Heiress Humbled 02

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Back home, I went to my room and pushing my hands into my panties, I edged, thinking about what had happened to me. I wanted to cum so badly, but edged instead. When I did eventually cum, I had the most massive orgasm ever. I slept well.

In the morning I resolved to ignore what had happened and get back to my normal life, taking care with my make-up and my outfit. Looking in the mirror before I went down to breakfast, I thought: “not bad bitch, not bad!”

Amber, my stepmother, gave me a look at breakfast as though to ask why I was so dolled up. Daddy smiled:

“Good to see you taking it so well darling. How was it?”

I told him what he wanted to hear.

“It’s good to see you making something of this, my dear. I am proud of you. You see now why Amber and I insisted you take responsibility for your mistake?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I said, meekly, smiling at him. Men, I thought, all the same. Tell them what they want to hear.

I went back to my room to get ready to do some shopping. Anna, the Polish maid was there.

“Anna, will you make sure that my washing is done today. I will need that uniform for tonight.”

She pulled the laundry out.

“Oh Miss, that doesn’t look your sort of thing at all,” she said, looking at the sweat stained uniform. “You are joking with me, surely?”

“Do I look like I am joking, Anna, I want it ready for tonight. I will have to use it then.”

“Use it, Miss, surely not. I can’t imagine you in something like that, you are so classy.”

I smiled at her. She was a nice girl, and she’d been with us a few months now. I’d never really noticed here before; she was just another one of the staff.

“Thank you, Anna.”

“I cannot imagine it Miss, really, you wore that?”

“Yes, Anna, you know I got into some trouble, and I help in the prison restaurant, and that’s what I have to wear.”

She looked at me.

“I heard, Miss. But you, in that?”

“I know,” I smiled, sadly.

“I’ll only believe it if I saw you in it, Miss.”

“Well,” I said, “it hardly goes with my outfit today.”

“Oh please Miss,” Anna said. “Look, I have your used panties too. Oh Miss!”

“What?” I asked, blushing.

She sniffed them.

“They are thick with your goo, Miss.”

What the fuck business was it of hers? Why the hell was I blushing.

She looked at me.

“If I were to tell Miss Amber, I think you’d be in more trouble, don’t you?”

Bitch, I thought. But she was right. I was just getting back into Daddy’s good books, and my stepmother would be bound to make a fuss with him, and I’d be back in the shit. So I nodded.

“Please, don’t Anna. Look, I will wear the outfit, okay?”

She grinned.

“Sure – and these dirty, smelly panties and the pantyhose?”

“Yes, I will, but you won’t tell Amber, okay?”

“Course not. Go on then, strip.”

Oh fuck, I thought, as I took my dress off and then my expensive lingerie.

“Small tits, Miss,” Anna said.

“We can’t all be as well-endowed as you Anna,” I said, referring to her 36DD tits.

She grinned even wider.

“Sure, hey, what’s that on your ass?”

I blushed.

“What?” I said, trying to avoid answering.

“Turn, let me see.”

I turned. I felt her soft hands on my bum.

“These bruises – someone been pinching your ass?”

Flushing red, I admitted it, as I pulled on the panties and the hose. I could feel how wet I was – again. I put on the rest of the sweaty, smelly outfit.

“I can see why, Miss, it hardly covers your ass,” she said, pinching me herself. “But you look kind of cute all the same. Get me a coffee.”

Usually, before I went out, I had her get me a coffee from the machine in the annexe to my bedroom, now I was getting her one.

“Yes,” she smiled as I came back with a coffee, “your ass is on view if you bend at all. Thanks for the coffee – Ash. Now clean up and do the bed, there’s a good girl.”

The bloody cheek of it! She was the maid, the hired help, and here she was ordering me about. But I did as she told me.

“Not bad, Ash,” she said after I had finished. “You ever eat pussy?”

As it happened, I had, so I admitted it.

“Good, seeing your posh ass on view like that has made me horny. Come and eat me out.”

