Giving Mum a Hand Ch. 02

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In Chapter One I told of visiting my sweet mother and of the discovery that Dad was not only cheating on her but was now lying dead on a mortuary slab. Far from being upset however, Mum seemed quite relieved and when both my sister and then Mum’s own twin sister came to visit, things heated up quickly. But it was upon their departure that matters boiled over and before long Mum and I were fucking the night away happily.


The following morning I woke up to the feeling of another warm body in bed close to me and saw what was visibly a soft, relaxed and comfortable female body lying there facing away from me. For a moment my brain paused as it remembered what had taken place to get an obviously pretty lady into my bed then in an instant it all clicked back into place.

Of course it was Mum, her delicious body relaxed in the morning light, her shoulders and back moving gently as she breathed. She’d been such an incredibly wonderful fuck last night that I felt as if I’d found the right girl at last and that thought was all the more logical since I came from the same hole that my cock had entered and flooded so eagerly and profusely. She’d loved every moment of our love-making and had been remarkably energetic considering her age and that she’d been without sex for so long. I let my mind drift back to our delicious activities yesterday night, then found myself wanting to be inside her again.

Waking more completely now I gently lifted the duvet and let the sight fill my eyes; images of her smooth back, the outline of her shoulder blades and ribs visible beneath her skin, the curve of her waistline and her amazingly erotic arse. Instantly I felt my cock stiffening as the pleasurable sight stirred me and as memories of the night before grew stronger and as my penis grew into hardness I felt the way my penis seemed mildly tender in places. Again the memories filled me in – that must have been caused by Mum and I fucking each other so hard that I must have almost worn the skin away against her gripping vaginal lips. That wonderful oozing, slippery pussy, her tight vagina, her delicious and heavy breasts with their finger-tip sized nipples, even just her loving face – each alone would cause my penis to rise and stiffen inside seconds it seemed, just as the sight of her body was making it do now. I could do it all over again, right now!

Carefully as I caressed my stiffening rod I pulled my foreskin back, quickly discovering that the slight tenderness actually seemed to enhance the feelings in my penis. I stropped my fist up and down a few times to ensure that he was ready for action, then I wriggled gently across the bed until I could feel the heat emanating from my mother’s body against me. Still careful not to disturb her I pushed my cock down and fitted him into the cleft between her legs, feeling her body react to the touch – firstly by flinching away and then by relaxing as I pressed deeper. With another small wriggle I was able to press the top of my knob up against her soft, warm, smooth pussy. The lips of her pussy were warmer than her body generally and were closed, probably I guessed by a combination of our dried juices. We’d fallen asleep after our last fuck, exhausted at last and entirely replete but now however I felt my desire to sink my rigid cock back inside my mother’s body again.

I slid my cock backwards and forwards, the slight upward pressure of my erection gently caressing her opening and causing her hips to start to move in response, then suddenly her lips seemed to part and I felt the wet heat of her lubrications gushing over my cock.

A few more movements back and forwards and my penis was well and truly lubricated and soon became surrounded by her soft, welcoming slippery lips.

I wriggled once again so that I could press my lubricated cock upwards and then, having felt that I was in the right place I pushed a little harder and felt my penis slide easily up into her vagina.

A vague moan came from my mother as her body responded to me inside it.

Warmth surrounded my cock, salving the slight soreness and stirring my own responses. I felt my cock stiffen even more as my balls came to rest against the back of Mum’s thighs and knew that even though we’d fucked at least three times last night and that I’d cum each time too, I still needed do it again this morning.

Right now that amazing feeling of a slow fuck was washing over me as I gently slid in and out of my mother’s hole – a leisurely movement that I hardly wanted to end. Mum’s hips were beginning to respond to my thrusts by pressing back against me while inside her body her vagina was now at work, masturbating me gently with it’s muscular walls. Her hole felt perfect for my cock, as if I belonged there.

“Mmmmm,” I murmured as I continued to enjoy her slippery hole, “Fuckin’ lovely!”

“It is, isn’t it!” answered Mum, “Such a long time since I last woke up being poked!”

“Ahhh – oh, sorry Mum,” I said as I froze, “I couldn’t help it, I just needed to…”

“Just xslot giriş needed to make love to me, did you?” asked Mum quietly, her hips moving again now, “Or just needed to empty your balls?”

“Both,” I admitted and as I spoke Mum’s hand snaked out and reached over me to pull me closer to her arse.

