Bleach A Shadow story

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Shadow’s story
Chapter 1
Shadow’s birth and introduction to the living world
Our story begins in the rukongai district of the Soul Society where a young boy name Shadow Kyo was born. When Shadow was born he had the spiritual pressure of a Vice captain so at his birth there were 2 captains there, Squad 6 captain Byakuya Kuchiki, and Squad 9 captain Kaname Tousen. The two captains were there to take the young child away after birth so they could study it and maybe make it a valuable resource to the Soul Society. Once he was born Kaname took out his sword and killed every one of the people around other than the child, Byakuya picked the kid up and brought him back to the Seireitei as ordered by Captain Commander.
Years went by as he was studied and they found out he was a natural born Vizard- A soul reaper with Hollow powers and abilities. Captain of squad 12 and also leader of the department of research Mayuri Kurotsuchi decided that he had learned all he could learn about Shadow whenever Shadow was 14, so he let him loose. The Captain Commander though ordered Shadow’s execution, the Captain of squad 10 Toushiro Hitsugaya warned Shadow about it and along with the help up captain of squad 13 Juushiro Ukitake they made a safe passage for Shadow to the living world. “Why are you two helping me aren’t you going to follow your orders?” Shadow asked.
“We can’t let an Innocent young boy die for no reason now can we?” Ukitake replied.
With that Shadow walked into the gate and appeared in the living world. Shadow masked his spiritual pressure as he had learned to due and went looking around until he bumped into a beautiful young girl named Orihime by turning a corner, as they hit into each other they both fell him quick to his feet ready to fight looked down at Orihime. “I’m soooo sorry I didn’t mean to run into you please please please forgive me!!!” Orihime began rambling off with many apologies.
Acting like nothing happened Shadow abruptly spoke “It’s fine” and He started to walk off.
“Where are you going? I’ve never seen you around town do you live here?” Orihime asked concerned.
“Not that it’s any of your business wherever the road takes me. No I do not live around town.” Shadow answered rudely.
“Well if you don’t have a home you are welcome to stay with me.” Orihime said caringly. Shadow stopped walking and turned around looking at Orihime.
“Well I guess….I could….stay….awhile…” Shadow said nicely. Orihime smiled and silently motioned for Shadow to follow her as she walked to her house, while Shadow silently followed behind her. Orihime unlocked her front door and walked inside of her house, and sits down by a table. “Shadow…I only have 1 room so I will sleep on the floor.” Orihime said to Shadow smiling lightly. Shadow looked at her and sighed then spoke softly.
“Orihime you will be sleeping in a bed that is that.” Orihime put her hand on the back of her head and began laughing nervously.
“Then you have to sleep in the bed with me or else I’m sleeping on the floor.” Shadow smiled not being a virgin and getting some in pure thoughts in his head only made him smirk.
“Fine as long as you don’t sleep on the floor I’ll sleep with you.” Orihime smiled and hugged Shadow.
“Time for bed Shadow you we are getting up early and I’m going to enroll you in school so you can meet my friends and get a good education.” Orihime said caringly
“I’m not going to school.” Shadow said angry that she would even think of it.
“Oh yes you are!” Orihime said angrily back.
“Fine, I’ll go to stupid school.” Shadow said annoyed then got up and walked into the bedroom and laid down on the bed. Orihime got up and also went to the bedroom then stripped down to her bra and panties giving him a hard on. Shadow smiled softly at Orihime and then fell asleep before she ever even got in bed. When Shadow awoke the next morning Orihime had her head on his chest sleeping. Shadow rubbed her head and to his surprise she didn’t wake up, so he flicked her in the forehead she still didn’t wake up. Shadow got up and started walking to the bathroom as Orihime began waking up. Shadow closed the bathroom door and stripped down to nothing and jumped in the shower turning it on. Orihime had forgotten that Shadow was there staying with her, she looked at the clock and seen she was going to be late if she didn’t hurry so she got up ran into the bathroom stripped her clothes off and jumped into the shower Shadow looked at her amazing body staring at it as she began to wash herself starting with her breasts. Shadow stared silently as Orihime’s hands traveled down her stomach and to her pussy! She slid a finger inside her pussy! She was masturbating! Shadow got very hard and very quick watching Orihime masturbate. Orihime pulled her finger out and finished washing her body off getting out of the shower and getting dressed and began walking to school. Shadow quickly got up and got dressed and rushed out the bathroom door and as Orihime was walking back inside as she realized that Shadow was staying with her he was walking out so they smacked into each other. Orihime got up and examined his wet hair then turned completely red. “Y-y-y-you d-d-didn’t s-s-s-see m-m-m-me I-I-In the shower d-d-d-d-did y-y-y-you?” Shadow smirked lightly.
“Yes I did and if you want your secret kept then you will do as I say when I say understand?” Orihime looked at Shadow curiously, and silently nodded.

Chapter 2
Shadow’s new friends and first Hollow fight
Shadow followed Orihime to school silently that day as neither one of them spoke. Once they arrived at the school Orihime enrolled Shadow and brought him up to class, Shadow reluctantly went with her. As Shadow came into the class the whole class stared as his hair being Blood red in the front and black in the back they all were speechless. A young boy named Ichigo Kurosaki came up to Shadow and smiled putting his hand behind his head and nicely spoke “Hi my name is Ichigo Kurosaki nice to meet you.” Shadow looked at Ichigo and silently walked over to a desk ignoring Ichigo’s friendly greeting. Ichigo looked a little mad at Shadow for ignoring him but decided to let it go and just went and sat down at his desk. The teacher came in and class went by boring as she didn’t even notice the newest member of the class. After class Shadow felt a slightly strong spiritual pressure and figured out it was what the Soul reapers called Hollows. Shadow followed the Spiritual pressure and found the hollow and Noticed that Ichigo was there, Shadow jumped into the air and swung his foot down onto the hollows head as he hit the hollow it hurt his foot and he jumped back landing on his feet holding his foot. A soul reaper jumped out of nowhere and slashed the hollow in half right through its masked. Shadow had seen her before it was Rukia Kuchiki, Shadow got up and ran disappearing thinking she was sent to kill him. He ran all the way to the other side of town near a local shop. A man named Urahara Kisuke came out and smiled lightly at Shadow “Shadow Kyo, Born in the Rukongai and Raised as a test subject.” Shadow jumped back
“Who the hell are you and how do you know that” Shadow spoke with anger in his voice
“I’m former squad 12 captain Urahara Kisuke” Urahara Replied with a gently tone in his voice. Shadow stared at Urahara and then finally let his guard down and sighed.
“What do you want” Shadow asked curiously. Urahara laughed a little then smiled.
“Come inside and I’ll tell you.” Shadow hesitantly went inside with Urahara. They both sat down near a table as Urahara took a small sip of sake that was on the table and Shadow just stared at him.