I knelt before her, as she slid her panties down. She was all hairy there, and the hairs scratched my face as I leaned in to kiss her pussy. I used my tongue to part her inner etimesgut escort lips and began to lick her.

“Fuck, Ash, you lick pussy well,” and with that, she gripped my head and pushed me into her pussy.

“On the floor,” she ordered.

I did as she was told, only to find her straddling my face, grinding her pussy into me, coating me with her cream until eventually she could take no more, cumming hard all over my face.

“Oh fuck, that was good,” she said, as she slowed the grind down to a slow, steady rub. “I need a pee, get up and follow me.”

She got up and, nerve of the bitch, went to my personal bathroom and peed.

“Clean me up, Ash.”

Was she expecting me to clean up her pissy pussy? Nerve. But I still found myself tasting the salty tanginess of her pee.

She looked at me.

“Good girl, Ash, we shall have fun. Look at yourself in the mirror.”

I did, I was a mess.

My face was red where she had rubbed her hair, and my face streaked with her squirt. My nipples were threatening to poke through my tee-shirt.

“Are those panties even wetter now?”

“Yes, Miss Anna,” I said, hoping to please her by calling her “Miss.”

“Show me.”

I pushed my skirt up and pulled my panties to my knees. She slid a finger along my gusset and licked.

“Tasty. Do you need to cum?”

I did, but had no intention of admitting it,

“Yes, Miss Anna.”

“Are you one of those gooners I read about?”

“Yes Miss Anna, can I goon my pussy?”

“Oh what a delight, a de Witt masturbating for me, a mere maid. Do it.”

I began to rub myself, circling the area around my clit and pressing. I felt it building.

“Stop, enough. That uniform won’t wash itself. Strip and give it to me.”

Desperate and hoping she would relent; I did what she told me. But she did not relent, and left me to get dressed.

I went to the bathroom and tried to fix my face before going out. What the hell was happening to me?

As I cleaned myself up, my phone pinged. It was a text from Talia:

“U gonna get some new panties there were manikins with very racy outfits, and although I would never have been caught dead within its doors a month ago, I went inside.

The shop was decently lit, not like my imagination of such places; there were all sorts of naughty clothes on racks, most impractical.

“Can I help you love?” The woman behind me made me jump out of my heels.

“Ummmm no, no I am fine,” I stammered, blushing furiously.

“Oh I know something that you would like,” The woman was a good six inches taller than me, and certainly heavier. Her clothes looked like they had been bought a couple of stones before her present weight, and her brown-black roots showed clearly through her platinum blonde locks.

I followed her to the section of cheap looking panties and tiny strips that might have been bras for a barbie. She picked the ugliest garish pink and a brilliant purple.

“These are perfect for you, love.” She looked at me like I imagined a wolf might at a lamb. “Come along love, we don’t have a fitting room, but we can use the back. Shirley, I am busy with a fitting, mind the store!”

“Sure, thing Toni, but be gentle with the little thing, she looks like she might break!” Shirley responded from somewhere in the store.

She took me by the and nearly dragged me back behind her, like I would have gone otherwise.

We walked through a set of doors into the back. It looked nothing other than a dirty storeroom, exposed pipes, and unfinished rough wood shelving all around with boxes open and closed all around, a dirty cigarette-stained folding table and a couple of worn folding chairs sat next to the wall with brimming ashtrays.

“Let’s see the goods love” Toni stepped back a few feet but made sure she was between me and the door, seeing no other exit, I must have looked terrified.

“Come on love, I don’t bite,” Let’s see your bits.” She folded her arms over the mountains of flesh barely covering the mounds. “Well not much anyway.”

Before I could think about it, my clothes were laid across the boxes and I was standing there in my knickers and cami, shivering not from the cold but from the exposure.

“Oh you are lovely,” Toni’s voice was so much lower than it was. Her long fingernails stroked down my shoulders to my thinly veiled nipples, hard as nails under the silk.

Her etlik escort nails drew the shoulder strap over my shoulder then down my arm and revealing what I had been given. She pinched the peaks lightly and I could not stop the moan from leaving my mouth.

