An Evil Woman Pt. 09

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This is not a stand-alone story. The previous chapters will put everything into place for you. It will involve some lesbian sex, and some violence.

The slave trade is still very real today. Some use it to traffic young women for sex, some use it to gain cheap labour, while some use them as human currency it knows no age limit and you will find it in every country on the planet. It is all about lust and greed.

This is one of three stories that starts to merge with two others, [Stella & Margarita — Sex in the Desert Sands and the City of Churches — The OWLS Club] I hope it works out as well on paper as it does in my head.

She took the note, read it, smiled and asked, “A gay bar?”

“Not really, some locals still use it as their local drinking hole, but yes mainly frequented by the local gay community, 90% of who are like-minded women,”

She read it again and refolded it neatly and put it in her top pocket again.

“Would you bring any of your shipmates?” I asked inquisitively.

She looked at me and said, “A few but some aren’t that keen to let it be known who their partners are, which is why I asked about it being a known ‘gay bar’,”

“I see, “I replied. “Fear not, it isn’t publicised, in fact you could walk in there and not have your sexuality shoved in your face. It is just a drinking place that a lot of gay women use. There is a training gym out the back that if you ask nicely and pay the appropriate fee, you can get some rough play, if that’s your scene,”

She raised her eye brows.

I just shrugged my shoulders, “Apparently some people enjoy it rough, do you enjoy it rough Cathy?”

“Mind your own business Corry,”

That was the first time she had used my name in that context I felt I was making headway with her. The phone buzzed and she answered it, “Chief Withers,” she listened nodded a couple of times and then answered, “Yes Sir,”

“Pack your bags ma’am, you are being transferred,”

I gathered up my belongings, she asked if she could help, so I handed her a couple of bags with the gowns and suits in and took the small cases.

CPO Withers took us out to the aft deck or what I would call the back end of the ship. Everyone was gathered there, I caught sight of Evie and she of me, she smiled and waved, I had my hands full so just nodded back at her.

The weather was calmer now and I watched as the HMAS Supply (II) a vessel in the RAN as it took up its position alongside the Jason Durham.

The Australian ship lowered a motor launch into the water and a large opening appeared in the side of the vessel a ladder was put into place, finishing just above the waterline. A single rope ladder was put over the side of the US warship and we were given simple instructions on how to use the ladder.

I turned to the Chief, “If any of these get wet, I will be mightily pissed off,”

“Then I suggest you don’t throw them into the water ma’am,” she told me in return, smiling.

“Smart ass,” I muttered to myself and to her.

She heard me and stood where she was, her smile was even broader now.

The younger of the passengers went first, once again I ended up next to the blonde woman who I had to slap down three days before. She smiled and hugged me, “Thank you for everything,” she told me.

“My pleasure,” I said in reply.

The whole gaggle of misfits and smart-mouthed teenagers were transferred to the Australian warship. Once again, I made it, so I was the last on board. When I set foot on the ship, a sailor asked me to follow him. I was juggling my ill-gotten loot and was shown to a private cabin. He stood to attention by the door, it was open so I watched as daily life went past the doorway, a busy ship, this supply ship.

I sat on the bunk and began to feel weary, I asked the sailor, “Are we waiting on someone?”

“Yes, we are ma’am”

“Will they be long?”

“I have no idea, ma’am,”

Who am I meeting then?” I asked him.

“She emek escort won’t be too long ma’am,” He replied, but not looking at me.

I put my gear on a small table, next to the bunk, put my head on the pillow and quickly fell asleep.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and when I woke a smiling face was staring down at me. “Hi, I’m Doctor Sarah Cummins, I’m just going to see if you are OK,”

I smiled in return and swung my legs off of the bunk, “Hello, Doc, I’m doing fine, I think you should be checking on some of those kids, they’ve been through hell and back,”

“Don’t worry about them, the medical team are seeing to them. They don’t seem to be too broken. A few bruises but nothing to worry about,” She told me.

“Good to hear and I’m fine too,”

“Are you now and what medical school did you go to? I shrugged and said I hadn’t, so she continued “What say I give you a quick check see just for me to say I’ve done it and you are fine,” she told me in her no-nonsense doctor’s tone.

I hesitated, her tone told me she was going to check me over no matter what I had said. “Sure thing, give it your best shot, Doc,”

She turned to the sailor and told him to wait outside.

I was told to strip down to my underwear. She gave me a complete check-up and then told me to get dressed. Like every patient that has ever had a complete check-up I asked how I did, she smiled and said apart from some minor issues, I should be ok for another 60-odd years.

