Jailhouse Girls

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Jailhouse girls

“Girl don’t nobody got time for your tears.” The Corrections Officer said coldly. “You should’ve thought about that before you did the shit you did. Now strip down to your skin and place your street clothes in this bag.” Summer complied. “Now face the wall, squat and cough.” Beyond humiliating. “Now you’re going to put on your prison uniform and line up against the wall. You will not move until I say so.” The Officer came in closer to Summer. “Let me tell you something girl, these women in here see you crying, they’re going to eat you alive. They do not give a fuck and they liable to turn you out. You know what that mean?” Summer nodded no. “That means they gonna make you a sex slave.” Her heart dropped. “Now I usually don’t do this, but you don’t look like you about that trouble life, I’m going to give you five minutes to pull yourself together, then I’m going to take you to your pod.” The officer walked away.

“How the fuck did I get here?” Summer thought to as she did her best to collect herself. All choices leading up to this moment flashed before her eyes. She was a good girl who had a soft spot for trouble. She made her way to New York City on a scholarship for a Summer Intensive at Juilliard. The program housed it’s students in apartments in Hells Kitchen, provided a $500 a week stipend and tickets to all broadway shows. It was an actor’s dream and she got a taste of it. However, you put a bunch of young and curious actors together in the same room, things can be troublesome. Summer and her roommate Krystal decided they’d break away from the group and explore the city on their own. Krystal was from New Zealand and had this idea of what a New York City guy would be like. They found themselves hanging out with a few guys from Brooklyn. One of the guys convinced them to score some molly. The dealer turned out to be an undercover cop. After an unfair arraignment, Summer found herself in New York CIty’s most notorious detainment center, Riker’s Island. She wondered what happened to Krystal, but it turned out Krystal placed blame on her and got away.

“Alright.” The Officer returned. “Time to go. You not from here and usually we have a holdin’ area for people from other countries. But that part is full, so we gon’ have to put you in with the general population. Look, you seem too well put together to be here, so let me tell you something. Mind your business, if somebody offer you anything say no, don’t get in to fights, respect the staff and you will make it out in piece. Alright?” She nodded yes. “Good. I’m gon’ need you to stand here.” The officer call spoke in to her walkie, “Open up G block.” A loud buzz. The heavy door clicked. “In here,” the Officer instructed.

Summer walked in to what looked like hell. The open area was filled with three floors of cells that housed New York’s worst criminals. A maze of pale blue painted steel created access to each levels. On he ground level were tattered tables and chairs. The walls were painted in an oppressive white color. On the left side of the room was a mounted high up on the wall and below were 5 phones. All occupied. Her heart sank and she was overcome with an indescribable level of fear. “This is where I’m going to die.” She thought to herself.

“Remember what I told you. Here.” The Officer said as she handed her a blanket, toiletries and a bed sheet. “Follow me.” As she followed the Officer, she did her best to keep her head down, she felt every eye in the unit on her. She couldn’t help but to take a look at her new friends. They were some mean looking women. Short, tall, fat, ugly, braided hair, shaved head, tattoos, and one woman grinned exposing her missing teeth.

“Damn this girl is a cutie.” One inmate called out. “Damn she got ass. I’m gonna make you my girlfriend with your fine self.” A group of woman laughed. Summer cringed. She’d been with other women before, but not like that one.

“Martinez, you want an infraction?” The Officer scolded.

“I was just playing.” Martinez responded. Summer continued to follow her escort, but couldn’t help but look back at Martinez. They met eyes and Martinez blew her a kiss. Martinez was a Latina with an average build. Not fat and not skinny. Her sleeves were rolled up showcasing her tattoos. Her hair was braided in to cornrows. She had her eye on Summer.

The two found themselves in a pod.

“Home sweet home.” Said the Officer.

The pod was gross. The floor was littered with trash, the air reeked of unwashed vagina and the walls were stained. Three sets of bunk beds lined the walls and four of the six lights lit the room.

“Oh shit we got fresh meat in here y’all.” An inmate cheered.

“Don’t mind her, she always do too much.” Another inmate greeted.

“You know what? On second thought, change of plans.” The Officer interjected.

“Why?! How come we don’t get no new people?!”

“See Kayla! You always gotta be extra.”

“Come on let’s go, I know where I can put you.” The Office said.

The two exited and walked along the floor, Summer was greeted with jeers ulus escort and whistles. She wanted to cry, but she couldn’t. They finally arrived at a cell. This cell, for what it was, was more suitable. There was one bunk bed, all lights worked, no body odor polluting the air and in the corner was a metal sink with a toilet attached. The bottom bunk was neatly made. The top bunk was missing a mattress. In it’s place were toiletries and magazines.

