Good Morning

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The morning finally arrived. Two or three times I awoke during the night ridding myself from the duvet. It was a very warm and airless night.

Lying naked in bed without any covers was helping, but I felt suffocated by the heat. I required some fresh air.

Slowly I slid down and out of the bed trying not to disturb you. Looking at the clock I noticed that there was at least an hour before the alarm was due to go off. An hour with the window open won’t harm her.

As I open the window I could feel the morning breeze blowing over me, it felt good. The fresh air lifted my spirits, my body was cooling down and I actually felt good to be awake early.

You lie there undisturbed. Thinking that the cool air may be too cold for you, I slide the duvet over you. Immediately you react and throw your legs up, kicking the cover from you. I have a slight laugh, thinking I was trying to be good.

Standing at the edge of the bed I gaze down over your body. It is a very interesting pose you are in. Lying on your back, with one leg straight and the other spread out with a slight bend at the knee. Your long dark hair strewn over fixbet the pillow. You look beautiful and sexy.

It is then that I notice your nightdress has rode up to the top of your thighs. The hem is sitting right on the edge of your pussy. Ever so slightly I lift it back, exposing your pussy.

The fresh air is blowing over your body but it does nothing to awake you.

Your nipples are protruding through the silk nightie. My hand instinctively reaches out to caress them. Using only the tips of my fingers I very softly brush over them, circling around the nipple, gently does it as I go over the nipple, tracing the outline of your breast and then coming down the center of your chest to your stomach skimming over the silk with the softest of touches. My fingertips go down as far as your knicker line and then stops. I glide over your waist, from one side to the other and then back. This time my fingers brush over your pussy. It feels so soft and smooth as I glide over your pubic mound.

I move my fingers round your pussy in a circular motion very, very slowly. As I complete the circle, I use one finger fixbet giriş to pass through your pussy in between your lips. After two or three strokes I can feel your juice releasing itself from your pussy. I look up towards your face, there is no sign of you being awake, your eyes remain closed and your breathing hasn’t changed either.

Using one hand I glide over your now very erect nipple and the other to pass up and down over the inside of your thighs. The softness of your thigh and the excitement of caressing you while you sleep has me feeling very aroused. It is not me that I want to satisfy though, not at the moment anyway.

As I glide over your thighs, your legs open wider. I sense that even though your sleeping your body is very aroused. It fuels my seduction, knowing you are turned on while you sleep. I am filled with desire as I gaze at your pussy, watching my fingers make love to you, watching the little delicate strokes produce a wetness that moistens your lips.

I slide in between your legs.

As I move up the bed my lips and tongue now follow the same path my fingers took, giving soft kisses and licks all the way to your pussy. The taste of your juice is sweet. My tongue runs over your lips, darting in between them now and then, to open them up. Giving little kisses to your pussy as I lap up your juices.

As my tongue explores the inside of your cunt it touches your inner walls as it goes around in circular motions, taking the juices from inside you. My tongue moves to the base of your pussy, I slide it down, to the crack of your ass, stopping to give a little kiss before I come back up very slowly in between your lips, till I come to your clit. Planting a little kiss on your clit. It looks so beautiful as it glistens in front of me. The tip of my tongue touching all around it, giving it the occasional flick. Loving the reaction from my attention. I feel your hips arch as I move my tongue a little faster, I grip the cheeks of your ass holding you tight. Your breathing becomes heavier, your hands grip the sheets, my tongue moves faster and faster taking gentle sucks and nibbles of your pussy as my tongue laps and flicks away at your clit. Simultaneously you let out a scream of ecstasy as your juices stream out of your cunt. I hold you tight and move that tongue rapidly over your clit before thrusting it deep inside your cunt.
As your orgasm subsides, I look up towards you and smile. “Good Morning”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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