First Meeting

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Copyright 2000. By Paul. All rights reserved. All events and characters are fictitious.

* * * * *

Paul stood at the entrance to the old pier looking nervously about. Between ten and ten-thirty they had agreed. It was nearly twenty-five past already. Why had he not asked for a photo? Then at least he could keep a look out. He felt as nervous as he had on a blind date a friend had set him up with a girl in his teens. He wouldn’t see them again. Thirty years had passed since he could have called himself a teenager.

He looked around again.

What had got him into this?

He was a married man for fuck’s sake.

Standing here on a dark, grey November’s morning trying to hold in his belly and hoping that the wind had not totally uncovered his balding pate.

There was a man standing on the corner of the café on the far side of the entrance. He wore a short coat, open at the front to display his ‘v’-necked sweater and open collar shirt, light coloured slacks and brown shoes. He carried a plastic carrier bag.

Paul suddenly wished he’d worn something smarter than his old Army combat jacket. He would wear something distinctive they had agreed in one of their many e-mails. Why had he agreed that Suzie would have the right to choose if they should meet in person?

No. He knew the reason for that. He was nearing fifty and Suzie, he still didn’t know his given name, was hardly out of his twenties.

The man hesitated, then walked towards him.

“Hi, it’s Paul isn’t it? It’s been a long time.”

Their agreed introduction.

“Hi,” Paul replied, taking the offered hand. It felt soft and small compared with his own. He released it. “Would you like a coffee?”

He could do with something stronger.

They crossed in front of the pier entrance and entered the café. At the counter Paul ordered two coffees, paid for them and carried them to the table where Suzie sat.

“I was beginning to think you weren’t going to show,” Paul said under his breath, “I could understand if you hadn’t.”

“I was just nervous,” he smiled, ” I almost came over a few times but didn’t have the courage then I saw you looking at your watch and thought you were going to leave.”

His voice trailed off.

Paul sipped his coffee and looked at the young man sitting opposite. Neatly trimmed hair, blue eyes and a thin face. He thought of how he had looked when he had studied himself in the mirror that morning after his wife and kids had left for work and college. A head showing more skin than hair. A round face, reddened with too many years of drinking. He had bigger breasts then some girls and a belly that would never fit inside his trousers again.

He’d looked at his prick in the mirror. He seldom saw it in the flesh anymore unless he sucked his belly in. A number of women and two men had commented about it in the past. It wouldn’t win any prizes for length or girth but looked good. Some cocks are ugly, his wasn’t.

He’d turned and, looking over his shoulder had pulled open his ass cheeks to reveal the pile by the side of his anus.

It must have come from too many years sitting behind a desk. It couldn’t have come from anything else. Only one man had known him there and that was only once many years before. He would never forget that first time. Lying on his side on his friend’s bed while his wife was at work with his leg raised feeling the tip of the prick banging against his hole as if asking permission to enter. The sharp stab of pain as he was penetrated to be replaced by a warm glow as it was thrust in and out. The slapping of skin against skin as his lover casino oyna had speeded up and the last thrust deep inside him as he emptied his balls.

Suzie was saying something.

“Do you want to go somewhere?”

The moment had come. The chance to get out of it if he wanted too.

“Yes,” he found himself replying.

The butterflies started again as he followed Suzie from the café.

“Shall we take your car?” Suzie asked as they walked towards where a row of cars was parked along the sea front. “You know your way around this area better than me.”

Paul stopped by an old blue Ford and turned the key in the door lock. There was a popping sound as the locks released. He held the open the door while Suzie slipped inside.

He was so young and good looking, Paul thought as he made his way around the car to the driver’s side and climbed in, what can he see in me? Paul started the engine, engaged ‘D’ and they drove back past the pier and up onto the old coast road. Paul paid the toll to the old man with the bag on his shoulder and took the private road. The rain was starting to fall heavily. He switched the windscreen wipers on and glanced down at Suzie’s crotch. Was that a lump he could see? After two miles there was a dirt turning up into the trees and he indicated and pulled into the secluded parking area.

There was one other car parked a short distance away. It drove off almost immediately. A woman in the front seemed to be adjusting her clothing and the man’s shirt was unbuttoned down the front.

