Bobby, His Mum and His Sister Ch. 02

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I expect these stories will end up copied and pasted on another site like my last ones did, right “Tom”? You talentless nerk.

All characters engaged in sex are of legal age.


Bobby decided to go straight to his mum and deal with the fact that she’d seen him fucking his sister. As soon as he heard Jess was in the shower and he’d dressed, he went and knocked on his mum’s bedroom door.

“Just a minute!”

He waited what seemed a long two minutes while his heart raced with dread. Then she called him in. She was dressed in a simple light pink track suit.

“Mum, are you OK?”

She was clearly upset, maybe angry: “Well I’m not sure. I don’t know what to think. Bobby, what you two just did was incest.”

“I know. We both knew. But mum, what you and I did was incest too.”

“Yes. You’re right. Can I level with you son?”

“Of course!”

“What bothers me is that it doesn’t bother me. You didn’t see me until the last minute but I was there watching in the shadow from the moment you entered her. I saw it all. And I just watched.”

Somewhat clumsily, Bobby asked if it had turned her on.

“Yes, a little. OK a lot.”

She was blushing beautifully. Bobby laughed gently. She caught his eyes and laughed too. Bobby leaned close and whispered: “I want to do that with you too, mum.”

Margaret looked at her son’s grinning face. She smiled back then went on in her ‘sensible mother’ tone: “Well, just think for a moment. Maybe Jess catching us would freak her out.”

Bobby kissed his mum’s forehead and made for the door: “That’ll do me!”

Margaret was perplexed. She thought he’d meant then and there: “Huh? What?”

Bobby grinned at her: “You didn’t say no!”

Margaret blushed and laughed as she realised what had happened. While trying to be all grown up and sensible she’d just admitted her desire to her son. At that moment she also realised that soon, maybe very soon, she was going to fulfil her newest and strongest desire: to fuck her own son. She just had to figure out how to fuck her daughter, too.

As often happens, circumstances created opportunities. There was a crash in the bathroom. Bobby got there first, Margaret arrived seconds later to see Bobby helping Jessie off the floor. She’d slipped on some spilt shampoo and knocked bathroom paraphernalia all over the floor. She was unhurt but Bobby fussed over her anyway.

Margaret looked proudly at the young woman she’d made. She realised Jessie was very much made in her own image, just a little heavier and with bigger tits. Jessie caught her gaze.

“You alright there, mum?”

“What? Oh, um, yes. Are you?”

“Yeah I’m OK. If either of you just wants to perve on me though, just go ahead before I get my dignity back, OK!”

Brother and mother laughed together and Jessie joined in. The way her tits jiggled as she did so elicited an immediate response from her mother. Margaret’s laughter faded and Jessie caught an unmistakable glint in her eye as her mother’s gaze lingered greedily on her naked body. She was confused at first, never having thought about her mum that way but she knew she’d seen that look of ignited lust before, that very day, just as her brother pushed his cock into her and took her virginity. casino siteleri Maybe it was a family resemblance or something.

Bobby saw it too. Jessie looked at him, saw the same glint, and then wondered if those bi-curious tendencies she had been keeping secret were about to take shape. Suddenly she was sure that she wanted to try but with her mother? Well, maybe, but she was entirely unable to see how to make it true. Bobby broke the impasse.

“Er, mum? Maybe now’s a good time to tell her?”

“Tell me what?”

Margaret’s face got a shocked, frightened guilty look then cleared as her resolve mastered it. She took a deep breath and looked into her daughter’s quizzical eyes: “OK. Blurt it out, girl… I saw you and Bobby.”

Jessie’s mouth opened and she forgot for a moment that she was naked. But she needed to be sure: “You saw us…what?”

“Phew. Never thought I’d say this. I saw you and your brother having sex.”