“Oh I’m sorry would you like some Sake” Urahara asked nicely
“I’m only 15 NO I DON’T WANT NO GOD DAMN SAKE NOW WHAT DO YOU WANT!!” Shadow screamed now getting very angry as Urahara just laughed lightly to himself
“Well…The Soul Society….Rukia Kuchiki needs rescuing Ichigo Is going to go…As a matter of fact he’s preparing right now…I was wondering if you wished to go…?” Urahara asked waiting for an answer. Shadow sat there in silence for a good 10 minutes before finally saying
“I’ll go…..but it’s not for Ichigo…or Rukia it’s to go see the Soul Society again” Urahara smiled and then they talked for a few hours then Shadow left and went back to Orihime’s house. As he walked through the door Orihime screamed at him
“Where have you been I’ve been worried sick!!”
All Shadow could reply with was “Well…You see….I was….hmmm I fell asleep.”
“Oh that’s totally believable” Orihime replied. Shadow looked at Orihime and smiled lightly
“Orihime strip all your clothes off I want to see your beautiful body again.” At hearing what Shadow said Orihime turned beat red and started stuttering.
“If you don’t want people to know your secret then do it!” Orihime looked down and sighed she pulled her hands to her shirt. She started un buttoning the shirt then took the shirt off and pulled off her skirt standing there looking at Shadow in her panties and bra.
“No strip off everything!!” Shadow looked a little mad.
Orihime silently pulled her panties down and stepped out of them exposing her beautiful shaven pussy. She then un hooked her bra and pulled it off exposing her gorgeous succulent breasts.
Shadow smiled and pushed her onto the bed while kissing her lips softly, to Shadow’s surprised she returned his kiss quickly. Shadow kissed down her neck and down to her breasts as he softly took her left nipple into his mouth and gently bit and sucked on it while caressing her other breast with his right hand, as his left hand glided down her stomach and made its way to her pussy he slid a finger inside her pussy and was astonished to find out that she was wet! Orihime started to moan and her breathing became shallow as Shadow switched his mouth to the other nipple and started to suck and gently bite that nipple as he slid his finger in and out of her pussy his right hand that was on her right breasts glided down and started to rub her clit gently and slowly, she started moaning loud and her breathing became even more shallow. Shadow removed his mouth from her breasts and pulled out his finger from her pussy. Shadow started kissing down Orihime’s stomach and then kissed down to her pussy lips planting a soft kiss on her pussy lips before sliding his tongue inside her pussy, he then began swirling his tongue around the inside of her pussy while one hand began rubbing her clit again this time fast and putting a lot of pressure down on her clit, as his other hand glided to her asshole, he gently pushed his finger into her asshole she let out a shriek of pain and pleasure as she had an orgasm. Shadow lapped at her pussy and swallowed all her pussy juice before licking his lips and pulling his pants and boxers down to reveal he was fully erect at 10 inches long. Shadow then took off his shirt and got between Orihime’s legs, he positioned the head of his cock at her pussy lips as he kissed her lips he slightly pushed forward causing her pussy lips to spread and take the head of his cock inside her, she moaned from pain and pleasure. Shadow gripped Orihime’s shoulder and shoved his cock all the way inside her pussy as all 10 inches sunk inside her Hymen broke and Orihime she screamed as if someone just stabbed her, he kissed her lips to silence the screaming and let his cock stay inside her without moving for a good 5 minutes letting her get used to it. Shadow then pulled about 5 inches out and slid the 5 inches back in gently and slowly. Orihime moaned “Just fucked me Shadow!”
Shadow pulled 9 inches out and rammed his cock back in as his balls slapped against her ass, she moaned loudly as he did this again he began to feel his balls tightening knowing that he was about to cum he pulled out and shoved it all 10 inches back in and came inside her, Orihime moaned from the feeling of cum shooting inside her then passed out right then and there. Shadow pulled his cock out and cleaned Orihime’s virgin blood and his cum off, then laid down and went to sleep.

Chapter 3
Ichigo vs. Shadow
As Shadow woke up later that night with Orihime they both got dressed and walked to Kisuke’s Shop to prepare to go to the Soul Society. As Shadow got there Ichigo was standing there and he looked over at Shadow. “What the hell is he doing here?!?” Ichigo screamed pointing a finger at Shadow.
“I’m here for the strength and brains because you obviously lack them both” Shadow answered Ichigo’s question with a smart ass look on his face. Ichigo got Irritated and just turned around ignoring him. Shadow laughed to himself and then walked into Urahara’s shop and down to the underground training room where he was preparing the passage to the Soul Society. Urahara was still setting up the portal, So Shadow sat down. “Ichigo how about a quick sparring match?” Shadow asked smiling.
“No I don’t want to hurt you Shadow” Ichigo replied also smiling. Urahara walked over and hit Shadow with his cane knocking him into his soul reaper form. Shadow looked around then noticed that he was in his soul reaper form and smiled at Ichigo as Urahara knocked him into his soul reaper form also.
“I want to see Shadow’s power” Urahara said provokingly.
“Fine Mr. Hat and clogs. Ready Shadow?” Ichigo said smiling. Shadow silently lifted his normal sized zanpankto into the air and smiled as Ichigo used a flash step and took out his zangetsu slashing it down at Shadow. Shadow easily blocked Ichigo’s attack as he deflected his blade throwing him into a nearby small cliff. Ichigo got up and raised his sword into the air as he started to glow blue, his eyes then started to glow blue as the blueness spread around his sword and his spiritual pressure grew, he then slashed his sword down as a Blue wave of spiritual pressure flew by Shadow as he easily got out of the way. Shadow raised his sword into the air and yelled out
“Zangetsu!!!” Shadow’s sword turns into a Zangetsu blade that looks exactly like Ichigo’s. Ichigo stood there speechlessly looking at Shadow’s zanpankto. Shadow raised his sword into the air and his whole body began to glow blue with spiritual pressure as the spiritual pressure spread to his sword the air around him started to go into a spinning like motion and the blade was the center of it. Shadow’s eyes changed to a light blue color.
“Ichigo did you know that when firing an attack it makes it 10 times stronger if you yell out the name of that attack” Shadow asked smiling.
“What do you mean?” Ichigo asked puzzled. All the blue spiritual pressure then spreads to Shadow’s Sword to where his eyes are the normal light brown and his body isn’t glowing anymore, his sword stops glowing as the air stops spinning around Shadow.
“Is that all? Ha my grandmother can do better than that!” Ichigo laughed at his own comment then looked at Shadow. Shadow slashed his sword down yelling
“Getsuga!!” As he yelled out his attack a ripple of Blue spiritual pressure flew through the air and hit Ichigo directly across the chest and made a huge explosion. Orihime ran over to Ichigo and healed him looked up at Shadow then looked back down.
“Your lucky I didn’t use my bankai.” Shadow said then laughed to casino siteleri himself. As Shadow said that Urahara got a serious look on his face.
“The portal is ready!” Urahara said with a smirk on his face. Shadow reverted his zanpakto and sheathed it, Shadow then walked into the portal followed by the others. As they ran through the path to get to the soul society they encountered the little clean up thingy (if you watch bleach you know what I’m talking about if you don’t and your only hear for the hentai skip this part -.-) Orihime used her shield thingy and they barely made it into the Rukongai.