“Sensitive, aren’t they?” Toni leaned in and kissed my nipple then came up to my lips and I smelled the cigarettes smoke on her breath it made me nauseous and wet at the same time. Close to my ear she said, “Try the bra first.”

I did as instructed, the bra was unlined, and it tickled my nipples terribly, making them hard.

“Let’s see the thong on,” She commanded pulling my knickers down.

“But I can’t if I don’t buy it” I said, with no intention of doing so.

“Oh you already bought it, sweets, now put them on” her voice was very firm and breathy, and I obeyed again.

So there I stood in the tartiest cheap neon pink bralette and thong one can imagine when she pushed me down to my knees on the filthy floor and lifted her skirt to reveal that her thong had ridden up her pussy lips.

“Talia said you eat cunt good – show me.”

This, I said to myself, could not be happening. I was the de Witt heiress, not some cheap slut, and yet somehow, my mouth found its way to her pussy, and pulling her thong down, I began to lap at her, my tongue pressing its way between her meaty lips.

She gripped my hair, roughly, grinding against my mouth, just using me to satisfy her urgent lust.

“Oh fuck, yes, yes, yes, that’s it girl, just there like that.”

My tongue pushed into her, tasting her pungent juices, my nose rubbing against her clit. I choked as she pushed in, gasping as she gave me no time to catch my breath. She rubbed harder, pulling my hair.

By everything I knew, I should have been hating this. I was Ashley de Witt, I could have any girl or man I wanted, if I wanted one at all, and I moved in the most elite circles, and yet here I was, on my knees in this filthy excuse for a changing room, letting this fat, common woman use me for her own purposes – and my pussy was flooding my panties. I so wanted to rub myself, but dared not.

Toni began to shudder, thrusting herself onto my tongue as it darted it and out, pressing against my nose, and then, with a scream that could be heard back in the shop, she came – her squirt coating my face and dripping onto my tits.

Once she had stopped spasming, she pulled me away, using my hair to manipulate me. She looked down, grinning.

“You get a discount, darling. Clean up, see you back in the shop.”

Taking the grubby towel she had thrown at me, I did my best to clean myself up.

Emerging from the back room, the other woman, Angie, grinned at me.

“I hear you’re a dirty little bitch, hope that next time you are here, I can help you.”

I paid and went, feeling weird. The state of my panties told one story, the state of my mind another. This was all quite outrageous. I needed to put a stop to it. But, hell, I was getting so excited by it that I did not want it to stop.

I texted Bert my location, and waited, impatiently, for him to arrive. I wanted, no, needed, to get back to my room and edge until I had another major orgasm.

Back home, I dashed inside.

What is wrong with me? I wondered to myself as I made my way to my room.

“Miss Ashley.”

I turned and saw Anna.

“What have you been up to – and why do you look so excited?”

I froze. There was no answer that would not make it worse.

“Well, girl!”

That Anna, a common maid was talking to me, the de Witt heiress like this was so humiliating. It was even more so to know I had to answer her.

“I have been buying some new clothes.”

“Oh,” she smiled, “you are going to show me, aren’t you?” She said, with an emphasis on the “you are,” part of that sentence.

The last thing I wanted was to show her, not least since Toni had made me keep the cheap and tacky bra and thong on; but I had no choice.

I followed her.

Once in my room she ordered me to take my skirt and top off.

“Oh my God! What ARE you wearing?”

Standing there my tarty, cheap neon pink bralette and thong, I felt so embarrassed.

“Bralette and thong, Miss Anna.”

“You look even more like a cheap slut. Why are you wearing such clothes?”

“They were all I could get.”

Anna looked at me.

“Are you craving eve gelen escort the common touch, Ash? You look like a slut in those. Are you going to be MY slut?”

Blushing, I sank to my knees and crawled to her.

“Please Miss Anna, may I eat your pussy?”

“Are you my bitch, Ash?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Good girl,” she said, as she lifted her bum and pulled her panties down, before gripping me by my hair and pulling me against her matted bush.

