Alice was a Seaside Favourite Pt. 01

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The first part of a fictional series about a small coastal village in Suffolk UK, which had many hidden liaisons, and relationships.


“Oh god Mike, I’m going to cum, fuck, don’t stop, go on, go on, oh my god, yeeesss!”

Alice certainly enjoyed having sex, and once I’d been invited in, I learned how she had a bit of a reputation in the community, at least amongst the men.

I stepped back from the leather armchair, on which Alice was kneeling. My cock was still hard, and glistening with her pussy juices. I could see over her shoulder the beach, and coastal path to the right, and to the left, the only street, or perhaps lane, that led down to the seafront.

Alice loved to have early morning sex in front of the corner ‘turret’ window, high up, overlooking the small Suffolk coastal village. Which is how I came to be there that Wednesday morning.

I’d recently bought a small cottage after my retirement, and now on my own again, I’d decided to enjoy my life in the place where I’d had so many happy holidays with my family. Little did I realise what a ‘liberal’ place it was.

“Wow Alice, if you carry on doing that, I’m going to cum, …bloody hell, slow down…”

But Alice ignored my pleas. She had one intent.

With inevitability, I groaned loudly, and began ejaculating into her mouth. It had been a very long time since my last blowjob, and Alice seemed to be enjoying her ‘breakfast.’

Without spilling a drop she sat back smiling, and relished in displaying for me, her sixty something naked body.

It had worn well. My gaze travelled from her curly blonde hair, flowing over her slightly freckled shoulders, downwards to her ample breasts, not yet too elderly to be described that way, and then her close cropped pussy, slightly gaping where I had been, with its plump swollen labia.

Finally, with purpose, she stood up and suggested, “Tea or coffee?”

“Coffee please, with just a dash of milk.”

Alice grabbed her bathrobe. I collected my clothes from the floor, and leaning on a nearby table, struggled back into my boxers, and trousers.

This was last summer, and it was the precursor to what I can only describe as a year of sexual adventures!

It was a little beyond 8.30am and, apparently, I was the latest in a long line of Alice’s ‘conquests.’

I was here because I’d witnessed, the day before, Alice having sex in front of the same window, with the landlord of the local pub. I’d been strolling down to the sea in the early morning sunshine when I’d casually looked up to see the top half of her naked body leaning over the back of the armchair. Fascinating though it was to glimpse her swinging tits, I looked away in slight embarrassment.

But, of course, the temptation to look back was too much, and when I did, I stood still, and stared upwards.

I felt myself blush, when Alice seemed to give a little half wave. I hurried on, averting my eyes, and with a mixture of excitement and curiosity, I continued my stroll onto the beach.

I asked myself, “Was that deliberate exhibitionism?

The answer was emphatically “Yes.”

After my stroll along the beach casino siteleri I stopped at the craft hut which had a little coffee shop attached, and in the brief couple of weeks that I’d lived in the village, I’d made a habit of stopping for a coffee. The owner was another older woman, a part time artist, who’d originally taken on the craft hut as an outlet for her work. And like ‘Topsy’ it had grown. She had added the coffee shop to take advantage of current trends.

Betty was a bit of a bohemian, free flowing colourful skirts, I suspected no bra, but I didn’t like to stare, and with tousled hair, grey, but bleached by the sun.

Having passed the time of day, and had a flat white, it was just past 10am when I set off back home. As I reached the corner, I couldn’t help but look up at the turret window. It was disappointingly empty, and as I sighed inwardly, I was startled by a voice from behind the hedge.

“It’s surprising what you get to see if you’re up and about early.”

Taking another step, I saw Alice standing in the gateway to her house. I was flustered, and mumbled unconvincingly, “I try not to be too nosey, but I’m new to the village.”

Laughing loudly, Alice replied, “I know, you’ve moved into ‘Holly Cottage’ haven’t you? Mike Cottingham isn’t it?”

She seemed remarkably well informed.

“It’s OK, Jim, the landlord of ‘ The Lobster Pot’ told me. It’s him who you saw me with earlier.”

Alice seemed unphased by her reference to me seeing her having sex. She continued, “Oh, you look really worried. Hey, come on in and have a cuppa, or are you busy this morning?”

I accepted the invitation, and followed Alice indoors.

Her house was open plan downstairs, and as she boiled the kettle, I took a seat on a stool at the breakfast bar.

As we chatted, I found it quite easy to get along with her. She was a widow who’d lived in the village for thirty odd years. But I got the sense straight away that she’d gained a reputation, which she seemed to freely admit.

It was a first chance to observe her body, and the way she moved seemed to promise so much in my imagination. When she came and sat on the stool next to me, there was no disguising the obvious physical contact, thigh against thigh, as she took her place. My pulse rate increased when she placed her hand on my knee and said, “Why don’t you come by early tomorrow for breakfast.”

To me this was a blatent signal, and wasn’t going to be missed.

“Of course, I’d love to, what time do you want me?” It sounded odd, the way I said it.

“Well, I’m sure you noticed earlier that I like an early start,” she smirked, and touched my knee again. “Let’s say 7.30ish, don’t be late.”

“Oh I won’t be,” I said hurriedly, as I stood to leave.

For the rest of the day my imagination ran wild.

“You’re damned good at it, I must say, I don’t often cum the first time with someone new, you certainly pressed the right buttons.”

Alice seemed very appreciative as she passed me the mug of coffee.

“You were pretty good yourself, you have a wonderful body, one that’s meant for making love.”

