Bon-Bon and Boo Ch. 01

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“BILLY – SUPPERS READY!” Barbara hollered at the open kitchen door that led to the basement where her son lived.

The boy, sitting in front of his computer, leapt from the chair and bounded up the stairs.

He sat down at the kitchen table and immediately began devouring the big salad his mother had made for him.

“Are you sure you don’t mind if your sister and I go out for a few hours? I can stay home if you want me to….,” she asked with genuine concern in her voice.

“No, I’ll be just fine, mom – you guys go out and have a good time!” he said. He hoped his voice didn’t give away his excitement and anticipation of being home alone for several hours.

Then she said: “I wish you’d go out more – all you do is sit and stare at your computer – you need to go out and have some fun in your life! Why don’t you call some friends and go out and do whatever-it-is teenage boys do?”

“I’m happy ‘staring’ at my computer, mother…I’m searching for a summer job…” he answered, changing the subject. “I’d like to save some money before college starts.”

“On the computer?” she slowly shook her head. “When I was growing-up we had to actually get off our butts and go have a face-to-face interview with a real live person – it was very nerve-wracking!”

“Well, a lot of things have changed in fifty-years, mother,” he chuckled.

She playfully swatted her son with a dish towel and said, “Yes – I really miss our old horse and buggy too….”

“Does this look all right, mother? I can’t find anything else to wear!” asked twenty-one-year-old Bonnie as she entered the kitchen; she was three-years older than her brother.

Billy stopped chewing and furtively glanced at his sister. She was wearing her bright yellow sundress; his favorite – the dress that showed an eyeful of cleavage; her 34C breasts proudly pushing upward.

Barbara looked at her daughter with mock disapproval and said, “Dear, we’re going to dinner and a movie – we’re not trolling for men! But if that’s what you want to wear in public – fine – you’re a grown woman and if you want to look like a desperate tramp that’s okay with me.”

The girl laughed and said, “I AM a desperate tramp, mother – my divorce has been final for two-months and it’s been a long, long time since –,” she remembered her younger brother was present then said, “…well, you know!”

“Very subtle, dear…” Barbara said shaking her head. “Oh, before I forget, I want to give you this.”

Barbara handed her daughter her diamond necklace. It sparkled in the light of the room.

“Mother – you love this necklace – I can’t take this from you!” she argued.

“Dear, I want you to have it – it brought me good luck and maybe it’ll do the same for you!” she said. End of argument.

As the women talked about the necklace, Billy’s eyes darted back-and-forth between the two beautiful women standing nearby. He tried to be discrete – he didn’t want them to catch him staring.

He marveled at how similar they looked: Both had shoulder length strawberry-blonde hair, they were both 5’7″ and 120 pounds, their bodies were supple, smooth and curvy in all the right places; his sister looked like a younger version of his mother.

Also, they wore the same size clothes for which he was very grateful.

Billy finished the salad and washed his plate. His mother was hesitating; it seemed like something was on her mind but she didn’t know how to say it.

“Are you all right, mother?” the boy asked her.

“Yes, dear – everything is fine…okay, I guess we better get going,” she said to her daughter.

Billy was done cleaning-up; he watched out the back window as the two women climbed into the family car. He walked into the living room, pushed the curtain open just enough to see the car back out of the driveway then go down the street towards the corner. When the car turned the corner and disappeared from his view he hurried downstairs.

The basement consisted of his ‘room’, a bathroom and a laundry area with a washer and dryer. His ‘room’ was a large sofa-bed, a tv, a bureau for his clothes, and his computer table.

He immediately walked to the laundry basket. His heart leapt with joy and his pulse began racing when he saw not one, and not two, but three pairs of panties on the very top of the laundry basket.

WOW – I hit the jackpot today, he said to himself. It was like finding a secret treasure chest. He smiled and snatched-up the panties and walked the twenty feet to his bed.

He wasted no time stripping off his clothes.

Barbara and Bonnie parked the car around the corner out of sight from the house. They walked fast back to the house. They found the basement window that they’d left the curtain open enough for them to see in, but not far enough for Billy to notice.

The two women had concocted this plan a couple weeks earlier after a long talk about what to do about Billy’s ‘odd hobby’.

Barbara had known for some time that her son was casino siteleri using hers and her daughter’s panties to pleasure himself, but she didn’t know how to approach him about his behavior.

