Bales Buttfucks the Babes

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I knew this man for several years. He was always nice to my friends and me when he first moved in. I don’t know how old he really was, but he was not that old, not compared to my parents.

I graduated from high school and went off to college. In that time, my roommates and I would come home each year for his Halloween parties. He was always funny in all the costumes he and his wife Jeannie would wear. This year was no exception.

She liked me a lot also and when Bales, what we always called him, and she threw their parties, you could always expect some surprises. This year was no exception.

This year he dressed up in an outfit and called himself “Underwear Man”. Wearing long johns underneath and bright, tight red undies over them, he looked perfect. Also, he wore a cape.

He emblazoned a large red ‘U’ on his T-shirt with a circle around it. What was the running joke behind this? Thinking that it was a friend he was going to moon, he mooned the friend’s wife. She got to see his fine ass up against the window and he thought it was his friend Rob. Only a few of us really knew what happened and all Jeannie would say is “Wouldn’t you all like to know”?

My roommates, who didn’t know anyone, kept their thoughts to themselves at first. Now before I get ahead of myself, I am 22 and about to graduate along with my roommates from college.

I, like my roomies, have had our fair share of crazy raw and wild parties okay. We have had webcams running while having some lust-filled parties. At the beginning of the school year, some initiation starter parties to get ‘comfy’.

There was beer, topless girls, underwear showings and the list went on. It included dick sucking, pussy licking and some even raw ass fucking in some extreme cases. I didn’t do that shit, the ass fucking, but well, I won’t say anything else.

Being more mature and having more confidence in myself, I opened up a little, letting people know that I know shit about men and what not.

When no one was looking and my friends thought he was good looking too; I’d go up and grab him deep underneath, letting him know I was game if he was for some side action.

Yes, okay, I’d do the man. I always liked him. He always liked me too. My hair is a fine, thick luxurious head of hair. It weaves its way down along my shoulders. I have a nice body, I think and I think my breasts are suitable enough as well as the remainder of me. Guys seemed to think so.

People dispersed, along with Jeannie into groups. My friends and I got Bales and Hemmie. Hemmie was called that because he loved the Dodge Ram engines. It was his second passion. His first was me. I just didn’t like him as well. I was fond of Bales, kind of.

Why Bales you ask? Bales had his charismas, which charms AND THE LOOKS! YES, HE HAD LOOKS! OH MY GOSH DID HE!

Did Bales like me? I didn’t know, but either way, my friends discovered I had it bad for him casino oyna and Julie, Andrea and Sarah all wanted to find out more about this guy.

He talked to the others and eventually me too, asking us all about school, classes and then about parties and if they were still a lot like his days, when he was there.

He asked if we got down and dirty still at the college parties. He asked if the parties that he had been too got out of hand and eventually, he just adapted, did we get this way too.

We all, at first, looked at the other, not knowing how to answer the questions. “Ohhhh, I guess they still are, huh?” He roared with laughter. “I bet they were awesome, right? Pretty damn erotic sometimes?” Shit, I assume then that there was a lot of lustful shit going on then as usual?”

“And I bet that shit, with web cams and digi-cams, is posted all over the internet too and you don’t even realize it!”

“Like Blare, what are saying? We went around during parties and just got naked and well, fucked each other?”

“Yep! I bet there was even a lot of lesbo action going on, right ladies?” We all laughed or giggled. All of us. Sarah was getting horny after he mentioned this all. He was 29 and he knew about this shit. Sarah was hott for this guy, kind of or maybe just hott for sex, she told me later.

I knew Bales well. I knew how he thought. I knew his reactions to things. I’d known him many years now. So he was extra curious to find out.

“Makes ya a lil horny maybe? HAHAHHA! It does me, if I can say that, HAHAHA! What do you think Hemmie?” He didn’t say a word. He was off in a stare.

“Hemmie? Hemmie? You there man?” Hemmie was a couple years older then us, and he has had some girlfriends, but all he ever wants to do is talk trucks, engines, racing and girls.

I don’t mind talking about us and all about what we are into, but the person has to have some balance.

“Okay, who wants another drink or anything?” I answered back and so did Sarah, accidentally too, “Anything is good”. She looked at me and I wondered what it was that was now on her mind.

Bales got up, got some coolers for us, a beer for him and Hemmie and we just got drunker as the night went on. He couldn’t find Jeannie anywhere. She was gone and nowhere to be found.

“Anyone seen my wifey?” “I did, said Andrea who spoke out for the very first time, I saw her go across the street with someone. I don’t know who though.” Bales only acknowledged it.

“So who’s up for a little search and seizure?”

We were like, huh? What? What are you talking about? He explained. Hemmie had got bored, so he went into another room in the house and talked.

The girls and Bales went to his basement and he got chairs for all of them. He turned on the Usenet groups search and did a slight extensive research into their university dorms search.

Nothing, so he did some other searches. About 10 slot oyna minutes later, he located about 25 different party specific, uploaded webcam recorded parties.

These were her parties or links to other related parties. We were all in them and this got very embarrassing too.

