Becky and Vicky’s mum

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Becky, realising that we had both just cum jumped up off the floor. “My turn” she shouted “Fuck me now!”. I looked at her in astonishment. “I’m sorry Becks but I havn’t got it in me, when I was younger I could fuck a girl three or four times on the trot.. but now.. it takes time for me to recover. “Awe… not fair” she protested “It was me who wanted sex and Vicky has stolen you”. “Don’t worry your time will come” I assured her. “Why don’t we get cleaned up and have another go later” I said. The girls picked up what little garments they had and hand in hand went up the stairs. I gathered my clothes and heard the shower going and giggles.
I must have fallen asleep in the chair because the next thing I heard was “Do you think we should leave him?” It was my wife and Ann. “Shit” I thought to myself. I pretended to be asleep. I really wanted to be around when the girls confronted their mother. “I’ll come back for him in the morning, let him sleep” I heard my wife say to Ann.
I was woken in the morning by Ann “I’ve brought you some coffee and toast” she said as I opened my eyes. Ann was wearing just her bath robe, as she knelt down to put the tray of coffee toast and butter on the coffee table, I saw right down her robe, her pedulous breasts were fully exposed as her robe, which was loosely tied around her gaped open. She must’ve been breathing in because her “mummy tummy” was held in as I saw right down to her hairy pubes! “Thanks… thanks very much” I said “And for the coffee and toast as well” I smirked. Ann soon cottoned on to what I meant. She pulled her robe tightly around her neck and said “You don’t change much do you?”. “Did you have a good night?” I enquired. “Very nice thank you, were the girls good?” she responded. “Very good” I replied. Both girls had walked into the room, they smiled politely said “Goood morning” turned and left the room. “Were going over to Michelle’s house” they both shouted as they left.
“So how do I thank you for being such a good sitter?” Ann asked. I again looked at her cleavage which had reappeared with her dropping her hands down to the floor. “Err could I?” I didn’t have to finish what I was about to say as Ann asked “So you’d like to see my boobs would you, you’ve always had a fascination for my boobs you naughty man”. I smirked as she dropped the robe over her shoulders, exposing those bountiful breasts, folding her arms underneath them, raising herself up on her knees and arching her back, thrusting her boobs up and at me. “You can look but not touch” she said “If you touch I won’t be responsible for my actions” casino oyna she told me “I’ve not had sex for three moths with Mike being away so I’m a bit delicately balanced at the moment. I gazed like a dribbling old man. Automatically I reached out to take hold of the mounds of flesh which had my utter and complete attention. I delicately cupped her boobs, one in each hand and stroked her nipples with my thumbs. Ann gasped “ I told you I won’t be responsible for what happens if you do that” she comically sternly told me. Again I stroked her nipples,
“Well I’ll take full responsibility” I said “And I’ll take a full breast into my mouth” as I leant forward and did just that. Ann thrust her chest forward more, forcing more than a mouthful into my mouth. I had to pull back a bit. She breathed deeply as I toyed with her boobs and nipples. “Shall we continue this upstairs?” she asked. If we are going upstairs then there is probably more than just boob fondling, I thought to myself. Ann rose up, dropping her gown to the floor as she did so and walked out of the room towards the stairs, I followed. As I gazed at the full wide womanly arse swaying as she strode up the stairs she turned and said, ”Oh by the way, your darling wife called, she said she’s gone out and will pick you up later. I told her I’d drop you off when you are ready.Are you ready yet?” she smirked as she said this. Shit my wife, I suddenly remembered her, what if she’d dropped in seeing me suckling on Ann’s breasts? Fuck her, I’d not long since shagged a 15 year old, been sucked off by a 13 year old and was now about to shag their mother. My frigid wife could go fuck herself, I didn’t care.
I smacked Ann’s arse as she strode up the stairs, she giggled like a little school girl and led me into her bedroom. “This place hasn’t seen much action for the last couple of months” She told me “You can be discreet?” she enquired. “Discretion is my first name” I informed her. As she climbed forward onto the bed, raising one knee onto the mattress I zoomed in on her rear end. Grabbing her wide hips I buried my tongue into her pussy. It was already moist so I knew she was horny for some action. “God you don’t mess around do you” she stated. “Messing around is what I intend to do” I informed her. She raised her other knee up onto the mattress, splaying her legs to give me unrestricted access to her private region. I lapped like a hungry dog, circling her clitty and putting my tongue as deep into her pussy as it would reach. This was no virgin pussy and it opened up a treat. My tongue deep in her love slot oyna tunnel allowed me to rub her clit with my chin. She enjoyed that. Ann was resting on one hand, in a kneeling position, as I moved from putting my tongue up her pussy hole to licking her clit, I could see that she was tenderising her own breasts with her other hand. This was one horny woman in need of a good shag.