Ten seconds of silence was filled with glances between the three of them. In Margaret’s eyes was calm love. In Bobby’s was – yes, that glint. She didn’t know what her own eyes conveyed but her mum simply said: “Honey it’s OK. I’m not angry. Hell, just the opposite. Jesus girl cover yourself up so we can talk without the distraction!”

Bobby laughed but Jessie was still shocked as she drew a towel around herself. She let them lead her to her mother’s bedroom where they sat her down, mum standing in front and Bobby sitting beside her. She shook her head and hands and spoke: “OK, OK. I’m not sure what’s happening. So, you saw us fucking. And did what?”

Margaret thought carefully before answering: “I just watched with pride until you were done.”

There could be no mistake in Jessie’s mind – her mother’s words and her calm tone told her it really was OK. Margaret saw her moment. She knelt before her daughter. “Jessie honey, let me explain something to you. These few days have been the biggest high for me. Suddenly being free of your father has made a huge difference. I’ve suppressed desire for so long that maybe it’s just boiled over. Probably the same for you two. So it’s OK.”

Silence reigned as Jessie processed it. Then she asked: “Yeah, OK. Weird but OK. Is that why you… and Bobby…” She looked with horror at her brother because she’d just realised she’d betrayed a deep confidence. Bobby’s brow creased but his smile remained. Margaret looked at her son, he had to explain: “I told her about the first episode, and she, er, set us up for the second one.”

“Oh really?” She pretended to be cross but it wasn’t working. She went on: “I should have known, you two have always shared everything. OK, back to the point. Jessie darling, I want what started to continue. All of us, together. So we can all share everything, like we agreed.”

She saw confusion in her daughter’s eyes and she needed her to understand. Actions speak louder than words. Margaret held her daughter’s gaze as she placed her hands on the tops of her thighs, pushing the towel up deliberately. Jessie looked at Bobby then back at her mum: “What are you…? Do you want…? Me?”

“Yes darling.”

Jessie’s heart skipped then beat hard in her chest. Now Margaret untied the towel and peeled it away from her daughter’s chest, leaning slot oyna forwards to kiss each nipple in turn. She never took her eyes from Jessie’s partly to reassure her and partly for permission. Now Jessie was sure. Her mother wanted sex with her, and she was going to get it right now, even if Bobby was there in the room. She wanted to let her mother know, so she said: “Mum. Undress for me?”

Margaret smiled, stood, and pulled off her top before pushing her pants to the floor. She stood still while her daughter looked her over. Deliberately, she parted her feet wide so her pussy was open to her daughter’s gaze.

Jessie was turned on but didn’t know what to do next. Bobby had an idea. He scooted behind his sister and drew her backwards onto his knees, cupping and squeezing her breasts. Margaret again knelt and Jessie got the message. Opening her thighs, she shyly put her hand over her pussy. Margaret kissed it, then gently took it away.

Jessie swooned at the gentle first probing of her mother’s tongue into her secret place. Margaret didn’t know what to do so she just probed and licked until she found the right places. She had tasted her own juices before and knew what to expect on that score, but she had no idea how quickly her daughter would accept incest with her mother, and was pleasantly surprised at how much she bucked and squirmed in ecstasy at the intense arousal she experienced. A cock is one thing, a tongue is another, and Jessie knew now that she loved both.

Margaret knew her own clit was sensitive on the very tip and found her daughter’s to be the same. It was just a tiny bud. Margaret learned how to suck the hood to drive her daughter wild: Jessie began to pant and grind on her mother’s face: “Oh Jesus mum. This is fucking heaven. Bobby! Do it to her too. Lick her too.”

The thought hadn’t yet crossed his mind but now it seemed like the obvious thing to do. Margaret thought briefly then lay on the bed and arranged Jessie on her side with one leg up high and her own head on Jessie’s lower thigh, then she lifted her own leg in the same way. All Bobby had to do was get his head in there and lick, which he did with amateur gusto. Margaret slowed him down and guided him, then cooed as he hit the right method before going back to her task between her daughter’s legs.

