Body Swap with Sister’s Boyfriend Ch. 05

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INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – While Dakota’s dumb-ass boyfriend Troy continues to bumble his way through Saturday in the guise of her twin brother Richie and making an absolute fool of himself, Richie in Troy’s body goes out to the movies with his sister.

Initially Richie tries to put his sister off the idea of having sex, but Dakota is determined to have her way with her boyfriend and has always been the dominant twin. Will Richie give in to his increasing desire for his sister?

All characters and events depicted in this story are fictional, with similarity to real people living or dead coincidental and unintentional. Only characters aged 18 and over are involved in any sexual activity. Note before reading that the story contains humor about bathroom matters and menstruation that may not be to every readers’ taste. Please enjoy Chapter 5 of this story series, rate and comment, and look out for more chapters as they appear.


Troy had no idea about the Roosters 136-point thrashing from the Crocodiles as Gary steered the boat back through the heads and into the now choppy waters around the Spit. Dolphins could be seen swimming ahead of the boat, ducks, black swans and pelicans were on the water and a helicopter flew overhead on one of the last joy flights of the day, but Troy was not paying attention to the helicopter, water birds or dolphins either.

Troy was leaning over the side of the boat, retching and nauseous but not actually throwing up at this stage. Finally he did bring up a mouthful of water as a boat full of mainly Chinese tourists enjoying a late afternoon cruise along the Nerang River and into the Broadwater passed by, some of the tourists taking photographs and videos of the skinny red-haired young man throwing up over the side of a cabin cruiser.

Feeling less queasy, Troy straightened up, seeing Doug Mitchell standing right behind him.

“You okay, Richie?” the concerned father/doctor asked.

Troy smiled and tried to act casual. “Yeah, um thanks Dad, I um, just felt a bit seasick, you know I used to get seasick and carsick all the time when I was a kid.”

This wasn’t a lie. Troy and his siblings were all very prone to carsickness and seasickness as kids which made long car trips and maritime excursions with Kaley, Troy and Justin a logistical nightmare for Jim and Barbara Turner. One time Kaley hadn’t been able to reach her sick bag in time so vomited all over younger brother Troy sitting in the middle, while Justin thought this so funny he laughed so hard he like his older sister had thrown up all over Troy. And already nauseous and covered in both siblings’ sick, there was only one inevitable outcome for Troy which splattered all over the back floor of the car. Fortunately though, the siblings had all outgrown this as they got older but maybe Troy was again experiencing these problems as a one-off?

“No,” said Doug firmly. “Richie you have never been seasick or carsick once in your life. Your sister, yes, Dakota used to have problems like that when she was a kid until she outgrew them.” Doug sighed, remembering how his daughter had thrown up all down his back when she was a little girl and got seasick while on a ferry in the calm waters of the Brisbane River of all places. “But you never once.”

“Sorry I um, must have remembered wrong,” said Troy. He grinned at Doug attempting to reassure Richie’s dad, but did anything but.

Also unconvinced were Gary and Bob, who had watched in amazement as Troy got seasick. “I don’t know what is wrong with that nephew of mine today,” Gary complained to his father.

“It I didn’t know better I would swear that boy was on drugs,” grumbled Bob.

Relieved to reach dry land when the boat docked at the marina, Troy immediately felt better back on dry land. Jack, seeing that his cousin seemed to be having a bad day, decided to try and get Richie back on track.

“So Richie, I bet you’re looking forward to the Sci-Fi Convention down at Broadbeach in two weeks?” Jack asked as they walked back to the car, he and Richie and their friends attending every year. “I haven’t seen Chad and Lachlan for a while, it will be good to catch up with them.”

“The Sci-Fi Convention?” Troy stared blankly back at Jack, not knowing what Richie’s cousin was talking about.

The increasingly confused Jack said, “The Science Fiction Convention. We go every year.”

Troy tried to act casually, and let out an unconvincing laugh. “The Sci-Fi convention, of course, I forgot.”

Jack raised his eyebrows. “You messaged me about it on Thursday morning.”

“I did? Oh that’s right, I did.”

“Remember we’re all dressing in Star Wars costumes this year,” said Jack. “You hadn’t forgotten that too?”

“No, haven’t forgotten that, definitely remember the Star Wars costumes, I love Star Wars, can’t get enough Star Wars.” Troy thought it best that he described Star Wars to Jack to convince him, but as soon as Troy did this Jack immediately picked up that Troy was describing another science fiction franchise similar in name.

