Blouse Tale

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Jeevita, my mother has been going through a tough phase in her life as a result of her inferiority complex. My father’s new found addiction to alcohol and his frequent absence from home for long durations were simply complicating her problems. At 22 years, I can’t draw any hasty conclusions about my parent’s life although there weren’t any clues suggesting that they were living happily. It would be naïve to confess that her misery had anything to do with my sexual infatuation about her. It just happened starting off with lot of sympathy which gradually transformed into a strange attraction. In retrospection, it would be difficult to say when exactly I began looking at her in a different preposition. I was only wondering whether my mother actually deserved the rude treatment from my father. I had to get closer to her in the process to extend whatever moral support I could offer to her. I think the proximity might be one of those reasons which sparked off my passion for her.

She was a typical housewife although she looked someone special for me. Long hours in the kitchen and in the backyard did not deter her from looking gracious. She had an uncanny sense of dressing which suited her character. It was more for the sake of convenience that she started wearing blouses with low necks and short backs. She was inadvertently revealing a bit too much although I had no problems with that. I could see the strap of her bra beneath her blouse suggesting how short her blouses were tailored. Her brisk movements meant that I was getting frequent glimpses of her cleavage making me hard every time. I was cautious not to let the cat out of the bag in haste as I knew that I had the time by my side. I was convinced that with her married life at cross roads, it just needed a spark to ignite her desire for exploring for the untried.

I persuaded her to learn driving so that she need not depend on me for her needs. She really showed a keen interest in the internet although she later found it a bit too complicating for her to understand. I was fairly successful in making her visit a decent beauty parlor so that she could make her look presentable. She managed to cut down her hypertension drugs considerably with a great deal of difficulty. All said and done, it was still evident that she still had some sorrow left underneath the hidden layers of her heart.

My close friend Anuj visited our house a few months ago and by the time he left, he had helped me in letting the floodgates open. Anuj is a naughty guy to put it simply. I have known his antics with women of different age groups both in the office and outside. I have always admired the way he managed to conceal his image of being a ‘lady killer’. Having been a close accomplice to him, I always gauged how he managed to sneak his gazes at women without their knowledge. But, I couldn’t enjoy watching him looking at my own mother who kept exposing a good deal of her cleavage. She kept moving around the sitting room unaware of the intensity with which my friend was ogling at her. It was absolute embarrassment for me being a witness to see my mother being watched with sexual intensions. I was relieved when Anuj eventually left but determined to say a word of caution or two to my mother.

I couldn’t gather the courage to call my mother at once and tell her what I felt her about the way she dressed. I feared it would imply that I have been watching her too. I was oscillating like a pendulum till evening before I made up my mind to hit the nail on its head.

“I have something to tell you,” I went up to my mother who was pealing vegetables in the kitchen. She stopped at once and looked at me with rapt attention.

“I think you are wearing very short blouses nowadays,” I hurriedly spoke out without blurring.

As expected, her face casino siteleri lit up in surprise. After a momentary silence, she smiled friendly.

“Why?” She queried gently. “Did Anui say anything about that?” “No,” I quipped. “He would never complain about that; he kept ogling at you all the time.”

Her eyes widened for a while before she said laughingly, “Oh, I didn’t notice that.”

“That’s him,” I replied with an undertone of irritation in my voice. “His eyes kill silently.”

She immediately stopped pealing and began laughing uncontrollably. For a moment I wondered if she has gone crazy.

“I don’t think I said anything funny,” I almost snarled.

“You didn’t,” She said after bringing her laughter to a halt. “I was just wondering what he might have found to be of any interest.”

I preferred not to reply although I knew what interested Anuj. My mother kept looking at me as though she expected me to say something. Her eyes looked down as she began sliding her saree sideways as if to make sure that her blouse was small enough.

“You never said anything like that all these days,” She sounded ignorant. Her ignorant act of moving her saree had revealed her blouse clad breasts sending a spring of hot blood into my brain.

