Judy and Uncle Find Love Ch. 02

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Judy and I lay side by side, recuperating from our intense lovemaking. She rolled over and draped her body across mine, laying her head upon my chest. She could hear my heart beating like a drum. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed the top of her head while holding her close. I began to brush her hair away from her face and she looked up at me. I could see the mix of emotions going through her mind and I’m sure she could see it in my eyes as well. We had just crossed a line from which there was no going back. A new bond between an uncle and niece had been formed and the course ahead was filled with uncharted territory.

We lay like that for a while and then I pulled her up to me and we gently kissed. As I stroked her hair and planted little kisses around her face I asked her what she was thinking.

“Right now I am thinking about how relaxed I feel, how I haven’t ever come like that with anyone else, and how much I think I love you. I never imagined being in a situation like this with you! I’m worried about what the future might bring, especially if someone finds out about us, but I know I want more of this! To feel loved. To feel excited. To feel thoroughly fucked!”

She smiled and looked up at me as she reached down and cupped my flaccid cock and balls in her hand. “I want to feel this beautiful cock sliding between my lips again, to feel it’s velvety steel like shaft sliding across my tongue and its head hitting the back of my throat as you shoot ropes of cum into me. I want to feel it splitting my pussy lips open, stretching me wide and filling my womb with your seed. When I walk down the street after making love to you, I want to feel a dull ache in my groin and a cool wetness as our mixed juices drip into my panties.”

As she was saying this to me I drew a picture in my mind of what she was describing and I could feel the blood returning to my groin. My cock began to stir in her hand, slowly expanding until it reached its full potential. I rolled Judy over and climbed between her legs trapping my hardened cock between our bodies. As I lay on top of her I slid my arms under her shoulders and held her head, bent down and kissed her passionately. I looked into her eyes and slowly began to rub my cock between the lips of her pussy.

“I never thought I’d be here with you like this either! You make me feel young again. You make me feel wanted and like a man again! I do love you. I don’t ever want to hurt you. I don’t know what the future will bring to us either and I’m worried. I’m worried about what would happen if we were found out, but I don’t want this to end. I think we just have to take this one day at a time. We’ll just have to be super careful when we are home, but while we’re here I want to share my love for you. I want to make love to you and with you! I want to explore your body and make you feel excited. I want to watch your eyes when I slide my hard cock into your wet pussy. I want to lick that pussy until I make you cum and feel your legs locking my face as it’s buried deep in your pussy. But most of all, I want to feel our arms wrapped around each other after making love and holding each other tightly, sharing a closeness that is so special it would seem as if we were one.”

I reached down and adjusted my cock so it was just at the opening to her womb. Sliding upward, my cock began to slide in, slowly pushing the walls of her pussy aside. Our lips met and we began to kiss, breathing deeply through our noses as my cock slid further into her. We both moaned as I slid deeper into her and we wrapped our arms around each other holding tightly together as if we were trying to become that special one. We made slow, sensuous love taking our time and building up to our release. This wasn’t fucking for fuckings sake; it was making love. We built up a rhythm, slowly increasing our tempo until we both came at the same time while holding tightly to each other. Afterwards, we fell into a peaceful sleep holding tightly to each other with my cock buried deep into her womb.

I woke up the next morning feeling like a new man. Lying on the bed next to me was my niece. She was still asleep and only partially covered by the sheets. Her breathing was slow, deep and steady and I watched the rise and fall of her breasts for a few moments thinking of what we had done the night before. I could feel myself getting aroused again but decided I would let her sleep in. She deserved it after giving herself to me so freely the night before. She looked so peaceful lying there, so relaxed. I couldn’t help myself though, so I leaned down and very gently kissed her breast before I quietly slipped out of bed and headed off to the shower.

When I got out of the shower she had just woken up and was dressed in one of my shirts while filling the coffee pot to begin the morning ritual. I walked up behind her and put my arms around her and held her tight, kissing her just behind her ear. She turned towards me and we shared a quick kiss before she finished making the coffee. “I’m going to go take a shower. The coffee should be ready when I get out. Can you make me a cup?”

“Yep! bursa escort Go get cleaned up. I’ll start breakfast.” I told her.

