Best Friends fun – 2

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Big Tits

It was a Saturday night in the middle of winter, I came home from work about 8pm. We had invited my best friend down to celebrate his and my wife’s birthdays! He was already there, apparently having helped my wife get dressed!

She’s 5’8″ about 150lbs, the perfect body, not too thin but not too thick, just enough to hold on too!! Her skin tight white pants fit wonderfully, enough you could see the black thong line that ran through her pale ass cheeks. Her top covered her belly, but came short of covering her massive DD breasts! She bragged to me that she had tried it a few different ways for my friend, without a bra, with a strapless bra and a regular bra. He chose the regular bra which showed lace out the top of her shirt, and a little skin through the bra!! Who was I to argue, it was sultry and sexy and a little sophisticated….you could tell she wanted guys looking at her tonight, and the two of us certainly were!

We took a few shots to get us loosened up, caught a cab and headed to the bars that had space to dance. We were at the bars until about 1am. We danced and talked and tried to get him to dance with girls, got my wife to approach girls and dance with them and drank some more. Later in the night when my friend went to the bathroom my wife grabs my arm and whispers in my ear “god, would it be nice to have a threesome tonight…I’m so horny” Needless to say we didn’t stay much longer. We called a cab to head back home.

Once in the cab and on the 20 minute ride home I couldn’t help my hands and my cock thinking for me. She was in the middle of us in the back seat. I ran my hands up her legs to her crotch, her legs were spread wide touching both mine and his. I grabbed her breasts. My friend just watched and laughed. I even pulled her breast out to the nipple, causing the cabby to swerve a little.

We got home a took a few more shots. We all sat on the couch to watch some tv and joke around. I knew she wanted it, but didn’t know if he was cool. I was rubbing the inside of her thigh and she kept casino siteleri getting closer and closer to me. Finally I kissed her and she kissed me back even deeper. Our tongues were tangled, our lips were moist and warm. I ran my hands through her hair, she grabbed my ass.

I opened my eyes briefly to see my friend watching us making out having a great view of her thong sticking out the back of her pants. I reached down and pulled it up a little bit more, she moaned loudly as her panties pulled against her clit. After caressing her ass for a few moments I reached under and lifter her shirt over her head. We kissed passionately throughout. She breaks the kiss and smiles, she looks back at our friend and looks at me and asks if we could head upstairs, I agree and so does he.

As we get into the bedroom she pushes me on my back into the bed. He finds a spot standing in the doorway, voyeuring. She takes my shoes and pants off and teases me by kissing up my thighs and rubbing my waste band. She kisses my precum spot on my boxers and rubs the tip of my cock through the thin fabric. Finally she pulls the waste band down and my cock springs free. She lowers her head and starts licking and stroking my cock. she gets it nice and moist and swallows the hole tip. She slowly sucks my cock and deep throats my 7″ of cock. I’m watching her lips bury into my pubes.

I see her thong still sticking out of her tight white pants and look past her and see my friend standing in the doorway still, one hand in his pants. I motion for him to come sit on the bed. She sees me do this and climbs into the bed on her knees and keeps sucking my cock. Once he’s sitting next to us for a few moments she kisses up my belly and starts kissing my lips, then tongueing me. she breaks the kiss and nibbles my ear, then whispers in it “can I take him out of his pants?”

I push her back down to my cock and have her start sucking me. I take her hand and move it to his crotch I force it against his hard cock, she moans softly. While she’s unzipping him slot oyna I start to unzip and pull her pants down. I look up at him and motion for him to help me. We take her pants off then he takes his off. She takes her hand off his cock for just a moment to rub my cock and then lick her hand, she reaches back to his cock with a wet hand and starts stroking him again.

My friend leans in and starts rubbing her thigh, she spreads her knees wider. I see him slide one finger into her, slowly and gently. she pulls her mouth from my cock and rests her DD breasts against it her head on my belly, she’s moaning in pleasure. We continue like this for another couple minutes, I love when she is sexually pleased. She sits up and climbs on top of me facing me. She slowly lets her pussy suck my cock into her.

My friend moved his hand far enough so she could move ontop of me, but he grabbed her asscheek on the way down. She’s fucking me and I’m watching him. He’s fixated on her asshole, he slides one finger to her puckered anus. he pushes slightly and I hear her wince. he pushes again and she relaxes with her cunt grinding down on me, his finger slides into her asshole. I whisper in her ear and ask her if she wants to fuck him she looks at me and grins!

I pull her up and set her on the bed. I need to get a condom. I get up and get the condom form the dresser and turn around to see her sucking his cock. He’s not big, but not small at about 5 inches, she doesn’t choke at all like she does when she sucks mine. I can tell she’s enjoying it, and he keeps telling me that my wife gives the best blowjobs ever. I lean down and spread her ass cheeks while she’s blowing him. I lick her puckered asshole and stick my tongue inside. She seems to enjoy it because she sucks him faster.

Finally I give him the condom and tell him to put it on. she sits up and kisses me while he puts it on. I taste his salty cum on her tongue. He’s laying flat on his back and I watch her pull her leg over him, she puts her hand down and slowly guides his cock canlı casino siteleri into her…not looking at me once. she guides it all the way in and lowers her chest to his. I watch them rock back and forth for a few moments before I get the urge to jump in. I reach up and get some lotion and rub it in between her ass cheeks. I finger fuck her asshole with it to get it all lubed up.

I kneel behind her and around his legs. I poke my cock at her puckered asshole. At first it was tight, then she loosened up, I got my cock all the way in to the hilt, her cheeks against my thighs. I can feel his cock in her pussy, she lifts her head back and let’s ou tthe loudest moan I’ve heard from her. She moves faster, we fuck like this for a good two minutes, I hold her shoulders, pound her ass while he fucks her cunt.

I get off of her and sit to watch as she comes to her orgasm she sits up then leans back down whimpering in pleasure, she buries her head into his shoulder and cums hard as I hear him grunt to a mutual orgasm. She doesn’t stop her orgasm for almost a minute.

She looks up while still riding his softening cock and giggles, I grab her thigh and pull her towards me. She leans over and sucks my cock until it’s hard. I was sitting with my back against the headboard and she proceeds to sit in my lap. she guides my cock into her. and rides me. Then gets off and pulls me onto my back on the bed she gets on me again and buries her face into my shoulder. My friend approaches from the back with his semi soft cock and slides it into my wifes now enlarged asshole.

It was too much for me and since I don’t wear a condom when I fuck her and she’s not on the pill, I threw her off of me onto the bed, I straddled her face and fucked her face. I grabbed her hair then grabbed the pillows as I groaned and asked her if she wanted to swallow my load. I didn’ t hear her response since I was already pumping my load into her throat. I did hear her choke as I sent my second shot into her mouth, I saw the cum seaping out as she tried to keep up. I pulled out and gave her a kiss on the lips….she said thank you and rolled over, her thong pulled to the side, cum on her cheek and went to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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