Broken Bliss CH 2

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For those who read my other series, “I found my sister stripping,” You will find a nice Easter egg in this story. I hope you enjoy.

I awoke the next morning in a panic. What had I done last night? I had molested my little sister, is what I’d done. The fact that she had seduced me into it, made little difference to my guilt. Looking at the clock, I saw that it was just after 6. Good, Lisa hasn’t left for school yet.

It took me a second to get out of bed, my arms being useless in their casts, and I tramped down the stairs to her room. There was light coming from under her door, so I used my knee to knock softly. I heard rustling noises, and the door opened shortly afterwards.

Lisa stood before me, her hair a half rustled mess of auburn tangles, no makeup, and in the same clothing she left my room in, which is to say, next to nothing. I could easily make out her slightly largish nipples through the worn fabric. She caught her breath at the sight of me.

“Listen Lisa, I am so sorry about last night. I didn’t mean for things to happen like that, and I hope that one day you will forgive me.” I said, before she had a chance to speak.

She looked at me for a few moments considering, before finally speaking. “No. I don’t think I will. Last night you gave me the best orgasm of my life, and if you think I am going to forget something like that, you’re wrong. I meant what I said. I expect you to take my virginity. Now if you don’t mind, I am trying to get ready for school.” She spoke so matter-of-factly, and such determination that I didn’t have a chance to say anything before she turned around and shut the door in my face.

Bemused, but feeling a little better, I plodded upstairs and back to my room. I somehow managed to get myself under the blankets, and was soon back to sleep.

* * *

“Wake up, young man. I need to talk to you.”

My eyes popped open as I heard mom say these words. Somehow she had found out about Lisa and me. Did Lisa tell?

I struggled upright, and waited for her to continue. “I have to go run some errands this afternoon, and I am afraid I can’t take you with me. It will only be for a couple hours, do you think you can manage that long?”

I quickly hid a sigh of relief. What was she doing that she couldn’t take me? Maybe she had a boyfriend or something. Somehow that thought made me jealous, and I quickly had to tamp down the feeling. “Yeah, I should be fine that long.”

“Good. Now, I did the math, and you haven’t bathed since you’ve been home. You haven’t started to stink yet, but why start?” She laughed softly at her own little joke. ” Meet me in the bathroom in five minutes, and we’ll get you cleaned up.”

I had to groan. Not only would I have to be naked in front of my mom again, but she was going to have to wash me all over. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep my erection down.

Resigned to my fate (There was no way I was going to stink for the next few months!), I got up and waited for mom in the bathroom. Her auburn hair was tied back, and she wore somewhat tight fitting clothing that showed her figure off to great effect. She was also smiling from ear to ear.

She started the bathtub filling, then turned to me. “Better go pee first. You don’t want to have to go, halfway through.” She said, the smile never leaving her lips. I waited while she pulled down my shorts, and when I tried to turn around she stopped me. “Don’t men prefer to pee standing up?” She asked.

“Yes, but I can’t hold it myself.” I regretted the words as soon as they were out of my mouth.

“I’ll take care of that. Just face the toilet, and I’ll aim.” Knowing there was no arguing with her, I turned, and did as I was told. She placed her left hand on my hip, and brought her right arm around my body, grasping my penis right below the head, and aimed it for my feet.

“That’s too low, mom. Aim a little higher.”

“Okay, but you better not hit the back of the toilet. I don’t want to have to clean that up.” She lifted a little, and I slowly let my stream flow. Sure enough, it landed just inside the toilet, and Mom readjusted her aim. “No wonder you men always pee all over the place. This is harder than it looks.”

I wished my mom had chosen a different word than ‘harder’, as I could already feel my cock slowly start to grow in her grip. Luckily I was done before I was fully grown. She shook me a couple times, which felt nice, before I remembered who was doing it. Her hand seemed to linger just a moment longer, before she ordered me into the tub.

