Bait and Switch Ch. 09

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I knew where I was as soon as the blue light penetrated my eyelids. My eyes flew open, but I was disappointed to see I was the only person in the room. The white light doused me then, and I could feel the energy leaking from me, as it built up my body.

“Lela?” I called out, but there was no answer. In silence I waited for the light to finish its work, and then I was back in my own bed. Worried that she was still upset with me, I didn’t get much sleep. I was too guilt ridden.

Robin was in the bathroom when I got up, so I went ahead and ate, while I waited. She took a little longer than Shanna had yesterday, but I didn’t mind too much. Dennis came out of the bathroom with her, and I understood what had taken them so long.

I quickly showered and shaved, and then decided to walk to campus. The sun was up, but the air was crisp, my breath misting thickly from me as I walked.

My phone rang, and I saw it was Gina, from the Caller ID.

“Nick?” Her voice sounded quiet on the other end. “I think that person is back. Can you come over and check?”

I was already most of the way to campus, and really didn’t want to turn back around to get my car. “I’m sure it’s nothing. Just jump in your car, and drive here. I’m sure you’ll be fine,” I tried to reassure her.

“Okay. See you in class?” She still sounded unsure, but I was glad I wouldn’t need to walk all the way back, and get my car. My first class had a final today, and I didn’t want to be late for it.

“I can’t wait,” I told her. But I could wait. After what had happened with Prof. Frankens last night, and then having both Gina and Shanna in the same class… Well, let’s just say that if I didn’t have a final, I would be ditching it again.

The morning veritably flew by, my finals were easy, and I was usually one of the first ones done. I saw Robbie talking with Nicole, and knew I didn’t need to tell him about her. He actually went so far as to give me a smile and a nod when he saw me, though Nicole only gave me a disgusted look before saying something that made Robbie laugh.

I didn’t have a class after lunch, having taken the final on Tuesday, so closeted myself in the library, and tried to come up with ideas on how to defeat the demons. From experience, I knew I could affect groups, but it was harder on me than making switches one at a time. And the thought of trying to affect an entire fleet of the red beasts… That would kill me, and I would never get the opportunity to even move the switch, once I made it. Was there something I could do to a few that would affect the rest?

Maybe if they mated like Lela’s race did, I could put all of the females in heat. The males would go wild with lust, and the females would have to mate, lest they die, meanwhile the human race could fall upon them, and defeat them…

There were too many problems with that, though. While affecting only the females would reduce the strain on me, it would still be too much. I would also need to notify the government about the aliens, and I didn’t feel like being locked up in a loony bin. And then, I am only going off of a guess that they MIGHT be like Lela, which wasn’t a good start. Lela’s entire species was herbivores, while the demons were pure carnivores. Their food preference didn’t really mean anything, though. It wasn’t likely to work, but for now it was something.

No further plan occurred to me by the time I had to get to Prof. Frankens class, and I reluctantly turned my feet in that direction.

Shanna greeted me just outside the door, with a smile on her face, and her long lashes batting at me.

“Are you ready for this? I stayed up half the night studying, but I know there will be something I forgot to look up on this final.” She seemed fidgety as she spoke all in a rush.

“Relax. I have no doubt you’ll do fine,” I tried to reassure her, but she wasn’t having it.

“Well, we can’t all be as smart as you, Nick. I’ll bet you played games all night, instead of studying.”

“I studied,” I told her defensively. I had listened to Robin’s loud cries, and Dennis’s grunts more, but I HAD tried to study.

Shanna sat right next to me, and I looked around for Gina, but she was nowhere to be seen.

Prof. Frankens had us separate some, putting at least one empty seat between each student, before handing out the tests, one by one. She informed us that there were four different test versions, but when she handed me the question booklet from the bottom of her stack, I saw that the answers had already been marked, and then poorly erased. Donna smiled at me, before walking on, handing out other tests. I noticed a few of the other men in class giving me jealous glares, but luckily Shanna was already going over her test, and hadn’t noticed.

I still didn’t see Gina.

I started answering the questions, at first verifying the circled answer was the correct one, but after the first twenty were accurate, I just started copying the book. Every now and then I answered one intentionally wrong; there was no reason to make my cheating obvious, even if Donna had handed me this book on purpose.

About halfway through, Gina still hadn’t shown up. She had said she would see me in class, didn’t she? Was there really someone there this morning, and did they do something to her?