When she came out she was wrapped in a towel and looked beautiful. Her hair was still pretty wet and the towel was just covering the tops of her breasts, allowing just a hint of cleavage. It hung down to just about mid-thigh. We had a nice conversation while we ate and when it was over, she took the dishes over to the sink and began washing them. As I watched her scrub the dishes I noticed that her butt would wiggle from side to side as she scrubbed the food from our plates. I started to have impure thoughts about her again and my cock began to twitch and grow. I slowly stood and walked up behind her and reached under her arms to help her with the dishes. We were so close that my cock began to wedge its way between the cheeks of her ass. I leaned in and pressed into her, then kissed her behind the ear. “You smell so squeaky clean! And watching your ass wiggle while you do the dishes is so sexy! I just can’t help myself!”

“I guess you really are awake, aren’t you? Let me finish these dishes and then we’ll see what we can accomplish before we have to get ready for work.”

She finished the dishes, although it took longer since I was stuck to her like glue. When she was done she turned around and pushed me back onto the kitchen table. As I was sitting there, she stepped between my legs and reached her arms around my neck to pull me in for a passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and slid them down below the towel and pulled up and in, cupping the cheeks of her ass in my hands and pulling her tight to my crotch. I knew she could feel my hardness beneath my shorts.

“Stand up for a moment.” She commanded, and I did. She reached down and grabbed the sides of my shorts and lowered them until they fell to the floor. The towel she wore was the only thing between my erection and it’s intended target, so I reached up and was about to undo it when she smacked my hands away and pushed me back so I was sitting again on the table. “Don’t move!” She said as she deftly reached up and undid the towel, dropping it at her feet. I noticed that while she was in the shower she had shaved herself completely bald. My cock was like an iron rod after seeing what she had done. She pushed me backwards until I was propped on the table with my elbows. She stepped between my legs and reached down and began to fondle my balls. With her other hand she took my cock and stroked it a few times and then kneeled in front of me. She lowered her head, stuck out her tongue and began to lick the center of my scrotum from the perineum up to the base of my shaft continuing until the whole sack was covered with her saliva. Then she began to suck my testicles into her mouth, one at a time, alternating with licks along the bottom as each testicle was in her mouth. She continued to slowly stroke my shaft as she did this. I could feel the warm wetness of her saliva gathering at the base of my scrotum as she looked up into my eyes with a smile on her face.

Finally, she began to slide her tongue up my shaft until she reached the crown. She kissed the head of my cock and a string of pre-cum was stretched between her lips and the top of my cock. “Hmmm. This tastes soo good! I want more!” she said. She dipped her head down taking just the top of my shaft into her mouth and began swirling her tongue around the crown, sliding it across the top and then teasing the spot just below it where the bundle of nerves is concentrated.

“Oh shit baby! That’s it. Right there! Suck that cock. Suck it!” I moaned as she continued her ministrations. She dipped her head lower taking more of my shaft into her mouth, her tongue sliding lower with each bob of her head until she had taken almost all of me into her mouth. I could feel the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat. She pulled off me and I heard a wet popping sound.

“Give it to me Don. I want your cum. Cum in my mouth!”

She spit on the head of my cock and began to stroke me, spreading her saliva down the shaft and scrotum adding to the wetness left by her licking and sucking my balls. Then she took just the crown into her mouth and swirled her tongue around me while continuing to slide her hand up and down the shaft. “Oh fuucck! You’re going to make me cum! Suck it. Take it deep, please!” I moaned and threw my head back.

She held the base of my cock with one hand and slid all the way down, taking almost all of me into the moist warmth of her mouth, her tongue pressing tightly across the bottom of my shaft. One, two, three times she did this and then she took her other hand, scooping up the excess moisture on my scrotum, she slid her finger down and rubbed across the puckered ring of my asshole. My whole body shook with the contact of her finger on my puckered ring. She slid back up and repeated the process, gathering more moisture, spreading it around my opening. Each time she did this my whole body would tense up and the excitement I felt would be ratcheted up another notch. I could feel myself getting closer to the gürsu escort point of no return and after a few more times taking me deep into her throat and rubbing my anal ring I started to shake and moaned. “I’m gonna cum! Oh, SHIT, here it comes!” That’s when she took my whole cock into her throat and pushed her finger into my virgin asshole. The sensation of being buried deep into her throat, with its warm, moist pressure and her invasion of my ass with her finger tickling my prostate caused me to erupt. With each spasm of my orgasm I could feel my scrotum contract, propelling my sperm up through my shaft and shooting my cum deep down her throat. As she swallowed my seed her throat would contract and her tongue would push the underside of my cock, trapping it in her mouth. With the overload of sensations I was feeling, I couldn’t even speak intelligently. I was only able to grunt with each contraction of my orgasm. It felt as if my whole insides were being forced through the head of my cock.