“I need to get to the mirror,” She stood up innocently and began walking towards the room. I thought it won’t be a bad idea following her as our conversation remained inconclusive. She wasn’t making any fuss about my presence inside her room as she stood in front of the life-size mirror swaying her body sideways. I quietly went right behind her and stood a good foot away from her while she kept looking at her in the mirror. I wasn’t sure if she was moving her body deliberately to let me have a glance. My eyes wandered on her well exposed back revealed by a very low cut blouse. I bit my lips seeing the folds on either side of her hips and my dick stiffened the moment my eyes settled on her round firm buttocks.

“Perhaps he was right,” She agreed at last. “I never paid any attention to this.”

I smiled and said, “I know. But everyone else.”

She was smiling at my reflection on the mirror as she asked, “Does that everyone include you as well?”

It was delightful moment for me as question sunk into me. She was smiling and wasn’t looking like creating a scene if I ever admitted. I began feeling a bit excited realizing that my perseverance looked like getting paid off.

I held my urge to move a few inches forward and said, “I don’t want to tell lies. Mom, you’re simply irresistible and I don’t want to let our relationship prevent me from admiring you.”

I could see her heads bowing down a bit. I wasn’t sure if it was because of blushing or discomfort. My legs began itching to get closer to her. It was like a lightning striking for me as I thought of getting so close to her that my hardened dick could feel her buttocks.

“What do you need?” She asked in a husky voice without lifting her head.

I was dumbfounded for a while and stood still unable to find a direct answer. I soon reconciled to the fact she might be prepared for any answer after having let things go so far. “I want to fill up the void in your life,” I spoke and moved forward. “I want to end your miseries in everyway a son should and should not do.”

She turned around with moist eyes, indicating that she was moved emotionally.

“Those tears don’t look nice,” I whispered. I leaned forward and began brushing the saline drops with my lips. I ensured that I wasn’t touching her anywhere else as my lips rushed wiping her tears before they rolled down her cheeks.

“You are the only solace left in my life,” She spoke while trying to control her tears. “I don’t know how a boy like you can help his mother in distress.”

“I slot oyna am not a boy anymore,” I whispered again. “Treat me as a man.”

She looked up and realized that I sounded determined. She stood like a silent statue in that unusual situation. Her eyes had read the expression on my face which was beaming in excitement. She wasn’t ready to yield yet.

“Are you trying to use my situation to your advantage?” She queried as though the formalities weren’t complete as yet.

“I leave it to your wisdom,” I responded instantly. “But I must thank Anuj. Had he not visited today, I would be keeping things to myself. I might be just content watching you stealthily and keep dreaming about you.”

Her silence prompted me to go a step further as I continued, “I have dreams and invariably it has been always you all the time. I have lost count of them anyway.”

“Unusual,” She quickly interrupted me. “I haven’t heard like this before.”

“They are often untold,” I moved another inch forward and said. “My mind has trespassed long ago. I can’t help rewinding those wonderful dreams whenever I am with you. I wish I can make those dreams come alive. I wish I can kiss you a million times on your lips as I used to do in the dreams.”

Her eyes wandered slightly in discomfort. I guessed she must be struggling hard to digest what she was listening.

“You know where I am looking at right now,” I spoke with a deliberate smile. “I don’t know how I am resisting the temptation to have your marvelous breasts in my hands.”

It was an enjoyable experience revealing my hidden fantasies as I could feel how hard my dick was getting underneath. My eyes kept reading the changing expressions on my mother’s face and I was convinced there wasn’t any evidence of contempt in her eyes.

“I have watched you sleeping alone on the bed,” I stretched further. “If I am blessed I might be hugging you like a man.”

Perhaps I didn’t reveal whatever I felt like doing although my heart became lighter after emptying a considerable amount of emotions. My hands moved in the air slowly to have my first feel of my mother in years. She shivered a bit feeling my fingers on her hips and shook like a tree as I planted my lips on her. It took a while for her to reciprocate as her lips opened a little bit. My hands pulled the top end of her saree and she gave up like magic. It wasn’t difficult to guide her towards the bed while she walked with me with her head leaned to my shoulder. Her head jerked back as my eager hands wandered over her breasts and descended onto her abdomen. My palm felt electric as it caressed her silky stomach while her head swayed from side to side. My thumb encircled her navel a few times sending a mild shock all over both of us. Her hands moved up to unbutton the blouse. She got rid of the piece of cloth through her arms and as she made an attempt to unclasp her bra hook I stopped her for once. I kept staring at her well shaped breasts hardly confined to her bra bulging as she breathed long and hard. She moved back a bit seeing my fingers approaching her breasts before she reached the edge of the bed. My fingers strode inside her bra and began feeling her chill hard her nipples.