She wasn’t sure how long it had been going on. Billy had gotten into the habit of doing everyone’s laundry a couple years ago; it had surprised both her and Bonnie, but they took it as a sign that he was maturing, and wanted to help out around the house.

Then one day by accident she found a pair of her underwear buried in the laundry basket, and when she felt a crusty stain on them it puzzled her. She couldn’t think what the stain could possibly be.

One day while she was browsing the internet, she came across an article about how some men get sexually aroused by dressing in women’s clothes; even going as far as masturbating with women’s panties.

For several days thereafter, she searched the laundry basket until one day she found a pair of her daughter’s panties with the same large crusty stain. Her suspicions were confirmed – her son was using their panties to pleasure himself.

Barbara understood that Billy’s ‘helpfulness’ was a ruse; a deception aimed at preventing the women from discovering semen stains on their underwear in the laundry basket.

Pretty clever of the boy to take on the ‘responsibility’ of laundry when all he was doing was covering-up his strange behavior, she thought.

“He’s a pervert, mother,” Bonnie had argued, “…you need to send him to a psychiatrist!”

“Dear, he’s a teenage boy…from what I understand they masturbate all the time – it’s very normal.”

“Is it normal to jerk-off in their mothers and sisters panties? I don’t think so, mother. I say we tell him we know he’s a degenerate – maybe that’ll stop him.”

“We are not going to traumatize the boy…I want to catch him in the act, and when he, ah…does that thing, I’m going to peacefully and rationally confront him and have a talk with him…I don’t want him to think he’s doing something wrong or abnormal.”

“A guy shooting his load into women’s panties instead of inside real women isn’t wrong or abnormal, mother?”

“Don’t be so crude, dear.”

The women watched Billy open his jeans and push them to the floor. He stood before them wearing only his ‘tidy-whities’. When he pushed them down as well, the women stopped talking.

Billy’s penis and scrotum dangled between his legs. Both women gasped; to say they were surprised by the length of his flaccid organ and his large ball sac would be an understatement.

“My God, mother – he’s hung like a horse!” Bonnie exclaimed.

“SShhhhh….” her mother feared Billy could hear them.

He picked-up his sister’s pink, diaphanous panties and stepped into them then pulled them up around his waist. His prick was clearly visible inside the see-thru panties.

“Oooo – gross!” Bonnie spat.

His hand began stroking his penis thru the fabric of the panties until his prick became hard as a rock and pushed out the front of the panties.

“He’s going to ruin my underwear, mother,” Bonnie complained.

“Be quiet, dear….”

Billy picked up his mother’s white lace panties and held them to his nose. The women could clearly see him inhaling deeply at the crotch of the panties.

“Oh my God mother! It’s like he’s sniffing your–“

“I know what I’m seeing, dear – please be quiet!”

The boy closed his eyes as he stroked his turgid prick and smelled his mother’s aroma. He became dizzy with lust.

He lowered the pink panties far enough for his hard prick to spring into view and picked up another pair of his sister’s panties, the yellow nylon ones he loved to feel wrapped around his pulsating, hard cock.

The women sat in stunned silence; amazed and fascinated by Billy’s manhood. He had a normal sized body, but his cock looked like it belonged to a much bigger man.

Bonnie immediately thought of her ex-husband, Ivan, his was pretty good sized, but not nearly as big as what she saw now.

She couldn’t help herself as she ogled her brothers long and thick piece of meat and wondered how it would feel inside her. She felt the dampness begin to gather between her thighs.

Barbara was overwhelmed by emotions. Her son’s penis looked identical to her late husband’s right down to the length and girth. It had been five long years since she felt his manhood inside her, and now, here she was, staring at it again.

She was overcome with guilt and shame as she felt moisture escape her pussy and stain her panties. She knew full-well she was staring at her son, but she couldn’t help wonder if his cock would give her as much pleasure as her husband’s had.

She felt an emptiness deep inside her that screamed to be filled. She had never felt so alone in her life – she ached for the touch of a man – the feel of a hard cock pounding her open and willing pussy. For a brief second she imagined it was her late husband’s cock she was seeing, and she wanted it bad.

The women were quiet as slot oyna they watched in slack-jawed fascination as Billy’s hand rubbed the panties faster over his cock. They watched his well-shaped buttocks begin to sway and gyrate in time with his hand.