“Oh good,” she breathed as her pussy continued to work on my cock, “Hoped you’d say that – it was so nice when we made love last night and now I’d love to feel you spurting up there again – it was wonderful.”

“Yeah, surprised even myself!” I said, “Three times wasn’t it?”

“Ohhh is that all, I lost count but I must have cum ten times, maybe more!” said Mum as she stroked her hand over my hip, “You were so good – so hard too!”

“Just like I’m hard now,” I breathed as I drove my cock more strongly into her hole, “Feels so good inside you.”

“Ohhh Chris, yesss!” moaned Mum as her rump pressed back against me as I pumped into her, “It does – it certainly does!”

The trouble was however, that as languid as our fuck may have been, it was also very erotic and stimulating and what with that and the pressure within my bladder I was already feeling the onset of my orgasm. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to last long if this carried on, perhaps because Mum’s tight hole had made my cock more tender and more responsive.

“Better be quick Mum!” I said as I carefully slid in and out, “I’m going to cum soon if I’m not careful.”

“Yes darling, do it when you’re ready!” said Mum as her body began to move with more energy, “Make it a quickie – I don’t want us worn out before the day even starts but I do so need to feel you squirting your stuff in me.”

“Won’t be able to hold it when I start,” I said but Mum chuckled.

“Don’t care,” she said, “Don’t even care if I don’t cum – I just want to feel you doing it!”

I knew that Mum was telling the truth so with that encouragement I pressed myself even closer to her, reached over her until I could cup one breast, then began pumping my cock up into her with more powerful strokes. Feeling her breast and her hardening nipple in my hand and the mobile flesh of her vagina working on my cock was doing nothing to make me last longer but fortunately the activity now seemed to be working on Mum too.

“Ohhh darling, yessssss!” hissed Mum as her hips rolled against my strokes, “Keep doing that and you’ll make me cum too!”

“Thought you weren’t going to?” I asked.

“That was then – now I’ve a feeling that I’ll cum as well!” she answered as her body squirmed around my cock.

I tweaked her nipple and felt it grow and stiffen between my fingers. With a final squeeze I left it alone and slid my hand down into her groin, finding Mum’s hand to be already there. She slid it out of the way as I delved into her slit, now finding her clit to be already wet and aroused. I stroked it and felt Mum’s body respond again, this time with more powerful contractions around my penis.

“Ohhh Chris, you’re wicked!” Mum cried as her hips pressed back against my driving cock, “You’re going to make me cum, I know it!”

“So am I,” I grunted as I slammed my cock up her hole, my thighs slapping against her buttocks, “Almost, almost!”

“When you’re ready, just do it!” Mum answered quickly as her hand pressed mine harder onto her clit, “I think I’ll be there with you.”

A few more powerful thrusts, another tweak of her clit, some strong tremors inside her vagina, a stiffening of my thighs and I felt my cum rising quickly.

“Here it cums!” I gasped as I pressed deeply inside her vagina, “Ohhh fuck, ohhh fuck!”

I doubt that I set any records for the amount of spunk I ejected but it felt as if I was flooding her womb, filling her completely and as my first wave of cum was ejected so Mum began to orgasm too.

“Chris, Chris, Chris!” she howled, “You’ve made me cum – oh my god – oh Chris!”

For long seconds we thrust and shook and twitched as our two climaxes meshed and interwove with my belly hard up against Mum’s arse and our hands clutching each other tightly at her groin.

“Oh wow!” sighed Mum eventually as her hand let go of mine, “What a way to wake up!”

“Yeah, good, wasn’t it,” I agreed, “Thank you Mum, you were perfect.”

“So were you darling,” answered Mum as she reached up and stroked my cheek.

The scent of her hot pussy was strong now as her hand conveyed waves of perfumed juices to my nose and I felt my cock answer by jumping inside her.

“No, no more,” said Mum soothingly, “That was just right, couldn’t do it again right now though – I need a wee soon.”

“Ah yes, so do I actually,” I answered, “You can pee upstairs – I’ll go and use the toilet downstairs and I’ll get some coffee on the go too.”

Almost immediately Mum rolled over onto her back, sliding my penis from his happy home, then she patted her pussy with a small towel that she pulled from the bedside chair and faced me.

“I can hardly think xslot how long it’s been since I was woken up like that,” she purred, “I’m going to have to get used to it though, aren’t I?”

“Why, do you want me here every night?” I asked, “I thought you’d want your freedom.”