“You’re going to be rooming with Martinez.” The officer said. “I’ll go get you a mattress. Remember what I told you. Good luck.”

Luck was not a factor at this point. Summer was out of her element. She found an empty spot on the bare top bunk to place her blanket and sheets.

“Yo!” Entered Martinez, startling Summer. “Wassup?” She had a mattress in her hand.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to touch your belongings.” Summer nervously pleaded.

“Nah, it’s all good. I got your mattress for you. Watch out, lemme move my stuff.”

“Thank you.”

“Yo, I like the way you talk. You not from here I’m guessin’.”

“I’m from London.”

“Ma you far from London. How the hell you get up in here?”

“It was a stupid mistake.”

“I betchu it was a man involved right?

“Yes. I feel so stupid.”

“It’s all good. That’s why I don’t be trustin’ niggaz out there. They be mad quick to use you. Here let’s put your mattress up there.”

“You’re too kind, but you don’t have to-“

“Nah it’s ok. For real. This is something we do to show respect. Oh shit, my name is Lucia, but everybody calls me Martinez.”

“I’m Summer, nice to meet you.”

“I like that name.”

“Thank you.”

Martinez placed the mattress on the top bunk. She made the up mattress with the lining and then dressed it with the blanket. She was a bit relieved by the generosity.

“There, all ready for Summer. It’s not like the fancy castles y’all got in London, but thas all we got.”

“I wish I lived in a castle.” They laughed.

“Here.” Martinez tossed Summer a bottle with a purple liquid.

“What is it?” Summer asked.

“It’s my favorite drink. Try some.” Martinez smiled.

Summer replayed the warning from the Officer earlier in her head, but at the same time, Martinez had been so nice and she didn’t want be rude. She twisted off the cap and took a sip. Martinez smiled.

“Have a seat.” Martinez patted the space on her bunk. Summer sat. “So how you ended up her for real.”

“I came here for an acting program-“

“Oh shit. You a actor? Thas dope!” (sip)

“Thanks, I came here for the summer program, hung out with some blokes-“

“I love the way you talk, mad sexy.” (sip)

“Thanks – so they told us to buy drugs and the copper was undercover.”

“Damn. Thas fucked up.” (sip)

“Yeah, if I may be honest, this is pretty frightening.” (sip)

“I feel you all you gotta do is stick with me….”

Martinez’s words began to fade. Summer’s vision blurred. The room started spinning and suddenly, black out. Summer awoke in a daze. She was still in a state of euphoria. She spotted Martinez posted up against the wall and her mattress on the floor.

“You good?” Martinez asked.

“What was that? Summer asked.


“What? Are you serious?”

“You see me laughing? The only question now, is how you gonna pay me for my drugs?”

“What do you mean? I didn’t know there was anything in the drink.”

“Aight, so watchu telling me is you ain’t got no money. Thas cool. We got other ways to handle business.” Martinez walks over and sits on the bunk. Summer attempted to move but her reflexes were to slow from the cocktail. Martinez produces a shiv.

“Stay yo’ ass the fuck down.” She barked.

“Look, I’m sorry. I can call my family and get you your money.”

“They gonna get it to me right now? If so, shit, I’ll wait.”

“N-no, I mean I can call them tomorrow-“

“Tomorrow?! Bitch you took my drugs and you want me to wait til’ tomorrow? I dunno how y’all do it over there in fuckin London. But here, we about our money ma! So I ain’t trying to hear about no tomorrow.”

Summer was confused and scared. She was out of her element, disoriented and up against a wall.

“I’m sorry-“

“Nah ain’t no sorry. You gon’ pay me tonight.”

“But I don’t have-“

“Nah you got something I want and I’m taking it.” She places her hand on her thigh. Summer flinches. This upsets Martinez.

“You too good for me?” She barked.


“Nah I think you tryna’ play me right now.”

“I’m sorry-“

“So I’m good enough to get you fucked up, but I’m not good enough to get the ass? Yo I should straight up cut you!”

“No-no-no please. I’m sorry.

“I’m not trying to hear sorry-“

“Ok-ok-ok…I’ll do it. Please just don’t hurt me.”

“Word?” Martinez smirked. “Take your shit off. Slowly.” Summer took a breath. She’d been with a woman only once at house party. Not to mention, the woman yenimahalle escort was posh and from Hampstead. Martinez was far from posh and a very far from Hampstead. She began to peel the orange jumpsuit off her tender body. Little by little as instructed. Her beautifully shaped breast popped out. Martinez smiled in approval.