“No casino siteleri Richie, that’s Star Trek, not Star Wars,” said Jack.

Troy stopped dead, pondered his mistake, and smiled, pretending he was joking. “Yeah, that’s right, I fooled you.”

But Troy had not fooled the far-from-convinced Jack, far from it. Jack, a straight-A student at high school and now acing his first semester at university, had the same high levels of intelligence that ran through the Mitchell family and was pretty astute but could not work out what was wrong with his cousin this weekend. Had he hit his head sometime during this week and been suffering from amnesia?

“So um, is Ashley coming to the convention with us?” asked Troy.

“Ashley? Since when does my sister ever like science fiction and fantasy?’ Jack asked. “She’s a typical accountant, she only likes non-fiction. She didn’t even like Harry Potter. You’d have more chance of getting Dakota to come along.”

Troy was most confused. “But Ashley isn’t an accountant. She goes to high school.”

“Right,” said Jack. “She goes to high school now, but she wants to go to university and become an accountant.”

“I thought she wanted to be a ballerina?”

“Yes, Ashley loves ballet,” Jack explained patiently, again wondering why his cousin was asking him about things he already knew. “But she can’t just be a ballerina, it’s very hard to make it in professional ballet, so she needs a qualification and she likes accounting.”

“Oh,” said Troy. He had never understood debits and credits and everything associated with them, so was puzzled about why Ashley would want to go to university and learn about them, but each to their own.

“So, did you watch the Game of Thrones marathon last night?” Jack asked conversationally as they reached the car.

Jack had no idea what he had let himself in for by this one simple question, but soon found out. The drive home from the marina wasn’t long, but Jack — along with his father, uncle and grandfather — soon felt like they were driving to Townsville or Cairns as Troy talked and talked and talked without drawing breath about his new favorite television show. But like with Chad and Lachlan the night before, Jack sensed that Richie — or who he perceived as Richie — had no actual concept of the show, despite his enthusiasm for it and having watched it for years.

Cheryl Mitchell, who had been sitting in the kitchen talking with her mother-in-law, went to greet the five guys as they returned to the house. “Did you have a nice day on the boat?” she enquired.

“Yes, it was very interesting,” said Gary, casting a critical and quizzical look at his ‘nephew’.

People dispersed to different parts of the house, leaving Troy alone in the living room. He had a look around the unfamiliar house, which was an unusual design. It wasn’t a true double story house, but the living room had a mezzanine floor which seemed to house the family’s home reference library. Not much one for books, Troy did not mount the staircase to investigate further but decided to look at a collection of family photographs on the adjacent shelves.

Troy picked up some recent photos of Ashley, and he liked what he saw. In one, Richie’s pretty red-haired cousin wore her Catholic school uniform, and did she look hot. She looked just as hot in another photo taken at her 18th birthday party in which she wore a neat little pink summer dress. Ashley was out of this world attractive in her ballet outfit especially her tutu, looking like a dancer from a musical box that had come to life. Best of all was another photo taken of her at a 1950s & 1960s festival full of rock and roll music and classic cars with her boyfriend where she was dressed up in 1950s clothes of a blouse, poodle skirt and bobby sox, her red hair in a pony-tail.

‘Yum!’ Troy thought to himself as he looked at Ashley’s photos, and he soon found other photos to appeal to him, those of her mother Cheryl.

In one photo taken relatively recently, Cheryl and Gary were posed together, Gary in his judge’s gowns and wig, Cheryl likewise attired in her black barrister’s robe and wig. Troy thought about Cheryl being naked under her barrister robes, and thought about how great it would be to see her open the robe and flash her bare breasts, her pussy and her bottom. Just as hot was a picture of Cheryl when much younger, Troy guessed circa 1992 given her style of dress and hair at formal event, Cheryl’s dress showing much of her cleavage.

Troy looked back and forth at the photos of mother and daughter, his mouth open and practically drooling at how hot they were, when all of a sudden he heard a male clearing his voice behind him. Troy jumped and turned to see Gary Mitchell standing behind him, staring at him with a severe and humorless expression. Troy giggled nervously, and put Ashley’s photos back down where he had found them.

“Can I help you with something there Richie?” Gary asked sternly. He had covertly been observing Troy for some time, and could not miss the fact that his nephew was slot oyna clearly getting his rocks off perving on photographs of Gary’s wife and teenage daughter — obviously Richie’ aunt and sister.

