Bad M.I.L.F Vol. 04 – The New Batch Ch. 02

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“I need to know you can go the distance; we need to be on the same page from here on out. So, is this path a go or not for you?”

“What are you getting out of this?”

“That’s not important for you; are you ready to take another slice of humble pie to those snotty bitches or not?” Her voice changed sounding strained and intense as she chided me.


“Read the text and look at the photo but get some sleep. You don’t have to be there right away, so hit it up at one.” Malaya hung up without a word leaving me to my own thoughts. I checked my phone finding a photo of this black girl with a huge frizzy mane of hair. Inspected the photo realizing that she looked familiar but couldn’t place the face. There was an address attached but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I dropped off into deep slumber.

BAD M.I.L.F Volume 4-The New Batch Ch. 2

I woke with a start almost feeling like I’d been smothered in my sleep. I looked around the room finding nothing but the flashing light on my phone. I studied the photo left for me earlier in the AM, still unable to place the face. I googled the address finding that it was another hotel, not as expensive as the one where Carry Anne was staying. I arrived at what was little more than a glorified motel still puzzled at the reason I’d been sent, finding another text that listed the girl’s name and room number. Capri Johnson was an enigma to me as I walked over to the house phone in the lobby dialing her up. The call went straight to voicemail as I panicked checking my phone finding that I was almost an hour earlier than suggested. Urgency lent speed to my efforts as I ran over to her outside facing room, finding the girl from the photo emerging from her room in a one piece swim suit with towels and a large plastic looking satchel bag draped over an arm.

“Let me guess, my mother sent you, right?” She scowled as I stopped just short, almost bumping into her.

“Uhm, how’d you know?”

“Because of the way you were running over here like your life depended on it.”

“Yeah, well you got me.”

“You were supposed to be here at two; I wanted a swim before we went to dinner and I need a dress too.” She sounded annoyed with her vocal cadence reminding me a little of Courtney McIntyre, but this girl was a little older and more relaxed sounding.

“O-kay, we can do that, Ms. Johnson.”

“Geez, you don’t have to be so formal; wanna join me at the pool?”

“Huh?!” I scratched my head not knowing how to answer. I still hadn’t figured out why I was sent to meet this girl.

“Well, just be a shame if you had to go back home and make a turn around trip; come on, keep me company.” Capri smiled warmly handing me the towels turning to lead me over to a modest outdoor pool bordered by a white fence and city streets. She was tall, probably all of five eight or nine with a decidedly curvy frame enhanced by what looked like baby fat. I didn’t mind the little jiggle noticing that she had a very large, slightly squarish pear shaped butt that sat out from her back like a little shelf. Capri continually tugged at the bottom of her suit when the material rode up exposing the slightest bit of cheek.

“Stop peeking at it or I’ll send you home.” Capri seemed to have eyes in the back of her head admonishing me, but the lightness of her tone suggested playfulness if nothing else. She picked out two chaise lounge chairs poolside motioning for me to place her stuff on one.

“Thanks, you don’t have to stay or anything; unless you want to watch me do a few laps.” She turned to me revealing a really nice set of full, perky breasts outlined under the material of her one piece.

“Uhm, oh, wow-sorry.” I felt like an idiot looking away figuring that I was still “punch drunk” from the night before. Shame flowed in when I realized how fucked up the previous night had been and the multiple hookups I’d experienced. I wondered if I was supposed to have sex with this girl or something. Malaya Padilla was turning out to be quite the puppet master.

“I don’t know if I should be flattered or worried.” Capri was still smiling at my reaction, tying the giant frizzy mane of hers off into a ponytail. There was no way she was fitting all of that hair under a swim cap. She was like a tall, thick version of Amandla Stenberg for lack of a better comparison.

“Sorry ma’am; uh, Ms. Johnson.” I nodded in deference.

“If you weren’t so cute, I’d probably be pissed; I’m going to take those laps now.” I watched as she innocently stretched and rolled her shoulders before jumping into the pool. I watched her do a few laps before worrying that I was projecting a creeper vibe checking my phone to break up the unintended voyeurism. Surprisingly, I found a few missed calls from my ex-girlfriend Chrystal. There were two video files connected to one message. I walked away from the pool area clicking one and finding a second long advertisement for some reality cooking show. The other clip predictably had a twerking clip in some hotel room casino oyna as wads of cash were tossed at her thong clad butt. I face palmed finding it pathetic that she thought this would upset after all we’d been through. The link led to some social media page I was unfamiliar with that had some comments linking her to that goof, Big Ham. I could’ve cared less uploading the clips to my cloud for later use.