I started to rush through the test, worried about the blonde woman. I could call her as soon as I got out of this test.

Sweat was actually beading on my brow, as I walked up and handed the test to Prof. Frankens. She smiled at me again, and I thought she was about to say more, but looked at the class behind me, and just said, “Thank you.”

I tried to walk calmly out of class, though I knew my steps were still fast. As soon as the door closed behind me, I pulled out my phone, and called Gina.

One ring… Two rings… After the fourth ring, it went to voicemail. I hung up and tried again, but with the same result. I decided to leave a message this time. “Gina. Just worried about you. Gimma a call when you get this. Bye.”

That had been my last class, but I would have skipped any others as I started to walk briskly home. My heart was thudding in my chest as I walked, and despite the cold, I was sweating as I rushed to get to my car.

I only had the faintest warning, before pain exploded in the back of my head, and blackness swallowed the snow-white world around me.

* * *

Pain was the first thing I became aware of. The back of my head hurt almost as bad as the second day with my ability.

A soft sobbing was the second thing to penetrate the haze that seemed to fill my mind.

Looking up to find the source of the crying, informed me that I was tied up, and naked.

Gina lay hunched on the floor about ten feet in front of me, her hands tied to another post, and just as naked as I was. Bruises and cuts covered her body, all of them fresh.

“So, you finally wake up,” a cold voice said from a shadow. I looked in the direction of the voice, groaning at the pain it caused in my skull. The voice laughed, and only then did I recognize it.

“Derek,” I said, the name hissing through my teeth. I fought feebly against my bonds, but they were rope, and I knew my ability couldn’t affect them.

Gina moaned piteously in her corner, and I felt my rage increase, some of it directed inward. I had assumed that Derek’s attack would come at me. I didn’t think he would attack someone else to hurt me.

“What do you want from us?”

“Us? I don’t want anything from her, it’s you I want to make pay. She is just an innocent, caught in your evil ways.”

For a second I debated on flipping his ‘sleep’ switch, but that would still leave us both tied up. Somehow I had to convince him to untie us. And in order to do that, casino oyna I had to keep him talking. I didn’t think a ‘guilt’ switch would work in him, like it had in Gina the last time I’d been tied up.

“My evil ways? What are you talking about?”

Derek stepped out of the shadows, and into the dim light, wearing nothing but a wicked smile. His dick was hard between his legs, and it wobbled as he walked towards Gina.

“Why, it was a good thing I arrived when I did. Unfortunately I was too late to stop you from raping and killing poor Gina, but at least I got here in time to do you in.”

Gina cringed as Derek approached her, and I spit in his direction. I noticed he had a condom on, as he bent over, grabbed Gina’s ass, and lifted it up. She struggled against him, till he smacked her hard, and then she sobbed, but didn’t fight any more. I knew this wasn’t the first time he’d raped her today, and that this time it was just for my benefit.

I couldn’t stand it. Even if it meant staying tied up, I couldn’t let him hurt her again. I flipped his ‘sleep’ switch, and cried out in pain, as nothing happened.

Derek mistook my cry of agony for one of anguish, and laughed as he shoved himself into the bound woman from behind. Gina cried out in pain, which just made Derek smile wider.

I tried again to put him to sleep, but the pain in my head was too intense, and I couldn’t work through it. I slumped in my bonds, trying to drive the pain away.

“No!” Derek screamed. “No, you will watch this.” I heard him approach me, and looked up in time to see him grab a broom handle and crack it against my ribs. I felt my ribs break, and breathing became a chore. Spider webs of pure torture blossomed from the point where he’d struck me. My scream echoed around the small room well after I ran out of breath. “Watch it and weep, or I’ll hit you again. You don’t have to watch long. She is pretty loose, but as soon as I’m done, I’ll put you both out of your misery.”

“You won’t get away with this,” I wheezed, having a hard time getting enough air.

“Won’t I? What is there to get away with? I heard some odd noises from outside as I was walking by, and I came in to find you strangling Gina as you raped her. I beat you with this stick, and apparently went too far, and killed you. I’ll even call the cops, and sob at the evil I saw in here.” Derek cackled, and I knew I needed to stop him somehow.

If only my switches worked. If my head didn’t hurt so badly, I was sure I could do what needed to be done, but there was no chance of that now.