“Tell me the story behind those red silk French knickers?”

“Nothing to tell, my captor didn’t like me wearing my boi shorts, plus they use to rub on the scar she had put on my rump, so she gave me these or several pairs. I stole the rest of them when we abandoned ship,” I told her.

“They do look good on you,” The doctor told me.

“Good lord doctor, I do think you’re flirting with me,” I smiled at her as I replied.

“Ha, I am most likely twice your age, so no I am not flirting with you,” She answered. All the while watching me closely as I dressed.

I dragged it out and could see that she liked what she saw. She pointed to the branding and asked if it was giving me a problem. I shook my head, the pain I told her didn’t last long, but up here, tapping my forehead that will last forever. I stopped and wanted to change the subject.

“How old do you think I am,” I asked.

“You told someone at some point in time you were 28, it says so written here,”

“So you’re 56 hey, you scrub up not too badly then, it must be the sea air,” I kept looking in her direction, but she dropped her gaze to the clipboard she was writing on.

“You’re not going to find out Ms Myers, not unless we are meeting somewhere more private than my workplace,” she told me as she looked up at me and stared straight into my eyes.

“I could let you know where to find me if you were genuinely interested, but if not, so be it,”

She kept on writing not saying another word.

She then looked up I could see she was giving it some thought. It is just a look a person has when they are making a decision.

“It might be a bit messy, what with your loved ones and my husband, they always seem to get in the way of a romantic one-nighter,” She explained with a smile on her face.

“Oh, I see. You were stringing me along?”

“No, I wasn’t but you jumped to conclusions, you thought my professional observations of you were filled with some sort of Sapphic lust,”

“Were they?” I asked.

“Maybe,” She replied. Then looking right at me as she wet her lips, “How long have you had that lump in your left breast?”

The colour drained from my face, I rarely wore a bra, I had no real need to. I had never felt my own breasts except when showering. There was nothing there the last time I showered alone. “What lump I asked?” As I started to feel my breasts over my shirt.

She watched me. Then slapped eryaman escort my hand away and undid my shirt and slid her hand inside, her fingers massaging my left breast and nipple, then the right one.

“My mistake,” She told me then kissed me.

I was stunned and confused. I pushed her away to gather my senses. I looked at her, deciding if I should slap her face or kiss her back. I decided to kiss her back. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her into a long, warm wet kiss. Filled with pure, unadulterated lust, I reached for her belt around her pants and slide down the zipper. She too was busy trying to edge them down, they came down over her hips as I thrust my hand into the opening, and into her navy-issued knickers and felt her mound, her thick bushy mound, her labia were already hot and wet, my finger slide along her folds, and she moaned into my mouth as we continued our kissing. She was panting as I entered her, her body shaking, as I continued to push my fingers deep inside of her. I edged her backwards towards my bunk and she fell backwards onto it. I didn’t stop, her eyes were glazed, she clung to my neck as she reached the pinnacle of a long-awaited orgasm. I held my other hand over her mouth as she was climaxing. I kissed her again and again on her neck, nibbling on her ears. My own breathing was erratic as if I had just reached a climax. I hadn’t I’m sorry to say but it sure did feel good to hold onto a woman who just had.

I helped her up from the bunk, then helped her dress, giggling like school girls. She smiled at me. I stood back and slapped her face.

She had a startled look on her face, her eyes begging for a ‘please explain’.

“That’s for the lump in the breast joke,” I told her. Then kissed her again.

She held her face. Nodded and told me, “Yes it was a mean thing to do, I wasn’t thinking, but it was worth every second,”

“How long?” I asked.

“How long, what?” She replied.

“How long since you have been home,” I continued.

She laughed, “If you are asking about my love life, I get more when I am not at home than when I am,”

I started to suck my fingers in front of her as she watched intently and told me, “Most of the women on board need some ‘company’ after about a month at sea, regardless of their status at home,”

“Is there really a husband waiting for you at home then?” I wanted to know.

She laughed once again, “Yes there is a husband but not living with me,”

There was a knock on the door and an officer walked in, “Sorry doc, but the boss wants a word with Ms Myers here,”

“Good timing Lieutenant, Corrine here is fully fit and raring to go.”

“Am I coming back here afterwards Lieutenant?” I inquired.

“Certainly, if that’s what you want,” He told me.

“Then I’ll leave me gear here,” I told him as I nodded to the bags and suitcases on the table.