“Oh, you came back; I thought I’d run you off by swimming too much.” Capri swam beside me walk adjacent as I entered the pool area.

“I was just checking some messages; besides, you didn’t want me to stay and watch you do laps, did you?”

“I wouldn’t have minded; help me out.” I dutifully retrieved her pool towel as she emerged up the short steps to the poolside. She turned her back giving me another view of her sloping, shelf-like butt which was barely on par with my ex and her assorted family members. Capri looked back at me with an easy smile as I wrapped the towel about her shoulders backing away.

“Not going to dry me off?”

“Stop it.” She chuckled turning to me using the towel on her face and midsection. I watched enjoying the soft, subtle curve of her figure wondering if I was really here to bed her. I stared at her face still finding it familiar in some as yet unknown way.

“You’re staring again, like what you see or something?”

“I honestly don’t know how to answer that ma’am.” Her big, brown eyes widened as her mouth opened in surprise at my answer. This young woman was undeniably cute with an innate sexy aura that was infectious. Capri reminded me of Gen, making my face drop a bit at the comparison.

“I don’t know how to take that; you shy or something?”

“Not usually.”

“I’m flattered whether you meant that towards me or not; score us some drinks from the vending machine. Flavored water, any kind; can’t do soda, it’s bad for my waistline.” She playfully motioned towards her midsection, but I knew better than to comment. I stalked off still confused a bit as to the reason I’d been sent noticing that Capri pulled her phone from the satchel bag. She looked upset at whatever was in the face of her phone as I ran back with several flavors of the requested water. She smiled at the armful of bottles making me feel uncharacteristically elated at being the reason for her smile. We ended up lying side by side on the chaise lounge chairs, which was little weird for me since I was fully dressed.

“Hey, can I ask you a few questions?” Capri asked after downing two bottles.

“Guess so, shoot.” It was the only answer I could give.

“Uhm, like what’s your sign?” Capri asked awkwardly, sounding like some nervous teen.


“Whoa, I didn’t peg you for being a fire sign; you don’t seem like the outgoing type and most Aries guys are players. They also drive people crazy with their intensity and don’t care what they say to people. I-I mean some people say they can be verbally abusive, but it’s really their way of being honest no matter how raw it comes out.”

“Gee thanks.” She giggled girlishly covering my hand with her own for a few seconds before drawing it back like it had been burned or something.

“What kind of car do you drive?” I rolled my eyes at the question.

“I have a Ducati Scrambler, but I rarely drive it anymore; so, I use Lyft most of the time.” She looked a little disappointed hunching her shoulders at the table looking off towards the adjacent street.

“Don’t like bikes?”

“No, I like ’em just fine but you aren’t thinking of taking me to that uptight, stuffy dinner full of bluebloods on a bike, are you?” I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about.

“Of course not; you will be ferried to the dinner in the vehicle of your choice; there are a number of luxury vehicles to choose from on the app.”

“My mom’s paying for it, right?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“For some reason, I don’t believe you; ready for my third and final question?” Her mannerisms were a little exaggerated like she was trying to look cool or something. Capri struggled a little getting to the question, twisting in the wind as it were be just going for it.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” I facepalmed laughing into my own hand for a few seconds.

“Stop laughing, it’s just a question!!” She looked embarrassed swatting at me a couple of times before I managed to get the humor under control.

“I’m uh, tragically single.” I admitted taking a swig of flavored water from my own bottle.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Exactly what I said; I’m single for a shitty reason.”

“You cheated?”

“No, not even; I was happy.” I remained vague not knowing her connection to my troubles. Capri was interested leaning in further looking for more details.

“She cheated.”

“She was fake the whole time; I didn’t matter to her enough. “She looked confused pondering what was said before taking another drink.


“So, why’d you want to know if I had a slot oyna girlfriend?”

“NUH-NOTHING, NO REASON-uhm, just making small talk.” Capri blurted out nervously nearly spilling her water.

“It’s okay. I don’t mind answering questions.”

“Sorry, it’s just that I’ve been away at girl’s school; didn’t see too many boys there because it was kind of like a Catholic thing or something. Nuns, the whole nine yards until I graduated two months ago; so, mom brought me here for a little vacation.”