Chapter 4
The soul Society
As Shadow and the group looked around the Rukongai district they wonder around and found the gate keeper and the gate to the Seireitei. Ichigo defeats the gate keeper and the gate keeper raises the gate, once he does Squad 3 captain Gin Ichimaru is standing on the other side. Gin yells out
“Shoot to kill Shinsou!” Once Gin says this Shinsou extends and cuts the gate keeper across his arm forcing him to drop the gate once he drops the gate as its falling Gin has a smirk on his face. The gate keeper falls over and Ichigo looks down at his arm and tells Orihime to heal him so she bends down and begins to heal the gate keepers arm. When Ishida pipes up and says
“Where’s Shadow he’s gone!”
“What?” Ichigo says as he looks around and see’s that Shadow really did disappear. Ichigo sighed and sat down, while Orihime healed the gate keeper.
“Gin Ichimaru captain of squad 3 long time no see” Shadow said on the other side of the gate staring down Gin!
“Shadow Kyo the Soul Society said you were dead” Gin said grinning that huge grin he always does.
“Well! They lied! They did try to kill me though!” Shadow replied getting mad as hell.
“Why don’t you follow me Aizen wishes to speak to you” Gin replied turning away and began walking. Shadow followed him silently until they arrived at Aizen’s living quarters. As they walked in a familiar voice said
“Sit down Shadow” Shadow turned holding the handle of his zanpakto ready to attack whoever it was. Aizen then stepped out of the shadows and sat down as he began speaking
“Shadow the Soul Society has betrayed you can you really be around them still? You come back to try to aid your friends? They will do just fine how about you come with us?”
“Come with you where?” Shadow asked questioningly. Over a period of 5 hours Aizen explain EVERYTHING about his plans to Shadow, also told him about how the Soul Society killed his family. Shadow decided he would go with Aizen.
Time Skip happens! To right after Ichigo beats Byakuya
Once Ichigo falls to the ground and Chad, Ishida, Ganju, and Orihime all run out to him Shadow and Aizen appear with Aizen holding Rukia. Aizen reaches into Rukia’s soul and pulls out the Hougyoku from Rukia’s soul. As all the captains surrounded Aizen Tousen, Shadow and Gin they all disappeared into the Heuco Mondo. Once Aizen, Gin, Tousen, and Shadow were all in the Heuco Mondo (Hollow realm) they built Loc Ness (or however you spell that) and Aizen used the Hougyoku on Shadow to make his Hollow side stronger. Once Aizen made Shadow as strong as Aizen could Shadow traveled back to the living world. He arrived there only 10 days after he had left for the Heuco Mondo. Once he arrived in the living world he went to Orihime’s house and sat down on the bed waiting for her to get off of school. Once she got to the door she noticed that it was unlocked and went inside to see who was in there, she checked the living room first, then the bathroom, then her bedroom when she jumped in surprise and went and tackle hugged Shadow.
“Shadow your back!” Orihime said with a few tears in her eyes. Once Shadow noticed the tears in her eyes he wiped them away and kissed her lips softly. She kissed him back slipping her tongue inside his mouth. He gently sucked on her tongue swirling his tongue around hers tasting her saliva. They heard a knock at the door, Orihime got up to check it. It was Tatsuki Orihime’s friend.
“Orihime go answer it and bring her in here” Shadow said with a smile on his face.
“Come on in” Orihime said as she opened the door and Tatsuki came inside and went into the bedroom. Shadow then jumped up and hit her in the neck knocking her out.
“Orihime strip her and tied her up onto her back!” Orihime did as she was told and stripped Tatsuki and then tied her onto her back.
“Where am I?” Tatsuki asked as she woke up. Once she realized she was nude she screamed, Shadow quickly smacked Tatsuki, Tatsuki shut up once she was it. Orihime started to get wet off the abuse of her friend as she watched Shadow hurt Tatsuki. Shadow moved his hand to Tatsuki’s pussy and gently slid a finger in looking for her hymen. Once he located it he smiled lightly knowing she was still a virgin.
“Orihime take your panties off and shove them in Tatsuki’s mouth!” Orihime pulled off her skirt then off her panties and stuffed her wet panties in Tatsuki’s mouth, Shadow then covered her mouth with duct tape. Shadow smiled and ripped Orihime’s shirt and bra off.
“Orihime eat Tatsuki’s pussy!” Orihime shook her head and Shadow slapped her across the face. Immediately after being hit Orihime got between Tatsuki’s legs, then gently flicked her tongue against Tatsuki’s clit. Tatsuki moaned through Orihime’s panties then Orihime slid her tongue inside Tatsuki’s pussy as she reached up and rubbed Tatsuki’s clit fast and hard. Being Tatsuki’s first time being eaten out or doing anything sexual she was already close to climax. Shadow took his already hard cock out and started stroking his cock while watching Orihime eat Tatsuki out. Orihime slid her tongue in and out of Tatsuki’s pussy fast and deep while rubbing her clit fast and hard. Tatsuki moaned loudly then climaxed into Orihime’s mouth as Orihime smiled all of her pussy juice.
Shadow got behind Orihime since she was on her hands and knees and shoved all 10 inches into Orihime’s pussy. She screamed loudly from pain and pleasure. Shadow grabbed her hips and drove his cock in deeper pulling a few inches out and ramming it back in. He continued doing this for about 2 minutes before speeding up his pace Orihime’s pussy started to squeeze Shadow’s cock as she had an orgasm all over Shadow’s cock.
He took his cock out and rubbed the head of his cock against Orihime’s asshole. Orihime turned looking at Shadow in fear as she had never fingered herself in her ass and found it quite repulsing. Shadow shoved all 10 inches of his cock inside Orihime’s tight virgin ass. Orihime tried to move forward screaming and trying to get off his cock but Shadow had her hips and wasn’t letting go. Shadow pulled his cock out a few inches pushing Orihime forward a little by her hips then rammed his cock all the way back in by thrusting his hips forward at the same time as bringing Orihime’s hips back. Orihime screamed in pain some more as Shadow pulled out and rammed his cock back in yanking her hips back causing her to scream out in more pain again.
Shadow pulled his cock all the way out and forced Orihime on her back holding his cock up to her lips. Orihime wouldn’t suck on his cock and he was so close to Climaxing so Shadow pinched her nose shut forcing her to open her mouth for air as he then shoved all ten 10 inches of his cock down her throat, she began gagging at 5 and couldn’t breathe at all. Shadow pulled out a few inches and then pushed his cock back down her throat then he pulled out 9 inches until only the head of his cock was in her mouth as he came hard in her mouth. She swallowed all she could but some of it leaked out the corners of her mouth down her chin and onto her beautiful breasts.
