I Was a Virgin Cocksucker

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An older man’s cock curiosity!

I don’t know what started it that strange night. Was it the fact that I had just gotten a divorce from a 30 year marriage and very depressed? Or was it the 4 hard Rum and Cokes I had just consumed? I think it was a combination of both that effected me as I drove home toward my lonely dark apartment that started the fantasy of experimenting with another man.

I had been dating a very lovely lady who had been taking care of my sexual needs since my recent divorce. The only fly in the ointment was that she was married and started feeling very guilty (funny how they always feel guilty after getting into your pants and your heart). Earlier that afternoon she informed me she was breaking off the relationship so I took the ‘Irish Cure’. I drank too much and became even more depressed knowing that by getting the sorrow out of my system I would feel much better the next day and ready to laugh it off and start over.

As I drove home I passed by a well-known homosexual haunt. It was located in a large park near a community baseball field. It was common knowledge that after 9 or 10:00 P.M. queers would park their cars and look for another man to connect for random sex. It had always sounded so sordid and disgusting but the thought of it hit me quite different tonight. I had never desired intimacy with another guy. But the thought of touching another man knowing that I would never see him again had a certain dark excitement on me this particular night.

My fantasy that night was very different from anything I had ever shared with a woman. With females I wanted foreplay, kissing, intimacy, touching and fucking. Tonight the thought of finding out what it would be like to just touch another man’s cock without any of the romantic bullshit began to create a sensation of a strange desire that was totally new to me. I decided to take the turn off and just see what it would be like to just talk with a homosexual.

I remember thinking that I would probably chicken out and just drive-by without stopping but when I got to the darkened baseball field I only saw one car way down the dead-end road so I decided to stop and just see if any other cars would come by. I could always drive off later I reasoned.

Soon another car did drive by. It was a police car cruising the area looking for problems I guess. Instead of panic and fear, I felt excitement and danger…but safe in a strange way. After all I was alone and had no police record. I wasn’t drinking now and was not intoxicated enough to be arrested for drunk in public so I just pulled out a roadmap from my glove compartment and turned on the dome light pretending to read the map.

The cop car drove down to the other car first and shined a spotlight illuminating the interior of the car. No one was there. The occupant or occupants were away from the car and either in the park or had made a connection and driven away to return later. The cops looked like they were checking the plates for stolen or warrants and then made a U-turn and headed back toward my car.

I was nervous but by now I had a plan due to their checking the other car first. They pulled up behind me and shined their bright spotlight into my car. My little dome light (which had seemed bright before) was now rendered as though it was nothing more than a candle as theirs lit up my entire interior. I could almost feel the heat from that spot light as they approached my car from the rear…one officer on each side.

With flashlights dropping down onto my lap and face the officer on my side asked to see my identification. I laid the map down, got out my wallet and handed him my driver’s license. Upon questioning I told him I heard a noise from the engine and took the first off ramp only to find myself in strange dark place. The car turned out o.k. But the map was kind of confusing.

The officer on the other side must have been the senior officer because he took over the situation. Chuckling he said I was in a bad place and explained they called this area ‘Cocksucker Park’. Then he gave me directions, returned my license and drove away while I pretended to fumble folding the map to get it back into my glove compartment. That was all the excitement I needed for the evening. I sure didn’t plan on staying there and have them return later. I didn’t have a story that would cover their return and I didn’t want my name in some cop file or on a log sheet hinting I was one of the local boys.

Map put away and dome light off I reached for the key to start the engine when I saw a bright red glow of a cigarette coming towards me. As it neared I could tell its smoker was a man. I later found out he was the owner of the other parked car and had been waiting in the darkened park until the cops left.

“That was good thinking with the map and all,” he said. He smiled and offered me a cigarette. I told him I didn’t smoke and he said, “Do you suck cock?”

I didn’t know what to say. But I unlocked the door as he neared the passenger door and got in. My mind was racing and my heart beating. Just talking Taksim Escort to another strange man who would ask such a question had a mysterious effect on me. The darkened park, cops, strange men looking for a liaison…it was like a scene out of a Fellini movie. Still I wasn’t sure if I wanted him in my car or not.