Feeling her hair rub my face, I pushed my tongue between the folds of her pendulous inner lips, licking upwards until I flicked her clit. I felt her push my face onto her and she ground against me.

I licked hungrily, lapping, my tongue darting in and out, faster, and deeper as she pressed me in. My nose rubbed her clit, and she was moaning.

I could feel my cheap thong sliding between my own swollen lips, making me desperate to cum. I could not remember the last time I had an orgasm. But she wanted to cum, and I had to make her, so I redoubled my efforts until she squirted out onto my face.

For a minute or two she pushed me into her wetness, and I lapped up her cream, cleaning her.

“Yummy,” she said, “you do that so well Ash.”

Looking up, knowing what a mess I must look, I said:

“Thank you, Miss Anna.”

“Do you need to cum?”

“Oh yes, Miss Anna.” (And how, I thought).

“Beg for it.”

I couldn’t sink that low. I was the de Witt heiress. I was rich, beautiful, and sexy, why the hell should I beg my maid for an orgasm? Because I was fucking desperate, came the only answer.

“May I rub my cunt for you Miss?”

Anna looked at me and smiled wickedly.

“Are you really calling me ‘Miss,’ Miss de Witt? Are you really asking your maid if you are allowed to touch your cunt? You look such a slut in that cheap nylon bralette and thong. If you tell me you are a cheap slut, I may let you touch yourself – but then again, I may not.”

My cheap thong had ridden up between my lips and was pressing against my clit.

“Pull the thong up and rub yourself that way. What are you?”

I was so fucking desperate that I did it.

“I am a cheap slut, Miss Anna.”

Saying that, I pulled the thong up and used it to press against my aching clit. I could also feel it press against my asshole.

Anna grabbed her phone and began recording me.

“Who are you?”

“I am Miss Ashley de Witt, Miss Anna.”

“And what are you?”

“I am a cheap slut, Miss Anna.”

“Are you my gooner girl?”

“Yes, Miss.”


“Can I goon my cunt, Miss Anna, please!”

The whole thing was making me shake. I could feel myself edging again. `I hated this. I loved it. I wanted to run away. I wanted to obey.

All my life I had been an entitled brat, I realised, and this, well, this was karma.


I stopped at once, despite wanting, no, needing, to keep rubbing.

“Thong off, you can wear it on your face slut.”

I slipped it off, spider’s web strands of pussy goo showing as I peeled it down my thighs. As I slipped it over my face, I realised just how wet I was; the thong was drenched with my cunt cream.

“Tits out!”

I pulled the bralette up.

“Smear your juices on your nipples, slut.”

Obediently, I did so.

My nipples ached as I coated them.


“Please Miss Anna, I want to goon my cunt.”

“Do it.”

With one hand mauling my tits and the other rubbing, I knew I could not last long. Then she stopped me, again.

“Good girl,” she said.

The very words sent shudder through me.

Anna shot the wickedest smile at me.

“I have spent a lot of time kissing ass with you, now, well now you get the chance to actually kiss my ass,” she said, raising her skirt and flashing her thong at me. “Behind me, bitch, you take your mask off – beg to kiss my ass.”

The words shot through me. I knew I should have been disgusted. I knew I should have said no, after all, what could she really do to me? But there was something else at work, my rampant libido. I wanted to do this. I wanted to submit. What the fuck was wrong with me?

Trembling, I said:

“Please Miss Anna, can I kiss your ass, please, pretty please?”

“Good girl. You may.”

I kissed both her firm ass cheeks until she pulled her thong aside.

“Please my asshole, slut!”

Could I? Would I. A moment later I was rimming her. I could. I did.

It was so humiliating, and yet I felt on the verge of an orgasm.

As Anna knelt, I got behind her and did as she told me, pushing against her asshole with my tongue, my face buried in her cheeks. She then turned over.

“Eat me, bitch!”

“Ashley, Anna, what the hell is going on here!”

It was my stepmother’s voice.

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