Barnyard Antics

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Barn Yard Antics by Will Buster

Let me tell you what happened a few years ago when Tammy left me and I ended up marrying molly. As you know, I’ve got a farm just outside of Lincoln Nebraska. I met Tammy five years before our break up. She was in her final year at the University there. It seemed pretty good at the time but I guess she didn’t cotton to farm life very well now that I think back on it.

It was one of those hot July days around the fourth and I’d been getting a little suspicious. First of all, Tammy hadn’t been putting out very much and that was odd because usually when she gets between the sheets she ruts pretty damned good. I hired this big lug Brad Havens to do some work on my fences and barn that summer partly because he was a good carpenter and secondly because he was a local boy who lived in town. Brad’s a big boy about six foot two and he’s really well put together. I know he can bench press two hundred fifty pounds because he used to brag about it.

As I said we live in a small town about ten miles outside of Lincoln. I grow a lot of corn and some wheat and even though there ain’t a lot of money in it, I also make some additional money with my internet business. Hey just because I’m a farmer doesn’t mean I’m a dumb hick. I guess Brad thought I was at the time. I don’t reckon he thinks so any more.

But I get ahead of the story a little. About two miles down the road lives the sweetest little woman I ever knew. My big mistake was I didn’t pay enough attention to her in high school and Will Palmer got his hooks into her during the senior year. All right, Molly is a plain Jane but she’s got a heart of gold and she’s as loyal as the day is long. By the time these events took place she was in her mid twenties and I guess Molly and Will had decided to wait a bit before having young ones because they didn’t have any kids after over six years together.

One autumn day the year before my divorce, Will got killed in a very tragic car accident. Now you must understand, even though he’d beaten me to the punch as far as Molly was concerned, I always respected Will and thought he was a great guy. I was happy for them, I really was. Going to his funeral was the saddest day of my life since my dad died a few years back.

The funeral home was crowded. It seemed like the whole town was there at one time or another. Will was in an open casket and it was like he was asleep with his hands folded and the flowers cascading all around the body. I’m a pretty hard assed dude but that day my tears were flowing free. There was Molly sitting beside her man, holding back her own tears and shaking hands with the mourners.

I leaned down holding her hand and whispered in her ear, “It’s not fair Molly so you go right ahead and feel sorry for yourself. What happened to Will is a God Damned fuckin’ shame!”

Molly knew me well enough and she gave me a teary smile, knowing my heart was in the right place even if my words weren’t quite altogether appropriate. “I know Frank. He was so kind and good. I’m like to die!” And then she slumped against me and started bawling her eyes out. I stood there and rubbed her back gently and gave one of the attendants the eye. Soon they helped her to another room so she could recover. I didn’t pray. If there is a God than he’s an ass hole for not protecting Will.

Anyway Molly was a widow and she was always alone, probably sitting around that empty house all day trying to get past that terrible loss. So on an early July Saturday morning around six she was shocked to see me knocking at her door.

“I’m sorry to bother you so early, Molly but I’ve got a big favor to ask you, it’s real important.”

She wiped the sleep out of her pretty brown eyes and looked into my own. “What is it Frank? Is it something casino oyna serious?”

I didn’t know what she was wearing. She could have been buck naked and I wouldn’t have noticed that morning. I had some really big fish to fry. “Molly I hope to God I’m wrong but I’m getting real suspicious of Tammy. I’ve driven over in my truck. I’d like to leave it hear for awhile. Could you drive me over to the back end of my property? I’d be much obliged.”

Molly looked at me for several seconds and she must have seen the concern in my face. Finally she nodded. “All right Frank.”

I went over to my truck; got my keys, my digital camera and an old German Lueger my grand pappy gave me from the big one. He’d been decorated at the bulge and he’d found the weapon on a dead krout officer. I had no ammo for it but nobody knew that. For damned sure Tammy didn’t know. I knew Brad wouldn’t be around until eight or there abouts. So after I’d had a quick cup of coffee at Molly’s she drove me to my place.

I’d told Tammy the night before, I’d have to leave early in the morning and I wouldn’t be back till the afternoon on some important business in Lincoln. My suspicions grew even more when she didn’t even bother to ask me why.