With her help, I slowly sat down in the almost too hot water. I couldn’t help hide a sigh of relief as the water began to envelop me. I usually shower, and had forgotten what a nice hot bath could feel like.

“Are you going to sit there all day, or are you going to give me your feet, so I can wash them?”

I opened my eyes, remembering my mom, and handed her my right foot. I couldn’t help but notice how her breasts sat on the edge of the tub, as she sat on the floor and leaned in to grab my foot. Her hands were already soapy, and she began to slowly wash my foot. The washing soon turned into a foot massage, that I wasn’t going to complain about. Her fingers and thumbs dug into my feet, and a feeling of relaxation came over me. When she was done with that foot, she did the same with my left foot. She then moved up to my calves, doing the same for them as she had for my feet. My thighs soon followed, and I heard a moan, that I was embarrassed to realize had come from me. Mom’s hands felt like magic as she worked, and I was like putty in her hands.

“Hello. Looks like you really are enjoying this.” I look down, only to realize I had a raging boner, Johnbing above the surface of the water.

“I’m so sorry, mom.” I pleaded, and realized I had been doing a lot of apologizing lately. “I didn’t mean to, it was just so relaxing, I didn’t even know it was happening, I swear!”

“Relax, hunny. The same thing used to happen to your dad, before he died. I would give him a good massage after a hard day of work, and afterwards we’d… Well, anyway, it’s alright. Let’s just get the rest of you clean, then if you need me to, I can take care of that, too.” She winked at me, still wearing that beautiful smile, and I could feel my face turning beet red.

Mom moved behind me, and washed my hair, continuing the pattern of washing, followed by massage. She moved to my ears, and I never knew before how good an ear rub could feel. By the time she was done with my back I was once again lost in the feel of her fingers on my body. She had me lay back a little, and had to lean way in to get around my arms, to reach my chest. Her hands played across my pecks, and seemed to spend a little extra time on my nipples, which felt good, but again, I had never had happen before. She finished with my abs, and ordered me to stand up, so she could get the final parts.

She had to help me stand, my muscles felt like jell-o. I was once again forcefully reminded of my erection as it now proudly proclaimed itself in the air.

“Turn around,” Mom ordered, and I did as told, turning my back to her. Her hands began to roam my buttocks, and even slid between the cheeks as she massaged them. Finally her hands moved around to my front, but she didn’t have me turn around. Instead, her arms wrapped around my torso, and I could feel her body pressed against me from behind, as her hands slowly began to was my most private of areas. She started slowly, softly cupping my balls, somehow rolling them around in her right hand. Her left hand grasped the base of my cock, and began to twist as she slowly moved up my turgid pole. It felt so good, there was no way I was going to stop her, even though it WAS my mom. Her left hand finally reached the head of my penis, and she continued her twisting movement on it. I moaned loudly, unwilling and unwanting to hold it in. “That feels gooood!” I crooned. I heard a giggle behind me, and casino oyna I smiled. Mom removed her left hand, but only for a second, as I felt it slip between my legs for better access. She really began to play with the underside of my crotch, and another loud moan escaped my lips.

I became aware of the feeling of her body sliding up and down my back, and her left hand started to move faster on my cock. I could feel her breasts, squeezed tightly between our bodies, and with the feeling of everything else, it amounted to too much. “I’m cumming, mom. Oh, gawd, am I cumming!” I started shooting all over the back of the tub, and mom had to support my weight to keep me from collapsing.

As soon as I was recovered enough to support myself, mom let go, and started draining the tub. She turned on the faucet, and pulled the knob to start the sprayer. She used it to rinse off the remaining soap, and the back of the tub.

I turned to look at her, and noticed that I could clearly see her nipples through her wet shirt. They were hard! I had never noticed before, but they stuck out pretty far from the rest of her areola.

“All better, now?” I heard her ask, and looked up to realize I had been busted looking at her tits. The twinkle in her eyes told me I wasn’t in any trouble.

