Caught Sniffing Pt. 06

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Monday at last. Although I had thoroughly enjoyed my weekend with Helen, Emily and Amy I was still looking forward to seeing Rosemary. Perhaps it was the older more experienced aspect or maybe it was her scent that turned me on more than the younger girls. With this thought I had a quick sniff of her knickers that I still had and found myself immediately aroused.

It was another fine day so I decided to go for a long run to pass the time. When I returned home about an hour later I found the twins taking advantage of the hot weather as they laid sunbathing in the garden.

“Hi Tom, you look hot,” said Amy, looking up through her sunglasses.

“Yeah I am a bit, think I’ll cool off in the shower,” I said and left them to it.

Standing under the cool water with my eyes closed my thoughts again returned to Rosemary. Picturing her naked body in my mind I soon felt my cock growing hard despite the cool water. Shaking the thoughts away I quickly dried off. Back in my room I decided to join the girls in the garden as I looked out to see them still sunbathing.

“Do you mind if I join you?” I asked.

“Of course not,” said Amy, “shift along Em.”

They both moved over to make room for me on the blanket they were laying on. I laid down on my back next to Amy, Emily laying the other side.

“Any idea when Dad and your Mum are getting back?” I asked.

“Mum reckons about seven. Looks like they’re enjoying themselves, sent me a pic earlier,” Amy said reaching for her phone.

Holding her phone up I saw a picture of Rosemary posing in a red two piece swimming costume by an outdoor swimming pool. I had to turn over to lay on my front to hide my sudden erection.

“Must admit Mum’s still got an amazing figure. Hope I look as good when I’m her age,” Amy said looking down her own body, “what do you think Tom, is she more attractive than me and Em?”

“Never thought about it,” I said pretending I hadn’t.

“Oh come on!” she said.

“Well you certainly like her dirty knickers,” piped up Emily.

“That’s true,” said Amy, “Caught you with them didn’t we!”

“So Tom, who smells best?” asked Amy, teasing, “Amy, Mum or me?”

“Give him a reminder,” said Emily.

Amy slid her hand under her white bikini pants, “Here, have a sniff of my pussy,” she said as she put her fingers under my nose.

The scent of her hot sweaty pussy made me glad I was laying on my front.

“Now compare it with mine,” said Emily, pulling her hand out from her pants and leaning over Amy to place her fingers under my nose.

“So who smells best?” asked Amy.

“You both smell good,” I said enjoying the aroma casino oyna of Emily.

“Is this turning you on?” asked Emily still holding her fingers under my nose.

“Well, yeah, of course it is,” I replied.

“Turn over, lets see what it’s doing to you,” said Amy, sliding her hand back down under her bikini pants.

Turning over I soon realised, as did the twins, that my knob was poking out the top of my shorts.

“Looks as though he does like how we smell,” Emily said as she too had her hand back between her legs under her bikini.

“Here have another sniff,” said Amy as she put her fingers back under my nose.

My cock twitched as I smelt her wet fingers. It was just as well that the garden was well hidden from prying eyes as Emily got up and positioned herself so she straddled my face.

“Have a good smell of me,” she said and lowered herself so my nose touched the material of her bikini pants.

Amy began stroking my shaft through my shorts while still rubbing herself under her pants, “I think he’s enjoying that Em, he’s getting harder,” she said.

Emily pulled her pants to one side. Rubbing her clit on my nose she moaned softly. Sitting lower I tasted her juices on my tongue as it slipped between her pussy lips. Meanwhile Amy had slipped her hand inside my shorts and slid down my shaft to gently cup my balls.

Hearing Emily’s moans getting louder Amy said, “I think we’d better go inside before the neighbours hear.”

I followed the girls upstairs and we were soon in my bedroom. They both knelt down on the floor and beckoned me to stand in front of them. Between them they soon pulled my shorts down and both kissed up and down my shaft.

“My God Tom, it seems harder than ever,” said Emily.

They both licked up either side to the tip, tasting the pre cum oozing out of the eye before licking back down to my balls. It was as though they had a telepathic link, both of them reaching behind their backs to unclasp their bikini tops at the same moment.

The sight of two pairs of tits virtually identical made my cock throb even more. Again without a word spoken they rose up and stood either side of me pulling me back towards the bed.

My back hit the bed as they pushed me back with my legs hanging over the side and feet flat on the floor. Climbing up they removed their bikini pants and knelt either side of my head. With one hand on my cock and the other between their legs they began stroking me while playing with their pussies.

Pulling a finger from her hole Amy placed it close to my nose, “how do I smell now Tom? Is it good?” she said not needing an answer.

Her finger was soon replaced by Emily’s, “How about me Tom? Do I smell good?” she said, again no slot oyna answer was needed.

