Ashley and Jason Part 2_(2)

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Jason was lying in his bed messing with his phone going through texts with some friends of his that were out of state when he got a text from Ashley saying “Please come to my dorm room when you read this. It’s number 502” Jason sighed as he had nothing else better to do with his free time at college when he wasn’t in class. Jason headed over to the girls dorm and showed he had a pink wrist band so the other girls would back off and leave him be.

As he arrived at Ashley’s dorm room he knocked politely and waited for Ashley to open the door. As soon as Ashley opened the door she stepped to the side and allowed Jason to enter her dorm room. Jason started looking around at how neat and tidy Ashley’s room was. “Thank’s for coming here” Ashley said as she closed the door. “Sorry to make you come on such short notice” Ashley said to Jason. “It’s no issue I wasn’t doing anything anyway, So what’s up why’d you want me to come over here?” Jason asked.

Ashley walked over to Jason and kissed him on his lips as she placed her hands on his shoulders and forced him down to his knees as he was eye level with her skinny jeans. Jason noticed a bulging outline of Ashley’s cock as it was sticking out going to the side of her crotch slowly twitching. Jason knew immediately as to why he was called over. Ashley kept one of her hands on Jason’s shoulders and looked down at him. “I’m sorry but I’ve been thinking bout you a lot and it got me so horny. my cock is so hard it aching to burst inside your ass…” Ashley said cutely as she looked down at him.

Jason knew what he needed to do he leaned into Ashley’s crotch and kissed the twitching outline of her cock as he reached casino oyna out and unbuttoned the top button of Ashley’s jeans and began to unzip them slowly. Ashley shimmied out of her jeans as her cock hand flung itself out in front of Jason’s face. “Ashley are you not wearing any panties?” Jason asked. Ashley began blushing as she shook her head no. “Remember what I told you last time? How you would be starting with some oral sex?” Ashley said as she reminded Jason. “Just open your mouth and let the tip of my cock in” Ashley instructed. Jason complied to Ashley’s instructions and opened his mouth and began sucking on the tip of Ashley’s cock making her let out a small moan. “Make sure you use your tongue and lick my entire cock like it’s a big lollipop” Ashley said. Jason began licking the sides of Ashley’s cock and began licking it up and down and then taking the tip of her cock inside his mouth and sucking on it. Ashley’s moaning was increasing from Jason’s performance as he knew he was doing something right. “Stop” Ashley said before he began taking her cock more into his mouth. “Turn around and bend over” Ashley said.

Jason undid his pants and slid his boxers down and got onto Ashley’s bed and got onto his hands and knees. Ashley walked over and began licking Jason’s ass. Jason let out a small quick moan as Ashley masterfully tongued his ass penetrating him and zeroing in on his ass. As she moved her head away from Jason’s ass. Jason felt the hot weight of her cock begin to press itself into his ass as he looked back. “Ashley.. Before you push it in me…Can I be on my back please?” Jason asked politely. “Of course you can” Ashley replied as Jason got onto slot oyna his back and looked at Ashley as he rubbed his cock.

Ashley got up and pushed her cock into Jason’s waiting asshole. Jason let out a moan as she slowly entered him and kissed him deeply. Ashley pulled Jason’s head into her chest as he began rubbing his face into Ashley’s breasts and began sucking on a nipple. “Aww, Your submissive side is starting to show” Ashley said as she began moving inside of him making him moan into her nipple. Jason was moaning into Ashley’s nipple as she began moving faster inside Jason’s ass making him enjoy her cock like he did last time they had sex. Jason offered little resistance to her assault which turned Ashley on even more as she began speeding up more as her hips slapped against Jason’s ass.

she leaned into him, her hips humping her cock in and out, eager to cum. She used one hand to pull him up and held his neck as she licked at his ear, whispering to him, “Oh Jason, Your ass is so sweet. I’ll make you feel good all the time.” she began hitting a spot that made him moan uncontrollably as his dick leaked pre cum. Her sweet and loving manner made him feel safe, even as she was penetrating him. “Oh god yes, Ashley don’t stop! you’re making me feel so good. Ohhh…fuck me, fuck me harder Ashley!” Jason moaned uncontrollably. His submission to her spurred her on. She fucked him harder then she was earlier making his body bounce up with each of her movements as his cock was throbbing with pleasure begging to burst. “Oh god Jason” Ashley moaned loudly as her cock was swelling before she finally starting cumming inside him. The feeling of her cock pounding canlı casino siteleri him and unleashing her seed inside him drove Jason over the edge and he felt his dick, untouched, shoot a huge load onto them. Ashley kissed Jason on his lips and pulled out of his ass. Jason grabbed her cock before she could pull away. “I’m not done yet” Jason said as his eyes were glued to her twitching cock.

Jason got up and tried pulling Ashley onto the bed but couldn’t. Ashley lied down knowing Jason wanted her to be on her back. Jason grabbed Ashley’s cock and began jerking it and sucking it bringing it back to life after her orgasm. Jason got on top of Ashley’s stomach and guided her cock back into Jason’s ass as he moaned loudly and kissed Ashley’s neck as he began moving his hips as he lied on top of Ashley and began to ride her cock. “I need your seed to be shot inside me” Jason said submissively. his submissive side began showing more. Ashley grabbed Jason’s hips and slapped his ass hard and smiled as she worked her hips inside Jason’s ass. Jason bounced on Ashley’s cock and made himself moan as he was making her cock rub against the spot making Jason lose himself. Ashley worked her hips even more and pulled Jason to her and kissed him deeply and began playing with his tongue as she worked her cock inside of Jason’s ass even more. Ashley pushed her cock inside Jason’s ass as far as she could and cummed inside of it shooting her seed deeper inside of him than her last orgasm.

Jason began sucking on Ashley’s nipple gently as she rubbed his head and kept moving her hips slowly. “You are so gonna be addicted to me fucking your ass you wont know what you’re gonna do without it aren’t you?” Ashley asked as Jason nodded his head. “Your seeds soo nice and warm being shot inside my body, it feels so good” Jason said as he looked deeply into her eyes.

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