“Uhh, yeah. Thanks mom. That was great!” Without thinking, I added. “I wish there were something I could do for you in return.”

“No, hunny. That would be wrong. I only do this to help you out. Besides, you already paid me with that wonderful date, yesterday!” Her smile brightened, and I couldn’t help but catch it at the memory of our ‘date’.

Mom dried me off, and when she was done drying my hair, I surprised her with a quick peck on the lips. She stood frozen for a second, and I feared I had screwed up, as her hand raised to touch our lips met. Shock was in her eyes for only a moment, before the twinkle returned, and nothing was said as she finished drying me off. I didn’t know why I had kissed her, and I couldn’t pin in on any one thing. All I knew was that I was extremely grateful to have her for a mother.

Mom made brunch, and I was surprised to find how hungry I was. I devoured the food as quickly as she could feed it to me. Afterwards, I went back to my room, and painstakingly checked my email, while mom did chores around the house.

There was another one from Jenny, telling me how sorry she was for what happened, and please not to kick her out of the apartment. She was willing to do whatever it took, to make it up to me. I deleted it without replying.

I spent the next few hours just browsing the internet, mainly going where a mouse click could take me, so I could avoid trying to type, when mom entered to let me know she was getting ready to leave, and if there was anything I needed. I decided I had better go to the bathroom one last time, so I wouldn’t have to hold it while she was gone.

I found that I was no longer embarrassed to do this, and didn’t mind as mom held me and aimed. After she pulled my pants up, she gave me a quick peck on the cheek, and told me she would be back as soon as possible, but if not, Lisa would be back in a few hours anyway, and she had left our neighbor, John’s, number on the fridge. I bid her adieu, and went back to the computer.

I was only on for a couple minutes, when I heard a knock on the door. As I got to the door, I began to curse. I could see her through the glass on the door, standing there, her curly red hair draped around her shoulder, miniskirt that was just a couple inches short of decent, and green eyes sparkling as she saw me too.

I had to bend my body at an awkward angle to open the door lever, and I stood glaring at her. I didn’t say a word, as she looked at my naked chest, and arm casts.

She was the one to finally break the silence. “Oh, baby! I am so sorry this happened to you! I tried to see you in the hospital, but they wouldn’t let me, because I wasn’t kin.” I knew she lied by the way she blinked as she spoke. “Can we please talk. I am truly sorry for what I did, and just want you to forgive me.” Without waiting for me to answer, she ducked under my arms, and entered the front room.

Sighing, I closed the door, and turned to face her, still not saying anything. Walking up to me, she placed her hands on my chest, and looked me deep into my eyes. I am a bit taller than her, and as I looked down, I could see the massive cleavage of her 38DD tits. The green in her eyes glinted as she whispered, “I will do ANYthing, to make it up to you.”

I arched an eyebrow at this statement, and then nearly jumped as her hands slid from my chest, to my shorts. I just stood there, as she bent over to pull them down, releasing my cock. Despite my anger at seeing her, the forwardness of her actions were having an effect on me, and I knew I was getting hard. That was one of the best things about Jenny, she was always horney, and always willing to please.

I looked down as I felt her lips engulf the head of my cock, and begin to bring it the rest of the way back to life.

She was truly talented when it came to sucking cock, and soon had me at full mast. She stood up, and bent over in front of me, pulling up her skirt. I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties. This minx knew all my turn-ons! She backed up to me slowly, until my cock sat between her small butt cheeks. She wiggled her ass, groaning, and I knew what she wanted. She wanted me to reach down and put it in, but that was something I simply wasn’t capable of doing. After a few moments of this, she finally looked back to see what was taking so long, and I almost had to laugh at the look of embarrassment that crossed her face.