“Girls school, nuns?”

“That was truly tragic too; no guys you’d wanna see, more of the monobrow, hair lip variety around that place. Definite shortage of cute guys; now weeks later, I meet you.” This girl was undeniably cute as a button.

“I’m flattered.”

“Don’t let it go to your head, you’re only medium cute.”

“Medium cute, thanks again.” We’d somehow found our way into full on flirting, laughing together.

“Oh crap, it’s getting kind of late. We’ve got to get me a dress!” She replied suddenly looking at her phone. Capri bounced up half sprinting back to her motel room and I found myself following with her stuff matching her cadence. She stopped abruptly turning with a hand in my chest at the door.

“No boys allowed.” I shrugged handing back her things receiving a pinch to the cheek for my efforts. She disappeared behind the door of what was a basic economy room with a large picture window facing out towards the pool and streets. I initially leaned against the door frame looking at my phone before curiosity got the better of me seconds later. I peered over finding the curtain on the other side of the window cracked a bit. It allowed me to look into Capri’s room with some effort. She was standing a few feet away from me separated by the wall. She was staring into the face of her phone appearing to be texting before tossing it on the bed. Capri peeled the one piece off her shoulders shimmying the thin material down to her waistline. Her light cocoa skin tone had been affected by the afternoon sun judging from the hard tan lines mimicking the shape of her suit. Her tan extended all the way down as the beginnings of her gluteal cleft came into play. Suddenly that supposed third eye came into play again as she glanced back in my direction. I nearly hiccupped sliding away from the window as fast as possible. The weird gravelly finish on the outside walls scarped against the back of the shirt I’d been wearing.

“Hey.” The door opened as Capri’s head popped out at an angle looking in my direction.

“Uh, yeah?”

“You peeking at me?”

“No, uhm, I did kind of look for a second.” Her expressive eyes rolled darting back and forth.

“You’re not supposed to admit that.”

“You want me to lie?” Capri chuckled continuing to stare at me for a few seconds as if deep in thought. She suddenly ushered me into her motel room with a frenzied waving of her hand as if someone was watching. Capri was a bit clumsy clipping my arm as she shoved the door closed behind me. I found myself up against the wall directly behind the door as she stood nervously before me picking at the wild curly, fluffed out mane surrounding her pretty face.

“Well, I was always just in some girl schools like I said; so, uhm, I never really got a chance, you know?” I understood the awkward expression on her face, just nodding.

“My mother has been on my butt nonstop since I arrived, calling and taking me places to shop, but I just don’t wanna be handcuffed to her and her stuffy friends. I uhm, want- I want to have my own life now. I’m twenty one you know and the lack of actual life experience I have is-ASTOUNDING!!”


“Yeah, I know I’m babbling; I’m really not good with guys-I MEAN-Uhm, I don’t have a lot of talking experience…with boys, you-know.” I just stared raised eyebrows and all, when Capri suddenly cupped my cheeks giving me a kiss, quickly backing off.

“Okay.” She was nodding her head happily having got over some mental hurdle.

“Good right, I mean, you liked it, right?” The thick, cutie was standing there awkwardly with her arms tightly folded making her impressive cleavage surge forward. I noticed slight freckles and minute stretch marks around her breasts. I wanted to kiss them and more as she bit her bottom lip looking for a response. I didn’t keep her waiting, softly returning her affections with a kiss of my own that seemed to steel her nerves.

More kisses followed as I let her find her pace until her tongue timidly found its way into my mouth. Something about this girl made me want to please her as she stopped, staring up at me drawing the straps of her one piece down letting her cleavage blossom until the tops of her areolas started to appear. I stopped her with another deep kiss that nearly made the inexperienced girl swoon. I went on my knees taking her suit with me freeing her breasts. The slightly pendulous mams were topped with enticingly tan cookie sized areolas. There were more light freckles on Capri’s canlı casino siteleri skin with little bumps surrounding prominent nipples. Larger than they initially appeared, a portion of her torso and the top of her abdomen was obscured by her abundance. I didn’t relieve her completely of her suit leaving her sex covered as I kissed and stuck my tongue in her round navel.

“That tickles.”

“Right, how about this?” I pried the crotch of her suit to the side finding a lightly furred muff. I ran my tongue over it making her shudder and tremble uncontrollably. Capri chuckled nervously as I continued making overtures to her sex.

