By What Right 2 : Caught or Not?

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Did she notice? What was I thinking? Will he ever talk to me again? Will I ever feel something so soft and wet again? I couldn’t quite think straight as I drove home. In a mere few minutes, I may have just undone years of friendship. And over what? The soft, wet embrace of her lips? The soft smooth feel of her skin? It was impossible to forget, yet I should never have claimed it as my own. Or was it? I had to find out. I reached my house and fell to sleep immediately. Then came the dream.

They arose in unison, the true pair. He immediately ran to the restroom. She looked at me groggily with the same contemptuous look she always gave me. And yet I wondered; how much did she feel? Did she think it was her boyfriend making the normal nightly advance? Questions truly loomed and yet, if it were true, I would be completely free despite my actions. I told her I was heading home and she met me in embrace. Absentmindedly, as she hugged me, my hands found their way to the curve of her backside. She made no attempt to stop me, so I lingered for but a moment and left. As if nothing had happened, I bid my friend goodbye and escaped to the comfort of my car.

They arose in unison, the pair. He stared at me then slowly inched toward the door. The moment he was gone I found myself in pain. A hand struck upon my cheek more quickly than I could react. “What the fuck?” she screamed angrily. Her face was inches from mine and I couldn’t shake the urge. I kissed her hard on the lips and held her close. Another slap struck the same cheek as I held her, yet with much less force. I stepped back and stared into her eyes. “Are you mad at what I did or that you got so wet from it?” She stood shocked at the brazen nature of my interrogation. She gave me no audible answer but stared toward the ground in submission. “I’ll make you feel much better next time sweetness” I said as I quickly exited the room.

She arose alone. She said nothing but stared quizzically at me as I pretended to browse through my phone. He didn’t stir at all as she started towards me, her eyes glued to mine as if in a heated staring contest. “I don’t think he’s getting back up”, she said casually as she reached for her final beer and tried to throw it away in the trash can behind me. “Bummsville, what are we gonna do now?” I replied as I chuckled and got up. “It was nice seeing you”, I said as I reached out to hug her. She hesitated momentarily before accepting my advance. I held her far too tightly, yet she allowed me. I held her for far too long, yet she didn’t release me either. Soon my hands no longer had the ability to remain still as they slowly lowered from the small of her back to the arch of her rear. She did nothing to stop me as I brushed against her fine curves and held them in my hands. Finally, as if woken from a trance, she released me and I left with the promise of more to come…

She arose alone, daggers in her eyes as she glared at me. I only smiled back in response. Without words, she walked towards me. Her drunken attempt to slap me across the face was easily countered and she found herself stumbling onto my chair and into my embrace. Her casino siteleri anger lessened momentarily as I asked her if she was ok, but this momentary lapse was short lived. I held her for the briefest of moments and she sighed as she relaxed under my embrace, until she realized what she was doing and turned around in my lap. She now sat staring at me whilst sitting in my lap. “You know you’re only going to make things worse if you stay here right” I questioned smugly as I flexed my dick under her, making her feel my presence. She immediately sprang up, “I wonder whom he’d believe if you told him?” I said as I stole a light kiss upon her lips and quickly exited the room.

The dreams kept playing in my head. What had happened last night? Was it all real or just some crazy fever dream? I didn’t know until I smelled my hand, which remained unwashed from the day before. Her essence remained and it immediately filled my nostrils, intoxicating me, enticing me to crave even more of her forbidden drink. Yet the truth was a more pressing concern. I had gotten drunk, I had touched and tasted of that which did not belong to me, and I arrogantly doubled down on my advances. I assumed she told him the truth after I kissed her and left without another word and yet, I received memes and gifs in the morning of hangovers and drunkenness? Did she tell him nothing? Interesting indeed.


I hadn’t seen either of them for a week, yet today I would see them for the first time since “the incident”. I hesitantly walked toward the front door and let myself in. I was greeted as if nothing had happened. The entire day, through hollow conversation and no veil at all, I hung with my friend as if nothing had even happened. I almost believed it until I was cornered during a routine trip to the restroom.

“You’re lucky I haven’t fucking told him”, she spat at me as I casually passed her to enter the restroom.

“Hmm am I? Why didn’t you tell him then? You’d get everything you wanted if you did. I’m gone, he only ever pays attention to you I mean it seems too good to be true almost” I chuckled as I exited the restroom. As I spoke, I drew closer and closer to her until the gap between us was nearly nonexistent. She tried to back up as far as she could but she hit the wall. I stared down at her; her tits showing clearly through what I suppose could be called a blouse, her curves showing clearly through the tight mini skirt she wore with it. I tried to keep myself focused as I admired her perfect midriff which showed slightly and revealed just enough to tease the mind and bring my cock from resting to full mast. Soon our faces were inches from each other’s and I whispered softly into her ear. “Do you think he’ll like how wet you got? Do you think he’ll like how we kissed and you tasted yourself on my tongue? Or how I took you right here in his house?”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” She moaned as I slowly kissed form her neck to her cheek. “That didn’t fucking happen!” she tried to remain silent yet sound escaped her nearly pursed lips. slot oyna It didn’t take long for her to realize that the truth mattered for very little as it would be her word against mine and she truly didn’t know whom he would side with. It took very little time before my kisses along her neck and cheek turned into soft licks and nibbles upon her flesh. She sighed heavily as I held her face in my hands and all but forced a kiss into her. Yet her tongue returned my advance. We were in a hard embrace, our tongues danced the dance of love, but it was short lived as I abruptly ended the kiss and walked away from her without a word. I wanted her to yearn for it, as she so clearly had for the past week. The rest of the night progressed as expected until she finally made her move. One that shocked even me to the core.