“Only freedom to do what I want,” said Mum as she sat up and slithered to the edge of the bed, “And what I want is to be fucked by you, time and time again!”

We laughed happily together as we headed to the bathroom where Mum sat down and made herself comfy on the toilet, then, feeling my own need increasing I turned to leave her to go downstairs and use the toilet in the utility room.

My footsteps were light as I headed to the toilet, peed and then I moved to the kitchen to fill the kettle. I guess that my footsteps should have been heavy considering the news we’d received about Dad last night but instead there was happiness in the air and certainly plenty of sex!

I relaxed as I wondered what to do today. I’d recently returned from an extended sales tour of the Far East and as was customary and having dealt with all the paperwork I was now free to take a couple of weeks of paid leave. Decisions, decisions, interrupted by Mum appearing in the doorway of the kitchen, her delightful body covered with her voluminous dressing gown.

She had an armful of my clothes with her which she now dumped on a chair.

“Didn’t know if you wanted to go upstairs again,” she said, “I thought I’d save your energy for you!”

We kissed happily and easily, the kiss now far more loving that ever a Mother and child’s kiss should be but one that seemed entirely appropriate considering the fact that I was still naked and especially after all the sex we’d enjoyed.

“Trust you to think of me, that’s sweet,” I said, “I was just wondering what to do.”

“Give me a chance to get some coffee in me and then we could always go back to bed!” Mum answered as she rubbed her breasts firmly against my arm and slid her hand down over my belly, “No, that’s silly – I’ve got plenty of other things that need to be done – oh and there’s that trip up to London we’ve got to sort out, isn’t there.”

“Oh damn, so there is,” I said as I poured water into the mugs, “What did they say about it?”

“All we need to do is to phone first to make sure they’re not booked up,” said Mum, more as if she was arranging a booking at her hairdressers rather than at the mortuary, “Oh, they’re probably open by now – I’ll phone in a minute or two.”

I stood there still naked and realised that the erotic way that Mum had rubbed and stroked me had stirred my cock again and Mum noticed.

“What’s up darling,” she said as she closed in on me and wrapped her hand around my erection, “Didn’t you have enough just now?”

“No, it’s you, you get me horny so easily,” I said as I tried to hold her hand still, “Thought you were going to make a phone call?”

“I guess there’s always time for that,” purred Mum as her hand slid my foreskin up and down, “Anyway, this feels much better than using the phone.”

“Yeah but…” I mumbled as her fingers and thumb concentrated on my knob, “Ohhh fuck – ahhh, don’t!”

With visible reluctance Mum let go of my throbbing penis then smiled up at me.

“Suppose you’re right,” she said, “Ok – phone – now where’s that number the police gave me?”

She glanced around the kitchen fruitlessly while I did much the same.

“I know I put it down somewhere,” muttered Mum, “I was a bit kerfuffled last night though, wasn’t I, what with everything?”

“Probably in the lounge,” I suggested, “I bet you put it down somewhere near the table – I’ll go and look for you.”

“Thanks sweetheart,” said Mum, “I’ll tell you what – while you’re looking I’m just going to pop back upstairs and get dressed. I need to look like a grieving widow somehow, don’t I.”

As she disappeared up the stairs I watched her longingly and then, led by my still stiff cock I headed into the lounge where I stood and looked to see if I could spot the bit of paper but it wasn’t in sight. The rays of the morning sun were beaming into the lounge and as I felt them against my skin I found I had no great desire to get dressed, not to mention that it was rather erotic and exciting to stay naked with my mother around.

“Down the side of her chair, I bet,” I said to myself as I bent over and squeezed my hand into the cleft.

I felt around for a bit without success then tried the other side and felt a scrap of paper in my fingers.

“Ah, is this it?” I asked of myself as I carefully extracted the scrap, “Ah yep – great!”

At that moment I heard Mum call out to me.

“Chris?” she said, “Are you there?”

“Yes, just coming – I found it” I said as I turned and headed back to the kitchen bearing the slip of paper before me.

“Here you are!” I said as I held it out ahead of me, expecting to find Mum back in the kitchen, “Knew I’d find it!”

“Certainly found it now!” said Aunt Sam’s voice, “Goodness me Chris, I wasn’t expecting such a sight this early on!”

“Oh ahhh! Ooh fuck!” I spluttered, “Aunt Sam – Mum – ahhh, what on earth?”

“I do sound like my sister sometimes, don’t I?” she said, “Hello darling!”