“Keep going ma.” Martinez goaded. Summer complied. She continued to slowly reveal her perfectly sculpted body. While doing so, the Officer’s warning played in her head once more “…If somebody offer you anything say no.” Why didn’t she listen she cursed herself. By now the jumpsuit was down to her waist. She hesitated. She looked up and saw a displeased and impatient scowl on Martinez’s face. She slid the jumpsuit further down now exposing her clean shaven pussy.

“Damn ma, your pussy is nice. I’m gon’ have fun with that.” Summer shuttered at the comment. “Yo, fuck slow, take that shit off now.” She reached down and pulled off the jumpsuit. Summer was now naked. Martinez removed her jumpsuit as well and joined her on the bunk, mounting her.

“Don’t worry ma, I’m gon’ to take care of you.”

“Please, just don’t hurt me-” She interrupted her plea with a kiss.

“Nah ma, I’m gon’ hurt you good.” She kissed her again. She kissed her behind the ear and softly pulled her lobe with her teeth. Softly, she kissed her down her neck. Summer released a soft shuttered moan.

“Stop fighting it.” Martinez whispered.

She made her way down to her on her right breast. She licked her lips, covering them in saliva and kissed her areola. She then softly blew on the damp area causing the nipple to hardened and her skin to goose-bump. She engulfed the nipple in her hungry mouth. She swirled her tongue creating subtle slurping noises. She rubbed the other nipple with her thumb. Summer began relaxing by the skills of her new friend. She suddenly remembered where she was and looked to see if anyone was at looking through the small window on the door. It was covered with an under shirt. She relaxed again. Martinez began to kiss down her flat stomach down to her crotch. She audibly inhaled.

“Damn ma, your pussy smell good.” She pushed her legs back and open. The prized pussy was well exposed. She began to softly kiss the hardened clit, enjoying the moment. She took the swollen button in her warm and wet mouth. She skillfully swirled her tongue, hitting every inch. Summer’s breathing increased. She’s had her pussy eaten before, but not like this. Martinez released her left leg and used her free hand to finger the wet hole while still pleasuring it with her tongue. She started off slow, going in with two fingers. She pushed in deeper, twisting, making half circles with her finger. She then turned her fingers tips upward and began tickling the roof of her pussy. Summer was overtaken. Her body now belonged to the skilled lesbian. Her hips began to buck and spasm. Her breathing stuttered and then stopped. She showered Martinez’s face with her warm juices.

“I’m s-s-sorry.” Summer pleaded through her orgasm.

“Nah ma, its ok.” Martinez whisper. “I love a squirter and you taste mad good. We gon’ be good friends.” Martinez used her fingers to slather the pussy with it’s juices. She pushed her legs back until her knees hit her shoulders. She then mounted her, pussy to pussy, lining up their clits. She started a rhythmic grind in a circular motion. This level of pleasure was foreign to Summer. Her body and mind were both blown. Martinez began to give over. Her eyes closed, small whispered moans escaped her mouth. She increased her pace. She was getting close to her climax. Her hips began to jerk and her teeth clamped, A grunted moan was released as she came. Her pussy quivered against Summer’s. She leaned down and violently kissed her new girl.

“Shit ma. That was good right?”


“Shit. I’m about to marry you.” Summer giggled nervously while catching her breath. “Hold up.”

Martinez stood up, letting Summer rest her legs. Summer couldn’t help but check out Martinez’s body. Her ass was in great shape and her stomach was chiseled. Martinez removed a the vent cover and removed a bag. She removed it’s contents. It was a strap on. It was brown and it looked about 8 inches long and 4 inches thick. She attached it to herself.

“Turn around and lemme see that ass.” She gently commanded. Summer turned over on her stomach, showcasing her perfect ass. It was a beautiful sight. Summer took pride in her ass and took care of it. She ran, squatted at the gym, always took the stairs and applied expensive lotions to keep it smooth. Martinez was awestruck. She felt a jolt of lust pump through her heart.

“Daammm. Shit.” She was humbled. Summer couldn’t help but blush. She leaned in and kissed both of the tight cheeks. She grazed her crack with her nose, inhaling the sent of her sweet ass. She began tongue kissing the forbidden hole. Enjoying the taste of the hole mixed with her juices. Summer gasped, feeling the moist tongue dig in to tunalı escort her tight hole.