Derek walked back over to Gina, and flipped her to her back, before thrusting back into her. Her tits bounced obscenely as the bastard plowed in and out of her. He gave me a big smile as his hands wrapped around her neck, and I could see her eyes bulge as he started to strangle her.

“You pansy assed bitch!” I cried, hoping to distract him, but he ignored the insult, grinning at me while he choked the life out of Gina. I could no longer hear her sobs, as they were also cut off. I could see the stark terror in her eyes as she looked at me, pleading for me to do something.

I knew she wanted me to use my ability, but I couldn’t. It just wasn’t working right now. “I can’t,” I sobbed, as I watched her dying. My head hurt too much. Maybe if Lela were here to heal me, I could use them, but she wasn’t.

Wait, wasn’t she always watching me?

“Lela!” I yelled, ignoring the pain in my chest and head at the effort. “Help me.”

Gina’s eyes slowly closed, as her struggles weakened. In desperation, I fought against my bonds, needing to get out, to run to her and save her.

Gina’s eyes closed, and her limbs went limp.

There was a quick flash of light, and I saw Derek look away from me.

“What the fuck?” His hands loosened around Gina’s neck, but I feared it was too late. She lay unmoving, as Derek stood up, and grabbed his broom handle again.

A familiar greenish-yellow light surrounded me, and I didn’t waste any time. The broom handle was flying hard and fast at my head, a blow that likely would knock me unconscious, if not worse, when I hit his ‘paralyze’ switch. The broom stopped centimeters from my temple.

I could feel my body tingling, as it repaired itself under the healing light. My ribs knit back together, and the throbbing in my head lessened till it was gone. I felt the ropes holding me to the post loosen, and then fall, but my eyes were locked on Derek.

I could see fear in his beady little eyes, and his lips quivered as I walked up to him. I glared at the bully, and would have laughed at the drool that was leaking from his mouth, if I weren’t still filled with rage. Death would be too good for him, and I didn’t think I could kill another human, even in my anger.

The healing light was still on me, and I drew all the strength I could for this switch. Just forming it created an immediate headache behind my eyes, but the light soon relieved me of it. Pushing it was another matter. Even the light couldn’t keep the mental pain at bay, but my outrage fuelled me, and slowly I felt it move.

Derek’s eyes grew large, as what I’d done started to take effect. A pitiable wine escaped his throat, and I wondered if he was in pain. I truly hoped so.

I then ran to Gina, and felt at her neck for a pulse. It was weak, but it was there. Then and only then, did I breathe a sigh of relief, and look up to Lela, who was now looking at the nude form of Derek. She was in her light-suit, and in the dim room, it looked particularly odd. I wondered what Derek must have been thinking as he stared at the pink alien.

“Can you heal her?” I asked Lela.

Lela’s hands moved before her for a moment, and the light shifted to cover me and Gina. I watched, still slightly amazed at what this light could do, as Gina’s bruises turned yellow, and then faded away completely. The few cuts sealed themselves. The only evidence left that she had been hurt at all was the crusted blood that spotted her smooth skin here and there.

“Thank you,” I said as the light vanished, but Lela was gone.

I found our clothes in a pile, near where Derek had come out of the shadows, and quickly dressed Gina first. I had a hard time getting her undergarments on, having had a lot more practice getting them off, but soon she was fully covered. I dressed myself, before standing in front of the motionless statue that was Derek.

He was still whining as I examined his body. His chest had grown some, his cock and balls shrunk, and even his hips had widened.

“You will regret today for the rest of your life. If I EVER see you again, I will do much worse than what you are suffering now.” I looked him deep in the eyes, wanting to make sure he understood what I was about to tell him. “I hope you enjoy the rest of your life as a weak, mute, woman.”

I easily made two more switches in Derek, or whatever her name would be after today; one to make her muscles always weak, and one sealing away her voice. I only hoped it would serve as punishment.

I carried Gina out the door, and saw her car parked outside. It wasn’t until I had started the car, and was driving away, that I released Derek from his paralysis.

I used Gina’s phone to call her mom, and let her know that Gina was alright and with me. Her mom seemed fine with everything, whether because she was content with anything I did, or because she had no idea what had happened to her daughter, I wasn’t sure.

I had to carry Gina up to my apartment, but she felt light in my arms, and I knew my strength was still growing.

I tucked her into my bed, and watched her sleep peacefully for a bit, until I received a call from Shanna.

I hurried out of the room before answering it.

