I Hope He Didn’t See Me

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I had about 15 minutes of extra free time, before being expected at home to meet my wife the other day. I had gotten off work a few minutes early and the traffic was kind of light today, so I was ahead of schedule. I was feeling kind of randy, so I decided on a really quick visit to my favorite adult arcade, cause I felt like sucking on some “strange” cock before going home, something I hadn’t done in quite a while. It was just off the highway on feeder road on my way home, so little time would be wasted if I got lucky quick.

It was broad daylight, a little before 5:00 PM in the afternoon, and there were quite a few cars in the parking lot. This was usually a good sign that some business men were trying to get a quickie blow job on the down low before going home, or else that the place was swarming with “hungry trolls” that would cut into my action.

My favorite scenario was when I was the only cocksucker there, so all the horny guys in need of someone to drain their balls, had to patiently wait their turn for the adjoining glory hole booth next to me to open up. Some days, there was nothing but horny guys strolling the hallways, that either didn’t a good blow job at home or had no regular partner to satisfy them. One after another, if they were patient and waited their turn, I would suck them all off. Sometimes, the time would get away from me before I realized I had spent the entire day there and had to account for my time with an excuse to my wife.

I loved those days when I was the only cocksucker there. I hated competition for those stiff throbbing cocks and much preferred when I was the “star of the party”. Anyone that I didn’t get to suck off when I was there, I deemed a lost opportunity to me. I didn’t turn down many though, but I did reject some, you had to seem to be clean by my standards. Of course, I had my favorite sizes and shapes too though. I especially loved a circumcised 7 inches plus. But beggars can’t always be picky, uncut or smaller was cool too, however every once in a while I hit gold.

It didn’t matter today though, I was going to consider myself lucky if I found one good cock to suck on, cause I was in a little of a rush and didn’t have time to spend the day on my knees as I would have much preferred.

You could usually tell immediately what everybody in there was looking for. The cocksuckers would stare at your crotch or try to make eye contact, while the guys that wanted a blow job would kind of avoid any attention, trying to remain more discreet or anonymous in the dimly lit area. The guys that wanted a blow job, really tried to avoid any eye contact and just wanted some quick head so they could split before themselves or their car were recognized. They would usually stake out a booth with a glory hole and expose their cocks patiently waiting for the first willing mouth on the other side.

Upon entering the arcade section, I noticed about a dozen guys walking around aimlessly or leaning up against the walls. As I took a quick stroll through the dark hallways, I saw three booths that were occupied while the adjoining booths were empty. I quickly ducked into an empty one adjacent to an occupied one, locked the door, and bending over I peeked into the glory hole.

Sure enough, a young guy around my age was standing there in a pair of red overalls, stroking a fat 9 inch cut cock. Oh my God, I thought, that this must be my lucky day. This was a real treasure to stumble on so quickly, and just like I liked them, long and cut. You could literally go hours some days without finding a good cock to suck, sometimes even waste the whole day hoping and not getting any cock at all. I hoped this guy was wanting some good head, cause my mouth was watering at the sight of his fat cock.

Anyway, I really only had a few minutes to waste at the arcade today so I felt like I had just hit the jackpot on my first try. I just prayed that he wasn’t the prudish type and would let another man please that fat cock of his.

As soon as I put some tokens in the slot, my movie started and my booth lit up. Mecidiyeköy Escort He must have noticed this because he immediately stepped up close towards the plywood wall while pointing his hard cock just inches from the hole.

I watched as he tugged his overalls down past his waist and let them fall to the floor. I noticed he wore no underwear as I knelt and admired his beauty on the other side of the hole, so I knew right away that he was game. This guy wanted his cock sucked and I was just amazed that nobody had already jumped at the chance to slurp on it. It was a beauty and all mine.

I put my index finger up to the hole and beckoned him to push it through. Immediately he removed his hand from his cock and inched forward until his fat plum tip poked into my hole about an inch or two. Not to make him wait or lose the moment, I immediately locked my lips on the head of his cock and started into massaging that spongy hard tip with my lips and tongue.

He seemed reluctant or afraid to shove it all the way through the hole. Instead he just let me feast on the head and maybe an inch or so of his vein filled hard shaft. I wanted way more than that though, I wanted to worship this whopper and treat him right. As he leaned into the wall with his chest, I started mashing my lips into the hole trying to envelop some more of his shaft with a gentle tugging suction on him.