Let me tell you a little bit about Tammy. She’s a nice, busty honey blonde who loves the little girl look. She’s well put together with long, slender legs and nice boobs just made for sucking and squeezing. The first few years with her were great but all of a sudden about six months before this July she cooled down something bad. It was getting to the point I had to jack off sometimes just to keep my sanity and when she did put out it was like here’s your fifteen minutes guy now get lost. There was something definitely wrong in Denmark but I didn’t know what. I was soon going to find out.

After Molly dropped me off, I snuck back to the barn. I knew Brad would be stopping by because there was a lot of work to do in the barn. It needed some more clapboarding and painting. I didn’t mind the painting but I’ve got ten thumbs when it comes to carpentry. I bang my fingers more than the nails and that’s no lie. I knew that Tammy would see that my truck was gone when she came out to do a few of the chores and then she’d call Brad if something was up.

I hid behind a couple of barrels, checked my digital camera and sure enough it was working fine. Then I sat and waited. During that long hour, I kept hoping that my suspicions were unfounded. Hell I’d always treated Tammy right. I’d given her nice things at Christmas her birthday and our anniversary. I’d given her enough loving for two women and up until six months ago she’d always responded. Those five years flashed by in my mind as I waited and waited, hoping against hope that I was a jealous fool and that I was completely wrong.

Finally Brad opened the main door to the barn and flicked on the light. He got out his tools and started puttering around, apparently starting on the side wall across from where I was hiding. He pushed aside an old wagon wheel and started removing a few old rotten boards. So far there was no problem.

Then Tammy entered and she closed the door behind her. She called out, “Hi Brad! I missed you so bad, honey!”

He turned and in a moment she was in his arms sucking face and grinding her big tits into his chest. I saw his hands move down to her ass. The bitch was wearing one of my old broad brimmed hats. It was way too big for her and it sat on her head at a weird angle. I still don’t know why she’d worn it unless she just wanted to play Brad’s little cow girl or something.

Today I thank God I didn’t have a loaded gun because at that moment I would have blasted both of them to kingdom come. They moved to the middle of the barn where there was more room slot oyna and then he was pulling off her blouse and she was unbuckling his pants. It was clear that this was far from the first time they’d been together. He was giving her some serious tongue while their clothes seemed to magically fall to the floor. By now I had my digital camera going strong and I got it all, from the moment they started stripping to the moment she was riding his cock in the cow girl position with my hat still lodged on her pretty blonde head. Her face was lit up like I remembered it with that sexy mouth open, gasping with raw need as Brad sliced up into her romping cunt. What is great about those new fangled cameras is that they also record the sound.

He was moaning while she cried out, “Fuck me Brad! Fuck my naughty little pussy! Oh God! Yes! Yes! We got till this afternoon! Frank won’t be back till at least three. He told me so last night! So just keep fucking me!”

Brad chuckled, “So you want me to do you for hours eh? You hot trick!”

“Yes honey bun! So fill me up with your hot, baby cream and then I’ll get real nasty and suck your big cock. I just love the way you fuck! Oh Brad! Brad! Just fuck me baby! Fuck me! God how I missed you, baby!”

They were really into each other and she finally crushed her breasts into his chest again and their kissing got as hot as their fucking. I figured I had captured enough on tape. Hey, I might be a hay seed but I’m a smart hay seed. Not only do I know about the internet but I know how to use video cameras to. After shutting the vid off and hiding it behind the barrel, I picked up the Lueger and as quietly as possible I snuck up on the rutting bastards.

Tammy screamed when she felt the metal gently bang into the back of her head. My voice must have sounded like a pistol shot. “All right bitch, I got my handy little Lueger pointed right at the back of your pretty little head. I otta kill you for what you’re doing but if you do exactly what I say, I’ll let you live slut!”

Brad looked up at me with utter fear in his eyes. He was about to say something but I cut him off. “Don’t say nothing brad. I don’t want to hear it. Actions speak louder than words. Now I want you two to keep right on fucking. I wanna see how much of a filthy whore Tammy is. So keep fucking him, you foxy tramp!!”

She slowed down. Apparently Brad was so scared he was getting soft. “I mean it Brad, get hard and fuck her dirty little brains out. I wanna see you two make the beast!” They could hear the anger and determination in my voice and they went to it again. “Now Tammy, suck his mouth and give him plenty of spit. I wanna hear it go into his mouth you fucking whore pig!”

She went down on his mouth and I could hear the swishing and slurping of a real messy kiss while the coupling grew in intensity. “Now Brad, spread her ass cheeks wide open, I’m gonna have some fun right now!”

