Giving into the Lust Pt. 05

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It’s been 4 months since that last night in the hotel. Two since I relapsed and sent you a dirty picture in the middle of the night after a drunken night with my girls. You never responded to that and I was grateful for that. I’ve seen you lots of times. We decided to keep things normal, so we still sometimes went out to dinner with you both and socialized like normal. The longing exchanges we shared became less and less. When I hugged you I eventually didn’t feel you squeezing a little too tight and at some point I stopped breathing your scent when I stood by you. Eventually, things were back to normal. Like it never happened. Only it did.

Memorial Day weekend Rick came home to let me know you had invited us over for dinner. Even though things were normal and completely platonic now, I still felt a little rush when I thought of seeing you.

You open the door with a smile for both of us. You hug me in greeting taking the wine bottle from my hand. I feel your hand linger on my lower back longer than it should have. I see the fire in your eyes is back. I can practically smell the desire coming off you. “You look good.” You whisper.

“So do you.” I whisper back. Rick heads to the kitchen to greet Sarah. I start to follow him when you pull me back into you. You bury your face in my neck and moan. Your hands drift down my arms. I can feel you getting hard through your jeans.

“Go say hi to Sarah in the kitchen, I need a minute alone.” You whisper and give me a light shove to the kitchen.

Sarah is laughing at one of Rick’s stories. She’s clearly already been drinking and she’s making what looks to be Rick’s second whiskey since we got here.

“Where’d William run off to?” Sarah inquired.

“Oh, um…he went upstairs, said he’d be right down.” I linked my arm through Rick’s and kissed his cheek.

A few minutes later you walk into the kitchen. You eyes don’t meet mine as we sit down to eat.

The conversation flows smoothly through dinner but I’m keenly aware of your presence, our knees bumping, my hand brushing yours. I’m contemplating where this night is taking us. You’re making no secret of getting Sarah wicked drunk, and Rick’s doing a super job of getting himself drunk. Several bottles of wine are consumed. I wonder if you’re trying to get them to pass out so we can fuck. The idea makes me wet with excitement. I notice you’ve only had two glasses. I’ve had a couple, but I’m still very aware of what’s happening.

“Let’s go in the hot tub!!” Sarah announces and starts stripping off her clothes.

“Oh” I stammer. “We didn’t matadorbet bring our suits.”

Sarah laughs as she strips down to her bra and lacy panties. She’s got a really great body, like lingerie model great. I’m trying to figure out why you would ever look twice at me when you’ve got that at home. I notice my own husband has a bit of drool as well. His mouth is agape as he sees Sarah unhook her bra.

“Our hot tub is a suit-free zone.” She threw her bra at Rick and headed out the door. He looked at me and shrugged and took off his shirt and followed her.

I look across the table at you and you’re grinning. “Is this where you thought the night would take us?”

You stood up and grabbed my hand and pulled me up. “Anytime I can get you naked is exactly where I want to be.”

“Speaking of which” I said as I followed you outside. “I didn’t realize Sarah had such a smokin’ hot body under those clothes. I feel a little self conscious now.” I cross my arms over my torso.

You put your hands on my face. “Did you know that every single time I touch her, I think about you. I close my eyes and feel you under my hands and on my tongue.”

My skin tingles. I want to touch you, but I can hear Sarah laughing from around the corner in the hot tub, reminding me that we have somewhere to be. “I’ll go first.” You said “So it doesn’t look like we’re together.”

Cause we’re not. I think. Not in awhile.

I give you 60 seconds and I walk around the corner, still fully clothed.

“GET NAKED!!” Sarah yells. Sure enough I’m the only one dressed. I remove my clothes and slide in. You keep your eyes locked on mine. You pull your hand out of the water to discreetly point towards Sarah. I look over and notice some movement in the water. I realize Sarah has a cock in her hand and she’s stroking it. My husband’s eyes are closed and he’s enjoying the strange tug. For a second I wonder if he knows it’s not me, but of course he does. I look back at you and you smile at me. Now I know where this night is going.

Sarah finally meets my eyes. “I hope you don’t mind sharing tonight” She says as her body flips over to straddle Ricks. Her face lowers onto his. His hands grasp her ass cheeks. She immediately starts fucking my husband right in front of me. I look over at you and your smile is unbeatable. You reach out and pull me over. Your lips meet mine and part. Our tongues greet each other like old friends reuiniting. You moan. “God I missed you.” You whisper in my ear.

It feels weird exposing ourselves to them like this. Not that matadorbet giriş they’re seeing anything. “Can we go somewhere private?” I ask.