He sat there and they all bellied up next to him as he exposed them for the true college sluts they could be at that time.

“So are you ladies still into this kind of stuff?”, as he laughed. We were all pretty damn buzzed from the alcohol and said yes right away.

The others only giggled until Andrea said yes too, by mistake. “Hmmm, you know I hadn’t really thought about it at all, but now that I’m seeing all of you, I find each of you pretty damn delicious.”

We all laughed and laughed and as we did, he turned on his webcam. It was a real expensive and larger one. We didn’t even seem to make a fuss. I didn’t, I know that.

We began seeing ourselves dancing on chairs, tabletops and in circles as we danced and stripped, ourselves down naked, almost or at least topless.

At first, we were embarrassed. He complimented all of us immediately, to ease us from being uncomfortable. That worked a lot. I felt like I could have easily undressed myself and thanks to the alcohol, so did Andrea.

“Hmmm, these are fun to watch, I hope you aren’t embarrassed at all”, he said to us. “I’m not at all said Andrea; let’s get some of you undressing, since you see us doing it.”

Her tits were on screen now, flailing away, guys, and girls cheering away. Then what I didn’t know was she was standing there kissing Sarah!

“Shit Andrea! Damn Sarah, I had know idea! I didn’t!”

Bales asked, “Did you two like it? Cause I did! HAHAHA!!”

We all laughed now. All of us did. “Bales get naked! I said, I wanna see you naked and we, well at least me, I’m gonna make you especially happy, okay?”

“You want me to strip?” he asked. In unison, they all said yes.

As I focused the web cam on him, all of us urged him on. He slowly removed this piece and that piece, one by one. We saw his chest and we all approved and began going at him.

Wow, I never ever thought that the man that I have always liked would be someone I might just get a piece from. Never in my entire life and here am I, lusting after him and his body and so are all of us going at him.

All of a sudden, Andrea and Sarah pull off his boxers and he’s hanging out. His member mesmerizes me. His bigger ‘loved one’. Oh yes, I loved that one for sure.

Then, Andrea goes after it. She leans at him and sucks him off. I get horny and start grabbing his ass. Then, for whatever reason, I lick it.

Sara, for nothing else to do, start stripping and rubbing her titties all over him and Julie starts playing with herself. She peeled off her costume, showing her hairy cunt and slips a finger inside of herself; she starts fingering canlı casino siteleri herself. Bales is watching this as we all go at him.

His cock hardens and we all begin screaming for a show or something. Just like, we are in college, only the reverse. Bales is smiling away with all the attention he’s getting. We are all over him doing all this shit and before we know it, Jeannie has come back to the house.

Here’s his webcam, recording all this. Here we are all over his ass, licking it and his cock and doing the same; Julie’s fingering herself as Bales watches it all on the monitor and we are having a grand old time.

Drunker then heck, Sarah asks if anyone wants to smoke some weed. I turned it down and that’s when Jeannie comes down and sees all of us naked. She’s astounded. She was almost freaking out and then Andrea gets very bold, walks up, naked, smiles at her, and invites her into our lil sub-party.

She extended her hand and for whatever reason, Jeannie accepted it. She was acting weird from what I could tell by looking at Bales’ face. He couldn’t put his finger on it, until she said something.

She slurred words and then Sarah asked if she wanted more. “More what?” “More weed,” asked Sarah. She lit up and as she did that, Julie took a few hits too. She got high and she started sliding her hand down Jeannie’s costume and brushing her vaginal hair.

Jeannie liked that. I was enjoying myself. We had ourselves an orgy going on and Bales was the main course. He started sucking my breasts and teasing my nipples. Ohh God was that enjoyable.

“He has a great tongue”, I said to everyone. “You bet your sweet nipples he does, laughed Jeannie and she licked Bales cock this time and Bales says: Jeannie, let these girls have their turns now, okay? They don’t get many chances yet.” He kissed her.

Then all of us attacked Bales and he’s trying to do all of us. “I wanna butt fuck you girls! Is anyone up for that?”

We all stopped. We momentarily looked at the other and Julie said yes first. One by one, we got our turn, including Jeannie. Never had she been butt fucked by her own husband.

He was doing each one, each of us bent over on a chair and took his slamming, and we all seemed thrilled at this adventure. He never once cummed in our asses, but he sure did it with vitality.

Then, Hemmie comes down and wants in on the action. Sorry, I’m thinking, we’re done and all the funs over with. Anyways I didn’t think anyone was very interested in him anyways.

Jeannie was. “Come here Hemmie, awww you poor wittle thing, come here. She laid her hand over his crotch; do you wanna a wittle bwo job? I’ll give you a wittle bwo job, okay?”

He smiled, then laughed and we all rooted her on. Bales just stood there and I went up to him and put my hand on his cock and whispered, “This is special, let’s catch soon, okay?” Then I smiled, winked, and squeezed Bales’ cock.

My friends and I went back home and sat up in my room and laughed and talked about the night. “Gosh, I can see how you like him said Sarah, are you gonna fuck him again, because I would. I would even cyber this dude. We all laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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