“Um, ah, no thanks, I was um, looking for Jack.”

“Well, you will not find him in here, will you? He is out on the back patio watering the plants.”

“Well, I guess I’ll go and join him then.”

“Yes, I guess you will.” Wearing his sternest judge expression, Gary watched his nephew head towards the back of the house and go outside, before shaking his head and going to speak with his wife, brother and parents.

“Hi Jack,” said Troy, as his cousin stood with a hose in his hand, watering a small, well landscaped garden bed. “Are you watering the garden?”

‘What a stupid question,’ Jack thought to himself, but he was polite in his reply. “Yes, that’s right.”

Jack was hoping that Richie would not start talking his head off about Game of Thrones as he had done in the car on the way back from the marina, but he needn’t have worried.

Troy’s limited attention span had found more interesting things to occupy his mind. The family’s clothes line was located under the patio, and evidently several loads of washing had been completed early in the morning. Troy paid no attention to the clothes of the very scary His Honor Judge Gary Mitchell nor Richie’s cousin Jack that were drying on the line, but far more interesting were the clothes of the stunningly attractive Cheryl and Ashley that were hanging on the line.

Not all of their clothes were interesting to Troy, he barely noticed a pair of Ashley’s jeans nor one of Cheryl’s skirts that she wore to work. It was of course their underwear that caught and held Troy’s attention most.

Troy’s mouth watered as he looked at Cheryl’s bras that were hanging on the line next to her regular clothes, Troy imagining Richie’s aunt putting one of her brassiere’s on to cover her boobs. Unlike Dakota and Jodie Cheryl did not have noticeably large breasts — they were probably about a B or C cup – but they had a nice shape and Troy had indeed noticed them through Cheryl’s blouse. Alongside the bras were Cheryl’s panties, all her knickers of the bikini-style. Like her bras, Cheryl’s knickers were cotton and of several different colors — some were white, some light blue, pink, lemon, green, orange and lilac. Two other pairs of knickers were white in color, but had respectively pink and blue flowers on the fabric. Troy perved on the saddle of one of Cheryl’s pairs of knickers, imagine what the double cotton cotch would look and smell like after a day pressed up against her vagina.

Ashley’s bras and knickers were of similar design and colors of those worn by her mother, evidently mum and daughter had similar tastes in underwear. As he had done with Cheryl, Troy fantasized about Ashley putting on one of the bras to cover her perky teenage breasts. His attention went to Ashley’s knickers, and he admired the teenager’s different colored cotton bikini brief panties, again like with Cheryl fantasizing about what they looked and smelled like after Ashley had worn them all day. Like Cheryl, two pairs of Ashley’s knickers had flowers on the white fabric, one pair with yellow flowers, the other with purple flowers. Especially nice was a pair of Ashley’s knickers at one end of the line which had cute cartoon cats on the fabric.

So absorbed was Troy in his voyeurism of Cheryl and Ashley’s underwear hanging on the clothes line that he failed to notice that Jack was staring directly at him, clearly displeased and more than a little weirded out. It would have been bad enough to Jack if he had brought home one of his friends who stood there shamelessly perving on his mother and sister’s bras and knickers, but this was his cousin Richie who was standing there getting his rocks off staring at his aunt and cousin’s underwear. Talk about inappropriate!

It was catching sight of Jack’s shadow in the late afternoon sunlight that broke Troy out of his trance. He looked behind him and saw Jack’s look of indignation and disapproval, then at the line at the female undies again. Feeling panic, Troy looked at the washing line hoping for something he could use as an alibi to make it look like he hadn’t been perving on Cheryl and Ashley’s panties, and was in luck.

On the lines next to Cheryl and Ashley’s underwear were all these cleaning cloths, oblong in shape. There were many of them, of many different colors and designs, and all were very pretty. Some were plain in color, others had prints such as cartoon characters and anthromorphic animals, flowers, fruit, geometric shapes and colored polka dots.

Troy had never seen cleaning cloths like this before and never so many. He noted how clean and pristine Gary and Cheryl Mitchell’s house was, almost like a display home. If they used so many of these cloths no wonder the house was spotless.

“I was just looking at these cleaning cloths you’ve got on the line here,” said Troy, hoping Jack would believe him.

“Cleaning cloths?” the confused canlı casino siteleri Jack asked.