They both kept fingering their wet pussies and offering me a sniff alternately while stroking my aching cock. Looking from one pussy to the other was like looking in a mirror, I couldn’t see any difference.

As their excitement grew their fingers rubbing faster and faster on their clits, the offer to my nose was forgotten. I again found myself thinking of Rosemary’s scent. Not that I needed any additional stimulation as a hand was rubbing and squeezing my knob, now making squelching noises from the abundance of pre cum.

I was soon shooting my load which brought both twins, one after the other to their orgasms. They kept wanking until I’d finished coming, their hands covered in my spunk.

“Fuck that was good,” said Amy when she had recovered enough. “I know they say size doesn’t matter but God your cock really does it for me.”

“You’re right there Sis,” said Emily as she licked my cum from her fingers, “his cum tastes pretty good too.”

“Time for some more sun I think,” said Amy also tasting my cum on her fingers…

I decided to stay in my room and let the girls get back to their sunbathing and soon found myself drifting off to sleep.

. . .

I didn’t know what woke me at first until I heard a knock at the door, “You alright Tom?” my Dad asked.

“Yeah come in,” I answered.

“You OK?” he asked after opening the door.

“Yeah sorry, must of dropped off. Did you have a good weekend?” I asked.

“Yes thank you we enjoyed the break. Thought I’d better let you know I’ll be away for a few days with work so I hope you’ll help out while I’m away,” he said.

“Yeah no problem. When are you going?” I asked.

“Leaving early in the morning so I need to have an early night. See you when I get back,” he said.

“OK good night,” I said

When he’d gone I glanced at the clock on the bedside table and saw it was just after eight. I must have been in a deep sleep, not hearing Dad and Rosemary get home. Realising I hadn’t eaten I made my way down to the kitchen to find some food.

“Hi Tom, how are you?” Rosemary greeted me with a smile.

“I’m good thanks. I hear you enjoyed your weekend,” I replied.

“Yes it was nice,” she said then sidled up to me and whispered, “glad to be home though, been thinking about what’s been waiting for me.”

She gave my bum a quick squeeze before heading out the kitchen, “Right I’m off for a soak in the bath, see you later,” she said giving me a dirty smile.

After finding myself some food I returned to my room and couldn’t help have a quick sniff of Rosemary’s dirty panties…

The house had been quiet for at least an canlı casino siteleri hour when Rosemary sneaked into my room. Not saying a word she tiptoed across the floor and sat on my bed. She was wearing a white towel bath robe and I suspected not much else. She certainly wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Everyone’s asleep at last,” she said and placed her hand on my lap feeling for my cock under the duvet, “I need to see my friend.”

Pulling the duvet back she smiled when she realised I was naked, “Oh yes there he is,” she said running her fingertips over my shaft.”

My cock began to grow under her touch, “Mmmm yes I think he’s pleased to see me,” she said, “perhaps this is what he wants.”

She stood up and let her robe fall to the floor after pulling something from a pocket. Standing naked before me she held up a black pair of knickers for me to see, “I thought you might like these, while I was away I had a little play when I was alone and made a bit of a mess in them,” she said.

My cock grew harder as I thought of her dirty panties in her hand, “You can have a smell after you’ve had a suck on my tits,” she teased.

Straddling me so her pussy rested at the base off my cock she offered her tits to my face. I kissed each nipple before buying my face between her fleshy mounds smelling her fresh soapy skin. As she gently rubbed her wet pussy up and down my shaft I took a nipple between my lips and sucked.

“Ooooh yes that’s so nice, you’ve earned a sniff of these,” she said lowering her black knickers to my face, “keep sucking though.”

Catching the first whiff of her dirty panties made me suck harder on the nipple between my lips. My cock was now rock hard as Rosemary rubbed her pussy faster up and down covering my shaft with her juices.

“I need to taste that lovely cock Tom, lay on top of me in a sixty nine,” she said as she dismounted me to lay on the bed.

Lowering my head between her legs I smelt the musky scent of her wet pussy. Licking her stiff clit I felt her lips slide over my engorged knob. She alternated between sucking me into her mouth and licking her tongue across the eye.

“I love the taste of your pre cum,” she said.

I ran my tongue along each of her pussy lips before delving between them into her sopping wet cunt.

“Oh yes Tom fuck me with your tongue,” she said taking my knob back into her mouth.

As our excitement grew she thrust her hips towards my face while I thrust my cock deeper into her mouth. I was soon spurting my spunk and tasted her cum on my mouth as we came together…

Before rolling off of Rosemary to lay beside her I licked at her creamy cunt, tasting her juices.

“Mmmm that was nice, just what I needed,” she said, sitting up stroking my dwindling erection, “I’ll be needing more of that that’s for sure.”

Before Rosemary returned to her own bed she looked at me and said, “Hope you’re going to look after me while your Dad’s away!”

I certainly intended to…

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