They could hear his moans of pleasure through the window pane. Each woman was lost in a private fantasy world – thinking unthinkable thoughts.

Suddenly they heard Billy cry out and watched in amazement as his hips bucked and jerked. Hidden from their view, they both knew full well his long, beautiful prick was unloading copious amounts of semen into the panties. Billy shuddered and moaned for a long time.

When he pulled the panties off his cock a thick pool of cum was clearly visible to the women. They watched with open mouths as Billy cleaned the remainder of his cum off his still hard cock with the panties.

The women were speechless when they saw that his cock had remained hard. In their experiences, once a hard penis ejaculated, it became soft very quickly.

He discarded the yellow panties and pulled-up the pink ones that had been hanging just above his knees. His rock-hard cock pushed out the sheer fabric, and he slowly stroked it as he approached the bed. He lay down on the bed on his stomach. His hard cock was flat against his belly pressing into the panties and mattress.

The women were flabbergasted as they watched him grind his pelvis into the mattress. They’d never heard or seen this type of thing before. Billy was masturbating using the friction he created with the feel of the panties on his cock against the mattress.

He obviously had done it before as he rhythmically massaged his cock using the panties and mattress to give himself pleasure.

Barbara had seen enough. She had to tap Bonnie twice on the shoulder to get her attention. They walked to the car in a dizzying silence.

Her original plan was to catch him in the act and confront him, but now Barbara had totally different feelings. She didn’t want to humiliate the boy in front of his sister. She would wait for another day to have a talk with him.

They’d driven a considerable distance before Bonnie broke the silence inside the car.

“What a waste!” she exclaimed.

“Why do you say that, dear?” asked a puzzled Barbara.

“A girl could have a helluva lot of fun with that thing inside her,” she said.

Barbara nodded in agreement then said: “I don’t feel like seeing a movie now…how about having a drink instead?”

“Good idea, mother,” said Bonnie.

Barbara drove to the bar where she’d taken her daughter on her 21st birthday. They settled into the plush chairs and ordered glasses of wine.

“What are you going to do, mother?” asked Bonnie. “I mean, he had a whole routine – he’s obviously been doing this for a long time…and him grinding his crotch into the mattress! What was that about?”

“It must feel good to him…but I think you’re right – that didn’t look normal to me….”

“You know, mother…” the daughter continued. “He’s never had a girlfriend….maybe he doesn’t like girls….”

“Don’t say something like that!” Barbara said; then she added: “Having a fetish for women’s panties is totally different from what you’re implying…besides, if you think about it – he doesn’t have any close male friends either!”

“That’s true…” Bonnie agreed. “So I guess he’s just a freak of nature, huh?”

“Don’t say that!” Barbara quickly said. “He’s a confused boy…if your father was still alive this wouldn’t have happened…Billy doesn’t have an older man around to teach him how men behave…I mean, Billy is handsome and smart – he has a great sense of humor, too…but he’s been listening to you and me for five years, the most important five years in a boy’s life and he never learned how a boy should act….”

“You really miss daddy, don’t you?”

“More than you know, dear – more than you know,” she answered, shifting uncomfortably on the seat, closing her legs tight to try and relieve the burning itch of desire she felt from her throbbing pussy.

When they arrived home they could hear Billy sleeping in the basement. They also heard the sound of the washing machine. They looked at one another with knowing smiles on their faces.

When Barbara climbed into bed later that night, she couldn’t sleep. The one thing she never mentioned to Bonnie was how much Billy reminded her of William, her husband.

She hadn’t thought about it until now, but he looks just like him, sounds like him, even has his mannerisms, and God help her for thinking this, but he has the same identical, gorgeous penis as his fathers, too.

And going without sex for five long years, she really missed feeling that hard penis inside her.

Barbara fumbled in the drawer of the bedside table. She found her ‘toy’ then raised her nightgown and began her almost nightly ritual. Only this time, she had a fresh picture in her mind of her object of lust and desire.

She fantasized about that hard cock thrusting in-and-out canlı casino siteleri of her and gave herself the best orgasm she’d had in a long, long time.

A few days later she and Billy were finishing dinner when a blood curdling scream was heard coming from the basement.

“MOTHER!! THIS IS DISGUSTING!! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!! YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!!” they heard Bonnie yell then heard her feet stomping loudly coming up the stairs.

