Cathy’s Hamper

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It’s interesting how little we know about the people around us. I had known Cathy and Dave for better than fifteen years when they decided to put new floors in their house. Being in the business I was able to get them the material at cost and hook them up with installation.

It had been several months since we had seen each other so it was good to see them when I went to their house to measure for the new flooring. Cathy greeted me with a peck on the cheek and a warm hug. I always enjoyed her hugs she is a real sweetheart.

Dave and I got to work immediately measuring all the rooms. When we were done they offered me a scotch which I gladly accepted. We were sitting in their dining room catching up on things. Cathy was flipping through some sample books I had brought for them.

As we chatted I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful Cathy looked. At first glance she is rather average although attractive in a cute way. But as you get to know her better and see the sparkle in her eyes when she smiles and witness her almost child like laughter, she can melt your heart.

I found myself watching her mouth as she spoke and imagining how sweet her kisses must taste. My eyes trailed along the length of her neck to the freckles on her chest. I realized she had apparently changed her shirt since I got there. She must have casino siteleri been getting comfortable. She had on a large well worn T-shirt and had removed her bra. She sat curled up on the chair with one knee to her chest. As she would move her breasts would brush against her knee causing a slight jiggle. Her nipples were beginning to become erect from the contact and I caught myself staring.

I had to snap out of it before I offended someone. The scotch was catching up with me so I excused myself and headed for the bathroom. I had to practically spin out of my chair so they wouldn’t see my arousal.

Upon entering the bathroom I opened my pants and released my semi-erect cock. It felt good to give it some room. I gave my balls a quick rub and slid my hand down the length of my shaft as I thought about how much I would love to fuck Cathy. But I came in here to piss not to jerk off.

I tried to clear the thoughts from my head and just as I began to regain my composure I noticed a black bra strap hanging out of the hamper. “You fuckin pervert…don’t even think about it,” I thought to myself. But I guessed it was probably the one she had just taken off and I couldn’t resist.

My pants still half way down my thigh and my cock bobbing from side to side I stepped over to the hamper and opened it. I took the bra and held slot oyna it in my hands looking down at it with adornment. I thought about how lucky this bra was to have held her beautiful breasts.

I put the bra to my face and took a deep breath, drinking in her scent. As I opened my eyes I noticed a matching pair of panties in the hamper. I picked them up and the image of Cathy sliding them down her legs and stepping out of them flashed in my head. My imagination was so charged it felt as if they were still warm. My hand trembled as I brought them to my face. I barely caught her scent as I pressed them to my lips and nose. My cock twitched. My head was spinning; this was so wrong, so perverse, and I was so fuckin horny.

I began stroking my cock, which was already leaking. I took another deep breath through her panties and pressed my lips to the crotch as if kissing her pussy. The mild perfume of her sex permeated my senses. Suddenly I felt my cock pulse as seamen surged through my swollen shaft. I panicked and without thinking I reached to catch the jet of cum. I was still clenching Cathy’s panties as I tried to contain my orgasm. The panties tangled in my hand and I filled them with copious amounts of cum, it seemed as if it would never stop.

What an incredible sensation, my heart was pounding. I wondered how long I had been canlı casino siteleri in there, or if they heard me. I was beet red and breathing hard. My knees were shaking. I dropped Cathy’s sodden panties along with her bra back into the hamper and splashed some water on my face. I straightened myself up and rushed back to my hosts.

As I walked back into the kitchen Dave was still sitting at the table. He looked up at me and asked me if I had fallen in. I apologized for taking so long.

“Are you alright? You don’t look so good.” He said.

“As a matter of fact I feel like I might be coming down with something.” I replied. “ I had better get going. You guys can hang onto the samples, just give me a call when you’ve made a decision.”

With that Cathy walked up behind me and playfully bumped me with her hip as she passed.

“Leaving so soon?” she asked with a peculiar grin.

“I’m not feeling well, I had better go. I don’t want to get you guy’s sick.”

Dave gave me a pat on the back as I passed and told me to take care of myself as Cathy threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug. She was a little slow to let go. She kissed my neck and I felt her breath on my ear as she replied to Dave “I’m sure he takes good care of himself.”

I could feel my cock beginning to betray me again and quickly stepped back from Cathy. She had a cute little grin as she opened the door for me.

“Thanks for coming, I’ll call you as soon as we make a decision on the floor.” Cathy shouted as I got into my car.

To be continued….

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