“Hey! You slot oyna rushed out of class so fast, I didn’t get to ask if you wanted to come over and play games tonight.”

“I’d love to, but I have to work tonight. Rain check?” I tried to sound normal, and think I pulled it off. I didn’t know what I was going to do with Gina, while I was working.

“Is something wrong? You’ve been avoiding me lately…” Uh-oh!

“I haven’t been avoiding you,” I protested, but could see how she would think that, after turning her away yesterday and now today. “I talked with you before class.”

“Barely. Well, if you say you aren’t I’ll believe you. I’m probably just being emotional. You know how women get sometimes.” And that’s when it dawned on me: it was that time of the month for Shanna. No wonder she didn’t try to have sex with me the other night, and why she’d kicked me out of my room before she got in bed. It wasn’t that she was being shy, but hiding what she was going through. Part of me thought it was cute.

“I’ll tell you what; do you work tomorrow?” I hoped she didn’t.

“No, I have it off. Do you?”

“No, I have it off too. How about we celebrate the beginning of the holiday break, with a marathon gaming session. I’ll even let you win a few this time.” Truth be told, she might be a better gamer than me, but I needed to tease a little. If only to wash away today’s events from my mind.

“Oh-ho! You’re on. I’ll trash your ass three ways from Sunday. You better bring your A-game, mister.” I laughed and told her I would, before getting off the phone.

“Was that Shanna?” The voice right behind me sent my heart into my throat, as I felt like I jumped to the roof, thoroughly startled.

“Um, yeah,” I told Gina, embarrassed, turning to face her. Her hair was a mess, and there was a wild look in her hazel eyes. Before I could think or say anything else, I was suddenly gripped by a powerful hug, while she sobbed into my shoulder.

“Thank you, Nick. Thank you, thank you, thank you…” She continued to thank me, and soak my shoulder, as I held her in my arms, thoroughly confused.

Dennis walked in, and wanted to know if we needed to be alone, but Gina pulled away then. “No, you’re fine,” and then she tugged me into my room.

She closed the door behind her, and kept hold of my hand, while her eyes examined me. “I know you saved me, but why did you wait so long?”

I still didn’t feel comfortable talking about Lela, so I hedged a little on the truth. “When Derek hit my head, he must have done something with my ability. I had to recover from that, before I could use my switches.”

“Oh, Nick! I was so scared, but I knew you would save me. What did you do with that… That…” She tensed up, and I pulled her head back to my shoulder, patting her back.

“SHE, will never be able to do that again, much less talk,” I said.

“She?” Gina giggled slightly, and I thought it sounded great. “Do you really have to work tonight?”

“Yes, but you won’t be alone. You can come with me and sit in the lobby, or I will see if Dennis will stay here with you. I think Robin will be here later, too.” I knew there was no way Bradley would give me the night off. Not this close to the holidays, and not after he’d already refused to give me this week off to study, and with the economy the way it was, I didn’t want to have to find another job. I was just glad he’d given me next week off, so I could see my family. I hated having to leave her, but I really had little choice.

“I don’t want to be around a bunch of strangers. Do you promise to come back here when you get off?”

“I promise,” I said as she pulled away from me, and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

She stayed in my room, watching me get dressed for work.

“You know Shanna has a crush on you, right?” Her question shocked me, and I didn’t know how to answer. Finally she spoke up after a few seconds of silence. “I don’t mind, really. We aren’t official, or anything. I think she is actually kind of cute.”

I really didn’t know what to say to that either, so I just grunted noncommittally, and she laughed. I quickly finished getting dressed for work, and made sure Gina was alright staying here with Dennis and Robin for a few hours, until I got back.

“Just come back to me,” she told me as I walked out the door.

Work went by agonizingly slowly, except for when Shanna showed up.

“Come to spy, and make sure I wasn’t making up excuses, huh?” I asked, as I flipped over a steak on the grill.

“I believed you,” she said so defensively, I knew she was lying.

“Wanna go back into the freezer, and relive some memories?” I teased, already knowing the answer.

“Is everything always about sex with you?”


“Sorry, it’s just been awhile, and as always, you look gorgeous.” She smiled and gave me a peck on the lips, before letting me get back to work. It wasn’t till she was gone, that I realized she didn’t have the ‘happy’ switch. That had been Shannon.

As soon as I was done, I rushed right home.

“Is she okay?” Dennis asked me as soon as I walked in. “She is taking her third shower since you left.”

