Insatiable Rob , Eric Ch. 15

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Big Tits

My lean, athletic frame reflected in the mirror and I admired the smooth, muscled physique. Running my hands over the skin, I flexed to feel the twitching under my touch. I always enjoyed my body…it was a tool…a toy…that gave me sexual pleasure and satisfaction. But more importantly, I was thinking about Eric and how he would kneel at my feet, sucking at my dick. He was still at work and I was trying to shower, but all I could think about was how he made me feel…how he tended to my needs…how he worshipped my cock. Stroking one hand, up and down, the beefy shaft, I used the other to cup my balls…they were heavy to hold and needed to be drained…and Eric was out.

My strokes became more urgent, as my thoughts conjured the vision of Eric licking over tip, while I stroked my hand over the shaft. He was running his tongue over the throbbing…pulsing tip…he was smiling because I was seeping precum. I brought some to my lips and my tongue instinctively shot forward…and celebrated the prize. Completely unaware that my groans were growing louder, I noticed a familiar figure outside the door…Karen was watching, again. I didn’t even know she was home…and I considered finding her an alternative hobby.

Desperate for satisfaction, I ignored her and rolled my hips forward; focused on having my man sucking my dick and urging me to spill a load over his tongue. I felt my body stiffen and my balls churned with seed…I screamed as steamy strands burst from the tip, throbbing…and pulsing with release.

Each time my ass cheeks flexed, spurts of seed erupted from my balls, to hit the sink and trickle down over my fist. Dazed with the pleasure of my cock worship, I finally turned to look back at the open door. She had pulled her panties to one side to satisfy herself.

“Karen, you watched everything, in the mirror? Didn’t you?”

“Well…yeah. I thought you and Eric were going at it…and couldn’t stop myself.”

Her voice seemed nervous or forced, but it didn’t take long for her eyes to betray her thoughts; they smoldered with lust. She couldn’t stop staring at what I had in my hand. It was still rock-hard and glistening with seed…a tiny strand hung from the tip and dropped to the floor, while we talked.

I laughed, “Guess I made a freaking mess…and you need to get another hobby…maybe.” I could see she was itching to grab it and milk out the last drops, but she continued pumping her fingers through the lips and deeper into the heat. Sex drenched her fingers, while my dick overwhelmed her thoughts. “Sweetie, I love to watch cocks explode like that…mmmmm…it’s so hot. And I’m so turned-on…watching…I can’t help it.”

I grinned, “Karen, I think we’ve established that by now.”

“And there’s so much cock around here…it’s paradise for cock-sluts…you know.”

“No…I understand…I do understand.”

She spread her leg wider so I could watch her swollen lips, engorged, puffy and craving girth. She groaned, “Mmmmm…fuck that’s a big one…uhhhh…uhhhh…and it’s covered with cum…looks yummy…so fucking yummy! Yer so hard…stroke it for me…let me watch, some more…gimme what I need…please…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…all that yummy cum…wish I could feel it in my pussy…big, solid dick…fucking me with hot seed.”

Fuck! This was hard to resist…she’s smoking hot and begging. If she wasn’t Jay’s girlfriend, I would’ve slammed my dick into her and fucked her into the next county. I struggled, thinking to myself, I can’t do this…I can’t. Finally I say something, “Sweetie, I can’t…not without Jay…we shouldn’t.”

Once her fingers found that little bud, a release enveloped her body and caused her to scream wildly. She humped her fingers deep into the spasms, as the orgasm washed over her body.

“Karen…you came in the nick of time…I don’t think I could’ve resisted much longer.” She was coming down from the clouds when I said, “You are too fucking hot…I think we’re both in bad shape…we need our men.”

She grinned, “Fuck…sweetie, you got Bomonti Escort that right.”


When Eric got home, I met him at the door with a cold beer and the intention of satisfying my man. I led him into the living room, “Just sit back, relax and let’s get you out of some clothes.”

“Mmmmm…I like it when you’ve got a day off and you’re waiting for me…this’s hot.”

I took to my knees, unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants to the floor. I groped and wrapped my lips over the swollen shaft, still held inside the tight…sexy briefs. Once I pushed them down, it bounced forward and swayed in my face. So happy to see that incredible, swollen prize, my mouth watered and I took it in my hand to stroke up and down the shaft. I sit back to gaze at its beauty, my hand holding its warmth…its weight. It’s intoxicating the way it curves out from his body and stands tall…it sways and bobs with his movements.

I’d been waiting for this all day and the excitement of having him in my hand made me rock-hard…it was overwhelming. I lean back on my haunches, then leaned forward to be closer…to admire my man and the bead forming, at the tip. He jerked his hips forward and it slides down over the head.