“Wait,” She signaled with her fingers. “Let me get rid of that as well.”

She quickly removed her bra revealing her pinky round nipples which looked like cherry fruits placed atop an ice cream ball. My eyes had a close view of her breasts before my hands hurried to hold each one of them and squeezed them gently. Her body was bending back and forth unable to cope up the feel of my fingers and palm on her wonderful melons. I leaned forward and brushed my lips against the tip of her nipples one by one.

“How long have you been waiting for this?” My mother asked as she clutched my canlı casino siteleri hair at the back of my head. I was in no hurry to answer as my eyes gazed her areola and the erect nipples which looked like inviting me. For a moment I thanked God for serving me with a wonderful opportunity to have such a close look at my mother’s enormous breasts. She still had her petticoat on which flew through her legs in a flash unable to withstand the fury of my fingers. I remained speechless watching my mother as if I was standing before the seventh wonder of the world.

Her eyes quickly glanced at my pant and her face was lit up with her typical gracious smile. She noticed the huge bulge between my thighs suggesting that my dick was raring to get free from the captivity. I smiled watching her eyes returning to the bulge after she hungrily gazed all over my body with twinkling eyes. My eyes weren’t lagging behind either as I began staring at her mound under the thin cover of her silky panties. I couldn’t hold back as my fingers invaded inside her panties and began stroking her velvet hair concealing her womanhood. Her eye lids came down in slow motion and her lips began emanating gentle moans of arousal.

Her hands came down on my bulge giving me a gentle shock at once. Her fingers kept moving over and around my bulge before she located the zip and pulled it down with ridiculous ease. It was a good enough clue for me as I quickly pulled off my pant and brief. She kept watching me with a smile while I took off my shirt and lay naked so close to her.

“Take it off,” I told her holding the elastic of her panties which she obliged. She looked a bit more eager than me as she stretched herself on the bed and began spreading her legs. I was convinced that she was dying to have my long dick inside her deep pussy. I began kissing her from her feet. My lips stroked her ankles, calf and thighs before reaching her belly. I looked up to see her swinging head right in between her huge breasts which kept swelling in and out. I was loosing patience and wanted to get into her at once. My lucky dick urged me to let it intrude my mother’s pussy. As I elevated, she grabbed my dick and led it towards her pussy. Both of us sighed in excitement as my dick found her pussy lips beneath her silky hair cover.

Her head swayed to the right as she murmured, “You are bigger than him.”

I wasn’t talking. It wasn’t easy talking and holding the breath to let my dick have a further thrust inside her. My dick began stroking into her relentlessly while my mother began motioning her waists to let me have a go without any problem. The very thought that I was fucking my mother was lengthening my dick as I picked up the speed and my breathing fell into a rhythm. She kept moaning which added to my excitement of feeling my dick inside her moist pussy. I kept leaning forward, taking her wonderful melons inside my mouth one after another, sucking them and driving her crazy. She kept squirming and squealing as I got more frantic as seconds ticked and soon my dick was ripping her pussy apart with vigor. It was amazing to feel her pussy lips opening wider for me and soon I had the entire length of my long shaft inside her. My balls were getting bashed against her ass as I pounded her pussy like a hammer.

The adventure soon came to a pulsating end as my dick exploded inside her pussy to let out huge loads of semen into her womb. Simultaneously, I could realize that my dick felt almost like being flooded inside as she came with her climax. Our naked bodies clung to each other as we lay on the bed for an hour or so after our first adventure on bed. Our hug broke after a prolonged kiss and we never felt any shame or embarrassment for whatever we did.

“The moral of the story is,” My mother spoke breaking the silence after storm. “One shouldn’t be wearing short blouses when outsiders are around.”

I smiled before adding to what she had said, “One shouldn’t be wearing any blouses at all when horny sons are around.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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