“Yeah, the cleaning cloths, these things,” said Troy. He walked over to the washing line pretending not to notice the female underwear and indicated one of the cloths hanging on Ashley’s part of the line, this cloth white in color with green cartoon frogs on it.

“Right here.” Troy touched the cover of the cloth, noting how soft it was and that the cloth seemed to contain some sort of absorbent material, presumably for absorbing spills. “They’re nice and soft and so pretty too. These frogs are so cute, like this one too.” Troy then touched the cleaning cloth next to it, this one having cartoon princesses on the cover. “Where did you get them?”

Jack’s face was filled with horror and the young man’s face going the same color as a tomato. “Richie, they are not cleaning cloths.”

“No?” Troy asked. He looked at the back of the cloth noting that it had two appendages with popper fasteners on the side, presumably for one to attach to one’s hand as one was completing one’s cleaning.

“They’re not for cleaning, then?” Troy’s hand was still on the princess cloth, the young man examining it and puzzling what it would be for if not for cleaning.

“No, most definitely not,” said the increasingly embarrassed Jack. “Richie, how about you step away from there and we can …”

“So what are they, then?” Troy interjected.

“Mum’s reusable cloth sanitary pads, and my reusable cloth sanitary pads,” came an indignant young female voice.

Troy turned around to see the petite figure of Ashley, who had appeared at the back door holding several laundry baskets. The pretty petite redhead was now dressed in a white Rottnest Island tee-shirt with a quokka on the front and a short black skirt, the most peeved teenager storming towards the line glaring at Troy, who realizing his hand was still on Ashley’s princess pad, hastily removed it.

“Sorry, um Ashley I didn’t know, I’ve um, never seen these, um things before,” Troy stammered as the girl began to unpeg clothes from the line. Behind him, Jack wanted to vanish. Jack was aware that for one week every month his mother and sister had blood coming out of their vaginas and wore cloth napkins in their knickers to absorb their menstrual flows, but he was much happier pretending that they never got their periods at all.

Troy could not think of anything to say, until a thought entered his mind and said, “Dakota and her mum use normal pads from the supermarket when they’ve got their periods.”

“Thanks Richie, for all that information about your mother and sister that Jack and I would be happier not knowing and that Aunty Jodie and Dakota would probably not want over-shared with other people,” said Ashley as she unpegged her panties from the line.

The peeved Ashley could not believe how her cousin Richie was behaving this afternoon. Her Mum had been using cloth sanitary napkins for years now, and as soon as Ashley grew up and started having periods too Cheryl had introduced her daughter to reusable cloth pads. Both mother and daughter found cloth pads way better than disposable ones, they stayed in place better when attached to their knickers, really absorbed their menstrual flows well even when they were at their heaviest parts of their cycles and were nice and comfortable between their legs. More importantly, they were environmentally friendly. Cheryl and Ashley’s periods both lasted six days and were in perfect synch, and the two women had finished their most recent periods on Friday. This meant an early start for both mother and daughter this morning to extricate all the pads they had worn this week from the wet bags they stored them in and wash them, but this was a small inconvenience considering the benefits of reusable menstrual products over disposable ones.

Most importantly, Ashley obviously considered her periods and her mother’s periods private and did not appreciate her male cousin’s intrusion into that most personal part of their lives. How could Riche be so dense as to not recognize what these were for, they were rectangular and had wings like disposable pads. They were even pegged out on the line near their knickers, for fuck’s sake. At the same time however, Ashley was curious about why Richie had referred to her Aunty Jodie as ‘Dakota’s mother’ when she was obviously his mother too.

Jack also pondered this latest strange behavior of his cousin, just wishing that it hadn’t involved his mother and sister’s feminine hygiene products. Troy himself could not stop staring at Ashley and Cheryl’s cloth sanitary pads as Ashley unpegged these and other clothes from the line. Troy’s sense of humor was immature at best, and some of the napkins just seemed set up to appeal to this.

One of Ashley’s pads had cartoon cats on the cover much like that pair of her knickers he had also seen, one had cartoon squirrels and on a third pad there were cartoon teddy bears, Troy having heard stories about bears being attracted to menstruating women. Her mother also had a pad with kittens on the cover, one with cartoon beavers and a third with dogs, not just any dogs but bloodhounds. Come on, how could these pads with their links to vaginas and menstruation not be funny?

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