Shadow was still hard as a rock so he got between Tatsuki’s legs, as tears started streaming down her cheeks as she knew what he was about to do. He looked straight into her eyes and smiled seeing how her eyes begged and pleaded for him not to do what he was going to do made him even harder. Shadow rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy lips as he smiled and slapped her breasts taking turns hitting first the left then the right. Once he couldn’t take anymore he slowly pushed the head inside her pussy lips and kept pushing until her reached her hymen. Once he got to her to her hymen he pulled all the way out she closed her eyes glad he wasn’t going to take her virginity until he rammed all 10 inches inside her as his balls slapped against her ass. She let out a muffled scream but still loud enough for the neighbors to hear as Shadow slapped her across the face and she just silently lay there crying instead of screaming. Shadow pulled a few inches out and rammed his cock back inside her tight pussy, she kept silently crying.
“Orihime take the gag out and force her to eat your pussy!” Orihime nodded pulled off the duct tape then pulled out her panties so her pussy was right at Tatsuki’s mouth after not feeling her tongue lick Orihime’s pussy Orihime slapped Tatsuki’s tits just then Orihime moaned in pleasure from feeling Tatsuki’s tongue dart up and inside Orihime’s pussy as Shadow was pounding away at Tatsuki’s pussy causing Tatsuki’s tongue to pull out then go all the way back in Orihime’s pussy. Shadow pulled 7 inches out and shoved all 7 inches back in this time instead of crying nothing but a soft moan, at the same time Orihime moaned from feeling Tatsuki’s tongue slide in and out of her pussy and from the feeling of having Tatsuki moan into her pussy. Shadow pulled all the way out close to cumming this time shoving all 10 inches straight up Tatsuki’s ass as she screamed into Orihime’s pussy Orihime let out all her juices onto Tatsuki’s face and Shadow began cumming deep inside the tightness of Tatsuki’s virgin asshole. Shadow then pulled out his cock and smiled.
“Orihime eat my cum out of Tatsuki’s ass!” From hearing that Orihime went down to Tatsuki and forced her tongue inside Tatsuki’s asshole and scooped out Shadow’s cum and started to swallow some of it and slid her tongue back in wanting more. Shadow put his cock in Tatsuki’s mouth and started face fucking her causing her to gag at the same time as he started to slide his tongue in and out of Tatsuki’s pussy. Without Shadow telling her to Orihime reached up and started to rub Tatsuki’s clit fast and hard as she kept darting her tongue out and in her asshole, while Shadow pulled his cock out 6 inches and shoved it back down Tatsuki’s throat this time her not gagging but starting to lick his balls! He slid his tongue in and out of her pussy faster as Shadow pulled out till only the head was in as he cummed inside Tatsuki’s mouth at the same time he moved his head from Tatsuki’s pussy Tatsuki came all over Orihime’s face. Orihime then got up and held Tatsuki’s mouth open and spit in her mouth! Then Orihime closed Tatsuki’s mouth forcing Tatsuki to swallow Shadow’s cum and Orihime’s spit. Shadow then laid on his back and drifted off to sleep, while Orihime and Tatsuki also did.

Chapter 5
Orihime and Tatsuki
Shadow woke up to the sound of the door shutting in the morning, seeing as how Orihime, and Tatsuki weren’t laying next to him he figured that they had ran off. He got out of bed, got dressed and ran out of the bedroom and right into the living room’s coffee table as he hit the table he tripped over it and fell through it breaking it.
“MOTHER FUCKER!!!!” Shadow screamed out in pain as the coffee table broke. Orihime and Tatsuki both ran into the living room from the kitchen both helping him up.
“Where the hell have you two been” Shadow asked clearly having a lot of anger in his voice. Orihime ran back to the kitchen bringing out some cooked breakfast and handed it to him as she blushed. Shadow took the breakfast and looked at it then smiled. Tatsuki, and Orihime went and got their plates and they all sat down on the floor (due to shadow breaking the table xD) and ate their food. Once they were all done Shadow himself got up and took their dishes to the kitchen and began washing them, then he even dried them off! (What a kind man >.> after raping them xD) Shadow walked back over to the broken table and sat on the floor and smiled warmly at Tatsuki and Orihime. Shadow got up and walked over to the door placing his hands in his pockets, he pulled one out opening the door with it and walked out of the door silently.
Orihime was the first to pipe up and say “Should we go after him?”
“No we shouldn’t just let’s see what he’s doing.” Tatsuki replied with a smile.
The two girls both got up and went into the bedroom and shut the door and giggled. Orihime kissed Tatsuki softly and passionately, Tatsuki kissed her back slipping her tongue inside Orihime’s mouth. Orihime sucked on her tongue gently while swirling her tongue around with Tatsuki’s tasting her tongue. Orihime slid her tongue around the inside of Tatsuki’s mouth, then reached up and began rubbing Tatsuki’s breasts softly through Tatsuki’s shirt and bra, Squeezing her breasts softly. Tatsuki reached around and grabbed her ass squeezing her ass cheeks softly while swirling her tongue around inside Orihime’s mouth while Orihime swirled her tongue around inside Tatsuki’s mouth. Orihime pulled away and pulled off her shirt then kissed Tatsuki’s lips again sliding her tongue inside her mouth again swirling it around with Tatsuki’s tongue. Tatsuki then reached up and began squeezing Orihime’s breasts and gently caressing them as she let out a soft moan when her nipples got hard from Tatsuki’s hands caressing and squeezing her breasts.
“Tatsuki don’t squeeze so hard.” Orihime whined even though she liked it. Tatsuki squeezed Orihime’s breasts even harder making her nearly scream in pain but yet still pleasure. Orihime pushed Tatsuki away and pulled off Tatsuki’s shirt and gently kissed her lips then her neck, then her collar bone, then her chest right above her right breast. Tatsuki reached behind her back and unhooked her own bra letting it fall to the floor. Once Tatsuki’s bra fell off Orihime kissed her right breast. Then kissed her right nipple. She kissed her right nipple again, and then she took the nipple into her mouth sucking on her nipple softly. Tatsuki let out a soft moan grabbing Orihime’s head and forcing it into her nipple further causing Orihime to bite down on Tatsuki’s right nipple. Tatsuki screamed out in pain as Orihime accidently bit her nipple, Orihime quickly pulled Tatsuki’s nipple out of her mouth then she started kissing her nipple.
“Tatsuki I’m sorry I didn’t mean to.” Orihime said with a kind gently tone to her voice. Tatsuki smiled at Orihime then kissed Orihime’s forehead as she was kissing Tatsuki’s nipple still. Tatsuki’s right nipple got even harder. Orihime then switched over to the other nipple gently kissed her left breast. Orihime begins kissing around the nipple, she then kisses on the nipple and takes the nipple into her mouth sucking hard and gently. Orihime then would pull Tatsuki’s nipple out of her mouth it now being fully hard Orihime would lean up and kiss Tatsuki’s lips softly, Tatsuki would return Orihime’s kiss and smile at her a gently warm smile. Orihime then unhooked her own bra and let It drop to the floor. Tatsuki leaned up and bit down hard on Orihime’s right nipple.
