Ken, His Dad and I Pt. 02

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Just a recap of where we left off.

“his oiled fingers sliding under the top of the bikini I was wearing, tugging them down! His oiled, hard shaft pushed between my ass cheeks, and now his hard, slick cock was nestled between them! Ken began sliding his lubed, hard cock back and forth between my ass cheeks, while his hands kneaded my shoulders. Again, I was letting him! “Fuck yeah,” I heard Ken whisper.

Just then, the back slider door opened, and Mr. Davis walked out, naked for his after-work swim, and saw us. I panicked. I tried to get up, but Ken wouldn’t move!

“Sorry son. I didn’t need to interrupt things,” Mr. Davis told his son. He looked at me too and smiled, before he turned around and went back inside.

Suddenly my reality returned to my thoughts. Also, ALL what I went through in my growing up years of people calling me names and trying to convince me who I was, when I was not permeated my mind.

I forced myself from underneath Ken and we both stood up. I walked towards my clothes and began putting them on. I felt so confused by what felt good and my thoughts that this was wrong. I shouldn’t like THIS!

I turned and saw that Ken’s dick was SO HARD! His said nothing, but his face was pleading with me to stay! Knowing I caused his arousal, I felt bad.

“We can’t do this. I’m sorry!” I told Ken.

I finished putting my clothes on and quickly walked down the street and towards my house, feeling flustered and overwhelmed.”

Now continuing the story

At home, I plopped down on my bed. My mind was swimming with so many thoughts about what happened that day. I can’t believe I got the nerve to put on that bikini! I was so nervous! Then Ken reassured me. He made me feel like it was no big deal, and once I stopped worrying, I actually had fun! I even liked it when he sat on the back of my thighs and massaged my back. For some reason, I liked feeling his hard, oiled cock between my ass cheeks! It was such a new feeling! I don’t know why I liked it. I’m not a girl!

Then his dad showed up and I felt so embarrassed being seen like that! I panicked when I know I shouldn’t have. Mr. Davis has always been görükle escort so nice to me, and his attitude towards sexual expression is very relaxed. Plus, I left Ken in that aroused state! I wondered what would have happened if Ken’s dad didn’t show up? Would Ken had really fucked me? Would I have let it happen? I don’t know. I needed to apologize to Ken and his Dad.

I took a shower… My skin was a little red from the sun, but the cool water from the shower helped. I noticed I now had a slight tan on my hips where the bikini was!

After the shower, I put the bikini back on! I loved how it felt and looked on me! I got aroused myself, wearing it! I looked at myself in the mirror and I did kind of look like a girl, wearing it! It was then, that I realized why Ken got aroused, when he looked at me wearing it!

I put a pair of sweatpants on, and a t-shirt, while thinking for the first time ever, I had a great time! Then at dinner time, things took a turn for the worse!

My mom told my sister and I that she has sold our house, and we would be moving into our Aunt’s house, which across the country! Suddenly, the happiness I had filling my body, felt drained. I did not want to move. Not NOW! I didn’t want to lose the only friend I had! I cried myself to sleep that night.

The next day, I grabbed the bikini and put it in my pocket and went to see Ken. I wanted to tell him everything, except that my family will be moving. I told Ken him how sorry I was for leaving so abruptly they day before. I sounded like chatty Kathy doll, explaining myself. I told him that this was all new for me and I’ve never had anyone treat me so nice, and that I was just embarrassed when his Dad saw me like that and that I was sorry for leaving him like that. I went on and on, until Ken stopped me.

Ken, standing in front of me, put his hands on my shoulders. He reassured me that he wasn’t angry with me, “Although you DID leave me in such an aroused state!” he said smiling down at me. “I REALLY needed your pussy yesterday!” he told me.

“I know. I’m sorry. When I saw your dad there, I got scared, that’s all,” I said in hopes he’d understand. bursa merkez escort Then I realized the word he used!

“I don’t have a, um, pussy! I’m not a girl!” I shyly responded.

“Okay. then you have a boi-pussy!” Ken said, staring down at my eyes.

