Aunt Em Ch. 01

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This story is set in the summer of 1968. The events have remained a secret since that time but as the lady in question is now dead it feels right to make them public, although her name has been changed to respect her anonymity.


Auntie Em had never married and was an only child. I call her “Auntie” and did so for all my life ( except when we were alone together as you will discover later ) but in truth she was my mother’s cousin. My grandmother was the younger sister of her mother. She was only a year or two older than my mum and as they lived very near to one another they had grown up almost as sisters. They went to the same school and did all the things sisters do and although when they left school their jobs took them in different directions they still met up at weekends, went dancing, went on holiday to the seaside together and shared the first stages of womanhood together.

In the late 40’s my mum had met and married my dad and Auntie Em had been her bridesmaid and although my mum and dad had set up home in the next town Auntie Em was still kept a close part of our family. That continued throughout our lives until a year or two ago when she died and I was the executor of her small estate.

Auntie Em’s father had died at a fairly young age and she lived at home with her mother until she too had died in the early 60s leaving the small terraced house to Auntie Em. By the time of her mother’s death Auntie Em was already in her early forties and in many respects life seemed to have passed her by. She had given up any chance of marriage and a family of her own to look after her mother and seemed content in that choice. I can never recall a time in my childhood when she had had male companions and if I had known of those things then I would possibly even have questioned her sexuality.

She had her work and kept her small house neat and tidy. She had a small circle of female friends who were either widows or women in a similar situation as herself and she saw a lot of my sister and I which seemed to fill the void of having no children of her own. We always seemed to be her favourites among the various children in our enlarged family. My grandmother had been one of 12 children and so there were plenty of family around but we always seemed to be the ones chosen for little treats etc.

Auntie Em was a little over average height for a woman and quite slim, in fact a little over-slim in my opinion. She seemed to have given up any pretence of attracting a man’s eye as she hardly ever wore make up or wore her hair in a style which might impress. Her hair and clothes were usually a little old fashioned and gave the impression of someone who chose her clothing and her appearance for comfort rather than impact.

She was not unattractive but by 1968 she looked every bit of her 50 years and though there had been times in my adolescent years when I had used her as a fantasy older woman to assist me in getting hard and masturbating it was only on very rare occasions. There were a lot of much more attractive older women around who were much higher in my fantasy league table as I played with myself before drifting off to sleep.

It was June 1968 and I had left school following my “A” level exams and was passing the summer weeks awaiting my results and the hopeful entry into university that autumn. I had devoted a lot of the past years to study in an attempt to better myself from my working-class background and girls had taken a back seat a lot of the time. I went to a male-only school but there had been girlfriends and dates and some instances of adolescent fumblings with girls in my area who seemed just as curious as I to find out what sex was all about. But at the age of 18 I was still a virgin and beginning to get a bit self-conscious of the fact as the chance to go out into the big wide world came closer. Most of the girls I had encountered seemed casino oyna willing enough to start along the road of discovery but reluctant to take that final step.

Looking back I hear people talk of how liberated the Sixties were, free love etc. All I can say is that none of that free love ever came my way — at least not until Auntie Em lent a hand.

Auntie Em lived in the next town, but for a young, fit guy like me it was only 10 or 15 minutes walk away, especially if I ignored the main road and cut through the country lanes and paths. Mum and Dad had decided that it would be a good thing for me to spend some time helping Auntie Em get her house in shape before the winter. It would keep me out of mischief during the summer months and my Dad had promised to pay me and also to put some of my “wages” aside to supplement the grant which I would receive during my university studies.

Auntie Em’s house was a small and comfortable place but, with no man around to help, things had started to look a little tired. The walls were all wood-chip and anaglypta paper and were all in need of a coat of emulsion whilst there were lots of other little jobs to keep me out of mischief. And so arrangements were made between my Mum and Dad and Auntie Em.

Auntie Em worked at a cotton mill quite close to her home, starting at 6am and finishing at 2pm so that she was home by 2.15 or so. I was to have a key to let myself in each morning and get started on the jobs and then Auntie Em would be home to assess my work, discuss any changes and set out a schedule for the next day’s work.