She reached between her legs, grasped my cock at the base, and aimed for her glory. She slid back slowly, and I felt every delicious inch of this redheads pussy as it sucked and milked my cock deeper into its folds. I moaned, unable to hold back, and started moving my hips. This slut was so wet already, that I sank all 7 inches into her without a problem. Ahh, yes! Good ‘ole Jenny. The thought occurred to me that if she were taking care of me, I wouldn’t have to deal with the embarrassments of my sister and mom helping me do everything.

Then the image of Jenny on top of Jones flashed through my mind, followed quickly by the look my sister had after her orgasm last night, and the pleasure my mom had during our date, and I quickly dismissed going back home with Jenny. In fact, the whole thing made me angry, and I stopped moving.

“What’s wrong, baby? I was just about to cum.” Jenny asked in a whiny voice, that I usually found cute, but this time it annoyed me. I looked down at where I was buried in her pussy, and nearly pulled out and told her to get the hell out, but something else occurred to me instead. Right above my cock was her tiny brown asshole. The one thing she never let me do, was go back there.

“I want to fuck you in the ass.” It was the first words I’d spoken to her since she had arrived, and I smiled as she looked at me with defiance.

“What? No! You know I won’t do that! Never.”

I started to slowly pull out. “Oh. Okay then. I just could have sworn I heard you say that your would do ANYthing to make it up to me, but if you’re sure.” I was now about a quarter of the way out.

“Anything but that, baby. You know I think it is disgusting. Please, I will do anything but that!” I could see the pleading in her eyes, and a small part of me (a VERY small part) almost pitied her.

As I talked, I continued to extricate myself. “No. I asked only one thing of you, and you won’t do it. I see what ‘anything’ means to you.” My tone was condescending, and I smiled as I saw the look of disbelief on her face. I have never treated her (much less any woman) like this, but she deserved it. This and so much more. I was now about half out of her.

“Baby, I love you! I know I screwed up, but please don’t ask that of me. Anything but THAT.”

“I either fuck you in the ass, or slot oyna you get out, and I never see you again.” My tone was firm. I wasn’t budging… Well, except for my cock which only had the head still in her warm wet pussy.

“Fine!” She squealed, and I could see that all resistance had left her. I slammed my cock home, and was greeted by her cumming on my cock. She loved to be rammed like that, and I knew all of HER turn-ons.

“I’ll even be nice about it. I’ll lay on the floor, and you can put it in at your own pace,” I told her, the condescending tone returning.

She just meekly nodded, and waited for me to lie down. I felt almost foolish, lying on my back, my arms stiffly raised in the air, but quickly forgot about that as Jenny removed her shirt and bra, freeing her voluptuous breasts. Her nipples were large and hard as she squatted over me.

“Okay, baby. I will do this for you. Only for you, baby, because I love you so much.” She refused to look at me as she spoke, but I felt her hand grasp me penis, and aim for her ass. She slowly started to lower herself, and I was surprised to find that I went in so easily. It only took me a moment to realize what was happening.

“I said your ass, Jenny.” I was not letting her out of this one.

“I know. I promise I will, but I want to make sure you are lubed up enough, so that it doesn’t hurt too much.” She began to rock her hips, and I could feel myself buried deep inside her. She grabbed her left breast and began pinching her nipple with one hand, while reaching down to her clit with the other hand. Once again I saw through her ruse. She was doing everything she could to get me off, in the hopes that I would change my mind, and who could blame her if I came while she was trying to get me ‘lubed up’ enough?

Knowing her game I could defeat it. Anytime I thought I might start getting close, I just pictured her riding Jones like this, and the feeling went away immediately.

It didn’t take her long before she started cumming herself, shaking and shuddering on top of me. When she finished, she looked down at me, a small apologetic smile on her face.

“I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to make you cum too. I promise you can do me back there next time.” I couldn’t believe it. The woman actually thought I had cum, too. Granted, I have never lasted through one of her orgasms like this before, but still…

“I’m sorry,” I told her. “I didn’t cum yet. By the feel of things, I am definitely ‘lubed up’ enough. Now either stick it in your ass, or get out. I’m not playing around.” I emphasized this with a thrust of my hips, like I was trying to throw her off me.