As my body began to relax, I lay completely down on the table and she slowly withdrew her finger from my ass. Her mouth kept up the suction and her tongue swirled around my deflating cock as she slowly backed off gently sliding her teeth towards the crown. When it finally left her mouth she grabbed it by the base and began to slowly lick the shaft and head, gathering up the remainder of my seed, finally kissing the head when she was done. “Holy fuck!” was all I was able to gasp as I watched her bend over and pick up the towel.

As she walked away towards her room I saw that smug little smile she had given me when she had picked up her daughter and kissed me on the lips so long ago. “I have to get ready for work now.” She told me. “I hope that will hold you over until tonight.”

I could barely move but gathered enough energy to turn my head and watch her as she slowly walked away from me and rounded the corner to enter her room. I took a long look at her naked body. I watched as she slung the towel over her shoulder and the end of it just hit the top of her ass cheeks. With each step she took her ass would slightly giggle. My breathing started to return to normal as she disappeared into her room. I was too drained to move just yet, my breathing was slowly returning to normal, but the vision of her muscular ass was burned into my brain and I knew what I wanted to try next.

As it turned out we couldn’t do anything for a couple of days. Her daughter became ill and she had to go back home and take care of her. It wasn’t serious, but she wanted to be there while she wasn’t feeling well. It also gave her a chance to spend some time with her boyfriend, which helped their relationship a bit. I went home on my days off and did a lot of the chores my wife wanted done. Nothing different there. Work while I’m away and work when I’m home. Judy and my paths didn’t cross while we were home so the next time we were able to see each other was the night before we had to go back to work. We both went back to the apartment that afternoon. She had arrived a few hours before me and had prepared a really nice dinner for us.

When I arrived we hugged and kissed. I put my things away and we sat down to eat. “How’s the little one doing?” I asked.

“Oh, she’s fine. She had a 24 hour bug. It was nice to be home with her for a couple of days. We just stayed in and played some games and watched some T.V. for a day or two. I also had a chance to talk with Jason and spend some time with him. It’s not the same between us now. He seems a little distant since I took this job. I guess being away from each other has taken a toll on things.”

“Yea. It’s hard being separated. When I was overseas for long periods and came home there always seemed to be a distance between the wife and I. We had to work towards getting back the closeness we felt before I had to leave. It wasn’t always easy. There seemed to be some resentment because she was left holding things down while I was gone. Being a single parent, paying the bills, taking care of the house and all the other things that were shared when we were together. Give Jason some credit. This is all new to him. He’ll come around.”

We finished our dinner and cleaned up. I gave her a quick kiss, thanked her for a great dinner and told her I was going to take a shower and get comfortable. “Care to join me? I figured we could get cleaned up, play a little and then snuggle on the couch and watch a little T.V. for a while.”

“Sure. I’ll be right in. Go get the water warmed up.”

I went to the bathroom and started the water and got in. She was only a moment behind me. I watched through the cascading water her as she stripped off her clothes and I began to get aroused. The sight of her stripping off her clothes, revealing her body bit by bit to me was turning me on. She was facing away from me and bent over to pick up her clothes. When she did I could just see the lips of her vagina beneath the cheeks of her ass. Her legs were stretched tight and I could almost see the tight ring of her anal opening peeking out. She turned and smiled orhangazi escort at me as she entered the shower and we kissed. We hugged each other and she made the comment; “Someone getting a little excited.”

