First Hand

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I come home to find my hunny “L” lying on the bed…. She is wearing her shirt ready for bed. I smile to myself, she looks so beautiful … but there is a small gleam of playfulness in her eyes.

Yes I think to myself “tonight is the night I’m going to give her what she has wanted for a while. I know that she hasn’t been played with for some time. She has only seen me as a tender lover … Tonight she will see the other side of me!” I walk over to her smiling and looking down at her, bend down and kiss her gently on the mouth. I slide my hand behind her head to the back of her neck … grabbing a handful of hair at the nape of her neck I force my lips hard into her mouth, trying to bruise her mouth … I force my tongue into her mouth and taste her sweetness.

I pull L off the bed by her hair and onto her knees on the floor … “don’t move girl” I growl at her in a low voice. Reaching under the bed I drag out my play bag, I reach inside and pull out some short lengths of rope…. Quickly making ‘Texan Handcuffs’ I pull her arms behind her back and put them on her, tying them harder than necessary so that they will leave nice marks on her wrists. I get another thin cord and tie it into her hair and then lash the cord onto the rope cuffs so that her head is pulled back hard exposing her neck.

I open her shirt and pull it down as far as it will go. Her breasts are now exposed to me … I look into her eyes and see no fear just excitement. Getting more rope I wrap it around her chest above and below her breast, 3 turns above and 3 below … using another piece I tie the top rope to the bottom in between the breast … this pinches the ropes together; I do the same on the right and the left. L’s breasts are pinched between the ropes making them hard and sensitive to the touch… escort bayan gaziantep they are already changing colour, turning a deeper red as the blood is forced close to the surface. Her nipples are out and as hard as nubs of stone…

I now get out the ‘Knife’ it is double sided with a very shape point … I hold it in front of her eyes and watch the excitement grow in them. Holding the point against her cheek, I drag it down to her neck and across it. I can see the point leaving a white mark behind it, I move it to L’s right breast and flick the point fast under the right nipple leaving a very shallow cut about 1/4in long under the nipple. I do the same to the left one, looking into her eyes I see surprise there. I throw the knife into the cutting board by the bag, it sticks in and quivers there … bending forward I lick the cuts I have made and then suck on the nipples, L moans and presses her breast towards me… I bite down on the nipple offered to me.

I grab the rope between the breasts and lift L from the floor, turn her to face the bed and push her onto her stomach on the bed … leaning forward I whisper into her ear to open her legs and show me her cunt, she does. I look down and see her arse … I’m instantly hard, I reach down and feel her cunt, its wet and warm, her cunt lips are swollen and protruding. I pinch them hard and twist… feel her flinch but she doesn’t close her legs “Good girl” I start to open her and push a couple of fingers into her. Twisting and probing, I open her up wider and wider… I slide in more fingers and push deeper and deeper, before long I have four fingers in L and I’m pumping into her very hard.

I pull my finger out and put some lube on my hand and on her Cunt … I think she knows I’m going to put my whole hand into her cunt because she wiggles her body down pushes her bottom up in the air and spreads her legs wider. I rub my hand on her cunt just teasing her and making sure the lube covers my whole hand … closing my fingers together and placing the thumb against the palm of my hand I start to slide my finger into her cunt. Pumping them backwards and forwards pressing towards her arse hole to loosen her up and stretch her open… more and more of the my hand goes into her, right up to the finger joints and then to the knuckles.

This is the widest part of my hand and I can feel that it’s hurt her a little but she wants more, I can feel her pressing against me…. Demanding and wanting it all the way in. I keep pushing … I feel her cervix against my fingertips, so I start to curl my fingers into a fist as I push in harder. The resistance is suddenly gone as my hand gets pulled in by the contractions of her cunt lips … I look down and see that my fist is in her cunt right up to the wrist. I stop and let her get used to the feel of having my hand inside her … L starts to relax and breathe steadily again, now its time for the fun to start. I lean down and begin to kiss and lick her bottom… at the same time I rotate my hand inside her and press in and out.

I pick up the pace of the fist fucking, twisting faster and harder… I can feel my knuckles moving against her cunt in the most amazing way. L is moaning deep in the throat, her hips start to move and her cunt starts to clench and spasm on my hand … I know she is only seconds away from cumming. I put the thumb of my other hand against her arse hole and wait … the rhythm of my twisting and pushing inside her is getting faster.

The contractions of her cunt are getting harder and harder… then I feel her clinch down hard on my fist; it feels like she is going to break every bone in my hand. I drive the thumb of my other hand into her arse hole…. A scream erupts from her throat and her whole body starts to shake and quiver. L’s gasping for air as I fuck her arse with my thumb, I can’t move my fist in her cunt at all as she has locked down tight on it… I slow down the fucking and I feel the pressure coming off my hand. I smile so hard that it almost hurts … I pull my thumb out of her and start to move my hand slowly inside her cunt.

I know that I need to make sure that I can move my hand freely before I take it out of her otherwise it will feel like I’m trying to pull her inside out…. When I can move my hand easily again I start to pull it from her body unrolling my hand as I remove it…. I talk to her the whole time telling her how well she has done and how beautiful it was to watch. I quickly dry off my hand and then undo the rope tying her hair, letting her head go forward and relax… I sit down beside L and roll and lift her to sit beside me and kiss her. As I’m kissing her I touch her breasts, which are very red now and oh so tender… I undo the knots and take off the breast ropes.

Hugging her close I undo and remove the “Texan Handcuffs”, we just sit there. With me just holding her close…. Telling her how special she is and how beautiful she is. I pull up her shirt and put it back on her shoulders, moving the covers back I lie her down in the bed and pull the covers up around her … standing I get undressed and turn off the lights. I then slide into bed beside her and pull her close to me… kissing her face and neck, stroking her breasts, back, shoulders making sure that I touch every part of her body with mine. I talk to her softly reassuringly comforting her until she falls asleep in my arms… I love you L and will please you every day of your life if you’ll let me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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