As if possessed, she took shot after shot and drink after drink, goading her boyfriend into doing the same. I watched in amusement as drunkenness overcame the both of them and flashbacks began to form in my mind. But what was she thinking? Why did she want to be so drunk and why was she bringing him to the same level with her? Answers quickly followed my questions as we finally retired to their room and he almost immediately passed out. I walked to the restroom to relieve myself and as if on cue, she appeared before me when I exited.

“How can you do this to your own best friend? I love him don’t you get that? I’ll never love you!”

“I never asked for your love sweetness” I said as I drew her close to me and planted yet another forced kiss on her. This time she did very little to combat me, she slowly relaxed as my tongue probed into her mouth and massed her own gently. A single tear fell from her eyes and I caught it with my lips. “Don’t cry now, I’ll give you a real reason to in a minute don’t worry” I promised as I kissed slowly down to her neck. I paid special attention to the crook of her neck. It looked like I found her weak spot and I exploited it. As she sighed and moaned I lowered myself to my knees in front of her. Then, with quite the few guests outside including her own boyfriend, I reached up and raised her skirt to reveal her black thong. I paid next to no attention as I yanked it to the side and revealed her sex. It was as I remembered it, down to the pungent aroma of arousal that wafted off of her. I parted her lips as the red sea and immediately began my attack on her body. As she gasped, moaned, and begged me to stop at the same time, I ran my hands clear across her curved body and to her breasts. I kneaded both of them in my hands as I slowly licked and slurped at her. The taste of sweat and tart nectar filled my mouth and nostrils as I continued my directed assault on her senses. I wanted her, no needed her to lose control. I wanted her to scream so that everyone could hear what I had done to her. Her immediate reaction was to try and push my head away as I licked her furiously, but that vain effort proved useless and her pushing hands were quickly replaced by fingers coursing through my hair and digging into the back of my head. It was as if I had no escape but to make her squirt all of her canlı casino siteleri juices onto my tongue and lose herself in pleasure. I slowly began to tease her as I licked at her labia instead of her swollen clit. I licked at it over and over again until she was near her climax, and then accidentally licked her lips instead. She grew tired of my game quick as she urged me into her body.

“Make me cum you sick fuck! Why does it feel this good? Why are you so much better at it Fuck! It feels like I’m gonna explode!” She was nearing her climax and could feel it. Her motions nearly stopped, her heavy breathing ceased and her slight gyrations gave her away easily. Just before she was ready to flood my mouth with her forbidden juices, I stopped, and got up. Through her tears she attacked me and begged me to finish, but I showed my refusal by walking back into the restroom as her future mother-in-law entered the house. When I exited she was already back in the room, her boyfriend still completely knocked out.

“Looks like we’re back here again aren’t we?” I said as I took my seat and looked directly at her.

“Fuck you!” Was the only response that I was awarded from her as she turned over and pretended to sleep. I couldn’t help myself and decided to play with her once again. She had found time to change into her pajamas and they left little to the imagination. As I dove under her blankets, the same curvature that baffled me the prior week was now calling to me once again, and I would answer. Through her booty shorts, I gnawed, and nibbled and licked at her sex, she only stared at her lover and tried to motion for me to stop, but I couldn’t. I slowly moved her shorts and panties to the side and continued my tongue assault on her. Knowing she didn’t approve of anal sex, I played with her clit with my thumb and surprised her by shoving the entirety of my tongue inside of her virgin rosebud. Her moans were uncontrollable until she realized where we were and buried her face inside of her pillow. “Get your fucking tongue out of me you asshole I don’t like that!” She spat angrily as I tongue fucked her. “I’ll stop when you stop getting so we you little slut” I finally spat back as she tilted her head back and accepted me inside of her.

It was not long before she was nearing her climax once again, and she seemed antsy about its approach. Once again though, it was ended before it could even start. As she arched her back and prepared for it, I stopped abruptly once again and wouldn’t let her.

“No please don’t do that again! Just fucking do it!” She begged.

“Do what?” I said casually as I stood up.

“You know what!” She whispered and screamed and pleaded simultaneously.

I leaned down to her face and kissed her hard, I sunk my tongue deep insider her mouth and made sure she tasted her own ass off of me. By what fucking right was I taking her? Touching her? Tasting her? the thoughts consumed me, I wanted her bad enough to claim her right there, but soon she’d come to me. Staring into her eyes the entire time I inched towards her face. Her pleading eyes immediately transformed to that of horror knowing she would go unfulfilled. “You can cum when you learn to ask properly” I explained as I pecked her once more on the lips, got up and left the room.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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