We were both quiet for a moment…sizing up each other. I noticed he was about 10 years younger and shorter than I was so I felt I had some small advantage. He knew the cops had his license plate and car description. For all he knew I might be an undercover cop waiting for a contact. I think that’s why he said nothing more. He was waiting for me to make the next move so he could be assured I wasn’t a plain-cloths cop looking for an arrest.

He broke the silence by laughing and saying; “You’re not a cop are you?” My stumbling answer relieved him and he knew I was really nervous.

“Don’t worry, I’m not a cop either. So what are you looking for?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never done this before.”

Yeah, I know it was a stupid answer but it was the very one that he obviously related to and understood. Reaching over he carefully put his hand on my thigh. “Don’t worry about me, I’m here for the same reason you are. I’m lonely and just looking for someone to talk to. Is it ok for me to touch you?”

I relaxed and said, “Yeah, I guess so.”

“You really never touched another guy before or let another man touch you?”

I told him about my divorce and breakup with my girl friend earlier. I also told him about the earlier drinking, my curiosity and just taking the chance opportunity to take the turn off to the park that I had heard about to see what it was really like. Obviously he knew then that I wasn’t a queer looking for a serious male relationship.

“Well why don’t we just sit hear for a few minutes so you can decide what you want to do. I’m a nice guy that’ll do what ever you want. Leave…go…whatever you say. But we shouldn’t stay here more than 10-15 minutes because sometimes the cops double back and you’d have to have a pretty good story to keep from getting hassled and written up as a possible homosexual.

God, I was getting excited. The totality of this whole bizarre thing was overwhelming. And he was very relaxed, patient, and not pressing me in anyway…just his hand on my thigh! I realized that I had a hard-on and it sure wasn’t caused by a woman. This was the very first time I had an erection over a man touching me. Nothing had changed my masculinity. I still didn’t want any male kissy-kissy shit! I was simply curious over touching and being touched by a strange man.

I remained quiet and he slowly started moving his hand up my leg toward my crotch. We were both looking straight ahead and I knew he was about to touch my cock through my pants…and I was letting him do it! Jesus, it was turning me on in such a weird way!

Finally his hand found its mark and he found my hard penis. I took a deep breath and relaxed back into my seat as he slowly began fondling me through my trousers. He said, “It feels like you have a very hard and very large cock.”

It was so true…my penis had never been harder or thicker. I could feel the blood throbbing in my penis as he gently manipulated my cock.
“Would you like to touch me,” he said?

I didn’t answer so he slid over closer to me and took my hand and put it onto his lap. His cock was also very hard but I could tell it was much smaller even though I was touching him from the outside of his pants. It wasn’t like touching myself when erect. It felt much smaller so I gently squeezed his penis more firmly to affirm whether I was right. I never thought of myself as large because I’d never seen or touched another man’s penis. Women had told me I was large and fat in the cock department but it was now beginning to make more sense. Still it was very exciting touching him under the circumstances!

“Do you like the way I feel,” he asked?

“I don’t know what I feel,” I answered; “at least not yet.”

“Let’s go somewhere else and you can sort it out in a more comfortable place. I live in an apartment just about a mile from here. Why don’t you follow me to my place…it’s a whole lot safer and you can leave anytime you want?”

I nodded and he got out and walked to his car. I followed him out of the dark secluded park and onto the lighted freeway and the other much safer world. As promised he soon took an off-ramp, made a couple of turns, and then pulled into an expensive apartment complex.

I parked street-side and he came around to the front of the building where I was waiting and then walked ahead of me up an outside stairway. He unlocked the door to his place and in the lighting of the walkway I could see he was very well dressed and clean. My earlier impressions were correct…he was at least 3-4 inches shorter and 30-40 lbs. lighter.

Once inside he offered me a drink and went into the adjacent kitchen to get the makings. The place was neat, clean and it gave me a lot of comfort as to the type of person whose Taksim Escort Bayan cock I had been touching only a few minutes earlier. We sat on the sofa and made idle chit chat while eyeing one another and sipping drinks. How strange I thought…here I was with a total stranger, knowing I was going to at least get my cock sucked by a man and yet we were chatting without saying anything personal. Very strange indeed!