Fear entered her eyes, and I could tell that she understood I meant business.

“Okay, baby. I will.” I had never heard anyone so broken before. I reveled in it. She lifted up, and my cock slapped my belly with a wet splosh, as soon as it was free from her pussy. Oh, yes. I was definitely lubed up. She aimed me again, and this time as she lowered herself, there was no doubt which hole I was hitting. The resistance told me the truth.

Suddenly there was a pop, and her eyes were scrunched closed as she mouthed the word “owe”, over and over again. She had stopped as soon as the head had passed her sphincter, but I gave a slight lift to my hips to tell her to continue. She opened her eyes, and finally looked at me. I could see anger and maybe even hatred in their green depths, but I no longer cared. She was way too manipulative for me to ever stay with her. I wondered why I had never seen it before.

She started to lower herself, and I could see that there was still pain. I remained motionless as she moved, relishing the feel of her extremely tight asshole as it slid down my cum soaked cock. Finally, her ass rested on my crotch, and she stopped, trying to adjust to the feeling of me deep within her bowels.

I counted to ten, before ordering her to move. The look of anger in her eyes flashed again, but she did as she was told.

“Do you forgive me, baby? Now that you are finally fucking my ass?” Her meek tone jarred with the look in her eyes. Instead of answering, I just close my eyes, enjoying the feel of her.

I lay there for a few moments, eyes closed, as she rocked back and forth on me, until I started to notice a change. I opened my eyes, and saw that she had started to gyrate her hips, and was even biting her lower lip, eyes closed. An expression that told me she was starting to enjoy this. I started to rotate my hips in counterpoint to her, and her eyes flew open and locked on mine.

“Oh, fuck, that’s starting to feel good. I never knew it would feel like this, baby.” She began to pick up the pace, and even started grunting with each thrust. “Ahh, YES! I love having your cock in my ass! Yes, move it like that baby. Fuck me harder, HARDER!” She started to cum again, and her eyes rolled back in her head as she convulsed.

Watching her, I could no longer hold back, and started shooting off deep into her bowels. Her eyes went wide as I did. “Oh, baby! I can feel you cumming deep in my ass. It feels so warm. Oh, gawd, it’s making me cum agaaaaiiinnn!”

She collapsed on top of me, and I realized after a few moments that she had passed out.

I shake under her, trying to wake her up, and she smiles as she looks in my eyes. “Thank you for forgiving me baby!” She gets up, and there is another small pop as I leave her ass.

“I hate to ask,” I pretend to be meek, “but would you mind cleaning me up?” She quickly jumps at the opportunity, and soon has some wet clothes and is cleaning my crotch of our carnal juices. She kept going on about how thankful she was that I had forgiven her.

At the door, she gave me a big kiss, and looking into her eyes, I told her as sweetly as I could, “I want you out by the end of the week. You are a manipulative, lying, cheating whore, and I’ll have nothing else to do with you.” I slammed the door on her shocked face. Luckily I had enough time to lock the door before she recovered from her surprise. She began yelling obscenities at me through the door, but I just walked away.

I called my apartment manager (putting her on speakerphone, since I couldn’t reach my ear), and explained to her that Jenny was no longer welcome, and that when she returned, I wanted her watched as she packed. She said she understood, and gave condolences about my accident, before I hung up with her.

I then went and laid down for a nap, Jenny still pounding hard on the door, and screaming.

* * *

My phone ringing woke me up, and I sat up to answer it. It was my apartment manager letting me know that they had had to arrest Jenny when she started to break things in the apartment. I was needed to go down and fill out some paperwork, but due to my condition, it could wait.

I hung up, and noticed that I had slept for two hours. Lisa should be home soon, and mom might be as well.