“You know, I now have a tan line from that bikini,” I shyly told him.

Let me see!” Ken’s smile widened.

We went into his bedroom. I shyly pulled down my shorts, and the panties I had on a little, showing him a part of the tan line. Ken’s eyes widened. He wanted to see more! I don’t know why, but I let him tug my shorts and panties down my legs, and I stepped out of them. Ken turned me around and around, staring at my exposed hips and slightly tanned legs.

“This makes you look even MORE like a girl!” he exclaimed.

Ken turned me around and we faced each other. Ken was smiling at me! I suddenly felt butterflies in my stomach. He lightly put his hands on my small waist. I looked down between us and noticed Ken’s shorts were tenting! I looked back up at his smiling face.

“Please Mike. Don’t leave me like this again?” Ken urged me, almost in a pleading way.

Ken sat me down on the edge of his bed. He quickly took off his T-shirt, and pulled down his shorts and off came his boxers just as quickly. He stood right in front of me! His hard cock inches from my face! He put his hand on my shoulder! I looked up at him, then down his taught torso to his straining cock. I started getting nervous.

“I uh, I um, don’t know what to do,” I stammered.

“Lay back on the bed,” Ken told me smiling.

I laid down on my back. Ken told me to turn over! I did, nervously. That’s when I heard him moan, “Ohhhhh!” I looked over my shoulder and noticed Ken kneeling on the bed, with his hard cock in his hand, looking right at my ass!

“We’re really going to do this, aren’t we,” I nervously asked Ken.

“Oh yeah!” Ken said enthusiastically.

Ken lubed his cock, then laid himself on top of me. I could feel his oiled, hard cock slide between my ass cheeks once again. Ken slid his cock back and forth over what soon will bursa escort bayan be my boi-pussy, as Ken referred it as.

“Are you ready?” Ken said, expressing verbally what was going to happen.

“Is it going to hurt?” I asked him in a concerned way.

“Only at first,” he reassured me. “Don’t worry. All girls go through this!”

Ken then reached his hand between us and I felt him line up his stiff cock against my rose bud and began to push. I was scared now.

“Relax, Mike,” he told me. Let me inside. Trust me!”

Feeling like I would never see him again, I knew it might be now or never. I relaxed and felt his cock head push through. Immediately, I felt this excruciating pain!

“Take it out! It HURTS!” I exclaimed.

“It’s okay! Shhhhh! It’s alright! I know it hurts, baby! You can do this!” Ken said, trying to calm me down.

“Please Ken, take it out!” I pleaded.

“I’ll stop. Just give it a moment!” Ken said, not taking his cock out.

Oh it hurt! I didn’t know it was going to hurt this much!

“It’s okay Mike. Relax. You can do this!” Ken repeated in a consoling way.

When the initial pain eased, Ken slid a little more inside me. The pain returned. I bit my lip, while whining, with my face in the pillow. I soon felt Ken’s hips laying on my ass cheeks.

“I’m inside you now,” Ken told me. “Relax. You did it!” Ken said in a thankful way.

For a moment, Ken stayed motionless on top of me; his hard cock imbedded deep inside me.

Then he began to withdraw, only to slide forward again, making me wince. Very slowly, Ken began to fuck me. It still hurt some, but with Ken’s encouraging words were helping to ease my mind. Once I relaxed more, his cock slowly slid more easily in and out.

“Oh your pussy feels so good inside now!” Ken moaned in my ear.

Not a minute later, Ken moaned, “Oh, I’m gonna Cum!” Suddenly, his body stiffened; his hips jerked against my ass! “Aaaaahggghhhhh!” Ken groaned. He collapsed on top of me. I could feel his cock pulsing inside me.

Ken eventually slipped off of me and rolled onto his back, panting. My bottom felt so wet and open, and a little sore. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to clean up and such. I returned to Ken’s bedroom and laid down beside him, contemplating how I was going to tell him that my family was moving away. Before I could, I realized Ken’s dad was standing in the doorway, looking at us and smiling!

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