Alice smiled. “Well you ought slot oyna to know that a lot of the men in the village might say the same thing,” she gave me a long wink, and put a finger knowingly to her nose.

I found out over the next few weeks the true meaning behind that, and one or two of the women in the village were testament to it as well.

It was confirmed fairly quickly by chatting with Jim.

One afternoon I had popped into the pub for a beer. The pub was quiet, and after a few words about the football, and the weather, he took me to one side and said confidentially, “I gather we both have an interest in Miss Alice.”

It was a statement rather than a question.

“She did seem to say that to me, I”ll back off if you want me to, I don’t want to rock any boats.”

“God forbid,” was Jim’s reply, “She likes to play the field, I accept that’s the way it is.”

After that, Jim and I seemed to get on fine, so much so that when I let it be known I needed my garden sorting out, he asked his temporary bar staff if they wanted any extra work, ‘cash in hand.’

It so happened that one of them interested, was Rachel, his niece, back home from uni, and living with mum, Lora, above the pub. Lora had left her alcoholic husband, and Jim had taken her in.

After Jim had asked around, Rachel chatted to me in the pub, and we arranged a couple of hours two afternoons the next week. I told her that the work wasn’t too heavy, just tidying up and so on, and after Jim had rearranged his bar rota it was all sorted.

My cottage was one of two semi detached, at the end of a lane. The other half was owned by a gay couple from London, who used it as a weekend retreat. Rachel arrived, and after going to the wrong door, I found her wandering around the back of the other cottage.

There was a gate between the gardens so I let her through, and showed her what I wanted doing.

She’d come suitably dressed in old clothes, but the weather was very warm, and when I looked out later, to see how she was getting on, she had stripped down to shorts and a thin t-shirt.

My eyes popped, but I managed not to be seen peering out. However, I did take out some iced lemonade, and I tried not to stare at her pert breasts and nipples, damp against the cotton fabric.

As I left her to finish off the flower bed that she was clearing, I mentioned that she was welcome to use the hot tub when she’d done. All I had to do was to take off the cover.

“That would be great Mike.” She seemed really keen on that idea, but then realised she had no swimming cozzie with her.

Daringly I said, “Well if I promise not to look you can go in skinny dipping.”

“OK, I’ll tell you when, take off the cover now, and it’ll be ready. for me”

When I retreated inside, I heard nothing except the gentle slurp of the hot tub.

After about ten minutes there came the sound of the bubbles, and I gathered that Rachel had got in and was relaxing.

I shouted out through the open door, “You alright? Do you want another drink?”

I wasn’t expecting Rachel to say, “Yes please,” but she did, followed by, “Keep your eyes closed.”

Having canlı casino siteleri made the drink, I stepped halfway through the door and shouted, “Coming, I’ve got my eyes closed, but I’m gonna break my neck if I’m not careful.”

As I got within reach, Rachel shrieked, “You’re looking, you’re looking.”

“I’m not! I promise.” I replied.

“OK, but I bet you will peep.”

As I felt her take the drink I heard the rush of water as she stood up.

It was no contest, I opened my eyes.

Rachel stood there, wet, naked, nubile, sexual.

“Cheat, rotten sod, you promised.” But surprisingly Rachel made no attempt to cover herself. Seeing my embarrassment, she teasingly spread her legs wider.

Averting my eyes I spluttered, “I’m sorry, I do apologise Rachel,” as I turned to go.

Like a bolt from the blue, I heard Rachel’s response.

“Why don’t you join me.”

There was a long pause before she added, “Go on, I won’t tell anyone, I’m twenty one, I can make up my own mind. No cozzie either!”

“Oh Rachel, you’re the devil incarnate.”

I didn’t bother to think anything. I stripped.

Self consciously, I climbed in, and sat opposite Rachel. She smiled across at me, and deliberately found my feet, and started to play footsie with me.

“Look, this is not something I planned, you’re being very naughty. I’m actually sharing a hot tub naked with a girl less than half my age.”

Chuckling, Rachel pushed it further. “I told my friend at uni that I’ve always wanted a much older man.” Pausing she continued, “I’m telling you a secret now, so promise you won’t say anything. She had it off with my uncle.”

“You mean Jim?” I almost choked.

“Yep! She did it for a bet, it cost me thirty quid. She came to stay for the weekend, got him drunk, and she fucked him in the pub after closing time.”

“I’m beginning to wonder about this village! Please don’t tell me I’m another bet.”

“No! but there’s a lot of stuff goes on behind closed doors.”

With that, Rachel swept across and sat beside me. I could see her breasts and nipples beneath the bubbles. She saw my eyes fixed on them, and gently she took my hand, and cupped it around her left breast. I felt her nipple harden, and I used my finger and thumb to squeeze it.

Leaning towards me, I felt her hand close around my cock, and it hardened to fill her grip. Using the bouyancy of the bubbles, Rachel lifted herself astride me, presenting those breasts in front of my face. Her hand was working its way between us, until I had that feeling of sliding inside her pussy.

A deep groan issued from her, as she pressed downwards. Her breasts slid against my chest, and slowly we slipped into a rhythm of rising and falling.

Rachel started to be very vocal, and her voice was echoing around the garden.

When she started to cum her fingers gripped my shoulders, I could feel her pussy start to convulse, which brought me closer to my finish. At that moment we both clung to each other, gasping, and wanting it to go on and on.

Finally, Rachel slid off me, and we both looked at each other, satisfied, but both aware of our unique union.

Rachel spoke first. “That was special Mike, thank you.”

“I thought it was too, but it’s our secret.”

We parted with that special memory, and it was another episode in a much longer story.

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