a time machine. He adjusts the recorder in stops and starts to capture spine tingling evidence of someone’s secret thrills. All Sheena hears is a collection of comments she made under hypnosis but speaking in a younger voice. She’s shell shocked at the shellacking the devious doctor is treating her to right now as he presses the start button again to hear more of her wondrous ways way back.

“Okay daddy I know what, I’ll dance for you.”

“What costume will you wear kitten?” he asks.

“Oh I haven’t got one, but I’ll wear something next time, besides I look good without anything you know that. Give me marks out of ten again.

“See daddy I can do it now that we practice together.

“Oh daddy you’re so silly, all girls can do that and so could you if you had a pussy instead of that lovely big cock he he.

“Oh daddy you know, kitten likes to get her cream.

“You like playing around with pussy don’t you?

“Are you going to spank me on my bare bum again?

“Yes I know and you can have your way with me if I behave.

“Meow meow, purr purr. Am I getting it now? Put it in me.

“Come all over me daddy, kitten deserves her cream

“In my face, put it in my face.” (Alice Manipulated Ch 9)

The deviant Dr Dalliance cleverly edited the tape so all her incriminating conversation is undeniable but he stops short of playing back her highly emotive voice once he penetrated her. He wants her to think what he played was the end of it.

“So there young Sheena, I stopped the hypnotic interview at that stage because I didn’t want you to go through a replay of you having intercourse keeping it in the family style as I’m certain what happened.” He’s right and he should know. She’s lost for words, completely dumbfounded and looks at him as if she’s about to cry.”

“My god, don’t show that to my mother or there’ll be a divorce and daddy will end up in big trouble. Look I’ll forget about what happened about my hair if you don’t tell mom anything of the kind. It will be like world war three. I can’t believe I said all that. I just can’t believe it.”

“He’s been bonking you for quite some time hasn’t he Sheena?”

She’s in such shock, her hands against the sides of her face just staring at the recorder she answers him like a robot. “It was primary school.” Her dazed reply even surprises him but his quick question came from the left field and caught her off guard, still staring at the recorder.

“Are you serious?” he exclaims, his voice excitedly upbeat. Then? It was then? You were really into it then! My god! Was it that good then? Did you come?”

“Yes, he always made sure of that. But what you put on the tape there was nearly a year later.”

“A year later than what? he asks, his curiosity careering out of control.

“My first. My virginity. That.”

“My god, you are amazing. Just look at you, one of the most attractive young women I’ve seen in a long time and with a near perfect body and you were getting it that long ago. I can’t believe it but I do, I know it happens but I’ve never met anyone. You must have looked like a puritan princess then, immaculate and unspoiled.”

“Well I did have a sexy looking tweeny shape even then. Our family doctor said I was one of the earliest kids of my time reaching puberty a week after my tenth birthday but to settle mom down he explained that today’s kids are reaching puberty much earlier now and research tells doctors it’s no longer as uncommon for girls that age to start developing. Rosebuds he called them. My rosebuds started then and became big upraised mounds and from then on everything took off. MY hips and bum filled out and I wasn’t as skinny. I had a junior woman’s figure with real curves and mom made me wear a bra at 11. I was really excited.”

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