“OWWW slot oyna TATSUKI THAT HURTS!!” Orihime screamed. Tatsuki released her mouth from her nipple as a small red drop in the very center of her nipple appears and Orihime looks down at her own blood and kisses Tatsuki. Tatsuki kisses back and then goes to her other nipple and begins gently kissing it while softly caressing Orihime’s other breast with her fingers, Orihime moaned getting closed to cumming in her panties already. Tatsuki then pulled her mouth of Orihime’s left nipple while watching it get harder. Tatsuki then pulls Orihime up to her feet and yanks down her skirt, Orihime steps out of her skirt and pulls down her own panties and steps out of them, while Tatsuki pulls down her own skirt along with her own panties and stepped out of them. Tatsuki then gently pushed Orihime onto her back, and got on top of her sticking her pussy in Orihime’s face and Orihime’s pussy being in Tatsuki’s face as Tatsuki was on bottom and Orihime was on top. Tatsuki licked Orihime’s Inner thigh as Orihime licked her clit making Tatsuki moan in pleasure. Tatsuki then went and licked Orihime’s pussy lips, Orihime licked her clit slightly and gently flicking her tongue against Tatsuki’s clit making her moan into her pussy lips. Tatsuki slid her tongue inside Orihime’s pussy parting her pussy lips so that her tongue slid all the way inside Orihime’s pussy. Orihime moaned and slid her tongue insider Tatsuki’s pussy all the way too. Tatsuki pulled out her tongue and shoved her tongue back in her pussy lips pulling out again and doing the same thing this time faster and deeper. Orihime reached up and placed her thumb on Tatsuki’s clit putting pressure down she starting rubbing her clit hard and fast in a circular motion, then reaching up she gently pressed the tip of her index finger against Tatsuki’s asshole causing Tatsuki to tense up, and then Orihime shoved her index finger all the way into the knuckle inside Tatsuki’s asshole making Tatsuki yelp in pain and cum on Orihime’s face and in her mouth. Tatsuki started lapping at Orihime’s pussy faster sliding her tongue in deeper each time and began rubbing her clit fast and hard putting more pressure on it then Orihime did to her. Tatsuki placed her index and middle fingers against Orihime’s asshole then shoved them both all the way in to the knuckle inside Orihime’s tight asshole, making Orihime moan and cum on Tatsuki’s face and in her mouth which she greedily swallowed. Orihime leaned up and kissed Tatsuki’s lips spitting Tatsuki’s pussy juice into her mouth and Tatsuki eagerly swallowed. They both fell asleep like that with cum on their faces, and a smile.

Chapter 6
Shadow vs. The Bount Koga Gowa
Meanwhile Shadow walked around a corner and felt a huge spiritual pressure that wasn’t of a soul reaper he got into his soul reaper form and flash stepped to where the spiritual pressure was only to see a man standing under a construction site. As Shadow got closer he seen the man was absorbing a bug that ate souls of humans. As Shadow seen this he got angered and took out his zanpakto in a fit of rage and screamed.
“Who the hell are you!?!? What the hell are you doing?!?!?!?” The bount turned to Shadow and smiled warmly then he spoke kindly.
“I am Koga Gowa.” Shadow then jumped back slashing his zanpakto downwards causing it to going into its shikai without him even saying anything.
“I don’t care who the hell you are what you did to those humans are un forgivable and inexcusable there is no need to kill another person for more power!” Koga began laughing then turned his head looking away, then he began to speak in a gently voice.
“Shadow Kyo..You are so much like the bounts….The soul Society wanted us dead for being bounts instead of soul reapers they wanted us dead for not being what they were so they studied us once they were done they slaughtered us like pigs…the few of us who were lucky enough to get away alive don’t live very happy lives. We are ju-“
“We are nothing alike! I was sent to my death because of what I am true but you deserved to die! A race that kills others to get more power! What is that kind of race…for anyone and everyone around them…I won’t let you kill another human!” Shadow interrupted as he put his sword forward in front of him. As his body began to glow with red and black reiatsu the bandages on his zangetsu wrapped around his arm as the red and black reiatsu all went into his blade as he looked up his eyes being filled with red reiatsu proving his resolve to kill this bount very strong. All the reiatsu from Shadow’s body was now in his zangetsu as he screamed out.
“Ban-KAI!!!” A flash of red and black reiatsu flew right at left side of the bount and made a big hole in the ground when it connected making an explosion. There was dirt kicked up all around Shadow and Koga it all started spinning in a circle around Shadow and his bankai from the release of Shadow’s bankai. Once the dirt finally cleared there was black and red reiatsu leaking out everywhere so it looked like a mist of reiatsu. Ichigo woke up feeling that huge spiritual pressure as he immediately got into his soul reaper form and started heading over to the battle grounds. Once the mist of red reiatsu and black reiatsu finally cleared Shadow was standing in the center of all of it holding his Tensa Zangetsu in his right hand as the blade of it glowed blood red with reiatsu. The bount jumped back and called out the name of his weapon called a doll.
“The greatest bond Daruku.” Once he said this little what appeared to be metal balls appeared from the ground and started to form into a spider looking metal creature lady. Shadow flash stepped behind the doll and cut it in half, he was shocked when it regenerated and turned slashing its metal claws down at Shadow. Shadow lifted his Tensa Zangetsu and parried the attack then hit her claw away and cut her in half again then in half on each of the halves this time he jumped back to watch what would happen, only getting frustrated when she regenerated again! Shadow charged reiatsu to where it was swirling around his blade, then lifting his sword into the air and slashing it down his sword as a ripple of spiritual pressure known as the attack Getsuga Tensho came flying out of his sword and flying into the doll ripping her into little tiny pieces. The doll regenerated yet again! Shadow got angry at the and began charging his Getsuga Tensho again this time the doll raised up her tail and shot a metal ball and him he slashed it in half with his Getsuga Tensho. Then an idea hit him he smiled to himself then used a flash step to appear behind the doll cutting it in half. After which he cut those pieces in half and kept using flash steps until there was nothing visible left of the doll as Shadow smiled and started walking towards Koga the doll regenerated! Shadow jumped back not having any idea what to do now. Shadow looked at Koga then at his doll not wanting to go into his Vizard form, he reluctantly raised his hand into the air as lightning struck it he caught the lightning in his hand and touched his zangetsu with it then putting his zangetsu into the air lightning struck it Zangetsu absorbed all the lightning as he held the sword on his sword intent on finally ending the battle. The doll shot more metal balls at Shadow as he just flash stepped away dodging each and every one of them he flash stepped behind the doll and slashed his sword down screaming.
“Lightning Getsuga Tensho!” The Getsuga Tensho this time was lit with lightning going around the spiritual pressure once it hit the doll the doll fell to the ground and began slowly regenerating.