And so there I was on the first Monday morning letting myself into my new work place. I quickly changed into my working outfit of t-shirt and old jeans and made my way upstairs to the front bedroom. It had been decided that I would start upstairs and work my way downwards and Auntie Em’s bedroom was the place chosen for my first painting job. The house had two bedrooms and Auntie Em had moved into the spare room to give me plenty of access to the walls and skirting boards etc.

The room was quite sparse and most of the furniture covered up. Clearly Auntie Em did not trust my painting skills. I got down to work and the walls soon began to look better already. Before I knew it my stomach was telling me it was lunchtime and so I tidied myself up as much as possible and tucked into the sandwiches etc that my mother had prepared. Soon it would be back to work and I figured that before I re-started it would be a good time to re-arrange the furniture a little so I could get at the wall behind the large double bed.

I dragged the bed to the other side of the room and then went to move the tallboy. It was quite heavy and I figured it would be easier to take out the drawers first. This proved to be the ideal solution but on removing the drawers I had my first encounter with Auntie Em’s underwear. They should have had no effect on me as they took up a couple of drawers of the tallboy . They were by no means provocative and as with the rest of her clothing they had clearly been purchased with comfort in mind rather than in the hope of arousing passion. And yet as this 18 year old began to touch them they were clearly having that effect. My cock began to harden as I stroked the bras and panties that lay before me and I soon found the pair of panties that attracted me the most — a floral pattern with some lace. I held them in my hand as I made the discovery that Auntie Em clearly wore stockings and a suspender belt — not unusual in a woman of her years — but a discovery which served to excite me even more. My cock was hardening at the thought of being in such close contact with an older woman’s underwear. In a flash my zip was undone and Auntie Em’s panties were sliding up and down my hard shaft as I reached a quick but satisfying orgasm. I took care not to mess up Auntie Em’s panties and slot oyna soon they were back in their drawer and I was back to work. I hoped I had left the drawers in a way that would not disclose the interest I had taken in their contents but more about that later.

Auntie Em was home by 2.15 and passed my efforts as more than satisfactory, made us both a cold drink and then got on with some housework before at about 5.30 I changed back into my street clothes and saying my goodbyes to Auntie Em I made my way home through the fields.

The next few days carried on just as the first. I finished Auntie Em’s bedroom and the spare room and was now on the stairs and landing. Auntie Em had moved back into her room and got it just how she wanted it but each day I found myself drawn to her underwear drawers and the inevitable need to choose a pair of panties and wrap them around my young hard cock as I imagined myself giving Auntie Em a serious seeing to.

On her return from work each day we had started to chat much more freely than ever before. We talked of my hopes for university and the future and lots of other things. She teased me about girlfriends and something in the manner of her voice made me sense that, somehow, she had realised the secret of my daily trip to her underwear drawers. Don’t ask me how but I sensed she was quite intrigued by the fact.

Suddenly one day whilst talking about girlfriends and other things she came right out with it.

“Are you still a virgin. John?”

I blushed and turned my eyes from her before confessing that I still was.

“Sorry to embarrass you like that. Don’t worry love, I’m still one too” she laughed.” I always found excuses to keep myself intact until the right man came along. But he never did. And I guess at my age it is now something that will never happen. My child-bearing years are behind me and I cannot imagine any man out there wanting to get saddled with an old spinster like me”

Somehow the fact that Auntie Em was still a virgin did not come as a surprise to me as I glibly replied ” It’s never too late Auntie Em and I am sure you would make some man very happy. Perhaps we should do something about things — together?”

My comment met a stony silence. Auntie Em gave me a disapproving look and I quickly changed the subject and then found an urgent piece of painting that needed attending to.

A few days passed by and I had almost forgotten our conversation. Auntie Em did not mention the subject again and I, for one, was glad that my suggestion seemed to have had no effect on our relationship. She arrived home from work that day and brought a cold drink up to the landing where I was working. After making some small talk about the difference the new paint was making she came out with something that had clearly been on her mind.