After a few minutes of this, beginning to trust me as someone that just wanted to please him, he finally relented and just shoved the his whole cock through the hole in one swift motion. I immediately gagged on his cock’s length and pulled back to adjust the depth of that initial thrust. Then this guy just mashed and held his stomach against the hole, while squashing his balls against the plywood on the other side. Wanting all he had, I gently pulled on his nut sac until he finally backed up an inch and let me pull his fat balls through.

Having both his cock and balls on my side of the hole now, he again leaned into the plywood and pressed every centimeter of his masculine virility through for me to work on. He was pressed so tight into that hole that I could see no light from his side and only the surrounding flesh of his stomach around his package was visible. He just stood against the wall patiently, while exposing his glorious 9 inch fat cock and those smooth heavy full balls, waiting for me to please his perfect specimen of manhood.

Not to disappoint him, I slobbered on the palm of my hand and gently smeared my spit on his shaft, while I took my hungry mouth down to his fat full nuts. I spread my spit up and down his hard cock while I gently sucked and slurped noisily one of his fat shaved balls into my mouth ever so softly.

I was in a rush, but I was certainly going to take my time with this cock. Any cocksucker knows that a cock this size is not a “dime a dozen”, so if I ended up coming home a few minutes late, not a big deal to me, I hoped. I could make up some excuse about traffic to my wife for being an extra five or ten minutes late.

I worked on his hairless balls separately, very slowly for about three minutes each, while I gently stroked that steel shaft and fat head with my slippery hand. Sensing some impatience on his part and being on a definite time frame , I reluctantly let go of his balls and again placed my mouth over the tip of his cock. The shaft was much harder than before so, now with my mouth on his cock, I really started into pleasing this guy now. In the dim light of my projector, I could see the most masculine red and blue veins that started at his shaft. Like a maze of sexy intricate interstate highways, they disappeared somewhere under the skin of his shaft towards the tip of his fat knob.

As I bobbed my mouth down on 5 or 6 inches without gagging, I gently squeezed and pinched on his nut sac. I was totally in heaven now, so I just closed my eyes and started my hopeful final descent to his pelvic bone. I really wanted to swallow this big cock all the way down.

Twisting Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan my mouth from side to side, I pushed an inch or so into my throat, but I had to back off immediately as I gagged on it. Redoubling my efforts, I went at it again, this time holding a couple of inches in my throat before I had to back off. I knew I could handle the whole 9 inches, and he deserved it, I just had to let my throat adjust and open up a little at a time.

Determined to control my gag reflex, I shoved my throat down deep again, hoping to take him all the way to his root. Taking one deep breath, I forced my throat down deep to his stomach and presto, he was buried deep in my gullet now with my lips smashed into his stomach. My stretched out throat just held onto his oversized cock while we both remained motionless, until I pulled off to breathe again. I repeated this over and over again, taking deeper breathes and impaling my throat on his cock, while he just patiently stood still and let me covet his cock with my throat.

I couldn’t time how long I held him so deep in my throat without breathing or moving each time, but I’m sure it was at least a minute. It became easier and easier to impale my lips to the root of his cock and remain motionless while he let me indulge my efforts to swallow his entirety. I felt so proud of myself that I could swallow and hold this monster of a cock for so long a time.

On about my fifth or sixth swallow, while I was holding him so deep in my throat, he started to rock his hips a little. He began fucking my distended gullet with very short slow strokes. Not much at first, maybe just an inch or so, but back and forth he would saw in my throat, until I would finally pull off, out of breathe again. I would then take a deep breathe before plunging down again and we repeated the entire process.

Again, once I had settled my lips down all the way to his stomach and held him in my stretched out throat, he began rocking his cock back and forth. This time his strokes were a little longer, pulling out a couple of inches and smashing back into my throat until my lips ground onto his pelvis. His fucking of my throat with his swollen hard cock now started becoming both more erratic and more aggressive.

The next time I pulled off, I took my deepest breathe yet, and plowed my throat down onto his rock hard cock. While I held still, with his cock lodged in my throat, he immediately started fucking 2 or 3 inches in and out of my lips and deep into my throat. I just waited for the immanent and soon the wall started shaking as I felt him press hard into it and his cock exploded into my throat.

As he fucked as hard as he could now, heavy ejaculations convulsed from his swollen 9 inches into my mouth and throat. He sprayed 3 or 4 jets of cum that plunged deep down my throat which I never got to even savor the taste of. They were quickly deposited deep into my stomach before I ran out of breathe and pulled off again.