“They needn’t have left on our account.” Suzie remarked.

Paul turned to him.

“Oh. Does that mean we are not going to do anything?”

He almost felt relief.

“I didn’t say that.” Suzie reached across and took Paul’s hand. “I told you. I need you to make the first moves.”

“I know. It’s just that it has been so long and I’m not sure.”

“Not sure you want me?”

Paul looked again at Suzie’s crotch.

“I want you,” Suzie continued.

“I need a piss.” Paul pulled his hand free and, stepping out of the car walked behind a nearby tree.

He unzipped his trousers and took out his prick. It was nearly hard. He managed to piss with difficulty and stroked it three times before putting it away.

What should he do? He was here. Suzie was all right. Very pleasant in fact. He was everything and more than he imagined from their many emails. It was he. It was just nerves. He could hardly wait another twenty-five years for another chance. It wasn’t as if he was with a total stranger. They’d e-mailed many times. They knew each other’s thoughts and fantasies. Also, he wasn’t being fair to him.

He got back into the car. Suzie’s eyes were red. There were tears in them.

Without thinking he placed his arm around him and pulled his head onto his shoulder.

“I’m sorry. I was just being stupid.” He said.

Suzie placed his hand behind Paul’s head and pulled his lips towards his own. They kissed. Slowly, awkwardly at first, then as there lips relaxed and parted, with fervour. Paul pushed his tongue into Suzie’s mouth searching for his own. He found it, pointed and hard. It pushed back then swirled around his own.

Paul pulled his head back and breathed deeply. He hadn’t kissed anybody like that in years.

He ran his fingers gently down the side of Suzie’s face.

Suzie caught hold of his fingers as they started to make their way towards his lap.

“Not yet,” he said, looking around, “are we safe here?”

“The weather will keep most folks away,” Paul answered, looking himself.

“Turn your head away,” said slot oyna Suzie “I want to do something.”

Paul turned his head and starred at the entrance to the parking area listening to the sounds and feeling the movements coming from the seat next to him.

“It’s all right,” said Suzie “you can look now.”

Paul turned. Gone was the jumper and trousers. Suzie wore a pale green silk blouse and a short, blue, pleated skirt. He could see the swellings of breasts beneath the blouse and outline of bra straps. His legs were covered in black nylon and he wore black court shoes.

“Do I look alright,” Suzie asked nervously.

“You look great,” said Paul, leaning over and kissing him gently on the lips.

Susie smiled and looked down at Paul’s fingers as they unbuttoned his blouse. He cupped one of his breasts through the material of his bra.

“They’re not real I only wish they were.”

“Never mind,” said Paul, running his finger around his navel. “They look good.”

Paul put his arm around his back and pulled him close, their heads resting against each other’s. Paul placed his hand on one of Suzie’s knees and waited for a reaction.

“Go on,” Suzie breathed turning his head and kissing Paul’s cheek.

Paul’s fingers moved between Suzie’s thigh, forcing them apart slight and started moving slowly towards his crutch. They reached the tops of his stocking and paused.

They kissed again. Deep and slow.

His hand moved onto the bare flesh between stocking top and panties. They broke the kiss and Paul glanced quickly around then down to Suzie’s skirt.

“Can I look?” He asked huskily.

“Of course,” was Suzie’s reply as he lifted his bottom from the car seat and held his skirt above his waist.

Paul looked down and the brief white panties and the bulge they struggled to contain.

“Lift again,” he whispered slipping his hand inside the elastic at the top and easing them down and off.

He looked down at Suzie’s prick. It was about six inches long and just under two fingers wide. He worked the foreskin back and forth, covering and exposing his little hole. It was very hard and warm. He thought briefly of fitting a condom on it but, if he was to believe anything that Suzie had told him so far and as far as he could tell he hadn’t lied to him about anything, he wouldn’t need that protection. If they went further it might be different.

Licking his lips Paul lowered his mouth and kissed the top of Suzie’s prick and listened to his groan of pleasure. Opening his lips he slowly allowed the head of Suzie’s prick to enter his mouth. Lifting his head he almost released it before taking it back inside all the time working the base of the prick with his fingers.