Worried, I knocked on the bathroom door. “Gina?”

I didn’t hear any response, but I wasn’t sure if she could hear me above the shower. The door was locked, but my ability took care of that.

The mirror was fogged up, and steam was pouring from over and around the shower curtain.

“Gina?” I called again.

“How did you… Oh, right… Nevermind.” She sounded far away and despondent.

I peaked around the curtain, and saw her furiously scrubbing her skin with soap. She saw me, but didn’t cover up. “Do you have a loofah? I still feel dirty.” Her skin looked raw and red, and I wondered how much she had been scrubbing it.

“Gina, stop. You’re as clean as you’re going to get. Give me the soap.” I held out my hand to her, and she just looked me in the eyes for a bit, before finally handing it over.

“I know. I know it doesn’t do any good. You read about these things, but then it happens to you, and it feels like he is under my skin. No matter how hard I scrub, I still feel filthy.”

I nodded as she spoke, and grabbed the shower nozzle, rinsing off the soap. As soon as that was done, I turned off the water, and helped her out. She let me gently dry her, wrapping the towel around her before she hugged me again.

“Oh, Nick. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I can still feel him inside me. I want to throw up!” I should never have left her here, I realized, but the mistake was already made, and I needed to take care of things as they were now. I had made a number of mistakes, but concentrating on those wouldn’t fix the current problems.

I remembered making the memory switch in Gina, and quickly flipped it. She calmed down a bit, before pulling away, and looking up at me.

“Did you just do that? You made me forget something. I was just thinking about it, and suddenly… I don’t remember. I can recall everything else, but that one thought is gone.”

“You don’t need to suffer,” I whispered. “Let me help you.”

She took another step away from me. “No, don’t take everything away. It hurts, yes, but it happened. I don’t want to forget that you saved me, nor what you saved me from.” I couldn’t help but admire her strength. Part of me suspected that whatever part I had already deleted was the worst, and she felt as though she could handle the rest.

“I won’t take anything else away, unless you ask me to,” I promised, and she hugged me again, the towel falling to the floor between us.

I felt her lips touch my neck, then my chin, as they worked their way up to my mouth. “Gina, are you sure you should be doing that?” I asked, not wanting her canlı casino siteleri to stop, but also not wanting to cause her any further grief.

“There is still one place I haven’t been able to scrub, and there is only one thing I can think of that will get all off it. I need you to wash away the last bit of him,” she told me, and I knew she wasn’t talking about her memory.

I picked her up, and carried her into my room. Robin gave a small laugh when she saw us, and I realized we probably looked a sight, me still in my work clothes, and her naked in my arms.

“You smell like meat,” she told me as my bedroom door closed behind us.

“Do you want me to go shower first?”

“No, I like it. Just… Just love me tonight,” her voice was breathy as I laid her on my bed, and then took off my shirt.

“Stop me at any time, if you need to,” I told her earnestly. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I know. But hurry. I want to feel you in me. I want to feel all of you, all around me, and nothing else.”

I nodded, as I dropped my pants to the floor, and kicked off my shoes.

She asked me to love her tonight, and while I refused to say the words untruthfully, I could perform the actions. I took her slender ankle in my hands, and brought her toes to my lips. She let out a gentle sigh, as I kissed each tow, running my tongue across the bottom of her digits.

I massaged her calves, as I kissed and nibbled the underside of her foot, tickling her arch with my teeth, and making her giggle. Then I switched to her other foot, and did the same. I could see that her labia were wet and swollen as I did this, and smiled at the serene look that was currently painted across her features.

I let my fingers gently glide up and down her smooth legs, lightly tickling as I set them on my shoulders and alternated kisses between them. Slowly I worked my way up her calves, under her knees, around her small thighs, gently kissing my way to her sex. By the time I finally reached it, her juices were dribbling down her ass crack, and making a puddle on my sheets.

I gave it a tender kiss, letting my hands trail up her flat abdomen, and around the swell of her ample breasts. I didn’t touch her nipples, as I laid flat on my stomach, and lightly licked up her leaking fluids. Her hips jumped as my tongue barely touched her clit.

She grabbed my errant hands, and mashed them against her teats, moaning loudly as my tongue dove into her. “Thank you, Nick. Oh, I needed this. Thank you!” Her voice grew in volume, as my mouth did its work, bringing her to orgasm.