“As I thought since your metal the lightning will stay in your body longer making it harder for you to regenerate.” Shadow held his hand up in the air and lightning yet again struck down onto his hand this time going into his body and blew his shirt off showing all the scars on his chest abs and ribs and back. Shadow then flash stepped around poking each metal ball that he cut up from the Getsuga and shot electrical currents into the dolls body making it even harder for him to regenerate. Shadow then flash stepped behind Koga as Koga’s chest ripped open from an attack not even visible due to Shadow’s speed. Koga screamed out in pain as his doll tried to regenerate faster but couldn’t and wasn’t even fully regenerated. Shadow flash stepped in front of him this time cutting him from the back. Shadow looked at Koga and spoke in an angry yet calm voice.
“You shall feel the pain of 100 deaths for the souls you have taken from humans!”
“Ha….I have taken many more than 100 humans Shadow.” Koga replied rudely and smugly. Shadow got furious at Koga’s remark and screamed out.
“Then you shall feel the pain of one-million deaths Koga Gowa!!!” Shadow then instantaneously flash stepped and cut him over one-billion times in all different places. Shadow then flash stepped into the air and slashed his sword down as a Getsuga Tensho came rippling down changing color from red and black to pure black as it hit and destroyed the whole construction site! Shadow then fell from the sky and hit the ground hard while panting from the use of his power. Shadow then fainted.

Chapter 7
Shadow meets Rukia
Once Shadow Woke up he was in Ichigo’s room on his bed with Kon laying on him and Rukia sitting down on the floor waiting for Shadow to wake up. Shadow looked at Rukia and looked away.
“Rukia Kuchiki squad 13 Vice captain, what are you doing here?” Shadow asked while looking away. Kon woke up and hit Shadow in the face for waking him up, Shadow simply picked him up and threw him through Ichigo’s window breaking the glass and all. Kon fell to the ground with glass in him as Yuzu Ichigo’s youngest sister got home. Before she walked inside she seen Kon ran up to him picked him up and brought him inside to stitch him up, also putting him in a dress and having pig tails.
“I’m here to wait until you wake up and then tell you that Ichigo went out with Renji to go talk to Kisuke” Rukia replied.
“Well why the hell is it you watching me instead of Ichigo or Renji? Someone who can barely wield her own zanpakto and has a gay weak one at that!” Shadow replied and then stuck his tongue out. Rukia got up and bonked him over his head and then stuck her tongue out.
“Well at least I don’t faint for no damn reason when there is a high spiritual pressure around. I guess you just couldn’t take the highness of it huh? So you fainted awww little baby” Rukia replied with a smug look on her face. Shadow simply looked away then nearly silently spoke up.
“That spiritual pressure was my bankai.” Rukia laughed and then said.
“You expect me to believe you have a bankai and are as powerful as Ichigo in his bankai form…actually more powerful than him in his bankai form” Shadow then turned his head looking at Rukia.
“I wouldn’t have used my bankai but I was fighting a Bount so I went bankai…His doll as he called it could regenerate.” Rukia’s eyes widened as nobody had told him about the bounts yet so there wasn’t any way he could have known unless he actually did defeat the bount.
“Why should I believe you?” Rukia questioned. Shadow had had enough of her being a bitch and raised his spiritual pressure to a captain level then used a captain binding for complete paralysis. Shadow then dropped his spiritual pressure to that of a normal WEAK human so nobody would notice. Once Rukia was paralyzed Shadow got up off of the bed and pulled off Rukia’s shirt. Being able to talk still Rukia piped up.
“Shadow stop I’m still a virgin! Stop!”
“If you don’t want me to paralyze your mouth do shut up and don’t scream” Shadow quickly replied with a smirk on his face. Shadow then unstrapped Rukia’s bra to reveal her almost completely flat breasts. Shadow pushed Rukia onto her back and softly kissed her lips, then her left breast, then her right breast, then her left nipple, and finally her right nipple. Shadow pulled down her panties keeping her skirt on. He picked Rukia up and bent her over Ichigo’s desk he had in her room then looked at her tight virgin pussy and tight virgin ass. Shadow unzipped his jeans, un buttoned his jeans then took them off and yanked his boxers down with his jeans. Shadow took his shirt off stepping out of his boxers and jeans and getting right up behind Rukia as she was bent over Ichigo’s desk. Shadow rubbed the head of his hard 10 inches cock against Rukia’s tight virgin pussy lips anticipating on how swollen her pussy lips would be after words only made his cock twitch wanting to be inside of Rukia’s pussy. Shadow gently pushed the head of his 10 inch hard cock forward parting Rukia’s pussy lips as the head of his cock sunk in to her pussy she let out a grunt. Shadow pushed about 2 more inches in having 3 inches of his 10 inch hard cock inside her tight virgin pussy as the head of his cock was resting against her hymen. Shadow then pulled out until only the head of his 10 inch hard cock was in her tight still virgin pussy then he rammed back in hearing a loud smacking of skin as Shadow’s pelvis smacked against Rukia’s ass cheeks and Rukia screamed in pain form Shadow ripping through her hymen as Shadow’s 10 inch hard cock now buried deep into her tight pussy. Shadow reached up and smacked Rukia’s face.
“Rukia shut the hell up! Scream again and I’ll kill you afterwards! From now on you are my little bitch! You will do as I say WHEN I say it! Understand?” Shadow said to Rukia after he smacked her. All Rukia could do was nod silently. Shadow pulled his cock out gently and gently and slowly slid his cock back into her tight pussy causing her to tense in pain causing it to hurt more. Shadow then reached down and around and put his thumb on Rukia’s clit putting some pressure on her clit while pulling his cock out and shoving it back in hard and rough this time causing his thumb to move and rub Rukia’s clit. Shadow pulled his cock out again and shoved it all the way back in hard and rough this time getting a moan out of Rukia because of Shadow’s thumb rubbing her clit. Shadow pulled about 3 inches out this time ramming it back in pulling out again and ramming back again yet again getting faster and harder each time. With each one of Shadow’s thrusts Rukia would start to moan, Shadow unbound her allowing her to move. Shadow pulled his cock out until only the head was in and drove it all the way back in this time her pushing her pussy towards him causing his cock to go inside her pussy deeper. She would moan louder as he would pull his 10 inch cock all the way out and shove it straight into her tight virgin puckered asshole soaked in her pussy juice it would slide all the way in as his balls slapped against her pussy. Rukia was going to scream but Shadow covered her mouth and pulled his cock out of her ass and shove it all the way back in. He rubbed her clit faster and harder still as she began tensing up with Shadow’s 10 inch cock up her tight virgin ass. Rukia began having an orgasm causing Rukia’s tight ass to contract around his cock tighter as he began to cum inside her ass forcing her orgasm out as she screamed in pleasure from the feeling of Shadow filling her tight asshole with cum as her pussy juice began squirting everywhere. canlı casino siteleri Shadow looked at Rukia and laughed.
“Looks like you are a squirter eh Rukia?” Shadow laughed some more talking to Rukia. Rukia turned around and slapped Shadow on the chest playfully.