Tammy send something I didn’t catch. “Shut up and keep sharing spit with your new ho dog bitch! I’m gonna do your hot little ass. Let’s see if you can fuck us both at once. Remember I got this Lueger aimed right at the back of your cheetin’ head.

I pulled down my zipper and got my cock out. It was hard by now and I straddled my performing wife. Keeping the gun at her head, I rubbed her pucker with my itching cock tip and lined it up. Tammy screamed when I pushed it into her. I didn’t care. She wasn’t lubricated but it sure felt good to me. I sank it in all the way and to my surprise I could feel Brad’s cock pumping away on the other side of that thin anal wall. “Now fuck bitch! Fuck us both you filthy little whore! Show Brad what kind of a horny slut you really are cause I’m gonna fill your sleazy ass hole chuck full. It’ll be something to remember me by. That’s the way canlı casino siteleri tramp, work our cocks! Play, you raunchy little whore! Frank’s gonna fill your shitter with a mother load for sure!”

I’m positive she was weeping with the humiliation and pain but at this point I didn’t fucking care. The bitch had betrayed me and I had her doing the act on video for any court room to see. She wasn’t going to get a God damned dime out of me. Let Brad pay the whore’s bills. Quicker and quicker I did the fox’s little shit hole. Soon I felt Brad jerk as he pumped his own seed into Tammy’s quivering cunt. By now Tammy was clenching both of us because her body was climaxing like crazy. “Fuck bitch! Fuck your hubby’s dick! Fuck it! Yeah bitch! Take it up your filthy ass! Oh yyeeeaaahhh!”

It felt so damned good to launch that spunk up her dirt hole.

She raised her head and gasped, “You son of a bitch frank!”

“Shut up and kiss him slut or I’ll blow your fucking head off!”

She went back down on Brad. There was quiet now as all three of us were spent. I ground the business end of the gun into her honey blonde hair. “Now slut this is the way it’s going to be. Brad is going to drive you away from here right now. You will never come back here. If you step on my land ever again I’ll blast your head off you filthy tramp! If Brad ditches you then you can whore for your daily bread on the street. Don’t even bother fighting the divorce in court or you’ll be the laughing stock in the entire state of Nebraska and that’s a promise. I’ll pack your clothes and leave it at the police station and you can pick it up there Monday morning. As for you Brad, just stay off my property and every thing will be cool. I don’t blame you nearly as much as I blame this slut. Tammy, you are no longer my wife. You are just a cock sucking dick fucking whore and I hope Brad turns you out so you have to fuck to eat food. Now both of you get out of my site and don’t say one fucking word. Remember I still have this gun and I’m real angry.”

I have to give Brad credit. He got his clothes on, he looked me in the eye and he said, “I’m sorry Frank.” I actually think he meant it.

“Apology accepted Brad; now get that piece of shit whore out of here. She’s all yours and I don’t want her back!”

Tammy’s face was coated with tears and she was red with shame. Brad helped her get her clothes on and five minutes later, I heard them drive away. I never saw her again and I only ran into Brad a few times downtown. We didn’t’ say anything to each other and that was fine with me.

A couple of weeks later I got contacted by Tammy’s lawyer. By this time I’d made four copies of the scene where Tammy’s riding Brad fucking away with that silly hat on her blonde head. I still have the hat by the way. She left it on the floor just inches from where I’d fucked her nasty ass hole. Anyway, I had my lawyer send her lawyer a copy of the tape and I got the divorce without contest. She never got one fucking nickel out of me. As far as I know, Brad kept her. Too bad cause I’d have loved to see Tammy selling her ass for thirty bucks a whack to put food on her table. Oh well you can’t have everything.

As time went by, Molly heard about the divorce. So one Sunday afternoon I sidled over to her place and told her all about it. Of course I didn’t’ tell her about the empty gun and the ass fuck but I told her just about everything else. She was shocked and outraged at Tammy’s disloyalty.

“I know Molly, that’s the way it is. You know, I’m sure you miss Will but if you ever need a friend or a shoulder to cry on you just call me, you here?”

Like I said before Molly ain’t the prettiest thing around but she’s got a heart as big as Everest and a year later, Molly became the second Misses Frank Anderson. I’ve never looked back since except once and a while when Molly’s in town, I get out that old DVD and snicker as I watch Tammy fuck a great marriage down the drain.

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