“How could I not be excited to see such a beautiful creature coming in to share this nice warm shower with me?” We took our time scrubbing each other paying special attention to our private parts. When I got to her ass I put a little extra soap on my hands and ran my fingers down the cleft of her buttocks and across her anal opening. She jumped a little towards me and I pulled her tight against me and spread her cheeks while scrubbing that hidden valley paying special attention to her nether opening. At one point I gently pushed against it and felt my finger just begin to enter her. Her body was held tightly against mine with my hardened cock pinned between us and her breasts smashed against my chest. Her nipples were hard and rubbing against me as we scrubbed each other’s backs. I turned her around and ran my soapy hands over her belly and up cupping her breasts in my hands, gently squeezing her distended nipples while my cock was rubbing against her muscular backside. I began to twist my body from side to side until my hardness fell between her cheeks. All the soap still trapped there acted like a lubricant and I began to slide my cock up and down the cleft of her ass as I continued to squeeze and play with her breasts.

Judy leaned back and turned her head to me and we shared a sensuous kiss while the water rinsed the soap off of our bodies. As much as I would have liked to take her there in the shower I didn’t want this to just be a quick fuck. I wanted to savor the experience and show her how much I cared for her. I stepped out of the shower and quickly dried off. When she finished I handed her a towel and took another one and began to dry her body as she rubbed the water out of her hair. As I finished drying each of her breasts I took it into my mouth and sucked on it a bit and gently bit down on her hardened nipple. “Hmmm. That feels good Don.” I kneeled down and dried her stomach lightly kissing her as I dried her off and worked my way down her front rubbing the towel between her legs and across her vulva. As I started on her legs I leaned in and kissed her lips and ran my tongue across her slit and up to the top, flicking it a couple of times across her clit. She stopped rubbing her hair and sucked in a quick gasp of air. “Ohh! That feels so good.”

“Turn around and I’ll get your back now.” I stood and started at her shoulders, drying her off and still kissing her gently as each area was uncovered. As I worked lower I again kneeled and began drying her buttocks. I gently kissed the top of each cheek and began to add little licks with my tongue.

She stopped drying her hair and bent slightly over grabbing onto the sink as I worked lower. “Oh Don. You are really turning me on. My whole body in tingling!” I pushed to towel down the cleft of her buttocks paying special attention to the lower portion again, rubbing it between her legs, across her perineum and the lips of her vulva and back up again. Judy sucked in a quick breath and spread her legs a little more as she bent lower over the sink. I continued to kiss lower on each cheek and then dropped the towel and spread her open to me.

The outer lips of her vagina were just beginning to open from the pressure of her buttocks being spread and I could see a hint of moist pink. Around her anal opening was a darker ring circling the opening itself, which was stretched taught with the pressure of her cheeks being spread. I leaned down and in and began to flick my tongue across the partially opened lips of her vagina and worked my way up across her perineum. The tip of my nose slid across her anal ring with each pass eliciting a quick gasp from her. I dug my thumbs deeper between her cheeks and spread her a little wider open and flicked my tongue across that puckered ring. “Ohh! That’s soo nasty! But I like it!” I leaned in and began circling her anal opening with my tongue, pressing in every so often. Her breathing got deeper and she began to slightly push back against my tongue. I took one hand and began to rub lightly across her moistening lips, reaching up to rub her clitoris. She shook with excitement and pushed back even harder against my invading tongue. “Oh God Don! Please don’t stop!”

I could tell she was getting more excited. Each time my fingers cross over her clitoris she would tremble and her breathing was getting faster. Her pussy was soaking wet with her secretions and I pushed my thumb into her vagina. “Ohhh! Ohh!” she panted as I kept fucking her with my thumb and rubbing her clit, my tongue stabbing into her ass. I could tell she was close to coming so slid my hand back until my thumb began to circle her anal opening. I pushed my index finger into her pussy and began fucking her with it while the other fingers kept sliding across her clit. “Oh shit! Shit! I’m gonna cum!” Her body began to constantly shake. Just as I felt her climax begin I pushed my thumb into her ass, burying it completely. Her whole body tensed with the invasion and she began to shake uncontrollably. “I’m coming! Oh shit! I’m coming!” I increased the tempo of my double invasion. My hand became drenched with her cum and I could feel her pussy and ass clamping down on my fingers.

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