My mother’s twin sister Samantha was standing there with her car keys in her hand and with her eyes wide open and as she looked me up and down so her mouth fell open too.

She was at least as pretty as Mum generally but today she’d outdone herself. She may well have been fifty years old but, like Mum, her body looked far younger than her years and while Mum was dressing for sombre purpose today, Sam on the other hand was dressed for summer.

She was wearing some tiny shorts today and a lacy cropped top that displayed her trim and tanned midriff and also hinted loudly of her generous breasts contained within. Her legs and arms were bare and beautifully tanned while her hair shone with what looked to be a new auburn tint. Her face was radiant with freshness and brightness and her smooth, full and delectable lips just glowed with warmth.

Her clothes would have well suited a pretty teenager and yet they didn’t look one bit out of place on her, such was her innate beauty.

She eventually managed to shut her mouth as she continued to stare at me but now began to lick her lips.

“Don’t you dare call me Aunt anything,” she said gently, “Not if you’re going to stand there with that thing waving around – and don’t you dare put it away either!”

“I was ahhh, ummm…” I tried, unable to form any intelligent words, “Shit!”

I felt the weight of her eyes on my cock which immediately began to shrink and as it did so I could almost see the disappointment in her.

“It’s alright Chris,” said Sam as she put down her keys and quickly crossed the room, “Let me…I’m not shocked – well, not really!”

A moment later and her hand was around my penis which quickly stiffened once again.

“Ahhhh!” I gasped as she ran her nails over my knob, “Ohhh, careful!”

“Oh, I’ll be careful,” she breathed as her firm breasts squashed against my side, “I’d hate to spoil him but I do want to see him all hard again!”

“He’s not supposed to be hard, I’m just going to get dressed,” I spluttered, feeling my hips jerking uncontrollably from her erotic touch.

“No you’re not!” she said, “Not while I’m here!”

At that moment Mum appeared, bursting into the kitchen still dressing and with her belt in her hand.

“Did you find – oh Sam – what on earth?” said Mum as she almost skidded to a halt, “Why didn’t you ring if you were coming over?”

“What, and miss this,” crooned Sam as she continued to hold and stroke my stiff cock, “I was out so I just popped in to see how you were and apparently you’re fine!”

Mum was obviously made of harder stuff than I was and hardly seemed fazed by her sister’s sudden appearance nor by the fact that her sister still held my cock.

“Of course I’m fine,” she said, “And what’s more, I’m satisfied too!”

“Had your breakfast in bed then!” laughed Sam, “That’s more than I had – still, it looks as if there’s still some left for me!”

“Oh Sam, trust you to want to share with me,” answered Mum as she began filling the kettle, “Oh well, you were next anyway, weren’t you!”

My eyes flitted back and forwards from one woman to the other and back, watching the way that they both still looked relaxed and happy and I understood immediately that I was about to be traded between them.

“Do you realise we haven’t had a cuppa yet, have we?” said Mum, ignoring the sight of Sam’s hand around my penis as she smiled at me, “Let me make one then I’ll go and make that phone call.”

“Yeah sure,” I agreed, happy to have some normality around, “Two sugars as usual please.”

“I’ll just have some of this,” said Sam as she continued stroking me, her hand softer and her touch more erotic now, “No sugar but lots of cream in mine!”

“Oh sorry Sam,” said Mum, smiling happily, “Of course we can share him – almost forgot my manners – help yourself!”

“Thanks Sis. Be alright to take him upstairs then?” asked Sam as she lifted my hand up and cupped it over one of her warm breasts, “I promise I won’t wear him out – well, not entirely!”

“Of course dear, you go and enjoy yourselves!” said Mum happily, “Just a word of warning though.”

I froze, expecting Mum to make some firm demand of some sort while Sam’s hand paused in it’s movements.

“Just wanted to let you know that he certainly knows how to fuck!” said Mum with a happy laugh, “Half the night and then again this morning!”

She turned and headed into the lounge leaving Sam and me alone.

“Well, that’s good news!” she said, “But just once will do me – for this morning anyway!”

With that she pulled me by my cock as she led the way towards the stairs and realising that I wasn’t in trouble and that I was about to fuck my darling mother’s sexy sister I followed eagerly, with the perfect sight of Sam’s tight buttocks and firm thighs to stir my juices as we climbed the stairs.

At the entrance to Mum’s bedroom Sam now turned and looked at me as she cupped and stroked her breasts.

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