I broke away from her nether lips, and trailed soft kisses along her stomach, and sides. Kissing the undersides of her breasts, and then moving my head between her two mountains, I pressed them together, and licked my way up to the hollow at the base of her neck.

I felt my penis bump against her vulva, but made no move to enter her. Instead, I continued my kisses over her left shoulder, even kissing her armpit as I moved down her arm, to her elbow, and wrist. When I reached her hands, I kissed her palm, then along each finger, giving each tip a kiss, before returning to the palm, and kissing up the next digit.

She reached down between us, gripped my member, and moaned as she rubbed the head against her slit. Her hips hunched against me, wanting me inside her, but I wasn’t ready yet.

Finished with her left hand, I brought my head around, brushing her lips lightly with my own, before dropping back down to her other shoulder. She moaned in frustration as she tried to capture my mouth, and tried again to get my head inside her, but to no avail. I wanted to wash her body with my kisses, before I entered her.

I gave her right arm and hand the same treatment as I’d given the left, and then propped myself up on my hands, as I looked down at her. Her hair was still wet, and I realized I would have to use another pillow tonight, but right then I just thought she was gorgeous. There was no mistaking the hunger and desire in her greenish-blue eyes.

I dropped my lips to hers, at the same time I moved my hips forward, getting half my cock in her, in one movement. Her mouth hungrily devoured mine, in a kiss that was equal parts love, lust, need, and desire.

Her hands gripped my ass, and helped me to set a slow and steady pace, gently sinking my length into her velvety folds. Derek had said she was loose, but she gripped me with a force that I almost feared would strangle my cock, if she weren’t so wet.

Gina’s hands went to my face, as she started to cum around my rod, pulling me deeper into our kiss, and we both moaned with pleasure. The sound of my voice increased her arousal, and she started to buck under me with earnest.

I pulled out of her, and rolled her over onto her stomach. I put my face back between her legs, and licked her juices up from her crack, running my tongue over her asshole. She jumped slightly when I did that, and moaned. I kissed both globes of her rear, and then gently up and around her back. She was moaning in earnest by the time I reached her neck.

“I want to feel you in my ass,” she told me, twisting her head around to look at me.

“Did he—” I couldn’t finish that sentence.

“No, he didn’t. But I said I want to feel all of you, ALL over me. Please, Nick. I need this.”

I nodded, giving her cheek a quick peck, before placing my phallus between her cheeks. It took me a moment to get the angle right, and a bit of pressure to get my head past her sphincter, but she gasped, as it broke through.

“Gawd, I needed this! I love how you feel inside me. Pussy, ass, mouth… Fuck me, Nick. Fuck me, and wash him away.”

My cock was plenty slick from her juices, as was her crack from what had leaked out of her, but I took my time, slowly slipping my length into her colon. I slipped my hands under her chest, and felt her hard nipples between my fingers, as I got the last of my prick inside her.

“Fuck me.” That one command was all I needed, as I pulled out, and slipped back into her. I hit a frenzied pace, and knew I was getting close.

Her sphincter suddenly gripped my rod, and it was too much. We came together, as I filled her bowels with my semen, and I collapsed onto her back, kissing the back of her neck as I unloaded. It felt like I loosed a gallon inside her, by the time my orgasm finally washed over me.

I rolled onto my back, breathing heavily, and my skin pebbled with sweat.

She placed her head on my chest, and cuddled up to my side. “I think a shower is in order,” her soft voice broke the lethargy that was starting to creep over me, and I groaned. Gina laughed. “Not for me, though I probably need one now, too. You positively reek of sex and meat.”

We showered together, and I gently washed her body, and she returned the favor. Dried once again, we stepped back into my room, accompanied by the unmistakable sounds of Robin and Dennis going at it.

Gina gave me a wink, before stating, “He watched us have sex, I think it is only fare we return the favor.”

I smiled inwardly, and thought she was going to be okay after all, as she crept towards my roommate’s door.

It was unlocked.

Gina cracked the door, and peaked inside, then turned to me, smiling. She opened the door the rest of the way, and slipped inside.

Shaking my head, I followed after the erstwhile blonde. Robin was on top of Dennis, his long cock shoved deep into her cunt, and one of her fake tits locked between his lips. We watched for a bit, till Gina indicated she was ready to go.

As soon as we were back in my room, Gina ravished me again, crying out in sweet release as the day’s horrors were overlaid by my tender care.

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