“If you wish,” He responded. “This way please,” as he waved his arm towards the door.

I followed once again, this ship is a busy place.

We reached the commander’s cabin and the lieutenant showed me in and stayed with us.

The Commander was of middle age, he looked fit and tanned. His eyes were bright and he seemed to have a cheerful disposition. He held his hand out to me and introduced himself, “Ms Myers, welcome aboard, my name is Commander Owen Hotties,”

I took his hand and we shook, his grip was firm and strong. His hands were of a person who had known hard physical work most of his life.

“I am glad to meet you, I must say your reputation precedes you, the Americans rate you quite highly. It seems you took down an elite Chinese naval unit on your own, well done,”

I blushed. “I think they are overplaying what happened Commander, they didn’t seem that elite to me, just the same as the rest of us. Plus I had them at a disadvantaged,”

“How so Ms Myers?”

“I was well armed and they esat escort didn’t know I was coming plus they pissed me off,” I told them. The officers laughed.

“Remind me not to piss you off then,” he said to me.

“Care to share a wee dram with us men folk while you are here?”

My eyes lit up, “Indeed I would, I have missed my whiskey these past few weeks,”

“Well, we can fix that,” He pointed to a cupboard, the lieutenant got up and opened it then asked, “What would you prefer Ms Myers?”

“I would prefer a neat Fireball, two fingers deep, but failing that any good whiskey will do,”

He smiled back at me and told me, “It just so happens we have the Fireball,” he filled half a glass for me, this guy knew how to pour Fireball.

“Now down to business, we will be delivering the others to the authorities in Port Adelaide, you will be going via a helicopter somewhere else. Your ride will be here shortly. I suggest you gather your thoughts and the lieutenant here will make sure your bits and pieces are taken with you. I just wanted to meet you and shake your hand. You are not what I thought you would be,”

“How did you think I would be?” I asked as I took a good sip and felt it roll down my throat.

“I don’t know, taller, older, more physical looking, the fact you are quite petite, slim and pretty surprised me,”

I smiled and blushed once again.

“As I say the Americans were impressed with your feat, well done,”

“Where am I going?” I asked, “In the helicopter?”

The Commander looked at me and said matter of factly, “Truly, I don’t know, that is way above my security clearance,”

“Security clearance?” I stated. “Who wants to talk to me now?”

The Commander smiled and shrugged his shoulders, “I am sure whoever it is will be impressed with your actions in saving these young people,” He looked at his watch, “they should be arriving soon.”

I swallowed the last of the Fireball, stood up and thanked both the Commander and his Lieutenant. He in turn thanked me.

The Lieutenant took me to the aft deck where the helicopter landing pad was located. A sailor there had all of my goods and chattels. I thanked them. The lieutenant pointed out to the horizon and a small black dot started to get bigger with each passing second. I turned to him and said “I should say my goodbyes to the others,”

“No time, it will be here before you get to them, they don’t want to hang about.” He told me.

He turned and spoke to the sailors close by, they nodded and run off. “We’ll get them on deck to wave you off,” He told me. He ushered me back against the side of the ship, outside of a double yellow line with the word ‘CAUTION’ clearly marked on the deck. He then told me “It will be loud and very windy, so hold on to your belongings until we give you the go-ahead. Then keep your head low and enter once they open the door, don’t wait to be asked, they have just enough fuel to get here and back. Good Luck Ms Myers,”

“Lieutenant, do you have a pen and a piece of paper, I need to leave a note for the doctor.” He handed me a small notepad and a pencil, I scribbled my name, and the address of Emily’s Wine Bar on a page ripped it off the pad, folded it and asked him to give it to the doctor for me. He smiled and said he would.

The helicopter approached us quicker than I thought, it went from a small black dot to a large screaming helicopter in no time flat. It hovered and touched down. The lieutenant was right it was noisy and an extremely powerful wind pushing against us on deck. I waited until the side door opened, the person inside waved to us and the lieutenant pushed me forward, I had a good hold of everything. I went racing over to the black, sleek-looking helicopter, and as I approached the side door a large pair of hands reached down and lifted me aboard. I swear my feet had no sooner left the ship than the helicopter took off. The door was shut tight, and I was told to sit and put the seat belt on. A woman was sitting there in the cabin looking coldly at me. I had no idea who she was, but she looked important.

The co-pilot told me to put the headset on. I did.

The woman introduced herself to me. “Hello Corrine Myers, my name is Tilley McMahon but you should call me Matron, everyone does.”

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