Always Pull Your Curtains – Chapter 5

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Marge stared at Hailey then sternly said, “Please don’t blaspheme, I am the vicar’s wife after all,” then stepping into the breakfast area stared closer and remarked, “Well old girl you appear to be well and truly stuck.”

Hailey was in shock, to her utter surprise instead of Marge running for the hills screaming she seemed nonplussed, in fact if anything she seemed very interested. Then as Hailey watched Marge started to strip off removing her flat walking brogues and then her tweed twin set followed by her blouse and bra, then finally her tights and ‘sensible pants’. Hailey looked at Marge and was surprised how good a condition she was in for a woman of 60, there was very little spare fat on her body from all the walking she did though perhaps a little thickening of the waist. Her breasts were magnificent hanging down pendulously with the largest nipples Hailey had ever seen and her areolas were large and dark brown. What shocked Hailey was that Marge was totally shaven between her legs, unlike her own trimmed but still bushy pubic patch, Marge was totally smooth. Marge could see the direction of Hailey’s gaze and laughed as she said, “bald pussy caught your attention? Been like that for years, it means the girlfriends can get nice and close without any interference.”

Hailey thought she must be dreaming as here was the conservative vicar’s wife telling her that she shaved her pussy for lesbian relationships. Hailey thought to herself that soon she would wake up when the sharp pain of Sam tugging free to great his friend caused her to wince in pain. As Sam’s knot pulled out Hailey could feel the cum start to dibble down and looked round for something to stem the flow, but Marge placed her hand on Hailey’s open pussy and let a few drops fall into her hand before lifting it to her mouth and licking her hand clean licking her lips with relish. “Mmmmm your Sam tastes dam good, do you mind if I feast some more?” Marge said before carrying on, “well actually after what I have just witnessed not sure you have any choice.”

Hailey collapsed onto the floor then rolled over on her back knowing that she would have to do whatever Marge wanted, though the thought was quite delightful as it took her back to her student nurse days when she sometimes enjoyed same sex dalliances. Marge certainly seemed to love dog seed and pussy in equal measures as her tongue seemed to be everywhere, delving deep into Hailey’s pussy. Hailey arched her ass off the tiled floor to give Marge better access and found Marge’s finger poking at her anal star. Relaxing to give her better access Hailey moaned loudly as Marge’s finger slipped into her ass while she continued to lick Hailey clean. Hailey wound her hair in Marge’s almost grey permed hair pulling her closer as she pushed up to Marge’s greedy mouth and when she orgasmed her insides contracted sending a huge deposit of Sam’s cream into Hailey’s mouth.

Sam had been watching from his basket and like all dogs his powers of recovery were very high and he was now interested again in the smells and sights coming from the other side of the room. His normal bitch seemed to be occupied but presenting to him was a nice new bitch just begging to be mounted and bred. Padding over he started to sniff and lick at Marge’s ass and pussy causing her to moan deeply into Hailey’s pussy as she licked her.

Hailey lifted her head and looked over Marge’s back and could see Sam’s head was buried in Marge’s pussy and his red cock was starting to show. Hailey was wondering what Marge was going to do when she got her answer as Marge’s patted her own ass in encouragement for bahis firmaları Sam to mount. Sam knew the signal and in a flash was up and on Marge’s back, his cock seeking its desired home and Marge reached and guided him to her pussy. Sam slammed deep causing a guttural moan to erupt from Marge’s mouth and reverberate through Hailey’s pussy. Sam was a little slower with his fucking this time but still fast enough to cause Marge’s moans to become louder and more intense as Sam jack hammered his way deep. Hailey could feel Marge’s tongue being driven into her pussy as Sam fucked her and when he knotted the muffled yell of pleasure from Marge sent Hailey over the top and she flooded into Marge’s mouth as Sam sprayed his cum inside Marge.

When Sam pulled free Marge lifted her head and looked at Hailey, “that was bloody marvellous old girl, been a while since I have had a dog go through me, forgotten how much fun it was. Might have to get a couple of boys again now I have the taste back.” Hailey giggled as Marge went on, “thinking of taste have to say you taste dam good, want to return the favour?”