“Damn, even your ass taste good. I got something for it.”

Martinez removed the sheet from Summer’s bunk and an extra one from her own. She combined the two and folded them, creating a cushion. She placed the make shift cushion under Summer’s mid section, propping up her ass for better leverage.

“What are-“

“Shhhhhhhhh.” She interrupted.

She mounted Summer and slid the rubber cock inside her wet pussy. Already drunk in lust, she attacked with an aggressive pace. The heavy breathing from both women filled the air of the love dungeon.


“Please what? Please what? Please fuck you harder?”


“Ok. Your wish is my command.” She increased the pace.”

“N-no p-please.”

“Ohhhh. You mean please put it in your ass?

“No-no thats not-“

“Yeah-Yeah-you want my dick in your ass.”

“Please Mar-“

“It’s gon’ be good I swear. You gon’ love me.”

Martinez raised herself slightly, pull the firm cheeks apart and slid the juice lubed cock deep in the tight hole. Summer buried her face in the mattress and screamed. She wrapped her right arm around Summer’s shoulders and palmed the back of her head with her left hand. She began to pump the virgin hole.

“Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You like that?”

“P-p-please..it’s too much.”

“Nah you doing good. You gon’ love me.”


“Yeah thas right. I’m your god. Don’t ever forget that. You hear me?”


“Say my name!”


“No..what I am to you!”




Martinez was in complete control and she loved it. She was turning out the inexperience inmate. She began to lick the hole of her ear and nibble on her lobe. Summer’s body betrayed her and orgasmed. Martinez covered her mouth, muffling her scream, while continuing to pump. She stopped. Both women were covered in sweat and gasping for air. She slowly slid the cock out of the abused hole. She removed the strap on and placed it back in it’s hiding place.

“Lay on your back.” She commanded, pointing at the mattress on the floor. Summer struggled to get to her feet. The two orgasms took a toll on her strength. Confused, she carefully laid on the thin mattress. Martinez positioned her pussy directly over her face and squatted.

“Eat my pussy.” She ordered. Summer hesitated, but she didn’t want to feel any pain. She closed her eyes and meekly licked at the hovering clit. It tickled Martinez, but wanting to feel absolute pleasure, she lowered herself and placed her clit in Summer’s mouth. She grabbed her hair and began to ride her mouth.

“Shhhhhit! Yes! Eat my pussy. Damn!” Her hips began to grind deeper. She spasmed, reaching an intense orgasm. She removed her pussy from Summer’s mouth and cuddled with her.

“Is everything fine now?” Summer fretfully asked.

“Yeah, but I’m not done with you.” Martinez responded.

“What do you mean? I thought this was all payback for the drink.”

“Yeah, in other circumstances it would be. But you? You special ma. I’m gonna hold on to you.”

“You mean like be your girl?”

“Something like that, but not exactly. You gonna make my money feel me? You gon’ work for me.”

“How? What do you want me to do?”

“What we just did, you gon’ do that with other people in here. I’ll take care of you and protect you, as long as you keep my customers happy.”

Summer was stunned. She was at a lost of words. She was told that she was going to be pimped out. What the fuck she thought.

“Yeah so get some rest because we gon’ have a long day tomorrow.”

What the fuck did she mean by that? Thoughts of sex with the unkept women prevented Summer from sleeping. She finally dozed off from the come down of the drug. Martinez wasn’t lying. The new morning the work week started:

4:30AM: The showers: Dayna. Mid height, White, reddish hair, small breast and a big ass freckled ass.

As the showers emptied Dayna and Summer remained, while Martinez watched the door. Dayna lathered Summer in soap, glistening her perfect body. She leaned Summer against the wall, got down her knees, placed her face in between the perfectly shaped ass and feasted. Summer was in awe of the skilled tongue, she came. Dayna switched positions she was her back, while Summer rode her clit to clit. Both ladies came.

9:00AM: Kitchen storage. Brandy and Monica. Twins, Black, mid height, pink and blue hair. Medium asses, big breasts.

Brandy was bent over the counter with Summer eating her ass. Monica was rubbing Summer’s pussy while eating her ass. Both women came. Now Monica was a chair with her legs open with Summer eating her pussy. Brandy was stroking Summer’s hair while fingering her asshole. Monica came.

1:00PM: Roselda’s cell. Roselda. Latina, older (30s) A bit taller than mid, thicker body. Big breast and a big ass.

“I get off to making you get off.” Roselda said. She spooned with Summer on her bunk. She caressed Summer’s perky breast while rubbing her wet clit.

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