I treasure the feel of the satiny, soft skin, wrapping over the hard flesh…the arousing musk…that enticingly, sexy scent. I love the feel of his skin and taste of his seed, on my tongue. Finally, I wrap my lips around him, pausing a moment to enjoy more precum; swirling my tongue over the tip, I place the slightest pressure on my lips. I love that feeling when I have it between my lips and he slowly pushes into my mouth. The tip of it pokes at the back of my throat and by hollowing my cheeks, I can almost swallow it to the base.

With my hands on his thighs and pressing into the muscle, I begin teasing his body. Licking gently over his abs, licking his balls and running my tongue up over the shaft. The feel of his fingers running through my hair and the moans coming from his lips, only encourages the worship of his big dick.

I pressed my face into the hard shaft and his balls, letting him feel the warmth of my breath and my tongue on his balls. I moan deeply as I take one into my mouth, sucking gently and swirling my tongue over the soft skin.

I stroke his dick, while I take the other between my lips and envelope its fullness. The stroking coaxes deep groans and a trickle of precum from the tip; I realize I have the right nut in my mouth…it’s bigger than the other side and that excites me even more. I look up into his eyes; it fills my mouth, and my tongue rolls over the velvety skin, feeling the precious weight. When I let it fall from my mouth and rest his cock over my face, I flick my tongue over them, dancing over the surface and excited by the way they hang…heavy…low…and full. As if it yearns for my mouth, I watch his cock pulse and jump. I softly trail kisses up the shaft and plant a few over the head. When I suck at the tip, I trace along the ridge with my tongue…over and over, I did this until I finally plunge my face back down over that awesome dick. I can feel my own dick pressing against my leg; it too yearns for attention…his attention…but not yet. I want my man…all of him…his big dick…his cum. I want his dick pumping into my belly so bad…I can almost feel him inside…my ass flexes, squeezing tight from the thought of his big dick fucking me.

I suck hard and let my tongue dance over the flesh, while it slides through my lips. I can feel the head pulsing on my tongue and know it will be soon. His moans grow louder and his hips start bucking forward, forcing his cock deeper, into my throat…I know it’s coming. He moans and grips even tighter. I know he’s ready…it’s coming…working its way, up from his balls…I can almost feel that heat in my throat…I can’t wait to feel it for real…its coming.

When the cock I worship finally lets go, I feel it…his hot cum shooting Bomonti Escort Bayan into my mouth. His cum is incredible, spraying down my throat, filling my mouth. I love the taste…I want it all. His balls are heavy with it and I want it all. I tighten my lips and swallow each steamy drop. The musky smell of my man, as he pumps seed into my mouth, is overwhelming. It coats my tongue…every surface of my mouth feels the heat…and the precious slippery male essence…I want it all.

Even though I have a mouthful, I can’t wait to have it splash over my tongue again…soon. I’ll never tire of this…his cock…his cum…his body…I’ll never tire of my man.

He was winded and catching his breath, when he said, “That’s what I like to come home to…fuck, yer the best.”

Still with a nice taste on my tongue, I replied, “I do too, buddy…been worked up all day and waiting for you to get home…and another encounter with Karen just ramped things up…and made it worse.”

“You are kidding me…fuck. What happened?”

“Well…she’s one horny chick and I’ll just start from the beginning. After you left, I was so fucking horny this morning; I jacked off over the sink, in the bathroom…and she heard me, while I was in the middle of it. And I caught her peeking through the door and watching in the mirror.”

“Anyway…she said she thought it was us going at it…and she could watch some more…you know.”

“She’s liking all that…we’re her personal porn channel…I think.”

“Yeah she rubbed one out, standing in our bedroom.”

Eric rolls his eyes, “Shit! I think Jay owes us for fluffer duties or sex prep for his girlfriend…we get her all turned-on and she goes and fucks the hell out of him…he enjoys every minute.” He smiles, “We’ll get our payment, though…he likes that part, too.”

I laugh, “That tight ass is worth money…you know.”

His grin gets bigger, “We need to make it clear he owes us…and needs to put out more often.”

“I doubt we’ll get much resistance.”

He looks down at my steel-hard dick then into my eyes, “I don’t blame Karen for getting turned on…we need to take care of that big guy…you wanna fuck me…maybe fuck my face with it?”

Eric loves my dick as much as I love his…and he knew where I was…it was obvious that I was horny as fuck. I flopped onto the couch and surrendered myself.

I had my jeans half down and my erection hanging out over the top. It stood tall and swayed over my fly. When I hiked the t-shirt over my head, it swayed and bounced even more, drawing his intense gaze and igniting his aching needs. In his mind, he was feeling it throb between his lips, tasting the sweet musk, and teasing it with his tongue. He fumbled to pull the jeans off and spread my legs…he cupped my balls and spread them gently over the couch, below the big tower of cock.