I slipped a finger up her love tunnel, then two, her juices allowed easy access, so I fingered her whilst teasing her clit. I turned my hand around so that I could rub her clit with my thumb while fingering her pussy hole. This left my tongue free, what could I occupy my tongue on now, you guessed it, ass-hole. With my tongue as hard as a little dick I poked her ass. “Whooh” she said as she felt my wet tongue invade her most private of holes. “Mike has always wanted to fuck me up the ass but I’ve never let him” she informed me “There’s no way that selfish bastard is going to do me like that” she continued. Now did I hear right? She didn’t actually say that she wouldn’t allow me, just that she wouldn’t allow Mike. I filed that thought for later.
I swapped my tongue for one of the fingers that had been in her pussy, now she had a finger sliding in and out her pussy and one sliding in and out her arse, my thumb still being able to rub her clit. I pushed her a little further forward onto the bed, my fingers pushed deep into her as I pushed her, she gulped. I managed to get my body onto the bed, nearly in a 69 position. She took the hint, undid my jeans and slid them, and my boxers off. “Mmmm” nice” she said as she took hold of my cock. I appreciated the complment as she placed her warm wet mouth around my cock head. I hadn’t washed since shagging her daughter and wondered if she could taste her daughters’ pussy cum on my cock but she didn’t say anything as she slid her mouth and lips up and down my cock shaft. She was good, not that there is such a thing as a bad blow job! She expertly took my length into her deep throuting me. God she was good and she seemed to be enjoying herself. “Like sucking cock do we?” as asked her. “Like sticking your tongue up my ass” she replied. From the position we were now in I couldn’t reach her ass with my tongue but I could reach her pussy. I slid under her and between her legs and licked at her clit.
“I like this” she said “We could do this for hours”. If only we could have, the way she was sucking me off I wouldn’t have lasted minutes never mind hours. I had to pull my cock from her mouth before my balls exploded. “Your pussy hungry for man canlı casino siteleri meat?” I asked her. “Yes please” she replied. Please, I ask you a woman who says please to cock up her! I positioned myself behind her, cock in hand and slid effortlessly into this woman, whom I have fantasised about fucking for years. She got long slow strokes, I was determined to make the most of this situation.
I continued my long slow strokes, enjoying her humming in appreciation to my technique. I reached under her with my left hand and located her clit and began to rub in time to my thrusts. I then smacked her right ass cheek. I’ve never been into spanking but why not she might like it? She did. This continued until I could feel both of us drawing close to our objective. I slid out of her pussy and replaced my cock with tongue again. I still smacked her arse. This seemed to bring her off as she bucked and thrust her hips back. She came, her juices running down between her legs, my god was she wet. I managed to rub my hand up her thigh, cupping her cum juices and rubbed them onto my cock. I had a plan. I again got behind her, put my bell-end in line with her ass-hole and pushed. In I slid, just a little, “Oooh you bastard” she said “Don’t……..STOP!”. There was no way on this earth I could have if I’d wanted to. I pushed some more, burying my cock deep into her arse and then withdrawing it again, I plunged my cock back in. Ann changed her shouts from “Don’t….. STOP!” to “Don’t stop” and I obeyed her command.
It wasn’t long before my balls tightened and I shot hot cum up her arse. “Ooooo” she said as she felt a hot shot in the arse. “Ooooo indeed” I replied.
I continued to slowly thrust in and out of her, her anal ring milking what was left of the cum in my cock. “Well that was different” she said as we both lay down next to each other. “Nice different or not nice different” I asked. “Oh defiantly NICE different” she replied. How come you never let Mike do that?” I asked. Now I knew that Ann and Mike had a volatile relationship. Mike was very pushy and demanding. “Because I know he would enjoy the dominance” she told me. “Why do you put up with him?” I asked “There are plenty of nicer guys who would love to be with you”. She looked at me.
Three months later Mike came back to divorce papers and was kicked out. I moved in. I didn’t need to stalk the women of the house anymore. Ann and I enjoyed a wonderful full sex life, she enjoyed dressing up, in outfits purposely too small for her voluptuous figure. We made love anytime and anyway we wanted. The girls took to me, as you would expect. Whenever the opportunity arose I would shag them as well. I don’t think ever knew about us, if she did she never said anything.

Maybe the end

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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