It wasn’t anything like when I was with a woman. I was always putting the moves on them. This guy was plying me with drinks and putting the make on me! Then he got very quiet. I knew it was time to either fish or cut bait. I was either going to find out what it was like to touch a naked man’s cock or get the hell out of there!

I stalled one last time by asking to use his bathroom. Wasn’t that what other women had done to me under similar situations…many times? As I tried to piss out of a still semi-hard cock, I knew that this was the one and only opportunity I would ever have to find out what it would be like to touch and maybe suck another man’s penis. I decided I would go ahead and finish what I started when I drove into ‘Cocksucker Park’.

As I entered the living room I noticed he had turned out all the lights except for a small lamp on the other side of the room that was now turned down very low. Once again I sat away from him but not for long!

“Is it alright if I touch you again,” he asked? This time I answered, “Well, I guess that’s why I’m here. I just want to make it clear that I’m not into kissing or ass fucking ok?”

“In case you didn’t notice…I’m a very passive guy. Do what ever you want to me. Tell me what you want me to do to you and I’ll take your lead. I want this to be a satisfying experience for you. I know it’s your not looking for a relationship with me…just something a little different. That’s alright with me as long as your comfortable with everything we do.”

With that I sat down closer to him and reached out to touch his cock. He again began massaging me through my pants so I stood up and told him to unzip my pants. He slid in front of me and expertly lowered my zipper and freed my hard cock from my shorts. As he gently stroked me he said, “God, you have a beautiful cock…I’d give anything if mine were as long and fat as yours.”

I enjoyed his stroking. He really knew how to fondle a cock. I could tell he wanted to put it in his mouth. The little cocksucker was really getting turned on by my fat pecker but I wanted to touch him before letting him suck me off. If he was as good with his mouth as he was with his hands then I might cum and maybe lose the excitement of the moment before finding out what it was like to touch and suck a man’s naked penis.

“Take your cock out so I can see it.”

He fumbled with his belt and lowered his pants to his ankles. He was wearing jockey shorts (as I) and I could see his small pecker standing at attention. I reached into his shorts and took his dick in my hand and began stroking it. It felt so different (and exciting) to be touching this little man’s penis

“Oh shit, your big hand feels so good on my cock.”

I bent down and lowered his shorts for a better look and saw that although his cock was small his balls were quite large and swollen. I put one hand under his nut sack while I continued to play with his penis. It was then that I noticed his cock was uncircumcised. My cock was circumcised so it was even stranger to be playing with one that was so different in size and type.

I was hard as a brick. He (I never did find out his name) said, “Is it ok to put it in my mouth?”

“That’s why I’m here…so I can suck you and get sucked by you.”

With that he sat back down and leaned forward placing my cock in his mouth. Seeing a man’s mouth on my cock was disturbing. I pulled back and said, “Turn out the other light.”

He hurried over to the table lamp and turned it off. There was just enough ambient light coming from the front porch through the living room curtains to keep us from total darkness. He returned and kneeled in front of me but now I could only make out part of his features and I felt much more comfortable. I knew it was a man down there but I didn’t have to see his lips and face sucking my cock.

He was really good at it. He nibbled my cock, licked my balls, stroked it up and down and sucked. Man he was a primo cocksucker. Soon I didn’t care who or what was sucking me off!

Within minutes I was close to busting a nut. Should I cum in his mouth, spray it on his face or take it out and empty myself on the floor. All these thoughts were racing through my mind. Then I realized I had hadn’t yet done the ultimate nasty deed myself.

I pushed him off and removed my shoes, pants, shirt and shorts and told him to do likewise. If I was going to suck him it was going to be a mutual suck off. We got into a ‘mano a mano’ 69 position and I let him return my hard cock in his mouth. I told him to go very slowly because I wanted him to come first. I knew if I was going to go Escort Taksim all the way and swallow another man’s semen then he would have to cum first or I might back out. Hot and ready to cum it would be easier for me to suck him off. It was all the way or nothing and we were already way past nothing!

