Baby’s Birthday

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Baby’s Birthday

Baby woke up smiling when her vibrators turned on. Every morning they turned on an hour before Daddy woke, so she would be wet and responsive when he came to feed her her morning cum. She was in her crib, an open topped metal cage, each limb tied to a post. She began happily sucking on her pacifier, a large penis gag, when she realized what today was. Her long, curly, pale blonde hair in two pretty braids, and her brown eyes were blind folded. She had a pale pink collar on her neck, with a plate on it that said “Daddy’s Cum Whore”. Matching cuffs were on her wrists and ankles.

Today was Baby’s birthday, and it was a very special one. She was finally old enough that Daddy was going to fuck her ass and whore cunt. Baby was given to Daddy when she was born and had been prepared her whole life to serve him. She couldn’t wait to give him her pussy and ass to use for his pleasure. She moaned just thinking about pleasing her master.

After about half an hour, during which Baby had orgasmed several times, the vibrating plug in her ass gave her a shock. She was already close to cumming, and the shock made her eyes roll back as she cried out in ecstasy. Daddy had the plug specially made just for her. It had five levels, though, the lowest two were never used, as Baby couldn’t get enough pain from them to cum, and hadn’t been punished in 5 years. She would never disobey her Daddy, she was his belonging, and she should always obey him. Daddy put the toy on setting 4 last night while getting his baby slave ready for bed. Baby loved the pain of the electric shock inside her, the more painful the better.

After 15 shocks, one every two minutes, which held her in a state of constant orgasm, Daddy walked in. Baby heard his every step, as anticipation and the blindfold heightened her senses. Daddy reached into his Baby’s cage, and removed her blindfold, just as the vibrators turned off.

Daddy was tall, about 6’5, with black hair, tan skin, and piercing blue eyes. He had very defined facial features and a massive cock that Baby loved. Daddy had received Baby when he was 15, as a gift from his father.

“Good morning, Slut,” Daddy said to his toy in a loving tone. “Happy Birthday.” He then pulled her pacifier out.

“Good morning, Daddy! Thank you for remembering my birthday. Can Baby get her morning cum now?” Baby asked.

Daddy smiled down at the little girl, and nodded. He unchained her, and let her out of the crib. She immediately kneeled, and undid her Daddy’s pants, pulling his hardened cock out of his pants.

She licked the head of his cock eagerly, and used her small hands to play with his balls. She run her tongue up and down his yummy dick for a few minutes before she went back to the head. She began to push her warm, young mouth onto his cock as far as she could. She was bobbing happily on his dick when she felt Daddy grab and twist her braids, pull her back, and then yank her down on his cock until her nose was again him. That was Baby’s favorite thing- Daddy man handling her, being rough.

With a tight grip on her hair, he casino oyna face fucked his toy until he came down her throat. He released her braids and patted her head as she hungrily swallowed his load. Finally, she leaned back and licked the tip, just to make sure she hadn’t missed any.

“Good girl!” Daddy praised. Then there was a knock on the door. “Come in,” Daddy called. Two hooded slave girls came into Baby’s room then, pulling a cart. They wore tight panties, and had black collars on. They had numbers tattooed on their arms, a sign of their submission to their Master. This was how Daddy liked most of his slaves.

But Baby was special. He wanted her tiny body free of ink, so that her skin stayed smooth. He wanted to see her pretty hair and small, young face, so he left her with out a hood.

“Ah, there you are, sluts. Get everything ready. I want her perfect for tonight, understood?” Daddy said sternly. The slaves nodded. Satisfied with their answer, he turned to his favorite toy. “These two are going to prepare you for my service tonight. Be nice to them, my little cum whore, ok?”

Baby nodded, smiling. “Yes, Daddy!”


Alexander sat in his office with his sister, Lydia. Two of his slaves kneeled by the door, in case Lydia needed service. Alex was saving it for tonight, when he would finally fuck his Baby Slave. He was hard just thinking about pounding her tiny virgin pussy.

“It’s that little one’s birthday, isn’t it, Alex?” Lydia said as she grinned wickedly.

Years ago, Lydia and their father gave Alex an amazing birthday gift. His sister’s shortest sissy boy and his fathers shortest slave had been bred, and had produced a small baby girl. They gifted this baby to him, so he could make himself a perfect toy.

“Yes, it is,” he said, returning her grin. “And tonight, I’ll finally finish her training. Isn’t that a nice present for her?”

Lydia laughed.


Baby was excited. The two slaves had made her very pretty. They redid her braids, adding pink bows. They put her in a body harness, which was pink and also had little bows on it. Her whore cunt had been waxed along with her body. Her nails had been painted, and her ass had been cleaned out. Tight clamps were on her nipples and clit. Her custom plug was in, and a vibrating wand was strapped to her leg and on her clit. Daddy wanted her wet for him. She also had her pacifier in her mouth.

As the word reached the slaves that Daddy would arrive soon, Baby was strapped to the St. Andrew’s Cross. Then, the other slaves left Baby alone as she waited for her Daddy. She didn’t wait long.

When Daddy entered, he wore a dress shirt, slacks, and dress shoes. His sleeves were rolled up, and his strong arms were on display. All his implements were laid out.

“Hello, Baby.” Daddy said walking up to her. He removed the wand from her clit, and put it on the table with the other tools. When he came back, he removed her gag, and slammed his mouth on hers.

Baby responded eagerly, opening her mouth to give Daddy what he wanted. His tongue caressed slot oyna hers, and his hand went to her slut pussy. Baby moaned as he twirled his finger around her clit. Her juices flew heavier, and she didn’t notice her had the remote for her plug. Her turned it all the way up, and then held the button down, giving her a long shock. Baby came hard.