Marge lay on her back and opened her legs allowing Hailey to stare at the gooey mess oozing from her pink and puffy pussy lips. It had been a while since Hailey had licked pussy and had more than once licked one full of human seed, but a dog cum filled pussy was a first for her, one she was looking forward to. Inhaling the scent first Hailey stuck out a tongue and just flicked at Marge’s pussy lips causing her to groan and writhe. Then with long licks Hailey delved inside collecting Marge’s juices mixed with Sam’s seed which mixed together they formed a delightful cocktail. Twisting her head to one side Hailey got into a position so that she could rub Marge’s large and engorged clit with one hand and at the same time tongue deep inside her bald pussy. As Marge started to buck up and grabbed Hailey’s hair, Hailey deliberately started to tweak Marge’s erect clit causing loud moans of pleasure. Hailey’s work was soon rewarded as Marge started to squirt into Hailey’s mouth and Hailey clamped her mouth over Marge’s pussy to make she could swallow everything.

When the two women had recovered their breath, Marge laughed as she said, “I haven’t enjoyed myself so much for ages, we must do this again. Why don’t you pop over to the vicarage on Friday as Henry is out all morning and I will have a special gift for you,” then winked theatrically, “and don’t forget to bring Sam of course.”


The following Friday Hailey could hardly wait for Craig to leave with the kids before she rushed round to Marge’s almost dragging Sam along the road. Hailey had thought carefully about what to wear and after making her decision wrapped a large coat round herself to conceal what was under it. The back door was a stable door type and open at the top allowing Hailey to shout hello though the opening.

“Come on in,” said Marge as she appeared wearing an old dressing gown, take your coat off and make yourself at home, we have until midday.”

Hailey smiled as she slowly undid the coat and Marge whistled approvingly, “very nice and have you…” Marge words trailed off as she looked at Hailey’s body, her eyes gleaming with lust.

Hailey was totally naked under the coat apart from a pair of hold up stockings and her shoes, but what had really grabbed Marge’s attention was that Hailey had totally shaved her pussy bald. Craig had passed a few remarks last night but Hailey had just mumbled something about the weather before she devoured Craig’s cock. Marge opened her dressing gown to reveal she was naked underneath kaçak iddaa apart from a harness with a large strap on dildo. Hailey looked at the dildo open mouthed as it was much bigger than her Craig and must have been 9 or 10 inches long.

“You like?” smiled Marge as she gripped it by the base and waved it in Hailey’s direction and Hailey just nodded eagerly and could feel herself getting wet at the thought of being fucked by the strap on. “I have a little plan for you my girl,” said Marge with a lustful leer, “so step one is get to fuck that wonderful ass of yours so come here and bend over.” Anal was something Hailey loved and missed as Craig, her husband, wasn’t over keen on the concept so they didn’t do it that often, for Hailey it made her feel so deliciously slutty and sexy. As instructed Hailey stood with her legs straight and bent from the waist and gripped the seat of the kitchen chair and felt herself get wetter as she heard Marge say in a sultry voice, “so tell me what you want, my sexy slutty neighbour.”

Hailey’s voice cracked with emotion as she whispered softly, “I want you to fuck my ass.”

Hailey jumped as a hand smacked down on her ass cheek, hard enough to make her yelp as Marge said, “what’s the magic word girl?” as she gently kicked Hailey’s ankles wider apart.

“Please,” moaned Hailey feeling her ass cheek glow, “please fuck my ass.” Wiggling her backside as she said it.

Hailey nearly came on the spot as instead of a finger what she felt was Marge bend and pull her ass cheeks apart before pushing her tongue deep into her anal star. Hailey was going wild at the feeling as Marge tongued her ass deep, poking her tongue like a miniature cock and at the same time pushing two fingers into Hailey’s pussy with her thumb manipulating Hailey’s clit. Marge felt Hailey’s pussy grip her fingers as she came and pulling them out and Marge smeared them on Hailey’s anal star before inserting both of them deep and twisting gently. “Tell me again what you want,” said Marge in a soft encouraging voice.

“FUCK MY SLUTTY ASS,” Hailey shouted at the top of her voice not caring who heard her cry of wanton debauchery.

Placing one hand on the bottom of Hailey spine and gripping the base of the strap on with the other Marge leaned into Hailey pushing the head just inside her ass causing the most delightful grunt of pleasure to issue from Hailey’s mouth. Bending forward Marge kissed the back of Hailey’s neck before whispering in her ear, “Are you OK my girl?”

