First Time Bound

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This was my first time.

Yes I had given a few blow jobs. Yes, I had been taken from behind just once or twice. Or once or twice more. But I had never found anybody before that wanted to tie me up and use me for bondage sex.

I stood quietly without moving. My feet were about a shoulders width apart. I was taking short shallow little gasps of air as I waited. The buzzing in the earphones that I was wearing drowned out all other sounds, with the hood secured in place over my head I could see nothing.


The cabin was at the furthest end of the lakeshore, half a mile from the next to last on that gray gravel road. I had changed into the sexy little schoolgirl outfit, and was about four glasses of wine into my role as a bitch. As soon as I opened the door for them the four of them had just pushed me up against the wall and groped their all too willing fuck slave.


I waited, I felt hands on my shoulders, someone was behind me. Now they were pressing against me from behind. I could feel the bulging hardness of an erect penis sliding up and down against the crack of my butt. I couldn’t help myself from pushing back against it. I felt a rush of excitment as the hands left my shoulders to reach around in front of me and clumsily began to unbutton my frilly white silk blouse.

It was undone, the person behind me stepped back and roughly pulled my white cotton blouse back and down as far as the tightly drawn ropes would allow. After securing my wrists, several wraps of braided nylon rope around my waist casino siteleri kept my hands immobilized by my sides. I winced from the pain as I felt clothes pegs clip onto my naked nipples. My squeals were muffled by the gag.

The clips on my nipples were being given little tugs. As best as I could in my bondage and those ridiculously high black platform soled sandals I stepped forward as the tugs continued. I felt myself bump into something, the tugs continued to pull, but unable to walk any further forward, all I could do was to lean towards the pulling until I was laying face forward over what must have been the kitchen table. The tugging at my nipples had stopped, but the clips must have been tied to something, because if I tried to move more than a few inches then I felt them come tight.

I lay there patiently, the earphones were removed, my, that was a relief.

Then suddenly it began, this was what I had begun to dread more and more as things had changed from “May we see you dressed as a woman?” to “You don’t want to dissapoint us now do you?”


It must be a leather belt, My partly bound body jerked with every swat of the belt, I chewed hard on the gag. Spit was running out of my mouth and dripping from the end of my chin. My penis had grown completely rigid and I could feel my balls tightening as they filled with two weeks worth of unspent cum. Every move caused the clips to pull on stretched out nipples. Every move caused my cock to rub against the table, It was hot and swollen. My little slot oyna pleated microskirt was pulled up from behind and my tight red nylon panties pulled down, first to my knees, then they were removed completely.

Hands grasped my ankles and pulled my feet apart, my knees were now tied to the legs of the table. I felt the cold night air through the access hole that was torn in my pantyhose. I felt a well greased finger gradual penetrating deeper and deeper inside my exposed butthole.

My penis throbbed. Again I felt the swat of the belt, but now it was being carefully aimed to not only wack my butt, it was also slapping my balls and the end of my cock. I writhed in my bonds as the assault continued. I was not able to hold out any longer. A flood of cum poured out and totally soaked the crotch of my pantyhose.

“You little pervert! You’re enjoying this aren’t you!”

Something was pressing against my butthole, it wasn’t just a greased up finger.

Oh, ohh, ohohhh!!

This time it was the real thing.

It was warm and rounded. I gave in completely as the head of his hot cock began to force itself inside of me.

With that damn ball gag in my mouth I was both slavering and struggling for air as my heart pounded frantically with lust.

I felt the warmth of the penis invading my butthole press deeper as the penetration continued, it began to slowly pull out. My butt muscles squeezed tight as it pulled all the way out. Again I felt the rounded end pressing against my backdoor. It entered just a little, at first. canlı casino siteleri Then slowly it began to thrust in, out, in, out. With each thrust it entered just a little bit deeper. More and more, further and further up my butthole it pushed. I could feel the hairy belly of my assailant now as he drove himself all the way home.

Faster and faster he was sodomizing my bound body. He was making animal grunts as his hands roughly grabbed my hips and he pulled himself in with one last thrust.

Deep inside I felt the spurting of his cum as it filled the condom he wore. Gasping with exhaustion he lay on top of me, our bodies heaving.

My butthole pulsed and throbbed and gradually forced his shrinking penis out.

One by one all four of them took their turn with me. By the time they had finished using my defenceless body it was starting to get light outside, we had been up all night.

Just a little, they loosened the ropes that had bound me so tightly. I heard the door of the cabin close, and their footsteps. The car doors slammed and the sound of their car faded into the distance.

I was alone again. After what seemed like an age of struggling I managed to work my hands free. Fumbling, I started to unfasten the clips that were attached to my poor numbed nipples.

My penis began to swell uncontrollably. Before I could think about what I was doing I was masturbating wildly. In no time I was shaken by a massive orgasm. I collapsed on the table top, still wearing the hood and the clips still attached to my nipples.

When I awoke it was mid morning. Little by little I extricated myself from my bonds. Realising how much I had enjoyed my first experience as a fuck slave, I wondered how I could get to do that again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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