Suzie ran his fingers through his hair and started lifting his hips in time with his movements. Paul could feel his prick growing inside his mouth. He heard his breathing change then felt the contractions at the base of the prick beneath his fingers before his mouth was filled with cum.

He waited until Suzie had finished and his prick had started to soften before lifting his head and sitting up.

They kissed briefly then Paul looked around as Suzie’s fingers fumbled with the zip on his trousers. His prick was growing by the time Suzie had it out and with a few strokes of Suzie’s hand was fully hard.

“It’s nice.” Suzie said as he lowered his mouth.

Paul reached behind Suzie and squeezed one of his ass cheeks before running a fingertip between them and onto his anus. He could feel the pressure building inside his balls as Suzie worked on his prick with his hands and mouth. He canlı casino siteleri rubbed harder at his anus. Suzie groaned out loud. His placed his hand on the back of Suzie’s head, as his breathing became erratic. He lifted his hips. He wanted Suzie to take more of his prick. He did.

Paul held his breath as his prick started to pump his cum into Suzie’s mouth. Then he released it with a sigh when he had finished.

Suzie kept working his foreskin back and forth as he licked Paul’s little hole, seeking any last drops. He swallowed twice as he lifted his head and kissed Paul on the lips. They could both taste the salt of his cum.

Paul reached down the side of Suzie’s seat and turned the knob that lowered the seat back. When it was fully flat he kissed Suzie’s nose and said, “Kneel down.”

Suzie hesitated, looking around through the steamed up windows listening to the rain beating on the roof of the car.

Without a word, just a smile, he arranged himself on all fours with his ass uppermost. Paul knelt in the well in front of his seat and pulling apart his cheeks looked down at his tight brown hole.

Paul lowered his face and kissed first one cheek then the other then licking along his crack found Suzie’s anus with the tip of his tongue. Suzie’s back arched as he touched it and a sigh escaped from his lips. Encouraged, Paul licked harder. Around the tight folds of skin and up and down the exposed slit. Suzie’s sighs turned to gasps as Paul reached around in front of him and started to stroke his erect prick.

“Oh yes,” Suzie said as Paul’s hand and tongue moved faster.

Suzie pushed his bottom back into Paul’s face. Making little sounds of pleasure as he did so. Paul pushed his tongue as far into Suzie’s hole as it would go then he heard him gasp and felt him cum.

Paul lifted his head and leaned back against the dashboard. He looked down at Suzie’s hole, wet with spittle and at his own cum covered hands. Lifting them to his lips he licked them clean.

Suzie made as if to move but Paul placed his hand on his bottom and held him still. Suzie stiffened then relaxed. With difficulty Paul reached behind his back and opened the glove compartment in the dash and took out a tube of KY and a blue packaged, extra strong, condom. Squirting some KY onto Suzie’s anus Paul first one then a second finger into his hole. Fitting the condom over his own prick he moved up onto the seat behind Suzie, his head and back against the roof of the car and positioned its tip against his opening. Another squirt of KY and he pushed forward into Suzie’s ass hole. Suzie cried out as he slid inside his ring. He cried out again as he pushed deeper inside him.

“Am I hurting you?” He asked, concern in his voice. “Do you want me to stop.”

“It hurts, please take it out.” Suzie gasped.

Paul pulled back. Suzie didn’t move.

“Let me catch my breath then try again.” He said. Paul squirted more KY onto Suzie’s hole and pushed into him again.

This time, apart from a single grunt, Suzie was quiet.

Paul held onto Suzie’s hips as he pushed in and pulled out of his hole. He was so tight. He could feel him squeezing him. He quickened. His balls banging into the backs of Suzie’s thighs. He started to pant as his balls lifted. His prick seemed to grow inside of Suzie as with a gasp he came.

They stayed joined for a few seconds then Paul pulled his prick from Suzie’s gaping hole.

Taking a tub of baby wipes from the glove compartment Paul offered them to Suzie after he had turned and gingerly resumed his seat. Suzie took two and, lifting an ass cheek wiped his ass as Paul removed the condom and cleaned up his prick.

“Well I think that broke the ice,” Paul said, squeezing Suzie’s hand.

“Not bad for a first meeting,” Suzie replied.

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