“Oh yes that feels amazing, please don’t stop,” croaked Hailey pushing her ass back to Marge.

Marge increased the pressure letting the strap on sink deeper and deeper until it was fully buried in Hailey’s ass. Marge pulled back an inch then back in, each time pulling a little further back before sinking it in making Hailey moan with pure lust and pleasure. Increasing the speed Marge started to fuck Hailey’s ass, pulling back on her hips to give herself greater leverage. Hailey had her hand between her legs rubbing her own clit frantically as she felt herself being opened and then with a huge yell she felt her orgasm burst and her juices flood down her thighs.

As Marge pulled out of her ass Hailey just remained in position to scared to move in case her wobbly legs gave way and she fell over. Marge gently eased her forward so she was draped over the chair with her tummy resting on the seat, her arms over one side and her ass up in the air. “Have you ever taken Sam anally?” Marge asked as she gently rubbed Hailey’s back.

“No,” moaned Hailey her voice laden with lust, “not yet anyway.”

Marge kaçak bahis patted Hailey’s ass cheeks and Sam bounded over in a flash, pleased that he was now getting attention after being ignored for so long. Sam only needed a quick sniff to tell him that this bitch was ready for breeding and his cock quickly started to show rising up and mounting Hailey’s back. Marge reached under him and encouraged the cock out of its furry sheath until it was dripping pre-cum and getting quite hard as he humped he hand desperate to find a better hole. Carefully placing her other hand over Hailey’s pussy Marge placed the tip of Sam’s cock at Hailey’s anal star and withdrew her hand. The fact that Hailey was already open added to the copious amount of pre-cum he was producing Sam slipped into Hailey’s ass with ease and drove home.

Hailey’s head nearly exploded as she felt the hot dog cock drive into her ass and the Sam started fucking her at intense pace. As Sam panted in Hailey’s ear as he fucked her, Marge allowed her fingers to slip inside Hailey gathering her juices before tugging at her small but slippery clit. Hailey grabbed the legs of the chair and could understand why Marge had put her in this position as she would have surely collapsed without support. Hailey felt the knot banging against her ass and whimpered in fear but her concern was unfounded as even as open as she was the knot wouldn’t fit. Marge’s fingers sent Hailey over the top and as she clamped on them in climax she also gripped Sam’s cock buried in her ass. This set Sam over the top and he pumped as much of his dog cum into Hailey as he could, spraying her bowels with his hot seed.

After Sam had withdrawn Marge gently helped Hailey to her feet and supported her until they were both sitting on a towel that Marge had thrown on the floor. As they sat cuddling, basking in the afterglow of a wonderful morning of sex, Hailey’s phone broke the pleasant silence. “Leave it,” said Marge, gripping the base of the strap on, “I think I want to fuck you one more time before my hubby gets home.”

Hailey looked at the screen display and went white, “I have to take this call, it’s him.”

Hailey trembled and her bottom lip quivered as Harry’s voice oozed into her ear, “OK slut girl time for your show again, though this time we have a few more people and a few more dogs. A week tomorrow, next Saturday night, 8 o’clock.”

“But I can’t do a weekend,” said Hailey trying to hold back the tears, “What do I tell my husband?”

“Do you think I give a fuck?” sneered Harry. “just fucking be here or else,” and with that the phone went dead in Hailey’s hand.

Hailey started to sob and Marge knew that something was fundamentally wrong. “What’s up Hailey, who was that?” The floodgates opened and Hailey told Marge about the video of her and Sam and then the dog sex show and what was going to happen in 8 days time, though she left out the villa in Spain. Wiping away Hailey’s tears with her handkerchief that had magically appeared from somewhere Marge cuddled her friend feeling her sob against her body. “Don’t worry Hailey,” Marge said softly, ” I have an old friend who I am sure can help with this situation, she is very good at sorting these sorts of things out.”


After Hailey had dressed and gone home Marge fished out an old fashioned mobile phone from her handbag and carefully dialled a number from memory waiting for it to ring. When it was answered Marge smiled as she heard the voice at the other end of the phone give a cheery greeting, “Hello love, been a while how’s tricks?”

Clearing her throat Marge said, “Julie I need your help with a delicate problem that needs solving,” and with that Marge gave a full and detailed account of Hailey’s predicament.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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