“Do you know what we were talking about the other day?” Auntie Em hesitated. ” About this virginity thing”

“Yes” I replied ” I am sorry if I offended you”

“Don’t worry John. It’s just I have been giving it some serious thought ever since. You don’t want to be going off to university in your present state and perhaps it would be one way of repaying you for all your hard work.”

Auntie Em clearly felt the need to make it appear that she was only doing her Christian duty in trying to resolve my problem but if it gave me the chance to have my way with her then who was I to argue.

“And anyway it’s about time I got to know what all the fuss is about. I think it’s something that might do us both a lot of good”.

It sounded so strange to think of Auntie Em talking like that. Perhaps there was a side to her I had never seen.

I was dumbstruck and did not know what to say. I was old enough to know that what was being hinted at was not in agreement with the Methodist way that both Auntie Em and I had been brought up but there was canlı casino siteleri something that was becoming more appealing about her day by day. Especially as I worked my way through her underwear drawers.

With that nothing more was said until the following Monday. I carried on my work as usual and on Auntie Em’s return from work she announced that she had been talking with my parents over the weekend.

“They are taking your sister down to visit relatives in the Midlands next weekend. They leave on Saturday morning and get home on Monday. They have asked me to look after you so I suggested it might be easier if you stayed in my spare room for a couple of nights. I hope it was ok to suggest that?”

“Yes fine Auntie Em” I nervously stuttered.

“It will give us some time alone together and we can relax and see if we can get you sorted and ready for all the young women you are likely to meet at university. It’s a long time since I gave you a little treat. I thought you were too old for them now but this might be a treat we can share. Although it must always be our secret”

I nodded my agreement almost too nervous to speak. I had always imagined that I would lose my virginity to a girl of a similar age to myself, probably in the back of a car or in the park. The thought of losing it to a woman old enough to be my mother and in the comfort of her own home was a prospect that was both exciting and also a little scary.

“Just one more thing John” Auntie Em spoke in a voice that indicated the subject was not up for discussion. ” Over the weekend I want you to call me Emily. I don’t want to think of myself as your aunt. It might get in the way of things if you know what I mean. Is that ok?”

I again nodded my agreement. I was happy to go along with anything that meant getting hold of Auntie Em’s panties with her still inside them instead of my usual daily use of them.

“On Thursday evening you will have to lock up and leave before I get home. I am going to do a bit of shopping after work”

Auntie Em usually called on her way home to get a few things in each day but I sensed this was a little different.

” I have let my wardrobe get a bit out of date and I want to try and look my best for you at the weekend. It’s a very long time since any man saw even a hint of my underwear so I think something a bit more alluring is called for. Any special requests? ” she asked suggestively.

I sensed even more that she knew exactly what was happening in her underwear drawers whilst she was at work as I replied “Just whatever you feel good in Auntie Em”

She looked at me with disapproval. ” You had better practise the “Emily” for the weekend. I want to think of you as a man and not my nephew”

“I will Au……. Emily”

“Good” she smiled “Keep it up” — the double entendre was not lost on me as I intended to keep it up Auntie Em as often and for as long as possible over the coming weekend. And I hoped there would be a lot of “coming” too, for both of us.

The week passed quickly. I saw no hint of new underwear in Auntie Em’s drawers. She had either not made her new purchases or hidden them away to surprise me. As I said before, something told me that she was aware that male eyes and hands were prying into her own private world.

My mother was concerned about leaving me alone but happy that Auntie Em would be able to take care of me.

Auntie Em did not say another word about what lay ahead except on the Friday evening she gave me a little wink as she waved me good-bye and said she would see me on the Saturday morning once my parents had got away safely.

On the Friday evening my mother seemed a bit guilty at the thought of leaving me alone at the weekend.

“It’s not too late to change your mind and come with us” she said ” I am sure Auntie Em wouldn’t mind. She has seen rather a lot of you recently and might be glad of the rest”

“I promised to see to one or two things over the weekend” I hesitatingly replied, hoping that Auntie Em would be seeing a lot more of me over the weekend, and that I would see a lot more of her too.

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