Cecil Part II

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The bar was packed, not because it was entertaining or a nice place for conversation, it was packed because the Buffalo Pussy Posse was out in force tonight. The bar was three deep in streetwalkers, hookers, pimps and huggermuggers. Ruby and Cici (nee Cecil), had seats on the end of the curved bar in the back. The city was doing its once every six months attempt to keep the Chippewa Strip free of ladies of the evening and all that was associated with them.
“Must be a convention in town.” Stated Ruby in a matter of fact manner.
“Must be.” Answered Cici.
Cici had recovered from her facial surgery in Baltimore the month before, and was in full make up. Her hair now extended down to the middle of her back and was bleached a dark blond.
The two pseudo-women were not really hustlers in the broadest sense of the term, though for the going rate of $250 an evening they had been known to turn a trick or two. Both had day jobs, and had just wanted to hang out this evening. The presence of the local fuzz was putting a damper on that thought though.
“Its too late to go to the motel disco up on Niagara.” Said a bored Cici.
“You are right, lets go back to the apartment, and see what pops up there.” Ruby said as she winked at Cici.
“Good idea.”
So they casino oyna hopped down off the stools and started to walk back to their apartment. The streets were deserted. The cops were rolling up and down the street about every two minutes; this was disappointing to the ‘johns’ who were cruising the block with hard-on’s looking for a quick $20 bj.
They held hands and chatted as they turned down a side street to take an indirect route back to their pad, not wanting to be stopped by the police cruisers. They weren’t that lucky, a plain Crown Vic pulled up along side them.
“You ladies are out awfully late tonight.” Said the plainclothesman in the car.
“Why Officer Ted, is that you, its Ruby.”
“Sorry Ruby didn’t recognize you, who’s that with you?”
“Why this is Cici, Cici meet Officer Ted.”
“Well girls I’m going to have to search you for concealed weapons.”
“Oh yummy, take us to our apartment and you can search away.” Exclaimed Ruby.
Ruby and Cici piled into the car, and they were off, Ruby giving the officer directions. The apartment was near the waterfront and in an old converted warehouse. Parking was not a problem and the three went up the stairs to the second floor loft that the two shared.
“Now Cici you go sit on the couch and let Officer Ted search you, while I go to slot oyna the sandbox.” Ruby directed as she headed to the bathroom.
Cici not fully aware of what was happening, so she hung her coat up and sat down on the couch adjusting her skirt as she did so. Officer Ted meanwhile took off his jacket revealing the ubiquitous Glock, and handcuffs. He hung his jacket and placed his police paraphernalia on a small table by the door.
“Okay young lady,” Said Officer Ted as he sat down beside Cici on the couch, “I have to check you out for weapons.” He moved closer and pulled the top of her dress down revealing her tits and the fact that she didn’t have a bra on. “Well nothing here.” Officer Ted leaned over and took the closest nipple in his mouth and begin to suck, his hand meanwhile was inching up CiCi’s thigh. Cici was beginning to get an idea of the weapon Officer Ted was searching for, as it began to grow in her panties. Finally his hand reached her panties and he began massaging the growing cock inside. “Well, well young lady you do have a weapon, is it loaded?”
“Yes,” Giggled Cici, “its already to shoot for you.”
“Good.” Said Officer Ted as he got down on his knees between Cici’s legs.
“Is this the weapon you want?” Giggled CiCi as she flipped her panties down to reveal her engorged canlı casino siteleri cock to the kneeling policeman.
Officer Ted didn’t say another word; he just took the cock in his mouth and began to eat CiCi.
At just about this time a naked Ruby came out of the bathroom, wearing only her high heals. “I see Officer Ted found your weapon Cici.”
“Yes, he did and right now he is trying to get it to shoot.” Sighed Cici.
“Well I have a weapon too.” Ruby got down behind the sucking policeman and unbuckled his trousers pulling them down to his knees then his shorts exposing his ass. “Here’s my weapon Mr. Policeman.” Exclaimed Ruby as she mounted the officer high and tight and began to fuck him.
“Oh officer I am going to shoot.” Screamed Cici as she shot her load into his mouth.
Ruby still pounded away and finally came also. Cici lifted her legs into the air exposing her ass. “Better search this with your weapon officer.” The policeman with Ruby now disengaged mounted Cici and fucked her till he came.
After another round of looking for weapons everyone was tired, the officer bade them good by and told them to keep their weapons out of sight.
“He has done this before hasn’t he?” Asked Cici.
“Yes, he has, but it doesn’t hurt to have an in with the police.” Replied Ruby.
“Don’t you mean it doesn’t hurt to be in a policeman.” Corrected Cici.
They both laughed and giggled over this corny pun as they readied for bed.

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