“So what?!?….and I hope you’re going to be nice to me…I did just now get my virginity raped away by you” Rukia said…looking down..
“Rukia it wasn’t rape you were moaning! You liked it you gave your virginity away!” Shadow said laughing. Rukia looked up and then hugged Shadow softly.
Ichigo ran through the door at that moment and seen Rukia nude with come cum leaking out of her asshole and his floor being stained with pussy juice. He then looked at Shadow.
“You sick pervert you raped Rukia!” Ichigo yelled out. Shadow laughed as Rukia stepped in front of Shadow and said.
“No…It was consensual sex….It wasn’t rape Ichigo.”
“Well still….I’m still going to beat your ass Shadow!” Ichigo yelled again. Shadow looked and him and smiled.
“Fine…We can fight…Hmmm…Urahara’s place 1 hour?” Shadow replied.
“Why you need time to prepare for your death Shadow?” Ichigo replied with a kind of laughter in his voice as if mocking Shadow.
“No you moron I just fucked Rukia and took her virginity I want to get her virgin blood and my cum off of me along with the smell of pussy so I’m going home to Orihime’s to take a shower.” Shadow replied while walking by Ichigo.
“What the hell did you call me you little bastard!!!?!??!” Ichigo screamed at Shadow. Shadow turned around with a smirk on his face throwing Rukia’s shoe into Ichigo’s face and saying.
“I called you a moron there wouldn’t be a need to call you a moron maybe if you weren’t such a moron. You moron!” With that Shadow flash stepped all the way into Orihime’s shower. Once he got in the shower he turned it on slightly hot. Once the water hit his hair and it soaked making his hair go into his face he smiled and started to rub soap all over his chest and abs and the scars on his rips he also rubbed soap all over he then rinsed his body off and got shampoo in his hair. Shadow rinsed the shampoo out of his hair and then put conditioner into his hair yet again rinsing the conditioner out of his hair. Shadow then rinsed off once more and stepped out of the shower drying his body off with a clean towel. Shadow pulled on his on his green boxers then his blue jeans and then he pulled out his tank top. Shadow walked out of the bathroom seeing the two girls laying on the bed with each other’s pussy in one another’s face and got the thought to fuck them but decided he didn’t want to take another shower and have to listen to Ichigo bitch. Shadow walked into the kitchen sliding a pair of shoes on. Shadow then flash stepped out the window and to Urahara’s house. And down in the basement where Urahara and Ichigo were waiting. Once Shadow got down into the basement. Shadow and Ichigo locked eyes in a glare.

Chapter 8
Bankai Ichigo vs. Bankai Shadow rematch!
“Didn’t think you were going to show” Ichigo smirked with reassurance of his own power. Shadow just smiled.
“Ichigo…Actions talk louder than words…” With saying that Shadow then flash stepped into the air behind Ichigo swinging his right foot around kicking Ichigo in the face making Ichigo fly into the air and into a big rock as it broke into little tiny pieces and crumbled onto Ichigo. Ichigo stood up as his body began glowing blue.
“I’ll end this in one attack!” Ichigo smugly said. Shadow flash stepped behind Ichigo jumping into the air and doing a front flip bringing his left leg down towards Ichigo’s left shoulder, Ichigo pivoted around and blocked Shadow leg with his right arm. As Shadow’s left leg connected with Ichigo’s right arm Ichigo reached up and grabbed Shadow’s leg. Ichigo spun around once twice then three times and let go of Shadow sending him flying into the air and into a as he smacked the cliff it turned out to be something metal that Urahara had, so he slid down it to the bottom and hit the ground hard with a loud sound as if something dead just go dropped out of the sky and hit the ground. Shadow slowly got up as a thin line of blood went down his head between his eyes and to the left of his nose to the left of his lips and falling off his chin. Shadow looked at Ichigo with an annoyed looked on his face as he jumped from the stance he was in going air born and still not drawing his zanpakto. Ichigo didn’t draw his zanpakto either instead he jumped into the air and used reiatsu to hold himself up hurling towards Shadow. Shadow poured some spiritual pressure into his right fist, Shadow swung his left fist at Ichigo as Ichigo swung his right fist down hitting Shadow in the face and knocking him towards the ground once Shadow was near the ground he flipped over so his hands hit the ground, spun upwards and jumped onto his feet. The minute Shadow touched his feet to the ground Ichigo came down at a high speed dropping down his left foot onto Shadow right shoulder causing a huge bang of spiritual pressure making the ground crush under Shadow’s feet and start to form into a bigger crater. As the rocks around Ichigo and Shadow begin to float up into the air from all of the spiritual pressure Shadow swung his right fist up into Ichigo’s jaw making him fly into the air and back to where he had first hit a cliff, also causing it to hurt more because of the spiritual pressure Shadow had built up into that fist. Ichigo struggled to his feet and brushed himself off then flash stepped behind Shadow swinging his fist towards Shadow’s spine intent on crippling Shadow. Shadow jumped into the air doing a backflip and twirling around at the same time landing on Ichigo’s arm. Ichigo swung his other fist towards Shadow’s stomach. Shadow jumped into the air doing yet again another backflip swinging his foot around kicking Ichigo in his jaw sending him flying up into the air. Ichigo regained his fighting stance in mid-air as he looked down looking at Shadow with a smirk on his from the joy of the fight. Shadow then flash stepped onto a rock and poured spiritual pressure into his feet pushing against the rock then moving his feet down to where he was on in a crouching stance. Shadow released his spiritual pressure that was in his feet all at once sending him flying towards Ichigo from behind him. As Ichigo turned and seen Shadow launched towards Ichigo he turned around as Shadow’s fist buried into Ichigo’s stomach, Shadow twisted his fist into her stomach making Ichigo spit up blood and sent him flying while spinning around in the air from Shadow’s attack.
“AHHH god damnit” Ichigo said as he went flying through the air he flipped over and caught himself flipping onto his feet into the midair standing on midair held up by reiatsu. When Ichigo looked around looking for Shadow he was gone.
“Behind you Ichigo!” Shadow said as he was behind her staring at him he swung his foot around in a spinning motion bashing his foot into Ichigo’s ribs making him scream out in pain. Ichigo flew into the air falling onto the ground. Once he hit the ground he began rolling and kept rolling until he finally came to a stop a few hundred or so feet away from Shadow. Shadow smiled and flash stepped to where Ichigo was so once Ichigo finally stopped rolling Shadow was standing above Ichigo looking down. Shadow dropped his right knee into Ichigo’s face breaking his jaw making blood begin to gush from his mouth. Ichigo’s body flipped over so he was laying face down from getting kneed in the mouth by Shadow. Shadow picked up Ichigo by his head then through him into a wall; Ichigo flew through the air and smacked the wall down in Urahara’s basement. Ichigo stumbled to his feet losing blood out of his mouth, he put his hands up to his jaw and popped his jaw back into place. Ichigo put his Zangetsu in front of him, as his body began to glow blue with spiritual pressure. Ichigo’s eyes turned light blue showing his resolve to win. The rocks around him began floating up into the air from the release of his spiritual pressure as his feet made indents into the ground as that made more rocks float into the ground. The bandages on Ichigo’s Zangetsu wrapped around his right arm being the arm he was holding Zangetsu with, all the spiritual pressure began going into Ichigo’s zangetsu as his body stopped glowing blue and his sword began to glow blue releasing large amounts of spiritual pressure. Blue lightning like spiritual pressure began going around the blade of his zangetsu as he yelled out the words.