I walked into the living room, and found mom on the couch, engrossed in some TV show. Something seemed very different about her. It only took me a couple moments to notice that her hair was done up, and her skin was a darker shade of tan. She must have been out dolling herself up. No wonder she didn’t need me with her.

“Mom, you look stunning!” I said, to let her know I was there.

She jumped, and I felt guilty about startling her, but couldn’t see how it could have been avoided.

“Oh, hunny. You like it? When I got home I noticed you were asleep, so I just let you rest. Those meds must really knock you out, huh?”

I thought back on it, and it dawned on me that I hadn’t taken any of my meds for awhile. I still hurt, but somehow with everything else going on, it just never occurred to me.

Instead of answering her last question, I just answered her first. “You really do look young enough to be my girlfriend, now. Wow, you are quite the stunner. My heart be still.”

She smiled broadly at my over-the-top compliments, and I couldn’t hide my smile canlı casino siteleri either.

“How did things go while I was away? Did you need to call John?”

I thought for a moment on how to answer her, and finally said, “Things went better than expected, and I didn’t need to call him. Who is he anyway? I don’t remember him.”

“You wouldn’t,” she replied. “He moved in a few weeks ago with his girlfriends. He is about your age, I think.”

“Girlfriends?” I ask, emphasizing the plural.

Mom’s eyes twinkled as she answered. “Yeah. Seems he has three girlfriends, and one is pregnant, about to pop. Nice guy though. He even offered to mow the lawn once a week.”

I’ll bet he offered to mow your lawn once a week, I thought, then shook off the thought. I was getting way to comfortable with thoughts of my mom.

Lisa came home not much later, and we had time to eat a quick microwave dinner, before mom left for work.
“So, brother, are you going to help me with my homework?”

I knew what she was really asking. “I’ve been thinking about it, and I just don’t think I am the one that should take your virginity, sis.”

“Well, I do, and I’ll prove it!” I groaned as I heard the tone in her voice. When she got like this, there was just no convincing her otherwise. She stormed out of the room, and down the stairs. I followed as well as I could navigate down them, with my arms stiffly out wide. By the time I got to her door, it was shut and locked.

I knocked with my knee. “Go away. You obviously don’t love me, so don’t bother!”

This was the last thing I expected her to say. “Lisa! You know I love you. And not just because you are my only sister. You are a great person, too. Please don’t be like this.”

I could hear her rustling around in her room, moving things and I wondered what she was doing.

“You mean it? You love me?”

“Yes!” I said, some of my exasperation coming out.

The door flew open, and Lisa jumped onto me, and I had to set my balance not to tip over. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” she kept saying, pausing only long enough to kiss me.

“Now, listen! I didn’t say…” I trailed off as I realized that the body draped on me was naked. “What the?” I somehow managed to ask.

Lisa hopped out of my arms, and did a little pirouette. “To help,” she said mysteriously with a wink. She then got behind me and pushed me into her room.

“Now, wait,” I tried to protest, “I never said I’d–” She cut me off, spinning me around and planting a passionate kiss on my lips. Such was her ardor, that I soon found myself kissing her back. She took a step forward, forcing me to step back, right into her bed. I lost my balance, and being unable to swing my arms to recover, I fell on my back.

Lisa had my shorts and boxers at my ankles before I quite knew what was happening.

“Lisa, stop!” I nearly screamed, finally getting her attention.

She looked at me for a moment, still hunched over from taking my shorts off, and my undeniably hard cock between us. “Brother, if you really don’t want this, I will go over to John’s house, and let him take my virginity. He already has three girlfriends, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t mind a fourth.” I could see that she was serious by the look in her eyes.

“Okay, okay. If you really want it that badly, who am I to deny such a sexy little sister?” Inwardly I cursed at having lost control of the situation, but it soon left my mind as Lisa crawled on top of me, and started kissing me with more passion than I think I have ever been kissed with before. Her hands cupped my face, and our tongues fought a battle for dominance that neither of us ever wanted to end.