I put his cock in my mouth and it felt very bony. The veins of his shaft made his hard dick feel very much as though it was a firm piece of meat with bony ridges all the way down the shaft. I began slowly sucking his dick. I had a man’s dick in my mouth. Did I feel any different? Was I changing into a queer? No it was just different. Instead of eating pussy I was sucking cock. I was a cocksucker and enjoying the moment but had no desire to fuck his little ass. In fact, the thought of fucking him was quite disgusting and totally out of the question. If it didn’t have a pussy then I didn’t want to fuck it.

Mind you, I love anal sex…with a woman. I never (before, during or since) had the desire to fuck a man’s ass. No, I was just a curious cocksucker! And I was really getting into sucking this little man’s bony dick. He smelled and tasted very clean. As I got into sucking him, I took him all the way to back of my throat. I realized I was deep throating him (due to his short length). I slid slowly all the way to base of his cock with my nose was pressing into his pubic hair (which was short, curly and not very dense). I rested the length of his prick on my tongue and used a technique my high school girl friend had used on me. I slithered my tongue out from my lips and onto his nutsack.

His lifted off my cock and said, “Oh, god yes…lick my nuts!”

I too had very sensitive balls. I removed his cock from my mouth and took his rather large swollen testicles into my mouth and began sucking this little cocksucker’s nuts. As I rolled them all around my mouth and tongue he began stiffening up and whispering dirty words.

“Suck my nuts baby…suck ‘em and lick my ass you sweet man.”

Man, I was really getting into this and getting more and more horny sucking and licking another man cock and testicles. I remembered the first time I ate pussy and then the first time I licked and kissed a woman’s ass. This guy was cleaner than some of the bitches I ate and licked so I thought, “What the hell…might as well”.

I maneuvered myself closer to his anus and preliminarily took a little lick of his ass. This guy was really clean. Maybe the little cocksucker took an enema earlier just in case he got his little ass filled with man meat. As I began licking his ass and balls he went totally nuts (pun intended) and said, “Oh fuck…I’m going to cum.”

Just like the little bitch I had become, I rammed his cock in my mouth and began sucking the little whore in earnest. He screamed some obscenity and then his cock jerked a couple of times and I felt a stream of warm semen begin filling my mouth. I clamped my lips down insuring that I wouldn’t miss any of his copious load.

I didn’t want to swallow right away because I really wanted to know exactly the same feelings a woman felt and tasted when I came in her mouth. His hard little prick really had a load. Spurt after spurt of jizz filled my mouth coating my tongue with his salty spunk. My mouth was completely full when he eventually softened and slipped out of my mouth. The texture of his goo was very thick…much thicker than mine. It felt like it was somewhat in several long ropy globs of thick semen. The warm salty flavor was pungent but not altogether unpleasant. I thought sperm must taste bad because so many women don’t seem to like it. Now I knew it was simply a matter of preference. Some like it a little while other can’t swallow enough of a man’s seed!

I began to slowly swallow. It was pleasant indeed and made me ever more horny. I knew that his cuming first was the correct thing because my having a throbbing cock ready to burst did create a much stronger feeling of desire. At that moment I knew I would always cum before a woman (when she wanted oral sex to completion). That way she would be much more likely to swallow my sperm while still in the heat of the moment and on the verge of her own orgasm!

I barely finished savoring his load when he leaned down and placed his head all the way between my thighs and started probing my ass with his tongue. This dude really knew what he was doing. I could tell his little tongue had been trained to spear a man’s ass. He began by swirling his pointy tongue all around my asshole making it very wet. Then he started sucking and slurping my ass as though it were a wet pussy. Putting his hands on each side of my ass cheeks he spead me open and reamed my ass with his hard tongue.

The feeling of his tongue wiggling all the way up my ass was fantastic. I was no longer thinking of him as a man. It felt like a long, delicate woman’s tongue slithering way up my ass. I’ve since put a slender dildo up my rectum to stimulate the prostate and his tongue was every bit as good as that kind of hot anal stimulation. I don’t know exactly how many inches long his tongue was but it was obviously longer than average. His long hard tongue more than compensated for his short cock. He began fucking my nether hole with his tongue and then started slowly jacking my cock. I knew I was going to bust a nut any minute and he sensed it.

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