Before I could get my throat back down his shaft, a thick ropey stream of his seed landed directly in my mouth. I tasted this one, it was sweet and slippery, which just excited me more. I didn’t want to spoil his orgasm so I immediately went right back down that shaft. With my eyes watering, tears dripping down my cheeks and sweat pouring off my forehead, I pushed my throat back down to let him finish his load.

After 10 or 12 more quick thrusts and several more spurts, he pulled most of his cock away from me now as I scrambled to keep my lips locked on that heaving monster. The lion’s share of his cum was spent, most of it deep in my guts but a spray or two that I tasted was still on my tongue. He now backed up from the hole a step or so, withdrawing his balls and just stood there with about 6 inches of meat on my side of the hole.

I frantically held on that his still twitching cock, not wanting to release my precious treasure, and milked the last little spurts and then dribbles that flowed from the tip. I coaxed every little dollop of cum that Escort Mecidiyeköy was in those sweet balls out, polishing the head of his cock in between my milking action.

Still hard but quickly softening in my mouth, I gently nursed on the reaming tip and an inch or so of his shaft, until he finally withdrew and left me still hungry on my knees. I swallowed every bit of his cum. Not a drop was wasted on the floor, the evidence was gone and being digested in my stomach.

As I pressed my eye to the hole, wanting to finally see what this stud looked like, all I saw was him was his back, quickly zipping up his red jumpsuit and exiting the booth. He was gone and out of my life as quick as he had come.

It was past 5:45, and I was now a good 30 minutes behind schedule and had to get home really quick. I had killed almost an hour sucking on one cock, and wanted it some more, unbelievable. Even though I had spent more time in front of glory holes in the past sucking different cocks, I don’t think I had ever spent that much time with the same cock in my mouth. That guy’s cock was hot, absolutely my perfect fantasy cock, I definitely would love to find him here again when I had more time.

My throat was extremely sore and felt kind of raw. Checking my appearance and adjusting the bent cramped hard on in my pants, I scurried to exit and get home. No time to waste , I really had to get a move on it. I would take care of my own cock by jacking off in the bathroom once home, since I knew my wife wouldn’t, I unlocked my booth door and started to make my way out.

After walking through the arcade lobby, I opened the door to exit and stepped outside to find my car and leave. I just then saw a blue Eddie Bauer Expedition just like my older brother drives, pull out of the parking lot and onto the feeder road in front of the arcade. Looking closer into the car at the driver, I saw he had a red jumpsuit on.

My face became red and flushed so fast, I thought I was going to pass out. Please tell me it wasn’t him, and if it was, please tell me he didn’t see me. There are a million of those blue SUV’s where I live.

All I could think about was if I did something incredibly immoral. If it was him, if he knew it was me, I was starting to sweat again. The thought just played over and over in my mind. I mean sucking a strange cock is bad enough, but your own brothers.

I was in a panic all the way home, finally regaining my composure somewhat, until I saw his blue Eddie Bauer Expedition in my driveway as I pulled up to my house. He rarely came to visit and almost never unannounced. I was so busted, please God help me.

As I walked up the steps to my house, I saw my brother through the window, standing in that red jumpsuit talking to my wife. I hated entering my house, but I had to.

My wife greeted me with, “Well thank God, you’re finally here. I’ve been waiting for you cause I have to run an errand right now and you’ve made me late already. I’ll be back in an hour or so. I have dinner in the oven on warm, we’ll eat when I get home. You can visit with your brother for a bit, okay, I’ll be back soon. Why on earth were you so late honey?”

As she kissed me on the cheek and exited, I think I mumbled something about working late or stopping at the store on the way home. It might not even have been audible, my ears were ringing so loud and so many thoughts were going through my head that I know I didn’t even hear what I uttered for an excuse. I swear, I’m really not sure what I said to this day, I had rehearsed so many excuses already in my head and things were kind of a blur right then.

My brother just stared and smiled at me not speaking at all yet. I’m sure I looked like the “cat that swallowed the canary”. Looking at him in those red overalls, I noticed a small wet spot that had seeped through on the inside of the fabric right under his zipper. After an awkward silence and just looking at him smiling at me, he finally walked right up to me and stood just a couple of inches from my face. It was awkward because it was way closer than we usually stood when we talked. As he stood in front of me, I diverted my eyes to the floor.

“I didn’t quite hear what you just said, so why are you so late little brother?” he grinned while starring down on me.

To be continued…………………………………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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