I could feel her pussy, pressing my penis between us, as she rocked her hips back and forth. She started to moan, and my own soon followed. I desperately wished I could enfold her in my arms.

She was getting wet fast, and soon I felt her hand reach between us, and position me at the entrance to her virginal hole. “Take it slow,” I cautioned.

She nodded, and biting her lower lip, started to slide back, slowly impaling herself on me. My head slipped past her slippery folds, forcing a moan that seemed to resonate from my whole being. I soon felt the forbidden barrier, and Lisa stopped.

“It kinda hurts, brother.” Lisa whimpered.

“We can stop if you want to. I never want to hurt you, Lisa, my beautiful little sister.” I looked lovingly into her green eyes, and saw determination reflected back at me. Without warning, she slammed her whole body down on me, decimating the last vestiges of her virginity. A scream that I am sure they heard in the next county over, rent the air.

Lisa’s head lay pressed to my cheek as she lay nearly motionless atop me. “Don’t move. Just get used to it.” I had to control myself, as her extremely tight pussy seemed to be convulsing around my cock. It felt great, but my greater concern was for my dear little sister.

Lisa nodded next to me, “It’s like ripping off a Band-Aid. Better to just get it over with.”

I turned my head, and started to kiss he cheek. I realized my lips were coming away wet, as she was crying. “Oh, Lisa. I knew it was a mistake. I’m so sorry.”

“Shut up, will you. I am crying because I am so happy, silly! Just–Just hold still. I didn’t realize how FULL I would feel down there.”

After a couple moments she moved slightly, testing, then held still again. I kept kissing her, and she finally brought her face to mine. I could still see the tears, but I could also see the happiness in her eyes. I don’t think I have ever loved my sister more than I did at that moment.

As our lips met again, Lisa began a slow steady rhythm on top of me. As our kissing became more passionate, so too did the thrusts, and sliding of our movements.

“Oh, gawd! Why didn’t we do this years ago?” Lisa bawled, and threw her head back. Her hips were moving in a frantic, almost desperate staccato. With her head back, I lifted mine and brought one of her sweet nipples into my mouth. This seemed to do it for her, and this time the scream that echoed off the walls was one of ecstasy and fulfillment. I could feel her juices gushing around my cock, and her sweet, tight pussy began to milk me in earnest.

“Lisa, you need to get off me. I am too close. I can’t cum in you!” Lisa just continued to rock on top of me. I’m not sure if she didn’t hear me, or just didn’t care, but I knew I was too close, and the bliss of feeling my beautiful little sister so sweetly engulfing my cock became too much, as I started to buck my hips, driving my penis in deeper and depositing my seed within.

“Oh! That is so hot. So warm! I can feel it shooting deep in me brother! Ahh, it feels so, feels so, GOOD!” And she convulsed again on top of me.

After catching our collective breaths, I gently kiss Lisa’s cheek, then whisper, “Next time we use a condom. You need to go get cleaned up so you don’t get pregnant.”

She looked to me, smiling sweetly. “Don’t worry, silly. It is the wrong time of my cycle.” She gave me a loving kiss, then got up, and looked at me. “Oh. I didn’t realize there would be that much blood.” She started to walk away, and stopped. “Or that I would have to walk carefully afterwards!” She waddled to her dresser, grabbed something, and returned with some wet wipes, and proceeded to clean us both up.

“As much as I want you to stay with me tonight, I don’t think mom would understand.” Lisa told me, and I could only agree. Despite the odd behavior from our mother, I am sure she would freak if she found out her son had taken her daughter’s virginity.

After getting dressed, Lisa walked me back to my room. Giving me a sweet goodnight kiss, she said, “I love you, brother. Sleep well, and get rested. Tomorrow we make love again.”

It has recently come to my attention that my stories have been stolen and posted on other sites. While I am flattered that my work is being copied, I am insulted to receive no credit for the work.

Please let me know what you think in the credits. Especially if you grade this negative. I am always yearning to improve.

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