“Daddy!” She cried out. She cried out and moaned riding her wave of orgasm. She slumped when it died down.

Her Daddy smiled down at her. “Such a good little whore, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy.” Baby responded automatically.

“I think the good girl should be allowed to get some cum as a reward, don’t you?” Baby’s eyes lit up as Daddy spoke, finding the thought of giving her Daddy her mouth to fuck satisfying. Daddy quickly removed her from the cross, and pulled out his cock while she kneeled.

“Open your mouth, whore,” Daddy ordered. Baby dropped her jaw, and he grabbed her hair. Yanking her onto his dick he moaned as her tight throat squeezed his hardness. Over and over her plunged into her mouth as she gazed adoringly at him. But before her could cum, he pulled out.

“Crawl to the bed, and lie on your back,” Daddy ordered. Baby crawled over to the bed and laid down, knees bent and legs spread. Excitement spread through the young girl, and the knowledge of what would come next nearly had her cumming. Her Daddy came over and begin vigorously rubbing her clit.

“Such a good toy, aren’t you Baby?” Daddy said, hit the shock button for her plug. Baby moaned loudly.

“Yes, Daddy. I’m your fuck toy!” Baby cried out as another shock rippled through her. Daddy smiled. Her tiny hips were bucking into his hand.

“Do you want something, slut?” Daddy asked. Baby moaned and nodded. “What do you want? Say it, for me.”

“I want your,” she stopped and moaned as his fingers dipped into her. “I want you to use my slave pussy to please your cock, Daddy, please!” She was practically writhing. Daddy spanked her pussy.

“Well, if you want me to give you my cock, than I have to tie you up, Baby. Do you want to tell me why I have to tie you?” He asked his plaything.

“Be-Because I’m only a toy, Daddy! I don’t deserve r-respect from my Da- oh!- my Daddy. I’m meant for his pleasure and use, noth- nothing else! Oh Daddy, please put your cum in my slave pussy, please. Use your- ah!- your whore’s cunt!” She cried out. Daddy had shocked her several times, fingers still rubbing her clit and dipping into her virgin pussy. Baby was dripping for her Daddy, desperately craving his cock inside her. Her pussy received another hard smack.

“Since you’re such a good girl, I guess I’ll let your pussy service me,” Daddy replies.

He got the pink rope meant specifically for her. Quickly he tied her hands to the bars above her head. Then, he took two new lengths, spread her knees out, and tied them to the top bedposts, keeping her legs spread, and cunt open to him. He then removed his clothes, and climbed on the bed.

He rubbed cock up and down her slit before lining himself up with her canlı casino siteleri tiny hole. Baby bucked her hips trying to get his cock inside her. Deciding it was, time, Daddy push his cock into his slave’s pussy. He groaned.

“Such a tight little cunt, hm? Now, who’s pussy is this, whore?” Daddy asked.

Baby quickly responded. “This is your pussy Daddy. All of Baby belongs to Daddy, she is his play toy, meant only to serve him.”

Daddy pulled back causing her to whimper. He grinned wickedly. “Now be a good girl,” he said, “and scream.” And with one hard push he rammed himself into her, breaking through her hymen and pushing against her cervix.

And scream she did. But it was not a scream of pain, but rather of pleasure, as Baby surrendered her second hole to Daddy. The realization that Daddy had finally used her pussy began to bring on an intense orgasm.

Daddy put wrapped his hands almost around his whore’s entire thighs, and leaned down to suckle on the girl’s neck. Viciously, rapidly, he began thrusting into her as hard as he could, delighting in the pain and pleasure evident on her face. Over and over he pounded into her tight, little hole. He moved back up, bring his hands up to her neck to choke her. This sent Baby over the edge.

Her eyes rolled back, and her mouth opened in a soundless scream as her abused pussy clenched her Daddy’s cock. Cumming hard, she lifted her hips, desperately trying to get him inside her.

The sight of his pet coming undone was enough to send Daddy over the edge. He slammed into her, as hard as he could, and sent streaks of cum into her devirginated hole.

But the night was not over. Baby still had a hole that hadn’t had his cock in it.

He untied the small girl and pulled by her hair so his cock was in front of her face. “Make it hard again, Baby, so Daddy can rape your little asshole.” He said.

“Yes, Daddy,” the little toy said, immediately complying. She ran her smooth tongue up and down his shaft several times. Then, while using her small hand to pump his cock, she sucked his balls into her mouth, reverently. Baby knew that Daddy’s cock was holy. She knew that Daddy was her god. So, pored all of her worship into her work.

Daddy begin petting her head, and when his dick was ready, used her braid to yank her off.

Rapidly, he retied her, knees spread and bent, arms stretched straight in front of her, and ass high in the air.

Without waisting a moment her ripped the plug out of her ass, and brought it to her face.

“Open,” He commanded, plunging the plug into her mouth. She began to suck her assjuices off it, as she prepared for her next birthday treat.

Daddy placed his bulging cock at her rosebud, and began to push. He moan as she intentionally squeezed him. “Good little Slut,” he praised.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she responded, happily. When he was half way in, he pulled back, leaving only his head in her. He grabbed her hips, and rammed into her.

“Thank you, Daddy!” She cried. He drew his hand back and slapped her ass hard in response. This continued as he brutally fucked the squirming whore’s ass. They both began to feel the pleasure building, and then, they came.

This was a birthday memory Baby would treasure forever.

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