He teased, rubbing the tip over his lips and cheeks. “Mmmmm, I need this…bad…you need to fuck me! Dude, you need to fuck me!”

I reached down and grabbed the base to steady it, while I pushed his head back. I grinned, “You want this meat?”

He moaned “Oh yeah…I fuckin’ want it…yer a tease man!”

I thumped over his face and he looked up, “Love it when you swat me! You know…you can beat me with that thing…anytime, anywhere, anyway.” The sight of my dick fills him with desire and he starts running his tongue, up and down, over the swollen shaft. He wraps his lips over the head and laps his tongue over the hole, savoring the sweet musk of precum. Then he presses his lips tighter around the deep purple head and feeling the throbbing hardness, escalates his appetite…his needs. Slowly bobbing, taking just the head into his mouth, he gently sucks to cover his tongue with more precum.

Still holding his head, I pumped forward to push deeper. I pushed the fleshy hardon through his lips and watched them ripple over the veined shaft. Each time he had the opportunity, his tongue would dance wildly over the head, until I pushed deeper Escort Bomonti and started humping his lips and poking at his throat. I fucked hard…while he gurgled and gagged around its girth, “Guhhhh…gu…gu…gu…gu…g…g…g…”

When I pulled out, spit streamed from the corner of his mouth and I teased him a little more, “You like that after work…a face fuck after work?”

He gazed up into my eyes and struggled to catch his breath, “Fuck yea…mmmmm…you need to fuck my mouth…just like that…love face fucking after work…anytime!”

I stuffed it back in his mouth and pumped the head against his throat. As I pumped into his face with increasing intensity, I reached out to fondle and tweak his nipples, then I stroked my hand over his muscled chest. The harder I fucked, the more he moaned through the solid girth that trapped his voice.

When I pulled out, he gasped for breathe and kissed sensuously over the shaft. He sucked at the tip and slid his lips down over the shaft and swirled his tongue over my balls. Then, forcing the very tip into his throat, again, I could feel the head press against the opening. He gurgled as I pumped and poked the thick, pulsing head against his throat. Impaled on my dick, only moans and gurgles came from his throat, “Ga…gu…gu…gu…gu…guhhhhhh…guhhhhhh.” He backed off for a second, to pull air into his lungs but then pushed forward to pound at his throat some more.

Each time he impaled himself on all but two or three inches, before he had to stop. As he pulled it out, he admired the spit-soaked, reddened erection for a moment, then lovingly licked and sucked the head, before treating me to more long, deep strokes, into his mouth.

After a moment he opened his eyes and pulled off. His lips, wet with spit and precum, were leashed to my dick with a thin strand. He licked at the underside and admired its length…and its girth; it glistened with his spit and he held it in his hand, “Mmmmm…dude, that’s sweet…you know…I do see where Karen’s coming from. I’m amazed that horny, little chick hasn’t attacked you.”

“Or you, bud…I guess we all, sort of, understand each other.”

His tongue washed over the shaft, as he pressed forward and it disappeared back through his lips, till I felt it bump against his throat, again. I grabbed for his head and pushed it back so I could watch my dick slide through his lips. Then rolling my hips, I push his face, hard down over my cock, pumping rapidly through his lips. I groan as his head bobs up and down and his cheeks hollow inward, “Fuckkkkk…Eric…Eric…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s it…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me with that mouth.

He gurgles and gags from the pounding on his throat, but feeling it bang away at his throat is ecstasy…for both of us. It’s a turn-on…beyond belief, for Eric; he’s rock-hard, knowing the pleasure he’s giving me…knowing that I will fuck him, till I satisfy myself. His gurgles fill the room, “Ga…ga ga ga ga ga ga…!”

Suddenly, I reached a limit. I had to drain my balls and couldn’t hold back; I held him tight and fucked into his face, wildly pumping only a few inches through his lips. I feel my body twitch and shudder as hot, seed pulses from the tip, flooding his mouth. His mouth filled with precious seed and he swallows, as the throbbing begins to slow and my balls exhaust themselves. My breathing got more relaxed as the orgasm faded and I stroke slowly into his mouth.

My big pulsing cockhead resting on his tongue, he sucked till the last of it dribbled out. Still holding his man between his lips, he rests his head on my thigh and savored the taste, before swallowing every drop of the delicious pleasure. Hesitating to let go of that moment, we both moaned and sat like that for what seemed like a long, long time.

I pulled him to my lips and pushed my tongue through them to share the taste of my release. He grinned, “I hope you can have tomorrow off, too.”

Craving more of my pleasure, he leaned down to lick me clean; it was starting to soften and he ran his tongue all over the shaft, licked over the tiny hole and gently kissed the head. He wanted every drop of his man. Treasuring the pulsing warmth in his hand, at that moment, he was overcome with happiness and looked up with a warm smile…a smile I shared…

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