You laugh while your hand makes familiar circles on my breasts, reminding me of all the times your hands warmed my body before. “Are you afraid to show them how good we are together?” I realize you’re right. When we fuck the world explodes around us. Lightening crashes and stars fall from the sky. It will be clear that this is not our first romp in the hay.

“Honestly, yea I am.”

You stand up. As soon as you do your cock is right in my face. I forgot how much I loved worshiping your beautiful stick. Patience. Get somewhere private.

“We’re going upstairs” You say to our spouses. Rick now has Sarah bent over the edge and he’s fucking her from behind, his hands on her perfect hips as he pumps into her. His eyes meet mine for a second and he smiles and nods.

As soon as we walk through the door I’m pressed up against the wall. Your hands are all over me, your tongue tasting every place your hands go. You drop to your knees and spread my legs, your tongue parts my wet, waiting lips and I’m weak. I put my hand on top of your head begging for more of you, all of you inside me. I hit my climax and I can hardly stand. In one quick move you stand up and pull my legs around your waist and thrust into me. I forgot how easily you fill me up. Your mouth is on my neck and your hands are supporting my legs that are wrapped tightly around you, never letting go. With each thrust I feel every agonizing day of the last four months drift away. After you’ve come inside me, your mouth plays a lazy waltz on mine. You’re still inside me. Your eyes lock on mine.

The door opens. We’re still pressed up against the wall, wrapped together like a pretzel. Sarah and Rick come in. She walks over to us. She kisses you while you’re still inside me. “Maybe we should take this whole party upstairs.”

You look at me. This is not what I wanted, but it might be the only way to keep this going. To keep his hands on me. To keep him mine for just a little longer. I know this isn’t going to end well. Sarah will sober up and realize it’s all a mistake and we’ll never be invited over again. Sarah will forbid you from seeing either of us. The thought makes my heart ache. I may as well enjoy this while I can.

“Sounds good.” I drop my legs and let Sarah lead me up the stairs, leaving two awkwardly naked friends downstairs to follow us.

I’ve never been in your bedroom. I’ve seen it in your pictures you’ve sent me. I know you’ve fucked her in here while thinking of me. I figure if the boys are going to be into this we’re going to have to get started right away. I start towards you intending to drop on my knees but I’m stopped by Sarah who brings her lips to mine. Oh, so that’s where this is going. Also, not what I intended. I’ve been with other girls before. You know, crazy college years and such, but I so much preferred a dick to a pussy. But I can work with this. Her tongue is soft and it enters my mouth. She’s not a real great kisser, a little sloppy, but maybe it’s just cause she’s drunk. Her hands grab my tits just a tiny bit too hard. I’m going to have to be in charge here, obviously.

My eyes meet yours and you seem amused. I’m guessing you know what I’m thinking about this.

I give Sarah a little push down on the bed and bring her knees up. I waste no time burying my face in her pussy. It’s wet from my husband’s cum inside of her, a familiar taste. I make sure my ass is on full display. I assume one of those two boys plans on filling a hole, and I certainly know which boy I was hoping for and which hole. I kind of hoped she would come quickly. I playfully licked her lips and played with her clit while she moaned. I saw someone move to her face out the corner of my eye. At the same time I felt the head of a dick push up against my slit. I knew instantly which dick it was. It was familiar in the way that I wake up often in a sweat thinking about it, wishing for it. I look up to see Rick straddle Sarah’s chest. I see his ass thrusting back and forth. His balls rubbing up against her tits. He’s fucking her mouth. It’s pretty hot actually. I feel your dick slide into me. Your favorite spot. My favorite sensation. I wish I could see your face, but I keep licking your wife’s pussy, hoping she’ll release soon because I’m not done with you. I feel her pussy shudder under my tongue and I taste her warm salty fluids as they run down my chin. I use my finger to fuck her hole while she continues to thrust her hips on my face. I notice Rick’s rhythm has quickened. I hear him grunt and slow down.

You’re still keeping the steady rhythm behind me. I watch as Rick moves aside. He’s shot his cum all over Sarah’s pretty face and she’s licking it off her lips.

The sight is pretty hot and you grab my hair in your fist and pull me into you slamming your dick deep inside me.

We all collapse on the bed. Sarah’s passed out. Rick’s barely awake. You pull me in close to you, your breath on my ear. “If we wait until they pass out we can have the whole night together.” I close my eyes. What a dream that would be.

Then I roll over to look into your eyes “Was this your plan all along?”

You smile and lower your lips to mine. “Our story needed another chapter.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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