“Ban-KAI!!!!!” Once Ichigo said this a blue flash of spiritual pressure much like a Getsuga shot out at Shadow. Shadow jumped into the air dodging it as Ichigo flash stepped appearing behind Shadow barely giving him enough time to take out his Zanpakto. Ichigo swung his Zangetsu down as Shadow brought his Zangetsu up bringing it into its shikai form. As Ichigo and Shadow’s Zangetsus clashed Shadow fired out a Getsuga on impact causing Ichigo to fall back a little bit.
“Shadow show me your full power!” Ichigo screamed wanting to beat him at his full power.
“Fine I shall.” Shadow replied as he flash stepped onto the ground. Shadow put his sword forward in front of him. As his body began to glow with red and black reiatsu the bandages on his zangetsu wrapped around his arm as the red and black reiatsu all went into his blade as he looked up his eyes being filled with red reiatsu proving his resolve to win was very strong. All the reiatsu from Shadow’s body was now in his zangetsu as he screamed out.

“Ban-KAI!!!” A flash of red and black reiatsu flew at Ichigo as if it was a Getsuga Tensho that Shadow used on Ichigo. Shadow was standing their holding his Tensa Zangetsu. With Shadow’s left hand (not the one holding the tensa zangetsu) he reached up and held his hand to towards the ceiling.
“What the hell are you doing? Is that all the power you got?” Ichigo said laughing thinking that Shadow may only be as strong as him this time not stronger like he was before they headed to the soul society. Red and black reiatsu began to swirl around in Shadow’s left hand as it started to form in the shape of a mask. With one quick motion Shadow put the mask on making it visible to Ichigo that it was a mask just like Ichigo had had before Yourichi took it from him. Ichigo was paralyzed with fear. Once Shadow put the mask on black and red reiatsu was pouring out from everywhere filling up the whole vast basement and starting to shake the house as he kept powering up his spiritual pressure wanting to get it up to the max. Ichigo fell to his knees not being able to breathe from how strong the spiritual pressure was. Once Ichigo couldn’t breathe his inner hollow took over as half of a hollow mask was on Ichigo’s face and the other half only the eye had turned hollow. Hollow Ichigo used a flash step far faster than Ichigo’s but not near as fast as Shadow’s Shadow flash stepped and appeared behind Hollow Ichigo who flash stepped behind where Shadow was. Shadow slashed down his Zangetsu using a Getsuga Tensho hitting Hollow Ichigo in his back and causing him to faint from the spiritual pressure. The hollow mask broke into pieces and fell off hitting the ground and dissolving into spiritual pressure. Ichigo woke up standing up looking at Shadow as he took off his hollow mask and it dissolved into spiritual pressure that returned to Shadow. Ichigo struggled to his feet shaking from his hollow taking over. Once Ichigo was on his feet he looked at Shadow panting hard and said.
“Shadow…Sorry about that….he bothers me sometimes… how about we settle this?” Shadow silently flash stepped behind Ichigo swinging his sword around as in a spinning motion as Ichigo turned around both Zangetsus collided and made a huge explosion of spiritual pressure due to them both using a Getsuga Tensho at close range. As the getsugas exploded Shadow and Ichigo both flew back from the explosion of spiritual pressure. Shadow flash stepped behind Ichigo and swung his Zangetsu at Ichigo’s back trying to cut him to end the battle. Ichigo jumped into the air flipping over and landed on Shadow’s Tensa Zangetsu. Shadow charged a Getsuga Tensho on his blade as the Reiatsu started to go around Shadow’s blade it burnt Ichigo with the Getsuga. Ichigo jumped off of Shadow blade and into the air as he slashed his blade downward once and screamed out.
“GETSUGA TENSHO!!!!” A Getsuga Tensho came out of Ichigo’s bankai a light blue wave of spiritual pressure rippled out of Ichigo’s blade and towards Shadow in a high speed. Shadow flash stepped behind Ichigo swinging his blade down a few inches from Ichigo screaming.
“Getsuga TenSHO!!!!” As Shadow said that a ripple of red spiritual pressure rippled through the sky and right towards Ichigo. Ichigo turned as he heard Shadow begin to speak barely giving him enough time to put his sword up as the Getsuga Tensho hit Ichigo’s zangetsu Ichigo flew to the ground making a huge crater. As Ichigo hit the ground making the huge crater dust flew up everywhere going as high into the air as Shadow was. Shadow looked down at where Ichigo was and then began diving down as he did the dust parted to reveal a Getsuga Tensho coming straight at Shadow. Shadow put his sword in front of him causing him to get knocked back into the air a little bit. Once the Getsuga exploded Causing Shadow to close his eyes to not be to hurt by it Shadow opened his eyes and looked down at where the Getsuga Tensho came from only to see Ichigo flying up there held up by his reiatsu. Shadow barely had enough time to react putting his Zangetsu in front of him causing him to get knocked back even further in the air. Shadow regained his balance and looked around for Ichigo noticing he was gone!
“Damnit Ichigo where are you.” Shadow said looking around and expected an attack from a weak point. Shadow charged a Getsuga Tensho all around his body to use it as a shield as a Getsuga Tensho came from below him hitting the shield and breaking a spot open as Ichigo flew up through it and slashed his sword down, Shadow put his sword up and blocked it using a Getsuga Tensho inside the shield making the shield break and Ichigo and shadow both fall to the ground being hit by a dead on Getsuga. When Shadow and Ichigo both hit the ground it caused a small crater. Shadow was the first to stumble to his feet looking at Ichigo who seemed to be knocked out. Ichigo then stumbled to his feet as well. Ichigo panted as Shadow just stood there breathing normal. Ichigo stumbled back as Shadow walked towards Ichigo calmly. Ichigo fell backwards and onto his back from loss of Spiritual pressure. Shadow then walked until he was virtually right above Ichigo he kneeled down and held out his hand to Ichigo. Ichigo took his hand and Shadow pulled him to his feet. Shadow then looked at Ichigo and smiled a friendly smile. Ichigo smiled back as if he was saying they could have a great friendship. Shadow made his sword go back to his normal zanpakto and put his zanpakto in his sheath. Ichigo sealed his zanpakto back to his shikai and placed it onto his back. Urahara went down the stairs and stared at the two that were both beat up.
“Well you two look fine who won?” Urahara asked with a smirk on his face already knowing that Shadow had won.
“It was a draw.” Ichigo and Shadow both said in unison. Urahara started laughing as he heard that they said it in unison and seemed to have become friends.

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