Barbara shot a quick glance at Billy and saw the blood drain from his face. The fork in his hand began to tremble.

When Bonnie appeared she immediately threw down on the table, in front of her brother, her favorite black silk panties. A fresh, wet stain could be seen by everyone. It was a very large stain.

“You little perv – you thought you could hide these under the other clothes in the laundry basket? Mother, look at this – your son had to have done this just before he came upstairs for dinner – he’s out of control! He can’t even wait until bedtime!”

Billy stammered and stuttered and denied any involvement. “That’s not me – I didn’t do that!”

“Save it wanker-boy!” his sister cut him short. “…we know you like to wear our underwear when you get your jollies…are you a sissy? What kind of boy wears women’s panties?”

Barbara sharply said, “That’s enough! Don’t say another word!”

She looked at her son; tears filled his eyes as his face turned beet-red. She said, “Sweetie, go downstairs and wait for me…we need to have a long talk.”

Barbara could see her son visibly shaking as he stood and left the room.

“Mother, you need to do something and do it now…there’s no telling what kind of boy he is…he could be a peeping-tom, or even worse!”

“Calm down, dear….”

“I mean it, mother! We don’t know what goes on in his demented mind….”

“Bonnie, I don’t want to hear any more from you…weren’t you going somewhere?”

Exasperated, the younger woman answered, “I’m going to meet some friends…I wanted to wear my sexiest panties in case I got ‘lucky’ – now I’ll never wear them again!”

“In case you get ‘lucky’? What kind of talk is that?” Barbara shook her head.

Bonnie lowered her eyes and sheepishly said, “It’s been a long time, mother….”

“I understand, dear…believe me, I understand.”

Once Bonnie was gone, she made the walk downstairs. The short distance down the stairs was the longest walk of her life.

What can I possibly say to a teenage boy about sex? How can I tell him masturbation is normal, but the way he does it, isn’t normal?

Damn you, Bill, she cursed her late husband. Why did you have to leave us alone? God, how I wish you were here!

Billy sat on the edge of his bed with his face buried in his hands. Barbara sat close beside him. She wrapped her arm around his broad back and gently stroked his shoulders. She thought she heard him sniffling.

“Sweetie,” she said, “I’m not mad at you, but this is going to be the most difficult conversation we’ve ever had – I think it’s time we talk about what you do down here.”

“W-What d-do you mean? I don’t do anything down here!” he said defiantly.

“Sweetie, this will be easier if you tell the truth – a few days ago we watched you use our panties to, ah…to satisfy yourself.”

The horror on his face told Barbara everything she needed to know.

“YOU SAW ME? OH-MY-GOD-OH-MY-GOD…BOB-BON SAW ME TOO?” he shrieked, using his sister’s family nickname.

“I’m afraid so, dear…” she said as she stroked her son’s back.

She saw his look of defiance suddenly melt into one of resignation and humiliation.

“Mommy, I – I’m sorry – I don’t know why I do that…there’s something wrong with me….”

He hadn’t called her ‘Mommy’ in a very long time. It tugged at her heart.

Barbara had to muster all the courage she had but finally said, “Sweetie, there is nothing wrong with you – masturbation is a healthy and normal release for many people – especially teenage boys…when there is no other outlet for your, ah…for your ‘needs’, it’s perfectly acceptable.”

Her young son didn’t respond. She wasn’t sure how to continue.

“Sweetie, I know you’re embarrassed but please don’t be…I want the two of us to be able to talk about anything – even this…I think it’s very important that we be honest with each other, and feel comfortable enough to talk about sex and love and your likes and dislikes. Please don’t be afraid to open up to me.”

She felt the tenseness gradually go out of his shoulders. He still didn’t say anything, but her confidence was growing. She felt as though she could now say things she never could before.

“Like I said, sweetie, I don’t want you to be embarrassed or feel guilty, but I want to ask you how long have you been using our underwear for pleasure?”

“Oh God,” he muttered. “I…oh God…I guess it’s been a couple years….”

“Right around the time you began doing the laundry for us?”

“I guess it’s pretty obvious now why I did that, huh?” he said. It made Barbara feel good that he was beginning to talk.

“Sweetie, you have what is known as a ‘panty fetish’…I think millions of men feel the same way you do about women’s panties….”

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