“Yeah uhm, that feels…tickles too.” She admitted sheepishly.

I directed her to the edge of her bed like I was asking her onto a dance floor returning to my knees between her legs. Her exposed muff was puffy, inviting in the worst way as I teased her prominent clit. Her shapely legs jerked involuntarily every time I touched her button as she became visibly wet. Her taste filled my mouth, running freely as I licked her slit finding entrance between her folds. Her little cries and whimpers gave purpose to my actions. She flopped around on the bedding like she was receiving little jolts of electricity as I parted her thighs licking her snatch with abandon. The more she squirmed the more intensity I added to my actions.

“Oh wow, that feels so good; Oh shit-um, sorry but it’s AW-AWW-AWWWWNNN!!” Her cute little stomach flexed as she began feeling it.

“AAAWWW, YEH-YEEEAAAHHHH ITS FEELING SOOOOO, AWWWWNNNN!!” Capri’s legs sprung up bent at the knees as she struggled not to wrap them around my head. I reached under her cupping her cheeks raising her up off the bed.

“OOOOHHHHH, OOHHHHH FUH-AWWWNNNN, AAAAWWWWNNNN FAWWK!!” Capri’s back arched, pushing her muff into my mouth as I let my tongue twirl around inside her tightness. Her sex was drenched, her inner thighs moist clamping around my head.

“YEEEAHHHH, OHHHHH YEEAHHHH; FEEELS-FUH-FEELING SO GOOOD!!” I reached up rubbing and caressing the outsides of her thighs. My fingers squeezed and pinched her haunches luxuriating in pillow softness of her curves.

“AAAAAWWWWWWW YEEAAAAHHHH, I’M CUMMING!” A light burst of her essence sprayed the inside of her mouth. Capri’s body curled almost unnaturally around my head. Her knees were locked in place, I could feel her palming my head. The only thing I could see was her undulating abdomen and muff wedged against my face. It felt good to make this cute girl climax. I wanted to do it again and again until she was unable to walk. Capri fell against the bed fanning herself with a joyous half laugh. Her large breasts were heaving impressively as I caught my breath, covered in her scent.

“Ah man, I don’t think I’m gonna be able to walk right for a minute.”

“Want me to get you a wheelchair for dinner?” We both chuckled sharing a moment as Capri picked at her shock of curly, unkempt hair. She absentmindedly caressed my head prompting me to go down on her again.


Sudden loud knocking interrupted our little interlude nearly giving us both heart attacks. Capri panicked jumping up into the bed pulling some of the bedding over her body. I slid up behind the door as the knocking continued getting even louder. Capri motioned for me to hide behind the door as I stole a look through the peephole.

“Shit!” Carry Anne McIntyre was standing in front of the door knocking incessantly as Capri ran over cupping a hand over my mouth. She called herself silencing me with a finger over her lips before slowly opening the motel door. She made sure to wedge her body into the opening so that nothing else was visible.


“I’ve been calling all day, I wanted to take you shopping for a nice dress and maybe a little brunch. You’ve been fucking around this whole time?”

“No, it’s not like that, don’t be mad, mom. I just went for a swim and then, stuff kind of happened.”

“Stuff? That shit more important than hanging out with your mother, huh? Even though you flaked out on me, I still got you this dress and its pretty expensive too!!”

“Don’t be mad, I didn’t mean to flake out on you, it was an accident!”

“What’re you doing; you got somebody in there or something?”

“MOM!!” Capri was twisting in the wind in front of me. I was close to having a coronary worrying that she’d force her way into the room and discover me.

“Look, you’re a grown woman; you don’t have to sneak around. I’m a little disappointed because we talked about taking that Caribbean tour together; you out on that, too?!”

“Of course not, we’re definitely going. It’s just that I want to have some experiences on my own, know what I mean, mom?” Every time Capri referred to Carry Anne as “mom”, I felt like somebody was dancing on my grave.

“I’m gonna fire that fucking Malaya person; she was supposed to be watching you! Said she needed the job but ditches you the first chance she gets!! You don’t want to go to Barbados?!!” The elder McIntyre was ranting drawing closer to the door.

“Mom come on; you said I was a grown woman but then you turn around and hire somebody to watch me like a kid, huh?!! I thought you trusted me!!”

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