She enjoyed her son’s mouth but was intent on her daughter’s pussy. Jessie seized up as she was flicked into a gentle orgasm but Margaret was far from done. Now she inserted her thumb in Jessie’s pussy and a wet finger to the first knuckle in her bum. Jessie wiggled and pushed, then that finger was past the second knuckle. As it entered, Jessie tensed, squealed, and trembled in a second climax.

Turned on by her daughter’s erotic noises, Margaret began a slow rise to her own orgasm on her son’s lapping tongue. But now it was Bobby’s turn to grasp an opportunity. Stripping naked, he knelt with one knee either side of his mother’s thigh and lifted her other leg high. She mumbled from between Jessie’s thighs: “Oh Bobby no, son…”

Bobby put the end of his cock just inside his mother’s pussy and gently pushed. He was giving her the opportunity to stop him. Again she said: “Baby no.” But her hips said otherwise as he sank into her. Before he’d got his third thrust inside his mother canlı casino siteleri she was fucking him back and moaning into her daughter’s sopping wet cunt.

Bobby pulled at Margaret’s hips so she was on all fours on the bed. She pulled Jessie over onto her back and resumed her tongue assault on her daughter’s pussy. Bobby was now behind his mother and thrusting deep and slow.

Jessie saw what was happening and went wild. She bucked and ground on her mum’s face, screaming wildly as an orgasm ripped through her jerking body in ripples of pure sexual ecstasy. Margaret too was shivering towards climax and just as Jessie’s washed through and left her in beautiful afterglow, Margaret groaned into Jessie’s wetness like a human vibrator. Jessie was gently fingering her own clit while her mother licked her juices off her pussy lips until Margaret’s own pussy convulsed and flushed wetly on her son’s cock as she too came.

It was too much for Bobby to take in. He’d fucked his sister. His mum had licked his sister to orgasm, he’d licked his mother into a frenzy and now he was fucking her. He felt his balls boiling with his load, felt his cock swell to its limit, and wanted desperately to shoot inside his mother. She sensed his imminent explosion and warned him clearly: “Not in me, baby!”

As he had with his sister, Bobby pulled out just in time before grasping his pulsating cock and shooting onto his mother’s puckered arsehole and over her bum cheeks. Margaret let him finish then put her hand over her pussy to make sure none of his cum found its way in. She had stopped taking her pill.

Basking in shared afterglow, Mike lay in the middle while his mum wiped the cum off her arse. He had a bright idea. He snaked an arm under each of ‘his girls’ as they lay their satisfied heads on his chest. Grasping a breast in each hand, they recognised his gesture. Just a few days before, this is how it had all started.


While Margaret was on her break, she arranged for the house to be sold. She extended her holiday, then resigned her job as she got a quick sale. They changed their surname to Margaret’s grandmother’s maiden name and moved up to the coast as planned, into a fabulous bungalow in a secluded lane which led five minutes’ walk down to the beach.

Sex between the three of them, sometimes all together, sometimes not, became natural and free.

When they moved into the new place, Margaret made them stand naked in the front room facing each other and ceremoniously holding hands. The twins giggled, Margaret simply said: “There are no demons in this house. Whatever life holds for us in the future, this house, or any house which we’re in together, is a safe place.”

Bobby teased his mother: “Do we need to sacrifice a virgin now?”

Margaret smiled wickedly: “Well I’m still a virgin in one respect. I’ll sacrifice that to you if you want.” She pulled her butt cheeks apart and pointed to the puckered hole there before she walked off swinging her hips provocatively. Bobby gulped. Anal with his mother? Then Jessie joined the tease: “Oh good idea mum! Want mine too, little brother?” She slapped his butt and followed her mum, laughing back over her shoulder. Bobby stood there flushing red as his cock stirred and rose at the thought of bumming them both.

“Hey you two! What am I supposed to do with this bloody thing you left me with?”

His sister’s face reappeared around the corner: “Oh bring it over here. Mum and I will think of something.”

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